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"jeff khas muhammad ali" Discussed on The For Real For Real Podcast

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"jeff khas muhammad ali" Discussed on The For Real For Real Podcast

"Off. All of these kinds of like statements in videos, he's put out on twitter whatever if he actually gets signed comes back on the team is put on the field and stinks it up those haters in the trump lovers are going to have a field day and we will never hear the end of it. So I don't know if the juice is really worth. The squeeze in instance does it really take its legacy and this is more a question for you. Jeff Khas Muhammad Ali did lose some fights and Ultimately. He lost a major fight coming back from retirement when he fought Joe Frazier Right. But was that Ali's first comeback fight or were there if to fight before that but ultimately my point is, did it take Ali's legacy because I got point he was in a weird place. It was the same kind of thing where it was a very divided. America. Yet a a man who didn't want to fight for his country and you had you know a group of people who were. Like, but it doesn't make sense to go die somewhere else right jeff what do you think of in that early comparison? Well, that's definitely like to run questioned because and I say this quite often are social media I. Think we fall victim to what? I call revisionist history when Dr King was assassinated back in nineteen sixty eight Gallup did a poll in he was the most hated man in America fast forward a few years later, the same narrative of Bahamas outspoken audacious Negro. who had a nerve detail right America how he felt door does times right the already don't like it right now many people imagine how was back in fresh off the civil rights era. So you had this guy speaking out against a war that even when he was speaking out about it was even totally unpopular to way that we'd like to believe it was it definitely tasted his legacy den, but it was his legacy is something that has to be revisited every so many years. Toward a time. Yeah. You know people were definitely laughing at Ali. It wasn't a good look that he lost a frazier it people kind of laugh at him and you know it kind of bird proved the point of the people who are in opposition to him. But when he had a chance to fight again when title again, it certainly helped I don't think that we're as a patient now I think ending to with football versus boxing is that you might go three or four months. Without having actual fight maybe you might have to fights a year. That's how it is right now I think in those days might have been a little bit more often than that. So imagine cabinet gets them to feel it just because he's out of practice at out a plan for four years for the first four games he's rusty today he will only get those four games. He's got four games to really stink it up so. That to what I said originally, what Trevor said I think that it probably would be at his best interest for a team not to sign him. It's not a good look go to team and it's not a good look for him to lose lose situation and who really thinks that he would be as good as he was what a new system with a new team most likely a was probably back in two thousand, fifteen madden..

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