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"jeffrey re enrolled" Discussed on Cults

"Cast. Now back to the story. In January of nineteen Seventy-three after surviving an attack by the beaten AMIS and assuming full responsibility for his crew survival twenty two year old, Jeffrey Lundgren returned to the US as a decorated navy crewmen and dedicated Mormon. He had received excellent reviews from a superior officers and even considered staying in the navy as a career. But he ultimately decided against it because of his obligation to his family. Jeffrey Alice and their son moved into the house of a family friend named the we's who recall Jeffries treatment of Alice. During that time, saying, quote, I felt Jeffrey was in the process of making Allison to exactly what he wanted her to be. He wanted to control every part of her life, and she gave him that control in return for his love and quote, Jeffrey was so controlling that Alice wasn't even able to use the phone without his permission. Jeffrey had become a full-fledged narcissist and needed. Alice to be perfect so that she would reflect positively on him. Alice believed that Jeffries treatment of her was mandated by the bible and that it was her job to serve him. She would often cite a passage from the New Testament that reads quote, but the women serve in silence with all subjection for I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man to be in silence and quote. Meanwhile, Jeffrey was sent out on two more tours and during the last one in nineteen Seventy-three. He first became aware of how persuasive he could be. He was bunk mates with a young man named Kevin curry who lived a risky carefree lifestyle. When their ship would dock on land, Kevin would head straight for the nearest brothel. At first Kevin thought Jeffrey was odd. He was so quiet and serious always studying his scripture, but he gradually became curious about Jeffrey. When the ship returned to San Diego, he accompanied Jeffrey to dinner at home with Alice there. Jeffrey told Kevin all about his our LDS beliefs and about an experience he'd had while at sea. He claimed that Satan had sent a cloud that grew into the shape of a hand. He Venturi almost pushing him overboard. Jeffrey cried out my God, save me. Deliver me and the cloud disappeared. Jeffrey said that the only explanation for the occurrence was that quote, the cloud was Satan in the forces of evil, and he was trying to kill me to keep me from doing something that God has chosen me to do. There has to be. The reason why God is saving me and why Satan wants me dead and quote, whether Jeffrey believed this delusion or was consciously lying will never know. Perhaps he told the lie. So often he began to believe it himself. Kevin was fascinated. He ended up staying with the Lundgren's for long time and at the end of nineteen seventy four. He was baptized. Jeffrey was soon discharged from the navy and decided to return to Missouri leaving Kevin behind, at least for the time being. But through his conversion of Kevin, Jeffrey discovered his powers of persuasion in nineteen seventy four at age, twenty four, Jeffrey re-enrolled at central Missouri state university. This time he earned straight as and became a leader of the fundamentalist Mormon. Faction of students under the direction of Joseph Smith's grandson Wallace bee's myth Mormonism had started modernizing causing a rift in the are LDS church. Jeffrey was on the conservative side. Which among other things believed that women had no place in the RL DS priesthood. By the fall of nineteen seventy five. Jeffrey was so passionate about his beliefs that he decided he should join the priesthood himself and put his name for consideration. Among the elders. Priesthood in the early church isn't a fulltime job like it is in the Catholic church. Priests in the are LDS church do most of their work on Sundays, but it is a sign of status to be appointed to the priesthood. Jeffrey was also asked to help teach a course of the university, even though he was still an undergraduate and had been able to buy a house with the help of a loan given to ex service members. He and Alice had another child, a son named Jason from the outside. Jeffrey Lundgren seemed to be living a perfect life, but behind the facade. Jeffrey was thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. Alice wasn't allowed to know anything about their finances. So she only found out when a Bill collector had come to the house. Jeffrey blamed Alice for their money, troubles, saying, quote, Alice became just like my. Mother, getting possessions, accumulating things became extremely important to her Alison. I were having a difficult time on our personal relationship and she wanted physical manifestations from me that showed I loved her and quote their friends and family later said that both were to blame for the debt, which by January nineteen seventy seven

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