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"jeff stella" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"And what booming colorado town do you think matthew daily was talking about why none other than greeley colorado rounded up all the usual suspects all the typical naysayers when it comes to all the projects particularly terry ranch in greeley but i found it fascinating because i always thought that reporting was supposed to be unbiased and that i know those days her long gone right. I mean But let me hang onto that illusion that we can make a return to some semblance of Unbiased impartial reporting. Well not so in this associated press piece by matthew daily because he brought in all of the naysayers and all of those folks saying that Oh this terry ranch product. Oh there's too many unforeseen variables. There's too many things that could go wrong. Bon wine is as i've said in the past people are coming. It's not like if you build it. They will come. no they're coming. We're seeing a population. Explosion in northern colorado and water is part and parcel of that equation. I mean i'm stating the obvious here but once again was rather disappointed in this lengthy piece. I'll try to post this up on my facebook page At mornings gail if you haven't seen it and be interested in your takeaways from it as well because it is exceedingly one sided and it's very negative. What do i do. I reach out to a job. Staling jeff's taylor of course is the pin. We've had him on the show. Many many times says he is fighting those water battles glade reservoir or chimney hollow but asked him to this reporter even reach out to you and ask you to You know make some comments or did he have any. You know just probing questions to ask you about water law which by the way water law exceedingly complicated and i said. Wait a few ticks and there it is. There's that return email from jeff. Stella peo- northern water basically saying nope didn't hear a peep from this guy and in fact he can't wind up this article and he reached out to the reporter. Saying hey you know which you have to balance out this piece. Would you be interested in what northern water is doing despite all of the caterwauling and all of the controversy that seems to surround the these various projects. Would you like me to provide some information to you. What did he get back crickets. Absolute crickets but want to pick up on that thread with our with as a result of our conversation. This morning with greeley meisinger. John gates. Because i asked him that specific question. When it comes to okay the petitions are in signatures. Being counted and that count is expected to come out today Whether they have enough signatures or not. I have every reason to believe that they do but is changing our.

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