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"jeff orson butler" Discussed on WIBC 93.1FM

"Find it, and you can order your copy they'll mail it to you it's worth fifteen dollars because. To be honest cover to cover you, see figure this out we cover to cover four hundred and. Ten pages Four hundred and ten just. So you know four hundred and ten pages cover And it's good stuff frankly, I can't do the show without it and if you. Call yourself football fan you ought, to buy one and support our good friend, Paul Kendrick coming up later tonight Commissioner, the I say Bobby Cox and I. Will have a conversation thought you know, would come up with a high school football muscle talked. To the man in charge because He's a good man and a big fan so. We'll talk with him we'll talk with. The Commissioner and Paul and the Olympic. Lock our this hour and talk some college football and some high school. Football college football wounded talk about what's happening with the Purdue. You Mike Debord offense coordinator from my you'll join us Walser. Talk with rob black from from Purdue radio network. Hoosiers opened up on the first of September at Florida international the. Boilermakers opened up on the thirtieth. At home against northwestern there, you go, jump right into also this week we'll, talk with, Jeff Orson Butler and Mike new from ball state, probably gonna join us tomorrow night so Hang on. An unexpected visitor in studio I have a minute. Here at one minute did you just roll back in ten Tony. Donahue in studio you've been out. West Got back last Saturday last. Saturday I thought you just got back into. For a week man all right are, you doing brother I'm? Happy we're almost there On twenty. Five twenty one Season twenty-five. And we couldn't have done how many years did you have? You been here for this be the start. Of my. Ten careful now nine nine that's what I thought You'll manage to find your. Way into. The studio don't you I've got some games with ten. Seventy the fan on Friday. Night and, some of. Indiana's sarin so be. On you on all right hanging here we'll chat off there we'll come back and, talk, to Mike Debord from you on network Indiana's Indiana. Sports though.

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