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"To cities around the world yesterday in solidarity with American protesters here CBS news correspondent Elizabeth Palmer in London in Canada prime minister Justin Trudeau weighed in many Canadians of diverse backgrounds are watching like all Canadians are the news out of the United States with shock and with our the current riots have swept through American cities he said but the call is anti black racism is real in Canada to and here in DC after fires were set in stores looted last night DC's police chief is speaking out protests in the district this weekend led to eighteen arrests some of the charges include felony writing simple assault and theft and more arrests are expected as police reviewed surveillance video DC police chief Peter Newsham is asking business owners to come forward with any footage that could help identify suspects but he did make clear his support for the people's right to protest we always in Washington DC welcome welcome peaceful protests it's necessary in our American society but we can't have people coming into our city who are going to destroy property or hurt people Melissa Howell WTOP news and today there is destruction all across the city from alluded liquor store in foggy bottom to a giant food store in Shaw and just a forum in gallery place The Washington Post says a CVS was looted on H. street northeast as was the Nike store in Georgetown in friendship heights in Tenleytown many stores are boarded up today including a target which was hit along with Rodman specialty store on Wisconsin Avenue encouraging pandemic news out of Europe today Spain reporting No deaths over a twenty four hour period the first time that's happened since March the nation's emergency health response chief says there were only seventy one new reported infections over the last day it's an indication he says that Spain's numbers are going in the right direction Spain's peak twenty four hour death toll from covert nineteen was nine hundred and fifty recorded deaths on April second overall it's official death toll now stands at more than twenty seven thousand Spain has gradually been relaxing its strict lockdown in recent weeks and the Florida Keys are re opening to tourists today Monroe County medical director Dr mark white side says restrictions will come back if there's a surge in cases all boils down to personal responsibility and it's a good sign Smokey the bear in preventing forest fires only you can prevent transmission of that it's been two months since the keys put up checkpoints to keep outsiders from coming in hotels campgrounds and vacation rentals will be allowed at fifty percent occupancy they have to put up sanitation stations and follow American hotel and lodging association guidelines for protecting against Gobert nineteen airport screenings in bus restrictions will also be lifted soon Deborah Rodriguez CBS news today is the official start of hurricane season and already we could see a third tropical storm system arrives in the Atlantic part of the U. S. is being told to be on alert the system will likely linger in the southern Gulf near land for a few days so that poses a real forecast challenge but most indications are the system will move north towards Texas for Louisiana by the weekend it's too early to know the exact track and intensity but stay weather aware CBS news meteorologist Jeff jelly coming up in money news Wall Street is a little higher the seller is back I'm Jeff label it's twelve fifty four I.

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