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"jeff leno jeff leno" Discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

"Sh I kick returner returner Devin Hester. Thank you Appreciate all your hard work during the break there was totally worth it. So Jeff Passan with us now on. ESPN radio because we wanted to understand. Sukey bets deal. I really don't get it. Jeff thank you for joining us. How the hell man? Why can't the Boston Red Sox afford? People can't afford people. Lopsided is this thing. Take a look at what you've done so you just terrible waste I. I'm sitting here. I'm looking at my phone right now because I've been on for five minutes and thirty seconds but those were commercials in two and a half minutes was crap. That's going to be on the tombstone of this show right there. I D- I don't i. Don't blame him for being bothered by our nonsense and says we cut into his time outraged So what do you have for us though. Jeff can you explain it to us because I really don't understand how I live in a world where the Boston Red Sox can't afford a generational player they can and and there's a very good argument to be made that they should but what this is is the Boston Red Sox WanNa be like the Los Angeles dodgers and what I mean by that is over the last five years Andrew Freidan since coming over from Tampa Bay's takeover dodgers. Baseball operations has done a fantastic job of getting rid of bad contracts and building up their farm system. And when you do that when you have young players who are making cheap salaries it allows you to go out and spend the money on the guys like movie bets. The Red Sox on the other. Dan have a pretty bloated payroll at this point and that doesn't preclude them from spending on a guy who drafted in the fifth round and watch developed into arguably the best player your franchise has had since Ted Williams and yet the red sox worried that because of these other financial commitments they were not going to be in a position position where they wanted to spend the thirty five forty million dollars a year. MOOKIE BETTS IS GONNA get as a free agent in the off season and that they were going to lose him without any compensation. So the DOT Alex Verduga. Who's going to be there right fielder? For the next half decade they got Bruce are grotto. Who's going to be a really high octane? Starter back end reliever and they feel like they got flexibility by sending David Crisis Salary to the dodgers and the deal as well is this why Dombrowski is no longer there. Yes it's it's a big part of it. They were just stupid deals that were made you know they they gave Nathan. You've all these sixty eight million dollars. And he's a guy who has been injured heard pretty much as entire career. Don't get me wrong. He was integral to them winning a championship in two thousand eighteen and they wanted to reward him for that. But money not well-spent David Price. You know the go and sign them to be an anchor for your rotation. He's never really been hat but ninety six million dollars over three years left on. His contract is a lot of money and and Chris Sale starts one hundred fifty million dollar contract this year with questions about his album. When you have those three alone making eighty million dollars and on top of that you're trying to feel the team around it? You'RE GONNA be well over two hundred million dollars every year if you can't get rid of some of those contracts and While the penalties for being over the luxury tax threshold hold. Aren't you serious. They are real and they are part of this budget that the the Red Sox are sticking to what is that though. Jeff I mean John. Henry does not have to stick to a budget dozens thousands of course not now. They're the red sox and you're right then the Boston Red Sox can't spend who the hell can the Yankees dodgers I think it's just looking looking at not two thousand twenty in a vacuum but the years beyond it and the ramifications. And if you don't start something soon that and it has a chance to get even uglier later you know. San Francisco giants held onto their core after their championships for too long and by holding onto that core they find themselves in the position. They are right now. I think the Red Sox. He is In Two thousand twenty that the Yankees and the Tampa Bay rays are a better team than than even if they have half movie pets and that the the white sox and the twins and the Indians are going to be fighting for playoff spots in the central where they're gonna get to play tigers royals thirty eight time. So that's an advantage vantage now. West got the angels who are certainly improved in. And you've got the Astros and the as there as well and the Rangers are better so if you're playing for a playoffs but maybe maybe you're hoping to get in the wildcard. Then you're gonNA stay all that on one game. I think it's just a value. Play at this point and you can listen. There's a really good argument to be made. Screw value your the Boston Red Sox. And he's mookie Betts. Do what it takes to get it done. But that's not how they're running their organization anymore with limited charge when the news gets the Jeff Passan. That movie bets is going to be traded. What is your level of surprise zero? This has been a fait accompli for for a week. Plus now like that you know. The Red Sox got to a point after Alex. Cora was fired where I think there were so many things that were building in the wrong direction direction that they felt like something drastic needed speed on it all off season. They've been talking about getting underneath the luxury tax special. One hundred eight million dollars and they're not going to do do that without trading. mookie Betts because no one's GonNa Take David prices contract on unless you get some asset value back and mookie. Betts is is one of the greatest just players in baseball right now. I mean it's a very short list behind my trout. And it's probably him and Christian Yelich in that conversation so They understood at that. The the easiest path to getting underneath that two hundred eight million dollars number was trading Lewke bets but damn like. Are we really in a place where the Boston Red Sox doc needs to get under a two hundred eight million dollar payroll Jeff. I'm always says they suffering mets fan than I want the guy whoever's running the raise that's the Guy Iowa running my organization the Astros got them or they get the latest version of him and James Click. Do they upgrade over. Jeff Leno Jeff Leno won a championship team. That was cheating that year and put together One of the really good five year runs we've seen in a while now and has a team that While they're gonNA run some financial flexibility issues going forward they're still really good so No I would not call it an upgrade at this point If you WANNA talk about as a human being You could put a slug in charge. And that would be an upgrade in that in that respect Yes there there was not bad and James Click is is very well thought of In baseball circles and look the the Andrew Freedman General Manager Tree I has has grown by two this year and it's going to continue growing in the future because what the race do the model that they have like. They've kind of broken looking baseball a little bit because they spend less money than just about anyone and they not only have a an excellent major league team they have arguably the best farm system in baseball to Jeff first off. Congratulations on being like baseball. WHOA JR and bring all these stories and thank you for giving us your time on on a very busy day but do the thing I.

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