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"jeff hendricks" Discussed on WGN Radio

"This pandemic has been really tough on everyone on adults and Children, but especially on Children and the isolation that happens, especially when young people Have to learn through socialization not to be able to socialize. And so, um, we're committed. I'm committed to that. And I'm sure that, um that CPS we'll get it through the number two. Is to ensure that we re enroll reengage our families in CPS that is Jose Torres. He was named today as the interim CEO of the Chicago Public School System. Mayor Lightfoot On hand for that introduction a little bit earlier. Of course, we mentioned earlier that today is Flag Day. Um, So what can you do? What can't you do? I think really a lot of us Don't even have a clue. Uh, Frankly, I learned a lot reading a couple of articles earlier. Jeff Hendricks is the deputy director of the American Legions. Americanism division and he joins us now, Jeff, How are you? It was sir and yourself. Absolutely fine. Tell me what is the Americanism Division? Uh, So it is a section of the national headquarters the American Legion. We predominantly look at all things that are patriotic and instilling that in our news today, and are we getting better at that or worse? I think we're doing pretty well. We've got our boys nation program that looks to foster. Uh, some of the programs throughout the US the American baseball. We also have other programs where we work with the Boy Scouts of America, flag protection and things of that nature as well. We'll talk to me about flag protection because you know the flag code. What was passed in 1923. I think 1943 perhaps, um And it's not really an enforceable. Document. Is it or is basically a suggestion, or can you be punished for mistreating the flag? Um, So the yes, there's So, the flag code title for the U. S code. Um, does not have any enforceable, um, parts to that, and that came from, uh, You know, from the US versus Iceland, us versus Johnson. Um, and so there are no more, uh, Enforcement. Acting to that, however, as a, uh You know the ability to have a code? Uh, traditional, um, means by which to respect the flag. The flag coat still stand to do that. So it's a good guideline to follow. That makes any sense. I mean, I remember back was it in the eighties when there was talk of a flag burning? Amendment. It actually was. It was an instructive debate because we argued amongst ourselves what the meaning of the flag was. Should it stand for that? What does it stand forward? Does it stand for the right for people to actually burn it? I thought that was a political exercise in Congress that actually served us all pretty well. I did not know that you're not supposed to use the US flag and advertising. Correct. Correct. That is that's also in the flag club. Um, and so that's one of the things that you're not supposed to do. Um, but we can recognition are working with, um those in Congress to develop a, uh the possibility of having something to be able to to protect the flag. Whether that be through, uh, some sort of amendment or something along those lines until that kind of gets after what you were talking about just a moment ago. So you're looking to revive a flag burning amendment or protection. Uh, protection? Yes. Well, what would it protect her? How would it work? Um Well, that's you know, that would Be one of the things that we would be looking to do in order to, uh See what we need to do, Uh, The offset since you know the flag burning is protected by considered to be protected speech by the U. S. Supreme Court 1989. And so what we're looking for would be another constitutional amendment that would look at Um, you know, placing moratorium on any desecration of the flag of the United States, Um, and following that, those those lines and figuring out how that would actually look, of course. If you change about 12 different ways between now and sure, But you know, here's my thing, Jeff. It seems to me like when you do that you When you raise the issue, it's going to lead to more flag burning. You know what I'm saying? Um, Maybe. Possibly, um, but you know it. What it does do is put in the forefront. Um, a discussion to be had by individuals to stay, You know, is this something that we want to have is something that we want to protect? It is something that we want. To become the symbol of the united that is a symbol of united States and to hold it, Uh, hold it, dear, Right and so and getting that back out in front of everybody. Well, there will certainly be a debate around that. Jeff Hendricks is the deputy director of the American Legions. Americanism division. Listen, I appreciate you joining us tonight. All right. You're listening. You bet to the afternoon news. We're going to give a quick look at Wall Street and your taxes, tax hikes all kinds of stuff.

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