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"jennen sarah" Discussed on Broken Harts

"If you haven't checked out my new series the end of the world with Josh Clark. The now's a great time to start the holidays are over the doldrums of winter had begun. And there's no better time to explore existentialist dread than right now. But wait, there's more to the end of the world than that. Yes. The series is about existential risks. But it's also about hope the threats that are coming our way that could wipe humans right out of existence. Could also be just the thing that makes us band together. In a way that humanity never has before in the end of the world. I take you on a journey across time and space from the moment and asteroid collided with earth and set off a chain of events that wiped out the dinosaurs to the post biological future where we live in a digital format. If we don't already we'll explore big questions like whether we're alone in the universe and exactly how artificial intelligence could take control of our world from us. It also has a beautiful score. For and cinematic sound design. So it's an adventure for your mind. Which is just the thing to snap. You out of the winter blondes all ten episodes of the end of the world with Josh Clark are available for you to binge now on apple podcasts the iheartradio app or wherever you get podcasts. I hope you who are we checking on the mothers are, Sarah and Jennifer heart. Okay. And according to my any take they have six children in the home six children. Okay. Eldest being nineteen so not technically weekly child. Okay. Did cildren are in range between nineteen twelve according to my intake. Okay. And are you with CPS or you are concerned citizen in Kellett's county? Yes, ma'am. Okay. Let's see her the home Monday and Friday and knock on the door just as morning, and no one I can get on are you there now. No. And fortunately, and you've tried to times, and you can't reach them trapped. I've knocked on the door twice. Different cars have been moving in and out. I notice like you like someone. Okay. And when were you there last this morning nine fifteen thirty I've got a deputy on the way, and he will call you back when he has something to tell you. Okay. Thank you so much. I appreciate your call. Righty? Thanks, Dan by the call. You just heard came in the day the hearts died. You can hear the operator speaking with a caseworker from Clark county social services requesting a wellness check at the heart family's home in woodland, Washington. The caseworker was responding to a call from Dana DeKalb who live next door with her husband, Bruce and shared a driveway with a heart's. She wasn't the first person to report the hearts to the authorities. You may recall that her own dad had reported them four months earlier. Hi, how can I help you? There's some kids that I feel is being highly abused in woodland Washington. And basically why son-in-law's like most people they don't want to get involved in. So he's keeping my daughter out of it. But since she's told me about it. I. I just can't live with it. I'm very concerned for these kids. So how did these women adventurous tree, hugging free spirited piece? Knicks as Jen called them on Facebook, go from being groovy idealistic trailblazers too moms who abused their kids and drove off a cliff and when did the abuse begin from glamour, and how stuff works this is broken hearts. I'm Lizzy gin. And I'm just in Harmon. Here's Lauren smiley, talking with Amy olstad rested whose son went to woodland elementary school with the hearts, describe what you did see when they were they're going to the same school as your kids. Just kind of walk me through what you knew about the hearts, Kat your. I I can't shit like something. You can't really they had our vote on. You know, you're seeing these five, and I and I wanna chat five because Marcus must've been at the middle school by them. I can remember them all getting out and standing in a line and just waiting however all out in this line, and then they would just walk right in and just like little soldiers. And you know, we thought it was my husband, and I would talk water it and say, well, I guess, you know, they're real behaves. We not they were all the same. H that's one thing that I do. Remember is. You know, our sun was in kindergarten than we thought they were small. So we thought they had to be in kindergarten the kids Amy saw from her car window were the hearts Abigail Hannah. Devante, jeremiah. And Sierra the woman, dropping them off would have been Jen at this point Sarah was working fulltime at her burgers, while Jen stayed home with the kids if you've ever done school drop off, you know, the scene big backpacks shuffling sneakers, maybe a little sister weaving from the backseat for lots of kids. The next seven hours are drudgery to be endured for the hearts the school day might have been a welcome respite from what was going on at home the abuse started in Alexandria, Minnesota. And it would follow the family across three states. We'll never know why Jenin Sarah moved so many times. But wherever they went people notice their kids odd robotic behavior, the bruises their hunger. Here's Ian, Sperling Jenin Sarah's friend who you've heard from before. We'll come back on it. It doesn't look like they were normal kids. They didn't really have friends. They didn't hang out with other kids. And that's one of those red flags when I stated that in my post like that's one of the other things looking back on like, why didn't we notice they didn't have like friends or the kids weren't allowed to just go. Hang out with friends. It paper trail starts on September nineteenth two thousand eight. According to a police report someone on the staff at Washington elementary school noticed a suspicious bruise on Hannah hearts arm. She was six and this was her second week of first grade. Did it teach her see it? I a cafeteria aid is school nurse. According to a police report Hannah told someone at school that her mother had struck her with a belt devante was nearly six to most likely adjusting to life in a different kindergarten class Marcus was somewhere else in the same building. He was ten. Did Hannah tell her brothers. What had happened while they waited for Jen to come pick them up after school? Here's what we know when Sarah and Jen were questioned they told the police that the bruise on Hannah's arm was probably from fall downstairs, eight stairs to be exact, which is an odd detail to have on the tip of your tongue. I've walked from the first floor of my house to the second one. At least a thousand times over the thirteen years, we've lived there. And I couldn't tell you. How many stairs? There are. Two months later a week before thanksgiving break Jenin, Serra withdrew Hannah devante and Marcus from Washington elementary school to be home schooled. This must have been terrifying moment for the kids relinquishing their Cubbies and their spots on the rug. What was running through their minds when they left the classrooms that day was Marcus who was in the fifth grade relieved to be sprung from the looming specter of long division, where they dreading being stuck in the house all day with Jen Jen painted a colorful picture of home schooling on Facebook lessons on the beach meditation on the deck our class on the dining room table. But who knows how long the day is were for her six students, and how much they might have missed having classmates who aren't their siblings and a teacher who wasn't their mom in September two thousand nine the Hart family took a road trip. So Jen and Sarah could get married in a civil ceremony in Connecticut, where same sex marriage was legal for the next nine years. Jen would Mark their enemy Sary's on Facebook. Showing the two of them in front of a waterfall or thicket of evergreens long side of flowery owed to her bride who by all accounts was not a regular user of social media when we were finally able to get married gen wrote in two thousand seventeen the only people present were our children simply because our support system was so small. That same fall all five school aged heart kids were re-enrolled in public school later Jenin Sarah would tell a social worker that this was a requirement of their adoption agency. So off the older five went Marcus Hanna. Devante Abigail, Jeremiah Sierra stayed home. With Jen you beautiful thing you Jen wrote about her on Facebook. According to a police report in November of two thousand ten Douglas county social services got another call from school. This time the subject was Abigail. Who was in the first grade she'd been stealing classmates food and digging through the garbage looking for scraps. Later that month Abigail reported always to teacher, according to a report compiled three years later by the Oregon department of health and human services, and I'm quoting here. Abigail had bruising on her stomach area from her sternum to waistband and bruising on her back from mid back to upper buttocks reportedly caused by Jan heart. According to Abigail. Put in the CPS interview with the couple Sarah Hart said she was the one responsible for the marks. The worker said this incident was over a penny. They discovered a penny in Abigail pocket and Aster about it. Abigail had said, she found it jennen, Sarah heart, did not believe her and said, she still the penny and was lying about it. Hence, the spanking which got out of control per Sarah Hart Abigail also said they put her head under cold water and Jan had her two hands on her neck and quote.

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