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"jen dennis griffin" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"With Beato Colucci PI on the biz talk radio network. Thank you to the people that have been talking to me, sending me emails phone calls. I really appreciate it. We got something we've had some great guests or contained continuing tonight with another great desk. And just remember our rules here. This is the no politics zone. Okay. So if you like that stuff on TV when everybody Ellen at each other each and every hour, please, shut off our show and go watch that stuff if you like that. But no politics zone, you'll have here and we got a great show tonight have a very good guy on tonight. And I'm gonna read a little bit about him. Okay. His name is Jen Dennis Griffin. I'm gonna read his background here. Dennis began his career in investigations and law enforcement in nineteen seventy five when Pinkerton ain't hired him as a private investigator, his duties included insurance. Fraud, missing persons financial background investigations as well as undercover operations in nineteen eighty one. He joined the Madison County sheriff's department and attained the rank of sergeant he was shift supervisor in public information, officer, nineteen eighty-seven Dennis was hired by the New York State Department of health Wadsworth center as a senior investigator in the laboratory investigative unit the primary mission of the unit was to investigate Medicare and Medicaid fraud involving clinical laboratories, he personally handled the more difficult and complex complex investigation. Many received boat and many received both local and national media attention. He retired as director of investigations in nineteen ninety four well, you know, then he thought he was going to walk into, you know, retirement at that time, but his his wife faith had a different idea. She says, I want money more money, more money and then he began a second career. That's a writer and organized crime historian. He currently has seventeen crime related fiction and nonfiction books published with three more pending. He is host of the very popular blog talk radio shows crime wire and the transparency project is a member of the public safety Writers Association and Wednesday warriors writers, welcome to the show. Denny griffin. Beta AB back in with you. Yeah. That's good. Now that's true. Obviously, what I said about face. Right. And I couldn't picture, you know that just kind of like from the street law money, more money. It's been a great move. This has been fantastic. I, I remember the first time I met, you we kind of met at a restaurant, and he was telling me about your books. I don't know. Maybe at that time you had I don't know eight nine or ten done. But anyway, you just got three three more than you have ready. You know, I guess you're you're going through wild blue press and the already released books are the mob book casino, mobster and a family, business and the books awaiting publishing our survival. It's a story of former boxing champ, Vinnie curdle the flight game and the organized crime element that you have wrong numbers about a mob, Vegas. Accidental gangsters bio, a former Colombo crime family associate a spot. Oh, and so on. And so. Oh for then. How did you get? And I read how you got in the business. But what made you start what was your? What was your thrill about getting into this, actually? It wasn't so much of a thrill. It was the last case, I investigated wouldn't before I retired. When you state delays major case had to do with a medical examiner's office and upstate New York and. He was actually a stealing bodies now whenever I thought about stealing. I didn't even know what when I started the investigation we're still you. I always picture Bela Lugosi, and Boris, Karloff from movies, you know, going into a great big enough for fresh corpse and taking it to a minute. So, but anyway, it was it was. Well, there's a disturbing case also fascinating and always. You know, when I really enjoyed working, and because it was so odd ball at after I retired I wanted to tell the story of what was going on in that particular medical examiner's office. So I fix your life that moved Moser location to a different county in that kind of thing, but the story itself other than the end was exactly what happened in the investigation. What was going on? And titled at the morgue Lord. Wow. Okay. To write anything more than that. I just wanted to tell that story. I thought it it should be out there. And then after that, I wouldn't to book started doing fairly, well, at least locally, it was doing pretty well enough state. Do you ever I, I got the bug I started getting bookings, you know, for signings net thing that for my get smitten show, I, that's when I started writing more stuff. How many hours you think you put in a day, Danny on writing? I, I know it's flexible, depending on. Is there ever a day? You say I just don't feel like right today there, there are days like that. And, you know, I I'm not gonna say that I don't take a day off here and there, but I try to get at least two hours a day in at least right? Writing or doing research, but some related to the project. I'm working in. Oh, that's good. That's good. And do you do you ever put before? Are you a ending date that you would have done or no? I get myself target date try to oldest close. I can to that date. Okay. Yeah, a lot of people were asking me questions. And I know I mentioned this to you, when you got your first book that it came in the mail, to you actually open the box and held it in your hand, did you what was your feeling? When you first arrived, a lot of people wanna know that. Yeah. I got very. I could use her dispenser. It was satisfying my business that I started something as ought to conclusion. So I it was rewarding exciting. To look at that book with your name on it. You know where my name in it? And right. Yeah, it was real. I gotta remember it was good charge me up. You know you like I do I can imagine. Even now when you're a book comes out, you get that same feeling excited. I'm sure you're excited every time a new one comes out. I am I, I get. Because each book, you know, is, is different. I mean, the team that the prime stuff is there, but the people in writing about it situations, I write about different and I don't take on a project willy nilly. It's gotta be something that intrigues me something like right? All right. When I when I see that the culmination of my efforts, and the, the people, I work with, like, if I'm right in someone who the bio or that type of thing that our work reaches completion like that. It it it. Still. Fires me up. Yeah. No. It's nice about what you do is there is no retirement date on that now even as a private detective? And of course, you were one, and I've been doing it now twenty nine years and getting older, like I say many times, hey, I'm not a painter. I'm not a plumber. I'm not climbing trees or anything like that. And I know a lot of my friends can't do it anymore. The lanes won't let them go up to the ladder and things like that. But I you know, my age, I, I like to do this, another ten years, it'd be very honest with you. I still excited about it. You feel the same way on your part. I do. And getting now in and immoral. The promotion and I mean, when I first started right now I had no clue what I was doing the business of writing. I didn't know anything about publishing to speak of, I didn't know anything about didn't understand that you have to hustle. You, you, you gotta be. Willing to do promotional activities promotion effort, and there was all things that I wasn't aware of now over the years, I've learned in many cases to hardway that, yes. Definitely. Yeah. What can you say to the peop-, as you know, we got a couple more seconds to twelfth of when we do come back, Danny. I'm going to ask you about what can you tell the young people middle aged people older people that always got that dream? They want that one book any no one book in their life. Even if it's just they've right about other life and, you know, and they wanted out they just wanna know they did it other people wanna do that career. And,.

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