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"jeffrey belt" Discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

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"jeffrey belt" Discussed on Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

"I was there in the early days presumed that if you maybe time load yourself, but I doubt they racist Bauman and the film about the early days of. Yeah, because I'm I'm a racist as it was. That was easy. It was. Was we know that's convincingly racist. Toby, it'll do. I think this racist would actually use this word. I one hundred eighteen different nationalities. What was your first thought so that you when you were a kid? You come tumbling with somebody. I know time hasn't been kind. Four. I thought it might be lights. Oh, I remember I remember perks week. Yeah. I feel like I remember the whole, what's his Trump Patrick town. I was born between episodes three and four of the time where we, which is jump was last season. So I only remember. Course, I know that. And so my Tom Baker is my is he's the best one. Right? He's fantastic. Yeah, I think I think childhood doctor is your favorite? Yeah. When I was what about it? Maybe you tweeted something? Someone I was watching jump Pertwee on GMTV today. Do you see that clip? No jump puts we and Barbara Windsor discussing. They were ready discussing Worzel Gummidge. Obviously, the duct tape might have come, but in here with very massive Perm and him wearing the safari suit with a massive. His head. It get quite luscious. He just in Worzel Gummidge impressions all the way through, but it was. It was great if you can do it. What do you count? He lost. Yeah. Yeah. I. I do. I've done a podcast. I've interviewed lots of people who've passed through doctor as opposed to maybe one of them was Jeffrey Belden who is the grow from whistle, and it was towards the end of his. I'd sort of got the contact in Feddie securities route anyway, this Chapuis Jeffrey belt. It's called me and said, now Jeffrey said he'll talk to you, but you have to explain what it is you want a base podcast about doctor is not really about two. It's about that whole crib, so, but jumping off point is doctor. So so he said Jeffries deaths that he's going to pick up the phone. So you have to speak up to Hello? Yes. Mr Ballard doubt, shout. So so I said, I didn't have Craig's told you, but I want to do this interview with you and you probably don't remember much about being adopted and we'll just start with doctor, but then I want to talk about anything that you want to talk about caulk..

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