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"jeff stewart high school" Discussed on Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

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"jeff stewart high school" Discussed on Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air

"What these symbols mean to certain people and you know trying to let i just think that in this bifurcated world it's hard for us to see the perspective of someone who disagrees with us her feelings differently let me think of it like this to give um like as a black person in america i've always heard the bulk of the need to get over slavery slavery did like 100 years ago ever i can't you guys get over now slavery or something that was around for thousands of years and of course in this continent had a good couple hundred years from but the confederacy lasted for four years and yet one is asked to get over that in a lasting bogor he here's wherever lawyer was but they're statues to honor the competitors e which was a treasonous act by the way of of sedition you know leaving in a breaking are from the united states no one is supposed to get over that they're supposed to be able to lyon is it impreza an honor and all that stuff but the whole let's slavery i'm supposed to get over it some interesting in now and brian of course the legacy of slavery continued long after the thirteenth amendment and brian stevenson i interviewed him about his lynching project you know this whole chapter this the ugliest one of the derby ill at aston was would you talk of people have no idea where to an end and so they it equal justice initiative has such a whole lynching uh accepted an effort peace he's got a memorial and it it he's he's an extraordinary person who he i admire him almost more than any person i've ever met in my life he is so thoughtful and so eloquent and i anyway i i i kind of go through what mitchley andrew did a new orleans from what happened in charlottesville changing the name of jeff stewart high school which was one of my rival high schools in northern virginia and you know just under.

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