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"jeffrey benedict one" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"The fact of the matter is if they need if they want to corner that could that could be really really good that they were gonna pay eight nine million dollars in twenty twenty one that was steven nelson once. They decide to move on from him. I didn't see them going out. And finding his equal or somebody even better than him as a replacement to somebody that you'd have to pay as much or more it just it just doesn't make any sense doesn't add up that they would go out and they they would go that route so once they decided to move on from nelson to me. That was that tells me that of the vote of confidence for sutton for pierre for those kind of players on this team they were gonna get a shot and they were going to do the job member back way back in two thousand nine. Brian mcfadden left a free agent. After eight season after that second super bowl and the plan was to go with willie gay as number two corner. It didn't quite work out admittedly in mcfadden's accu back here in twenty ten but that was the plan that was they knew they couldn't afford mcfadden. They had taylor on the other side. Had troy as far as defensive backs You know he wasn't a corner but they had a lot of money tied up. In their secondary with with troy defense in general was troy james harrison's cetera et cetera et cetera. So they the plan was to let mcfadden. Walk is a free agent in give. Willie gay the. The shot is the the second corner. It didn't work out but just because it didn't work out then doesn't mean it can't work out now and I fully think that's how it's going to go down it's gonna be it's gonna be sutton in peer Alternating as the outside corner sutton in base pierre when i go to i guess dime nickel and we have to remember. There's also talk of players like joe schubert playing. What the nickel or dime. So you know. There's all kinds of possibilities. There's all kinds of ways they can. They kind of a mask this problem when it comes to their sub packages in who dime who plays nickel. And that's that's the value of having a lot of i value of having an excellent defense like an incredibly talented defense and having this philosophy over the last few years of going out and getting getting players that can do multiple things in trading norwood. A rookie and totally unproven is one such example if somebody That they identified in college. Who can play safety can play in in the slot play I guess traditional cornerback. I you know just all kinds of different positions in when the time is time calls for it those guys will get their opportunity and they have to make the most of it so traynor. What's another one. I'm looking forward to watching tonight. Of course. I'm looking forward to watching shamir jones in quincy rochet. 'cause i assume they're going to get the they're going to be the starters on the outside linebacker because obviously tedious. What's not playing. There's no reason to play. Alex smith at this point. I think he's proven himself. He's a stud. He's going to be a damn good player. I i don't know what kind of stats he's gonna have in the second year but he's going to be productive player. He's going to be a problem. It's going to be a pick your poison kind of thing this defense as far as who you double team. So it's going to be rochet jones starting in. I don't think Melvin ingram is gonna play either y plan. He's a veteran. he's been around. You know what he can do. He was brought in to be a top. The primary backup. So there's really no reason to throw him out there wrist injury when you brought them in here to be guy who comes in and spells other players when they're when they're tired or when they're when they're hurt he fills in for them so there's no reason to risk him tonight in a totally meaningless game when you already know he's going to make the team so it's going to be between rochet and in jones probably as far as who's the fourth linebacker in and if they don't go beyond four it's going to be an interesting decision Come cut down day. Jones had a fantastic camp and preseason. But if you listen to jeffrey benedict's first show from the cutting room floor a couple of weeks ago. He talked about how some twos are skipper. He always looked great when he played against the threes and fours but when he played against people who were considered ones and twos disappeared. So is that the case that a player like jones or even a rochet today simply produce when you're playing against people who are at their level or lower or can a rise up and do something against people that are perceived to be higher pedigree than them. So that's that's gonna be interesting battle something. I'm looking forward to now. Of course the punting situation is there any chance at all that jordan berry makes his team survives and other cut. It's highly unlikely and it seems doubtful that would be swayed by one bad game from harbin or one excellent game from berry. Because i think we all know buried knows how to he could have great games as a punter are shown at in the past.

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