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"jeff levy hinchey" Discussed on Maltin On Movies

"And I worked with this incredible producer, Jeff Levy Hinchey who produced Lisa's many of leases move all of her movies, I think, and I'm really loved him. You know, we got along great. He saw how hard I worked on Lisa's move. And then I said, look, I'm gonna make my own movie. Will you read the script when it's done? Yes. So he read the script in Hugh loved it. And at the same time I went to a party David Russel's house and the night, and I had this group to my car. Maybe I can get David to read it because he and I were, but he's after three kings. But in David was too busy to read the script. That's cool. But I met this woman who was there a pissed and worked with thirteen year old girls. And I said, dude, I'm just. Writing this thing, and she goes, oh, my husband's producer. His name is Michael London. Okay. And now he's produced many Osma sideways and all kinds of great stuff. But she said, oh, let sounds very interesting. And so I said, what happened to copy of the script and the car was going to give today, but I gave it to her and the next morning at ten o'clock, Michael called me. He said, I read your script last night and so two Lynn, my wife and I really wanna help you get this made, and I'm like, wow, you know, that's pretty rare. Most producers get fifty opinions before they jump on board. But meanwhile, like the next day, Jeff said, I read it too, and I like it. I'm like, I wonder if these two guys would work together once on the east coast ones on the west, they have different skill sets..

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