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"jeff steinbeck" Discussed on Sekeres & Price Show

"That's what the positioning has been. It's all about game experience. The thing that makes this a very interesting move at least to me is the success. The numbers that trent carroll and the existing front office had been able to achieve in terms of You know season ticket renewals Sponsorship renewables You know they were really trending in the right direction This is a change that obviously Is coming from the top because they they did feel that The needed a different A skill set at the top to accomplish their their their objectives. but typically. you don't have this kind of move When you have the kinds of numbers that the current business operations team has done. The last thing i'll say about this is and i'm sure that francesco cleaning the actual any family. No this certainly michael doyle knows this. And that's why it is an advantage that he's an insider as opposed to being parachuted from From outside but you don't wanna keep on changing your leadership like you change your underwear This is the third change at the top of business operations since victor to bonus left the organization. you've had a jeff steinbeck trent carroll michael doyle You certainly want to make sure that there's some stability here And this is a long-term fit It's it's that's the thing that the connects. You gotta be careful here. Is the more you change like that. The more you have a reputation and could could a low ceiling on the kind of talent that they're able they're being able to attract down the road having said that there's massive opportunities here to come out of the copa nineteen pandemic. The abbotsford connects is an exciting new project. And they're gonna have their work cut out for them to make sure that you know fans not only Are coming back for the right deals. In terms of ticket prices the coming back to his safe experience. And that's why. I think you'd expect economics and michael doyle to be announcing some kind of Vaccination passed as well in the coming weeks. We had rob maloney of the abbotsford canucks on the show earlier this week tom and needless to say he is a very experienced business. Hand in the american hockey league having set up the belleville senators but also worked for the for the firm teams of the jets. Canadians and toronto. Maple leafs i think they're going to be a tremendous success as a novelty. You're one in abbotsford and the fraser valley. But i'd like your take. I'd also like your take In terms of how much lower mainland. You think they're going to be able to attract there in abbotsford..

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