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"jeff pilates" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Without giving away too much of the podcast is it fair to say that you're reporting has shown the investigation into the deaths of John and Joyce Sheridan At first thought to be murder suicide I should say that it was a sloppy investigation Is that accurate Well yeah I mean I talked to a broad array of people who do believe the investigation was sloppy and that the detectives suffered from coming to too quick of an analysis of the crime scene and that their analysis was wrong We outlined some of the striking details of how many things they got wrong So I'm curious about your motivation going into this One would think that you went in thinking I'm going to solve this murder Did you think you would and did you project the attorney general's response I wanted to solve it but I wasn't sure I would be able to And I think in terms of the AG investigation the fact that we produced the last episode that laid out a case for why the investigation should be reopened and we had to rip that up that kind of tells you where we were headed And we had a lot of people saying that the investigation should be reopened Police detectives journalists John Jay criminal of justice experts lawyers former governor So there was a lot of people that I had talked to who wanted this investigation opened and that happened So you mentioned all of the interviews you've done in this and it must have taken you forever to gather all of that It was a bit I mean it involved a lot of white boards and diagrams and tons of documents I had kind of backed into this whole story because in 2019 I had worked on a yearlong project that was a collaboration with WNYC and ProPublica And I started looking at the power of political machines and that led to what became really a yearlong investigation into what was happening on the Camden water front with land deals and corporate tax breaks My reporting partner Jeff Pilates and I were talking to developers and redevelopment groups and we stumbled into the John Sheridan connection to those deals on the waterfront So Jeff reached out to mark Sheridan's son of John Sheridan the victim in this true crime story And we started talking to him And by the end of 2019 I felt really strongly that this was a story that needed to be retold in the context of what was going on at the waterfront at the time in 2014 So you mentioned Mark Sheridan To the podcast and to your work on the podcast I'm wondering how that relationship with him was developed because I would assume there would have to be a certain level of trust there And it's curious to me now how you did that especially in an age when there's a lot of distrust around the media Mark did do an incredible amount of work trying to figure out who killed his parents He's a well-known attorney in New Jersey and he used to do a lot of legal work for the state Republican Party And he talks about how he would do his very long day job and then he would sit up nights poring over autopsy reports and crime scene photos And to be honest I'm not sure how I managed to convince him to trust me to go down this road But I think some of the reporting that Jeff pellets and I did in 2019 helped that along And I guess there was a little bit of a persistence on my part talking to him for a couple of years about it to the point where he agreed to do and on the record taped interview Thanks so much for your insights to Nancy I really appreciate it Thanks so much.

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