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"jeff swanson" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Rite of our llama. And it's a tie up Yanni Gordon's After the left circle. He's checked. Coleman keeps it alive. Those CenterPoint right single shot Jumpsuit. Find that Gord again he falls down divine teams will get to the puck in the near corner, trying to scoop it out. And he is successful. It comes to center ice. Victor Hedman has it. He drops it all the way back. Deep to his own and for shot car trying to get away from Everly on the far side, Gordon out ahead minute Center Victor Heaven right side be Barkley. Good rope across the New York line. Good row appeals behind the daddy is checked by Ryan pulling that was a good defensive play by pulling Hello, Uncle Curl back behind his own goal 6.5 minutes gone of the third one on the score. Walk in front of the Islanders. Net. Offside. Mayfield Launches it to center ice, and Bailey deflects it in To get it circuit Jeff Swanson for turn back in the far corner, a little past knockdown, Nelson Lady, You're really struggling against this line in particular for the Islanders to get it out. Bailey takes it by the debt, perhaps it back in the white Point, Pulock shoots wide, right even daily by the day. Has been Islanders best line of the third Reich Point, Pollak shoots Block Polite Rebound. Bailey. Hi Slide visit in front shot just wide, Right pipe lock Nelson Ribbon. Bailey again. Left circle beats Nelson in front ofthis stick and Brayden point does get it out to center ice. Wait counter, though, for the Islanders again, Bobillier for Nelson across the blue line across the speed knocked away polite. I'll chip it out. And could drop gets it on his stick and golfs at end of the New York and that's a third shift in a row. That point line's been tied up by that other line in your own zone. Clady buying the Islanders next 7.5 minutes, got the third one to score, right, Wait for me feel they will gain the red line and chip it in. Look Shane.

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