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"jen stafford" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"jen stafford" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Will be there to take them well yeah Jen Stafford's gotta be under center in that be out there making plays into what he has to do and I think when you look at that defense that's the issue again on that Patricia that the thoughts of god they need a pass rusher they thought they would get them together with flowers hasn't happened they got to get an edge rusher in this draft I think there's to be plenty of opportunities would not as good quite as last year early on thank the death I think Terrell Louis if he can stay healthy at Alabama Jolene quarter coming off injury at Notre Dame Alex Highsmith at Charlotte Darryl Taylor Tennessee Jonathan creek north Florida there's some I think second the fourth round pass rushers you got a hope you can pick the right one one more rob in Florida good morning Robert your question from a good morning gentlemen the talk down in here it's always been paying for Cuba and we hit the internet it's also kind of fall into the fourth or fifth Hey right if or not there for the dolphins you see they've taken the top position player and using their other two number one draft pick you still get a package together for sure I think they could to it depends on the medical wants to Herbert that people may look at that is a little high and that's why this want Wisconsin is very important for him borrow probably goes one I wouldn't you don't well if you would feel quarterback this franchise and you feel the injury is going to be okay you get the medical clearance there ironically the dolphins were the two in the past when drew Brees because of a medical and let it go to New Orleans you don't want to lose too well and and trying to be cute there because of these pics we go back and get him because of the interest from other teams what with with that medical is okay so I just think if you're fortunate enough to see him there you take the got it you deem a franchise quarterback you got ten you got ten callers in a stretched a little bit to get us to do the job all right we got another one coming up nine thirty eastern fifty minutes from now our next and final Kuipers colors of this particular show Daria mail ESPN radio coming out we dive into the sixth biggest match ups of the NFL to Morrow week fifteen is here he has been radio ESPN at Cleveland he wants to win the drama is this drama continues to do that on the outside within our walls we know exactly what we have we have a good relationship this is a male in every Tuesday AS one until the pilot what team what we got smoked in sports the part with water until the and you could win a Bob city gift card just for calling two locations Chicago dash city dot com.

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