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"jeff gyns" Discussed on Beyond the To Do List

"Hello and welcome back to beyond the to do list. I'm your host Eric Fisher. And this is the show where I talked to the people behind the productivity this week. I'm thrilled to have back on the show. My Friend Grant Baldwin is back to talk about his new book. The successful speaker five steps for booking gigs getting paid and building your platform. This book was Co authored by Jeff. Goings. Who's been on the show a number of times as well. I was thrilled to talk to grant again. Not only just in general but about this book specifically and what we tried to do was cover a little bit of material in the book but then I know grant. He's on every podcast right now. Talking about what's in the book and why the book is but I wanted to go a step further and talk about productivity tips. That would help somebody who is starting out or already is in the speaker business. Somebody who's been giving talks so I- crowd source some questions from a few friends who who are already speakers and they gave me some great ones so those answers are in this conversation with grant Baldwin. Enjoy well this week is my privilege to welcome back to the show grant Baldwin Grant. Welcome back good to be here. I'm trying to think is this second time. I A while you know and and I'm GONNA I don't you. Can I have mixed feelings about bringing this up? But I'm going to because it kind of is the Jeff Jeff. Coins is the elephant in the room. Jeff so he's been on he's been on he's been on the most of everybody so everybody including Michael. Hi who even just recorded a new episode with so I think maybe the tide now. I don't know but the debate was. Do I count this as an appearance? For Jeff or not. Oh No you don't come just not here. I don't I think you've made the right call there. I think jeff is going to be tied. And he's going to have to come back so but the reason the reason I bring it up because you've got this brand new book out. There called the successful speaker and on the cover there it says grant Baldwin with Jeff Gyns and that's the proper way to pronounce that by the way so he told me From the beginning that when we first met his last name rhymes with coins so going and I don't think you have to whisper it. I'm fine to bring it up. Get it so there's no it's not. It's not an elephant and to me. I am a hundred percent happy to discuss it so I want to go a couple of different places here and I'm just going to state it all upfront. So that anybody listening knows what we're going to cover a lot of people be like okay. Well I've heard on other shows. So why do I need to listen to this one? Well first and foremost you and I are GonNa talk briefly or not about hey. What was it like collaborating with Jeff on this book? That's number one number two is. Let's get into the book a little bit that number three. Which is the really cool part is. I've got productivity questions for people that want to be speakers that you may have the answers to and if you don't like we'll stop you but I'm betting all all you you won't be stumped because all you can do is share your experience but it's going to be so beneficial for people who are just getting started or who are into speaking at whatever level they're at with it that I think those productivity questions of how to be productive on the road a I won't spoil all the questions but that's kind of the threefold Approach I want to go to. So I'm I'm game. Let's go awesome so I up. So what was it like working with Jeff? It was great honestly. I've told them this privately. I've told them this public back. I'm at the time this recording the book's been out about a week I saw jeff a couple of days ago and We'll get together and and we're like dude we did it. We made a thing I told him then I have against public. Before like I would I would go through the process again with Jeff had a really good experience and so for some some background and some context So Jeff for those that that that may not know Jeff is a phenomenal writer has written and published. Many books really knows the publishing world really. Well it's a few years ago yet. A friend who knew in the publishing space who had asked him if he if he knew of anyone who could had an audience who'd be interested. And maybe doing a book and so he he had mentioned me. Eight texted me and said Hey. Do you have any interest in all right in a book? I was like not really honestly like I like Jeff loves writing books and I self published a book several years ago And it's just a whole lot of work. And he's a crapload of work and Jeff loves writing books. I'm just Kinda like like I get the value of it. I totally value. But there's also no shortage of other things that are good things that you may not have the ban with four and that's Kinda where I was with with book and so we we Kinda talk back and forth about it and he. I remember exactly. How can you even all right grant already have all of this content all of the The intellectual property the The course material the podcast interviews. The case studies the examples. Just the experience of boots on the ground for years and years as a professional speaker. what have we worked together and I just become the scribe and take all of your content and put it into book format I was like okay. Well that that sounds appealing so we kind of we talked with a publisher about it and ultimately that's kind of where we landed and so I remember running it by There's a couple of guys with and can ask them and said. Hey Jeff talking about this project. He's never really done something like this. This is kind of thing for me too. So what do you guys think? And they all kind of said like so. Let me get this straight. A publisher wants to give you a bunch of money for Jeff going to write your book. I was like okay. Well that sounds good. Let's do that And so you fast forward to today And we're really really really happy with the finished product and talk. I had had someone who'd message me. And they said Hey. I got the book read at one day. It was amazing. I was joking with my wife like I think. That's because Jeff Rhoda. I think if I wrote it I don't think they'd be excited about it And so I think like I think what's interesting about this and why I enjoy. I've enjoyed talking about it publicly as a lot of sense for a lot of authors There is a ghostwriter behind the scenes. But it's like this hush hush quiet thing like you're gonNA ballooning too that you know No I wrote every word and I'm happy to say like no no like Jeff wrote like I know it's all my content all my ideas We worked together but like Jeff is the one that was you know pen and paper so to speak. That was making happen. in terms of the actual the flow of the book. And so I think it worked out really well in that I again. I had the content but just because I had content doesn't necessarily mean that I'm an amazing book writer and so it worked really well to partner with someone who was and so So you know. I've kind of been half joking. Have Serious Jeff is basically a you know. A non ghostwriter ghostwriter for the project named Ghost Rider As even as we're working on it from the beginning the the publisher said Hey. Do you care if we put jeff name on. The cover is like now. I don't care it's fine to me Like I'M NOT GONNA lose any sleep over it so So yeah it's it's recognized like It's my content but I definitely viewed as a collaborative process and Jeff was was phenomenal to work with. He's like a tangible ghost. He's not you. Don't walk through present in the room and and not in just I feel his presence in the room like no. He's literally there. I mean coincidentally is a little Pale so both of us out miss that staying And this is the thing is As soon as he was teasing this at his last tribe conference. And I don't mean just the last one. I mean the final one months ago that this was a thing he was working on with you and as soon as I heard him say that I was like I want that book and and then it was literally a few months later that you were like. Hey what's up and sent me an email about this and I was like of course you can come on the show and And the reason is because there's so much to in terms of creating good work and doing you know this content creation slash whatever form that takes whether it's podcasting whether it's writing social media blogging You know I I don't know but speaking is is is a is a vein of that as a form of that and it is a career it is and and I think in the same way That actually Jeff's last book Real artists don't starve. This is kind of that companion piece to that. Thought that through line of you can do a. You can have a career doing your art. This just happens to be grants art right. Yeah and and I think Jeff did a great job with recognizing that There are a lot of artists and creatives in In his audience our audience one of things that we kind of recognizes that for a lot of people are certainly a lot of people who want to be fulltime speakers. And there's a lot of people who come to us with that ambition but there's also a lot of people right now here like I don't want to be a fulltime speaker But I wouldn't mind doing. I don't know five gigs. A year. Ten gigs ear. But I'm just having trouble figuring out You know how to find those gigs or how much they charge. What do you speak about or who hire speakers and just kind of like the the nuts and bolts ins and outs of the speaking world and just for a lot of people speaking is just part of what they do? You know so you know take Jeff Jeff is doing a lot more speaking now and and he said Hey. I want to speak but also want to raise my own books. I WANNA do some some of these ghost writing projects. I want to offer courses. I want to. Do you know coaching or consulting or any number of other things and speaking of one spoke in the overall wheel and there's people all along that spectrum of you know where you're at where jeff sat where. I'm at or they haven't started at all. They've never spoken and they want to. And they feel like they have something to say something they want to share. You know they're in those early stages of questioning whether or not whether thing that they how they think they have to say is something somebody else would want to hear so it kind of getting into the content of the book. Let's just talk here a little bit about you. Know what do you say to somebody who is trying to just get started? Or isn't maybe is maybe even on the threshold of questioning whether they could. Yeah so the book walk through this five step process that makes the acronym speak. Spca K- kind of high level overview. And then we can kind of begin wherever you want but The SS select a problem to solve. This is the most important most critical piece and this is really the kind of build a house you know if you get the foundation right then. The rest of the House tends to go up pretty smoothly but If you just GONNA rush passes. Which is what we often. I'd want to do then we're left with foundation that's Kinda shaky and rocky and and hard to build a sustainable business upon so you have to get really clear on two things one is who do you speak to. And what is the problem that you saw for that audience now? The mistake that a lot of speakers make and this isn't exclusively speakers. This tends to be the case with entrepreneurs in general is that we want to throw the net as far and wide as possible. And so we say you know who do you speak to speak to? I speak to humans. I speak to people messages for everyone is like that doesn't really work and in the same way. If you would ask someone you know what you speak about. Or what's the problem that you saw this? Well what do you want me to speak about? I CAN SPEAK ABOUT ANYTHING. I.

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