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"jeff thomas sean reilly" Discussed on New England Patriots Press Pass

"The. New England Patriots are known forgiving, undrafted free agents of fighting shot to make the roster Sierra goodwill here with Evan. Lazar this year again. There are some intriguing names of signings that they made in this off season both on offense and defense. We've talked a lot about wide receivers Jeff Thomas Sean Reilly in Nikko stands out on the defensive end. which you think has the best shot of making the fifty three man. Yeah, definitely A. A lot of buzz out there about Thomas Bell Hastings about Riley. Some of these receivers, some of these pass catchers, but to me it's the guys throwing the ball that have the best chance to make the roster Jomar Smith and Brian the work you to quarterback said they signed an undrafted free agency Nicosia came out after the draft and said quite frankly the Patriots were going to have a third quarterback on the roster at. At some point, they were obviously talking about the two undrafted guys end up being four now. He wasn't necessarily saying that they were gonNA. Carry three during the season, but there was a little bit of an insinuation. They're they're probably GONNA have three quarterbacks on this team whether it's on the fifty three or one on the practice squad so I give Smith in the work. He was Smith having a little bit of a higher upsides. upsides I'll give him the edge out of those two to make the roster outright in the initial roster at least at a camp because I do think the Patriots would like to carry three quarterbacks. You have stood him as a starter Brian, or is that trustee veteran backup and also kind of pseudo coach? If you will force them, and then you have another third guy who's a younger, higher upside player, they can develop long-term. Now. There's an active sixteen year long streak for the Patriots. Where you DFA makes the opening day roster, why is this such a hotspot or such a great landing spot for these undrafted guys to come to really have a shot to get there? Get their shot in the NFL will truly. It's situation where everybody is treated equal here whether you're a first round, pick a seventh round, pick and undrafted guy. Everyone's going to get a fair shake once they get in here. Their rookie season to make the roster and to make an impact, so I think that that sort of is a lot different than a lot of other teams. You know you're a first round. Pick on a lot of teams. You're automatically with the starters you're. You're automatically put with the ones, and you're giving your roster spot, and you're giving your numbering your jersey and your big unveiling and the Patriots don't do that. The patriots make everybody earn everything. Even the Jersey numbers as we know, so I think the biggest thing is just the culture. There of everyone gets a fair chance at this and everyone's going to have a fair shake and making the team. The other thing I think is the Patriots Scouting Department is excellent at finding guys. Guys that fit what they do, systematically on both sides of the ball, and not necessarily looking at measurable 's or combine testing numbers once we get to this point once we get to the undrafted guys, but just looking at guys that have traits or have physical traits or a mental traits that match up with roles that they could possibly play in New England, so you look at a guy like Jeff Thomas. We've talked about, and you can see that Philip door central figure Jeff. Jeff Thomas skillset extremely well, so you can see where they're going with that signing. You know similar like a guy like dion. Harris a linebacker from Arkansas. He plays the game like a thumper in the box and you can see that he's got that landed Roberts type skill set, and that's what he can feel. So it's really about filling holes or feeling needs and understanding rolls on your team, and how some of these guys in their skill sets will fit into those roles. For All the rest of our patriots coverage you can find on our website at CNS media dot com in on our Youtube Channel Patriots Press Pass Patriots Press Pass brought to you by manscaping the best in men's below the belt, grooming at twenty percent off and free shipping with the codes seal on US twenty at gave dot com. That's twenty percent off with free shipping at MANSCAPING DOT COM use code seal on US twenty..

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