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"Protection against symptomatic infections across all age groups from 60% after two doses down to 20% a few months later but protection remains strong against severe disease Variants are going to continue to evolve So at this point it seems like the best thing to do to protect our children from getting the virus but also from hospitalization as well in this age group New data from Pfizer showing the booster shot increase antibodies 22 fold against omicron in 5 to 11 year olds who had no evidence of prior COVID infection Jenna peacock sees the booster as an added layer of protection for her 8 year old son He's around a lot of people all the time And everybody does things differently So if I can take one step in which I feel I'm keeping him safer than I will But other parents deciding to wait I would rather wait for it I would rather see how things go The debate over boosters comes amid rising COVID infections nationwide New cases now averaging just under 100,000 per day but testing is down 78% since the omicron peak in January with more people now testing at home Hospital admissions climbing two in 39 states and territories Now there's still a lot of concern among health officials about the more than 70% of kids 5 to 11 across the country who still haven't received their first vaccine doses But for those who did early on and are now eligible parents can begin scheduling appointments right away Local health officials still need to sign off on the booster shots for kids here in our state that could happen as soon as today Now to the latest in that Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial actress Alan Barton testified about her brief but rocky relationship with Depp Amber Heard's lawyers called a series of witnesses ABC's Amy rohrbach is tracking the trial He's just a jealous man controlling where are you going Who are you going with What did you do last night Hollywood star Ellen Barkin taking on ex Johnny Depp in court Thursday as Depp faces off with another ex Amber Heard in his bombshell defamation battle Barkin who dated Depp in the 90s said the actor was often out of control Drunk and high recalling a night where an argument erupted between Depp and his friends In.

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