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Water Cooler: Fyre Festival, Climax, Police Story 2, Battle Angel: Alita, Beale Street, Titan Games, Kavalier & Clay, Sparrow Creek

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Water Cooler: Fyre Festival, Climax, Police Story 2, Battle Angel: Alita, Beale Street, Titan Games, Kavalier & Clay, Sparrow Creek

"Hello, everyone and welcome to slash on daily for Monday, January twenty first two thousand nineteen until its ups owed where it'd be discussing what we'd been up to at the watercooler the slash home editor in chief Peterson rutta interning that to his podcast managing editor. Jacob paul. Hello. Hello weekend. Editor Brad omen. Hey, that's me senior editor Ben Pearson. Hey, what's happening in writers? Quadra buoy AMI one Chris Evangelista? How's it going? I'm trying to. I think he did that last week, right? I said something I'm going to try a new one every episode see which one sticks. I think that's run out quickly. No. It's funny every time Chrissy Howdy next. In that duty newly Louis. Good accident of his or whatever. Yeah. East coast accent of yours saying Howdy. What what is the accent? It's not New England. I am from Philadelphia. I guess it's affiliate accent. You know before we get started. We should say that this is an exciting week for slash foam. We have three of writers are getting ready to head out to Park City Utah for Sundance. And that includes Chris Brad, and Ben are you guys ready? No, I have never felt more unready for something in my life. So that'll be fun. I mean, I'm in Utah. So I'm kind of ready got one foot in. Yeah. Yeah. We'll be doing an episode later this week before you guys actually get on the plane or before Chris and Ben gown the plane previewing the films of this year Sundance, and hopefully, we'll get you guys on from Park City to tell us what you think of you know, movies and won't be after the festival be doing. You know, our typical you know, best of the fest episode as well. So you'll get all the info, I'm like, you know, the the films you should have on your radar that you probably don't know about in this coming week. But before then let's talk about what we've been doing this week prior. Let's start out with what we've been doing it. It's been rainy here in Los Angeles. So I haven't been doing a lot like it's an like last week. It was pouring like almost every single day, which in LA means that people don't forget how to drive, and it's you know. An hour to get anywhere this weekend. I took in improv comedy class which to surprise of Brad. Who's surprised to hear doing that? I'm not. Interested in being an actor or comedian or I don't really wanna get into improv. My my my curiosity for taking this class was purely in the fact that I'm you know, trying to up my mic game as a magician in a lot of magicians script their magic in a way that if the audience. Interacts in any way, that is not planned it kind of throws you off your script. And it makes you look like idiot. And I feel like the best magicians are the ones that are actually able to interact and make it a conversation rather than a performance, and it also in the best way as possible. Like Brad does. I know Brad, you you have some improv comedy background like are able to take something that happens, and, you know, come back to it in a funny way later on. So I was thinking that taking improv comedy class would give me some techniques in how to better do this. I was wrong. Failure. No wasn't a failure. It was a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun, and I was doing with a couple of other magician friends of mine. So it was great to be doing with people. I knew I it's not making an asset myself in front of strangers in the games were a lot of fun. I was just hoping that I think what I was hoping for was that it would be more techniques that would. Trying to think of a way to say this. I wanna say shortcuts, but wake you know. Like the whole. Yes. And like, I thought it would be more like kind of like, oh, here's some tips to how to, you know, get things, you know, in a groove more. Like, you know, here's how you can think about call backs better. And here's how whatever, and I it's really, you know. Just like, listen better. Like, yeah. I know that. But there were some things I think I did learn I did learn a lot about posture and how how can completely change a performance the sounds obvious. But I I learned learned a bunch of stuff that there was actually the interesting game. They think it was called last letter. First letter, have you ever done this bread? I I mean, I don't think so but describe it maybe I have just under different name. You just have a conversation with someone else in the group, and they would have to start their sentence with the. With a word starting with the last letter of the word you used in your sentence. Okay. So what that would do would cause you not to be able to plan whatsoever for the next line? You would have to be completely in the moment. Because. You know, if I brought if I asked you what you had for breakfast. You would have to answer with something starting with t did. I mean. Yeah. So that would be totally change your anyways. I'm going to long on this. It was it was a lot of fun. I might take another class just for the fun of it. I mean, if anything you should simply because this isn't something that you're gonna learn in a day. Like, it's something that you need to practice and like keep doing and like get more comfortable with with that that aspect of it yet. I feel like. I don't know. I feel like I was hoping for something that would be more. I could see the connection of how it could be implemented in a lot of the the things in improv. I don't I think are actually thinks you can actually implement into magic performance. Like, if someone asks you, you know, you know, you're you have a deck of cards there. And they're like are those carts from India? I mean, I guess I could. Yes. Gan that and whatever and that could be funny, but I don't feel like that's the that's easily implementable. I really I think what is for you with this with this should be as more of an exercise of like just kind of like, loosening your mind and not being. So I dunno firm, and what's the word? I'm looking for I guess stiff onstage, and like being a little more relaxed. Like, yeah, just like, you know, be able to tap into just like an open thinking process where you can respond with something that isn't necessarily immediately related to what you were doing. And still keep your flow going with your tricks and stuff. Yeah. That's exactly what I did take away from this. And like the whole second circle mentality. I I we'll see if I'll I'll do it again. I it. It was a lot of fun. And I did go to the magic castle a couple times this week. I as you know, I've been trying to put together this last year a magic act, and I feel like I've been doing more talking about it and trying to. I wanted to be perfect guys. I want you know, I see a lot of act magic axe veggie castle. This. No, no. You know, I'm not putting down anybody. But it's a lot of things like, you know, it's just a trick followed by trick fall by tricking. I really want this to have a structure in have a story. And I think that's why I, you know, I come from the world of, you know, our our world of writing in movies and TV and I think I am I'm just putting too much thought to this. And I talked to some magicians at the magic castle this past week adults like sit down with them. They basically just told me that I'm grinding mcgeer too much, and I should just get down there. And what they call the basement, which is the magic castle where they have impromptu rooms where you can perform for audiences. They just think I should just do it just like get a bunch of tricks together do it and just start getting experience because I'm gonna learn more from that than. You know? Yeah. Because when you do it you'll you'll see what works, and what doesn't in front of a crowd and see like what needs to be reworked in that kind of thing. Because that's that's something that you that, you know, comedians do all the time. They're trying new material seeing what works, you know, tightening up jokes in that kind of thing. And I'm sure you have to do the same thing with you know, medic of yet. I I can see how you could get so stuck into. I mean, I have gotten so stuck in development with this. So I I think I'm just going to do that. So this week I'm going to put together an act and just go down there and throw myself civil and do it. I totally do that. I just I want to be proud of my act. I feel like just putting stuff together I won't be proud of it. But I think I will benefit more like you said from just getting the work on it and getting experience. Brad, you're in Utah. What what are you doing there? So I came out here a little bit early before Sundance because my girlfriend's sister is getting married and the wedding tend to be the weekend before Sundance started. So I came out here. A lot of ahead before my girlfriend is from Zimbabwe. But she's been living in Utah for ten years, and she has other family here. Several sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins, but some of the family who still lives in Zimbabwe, obviously came in for the wedding. So I'm meeting her her parents and other relatives who don't live here and all that sort of thing. So it's been a big busy affair, which also included all these this errands pretty much since the day. I got here running errands nonstop setting up for the wedding sitting up for the reception. And this was this was kind of a new bridge as far as wedding for me because my girlfriend most for family are Mormon and so when it comes to Mormon weddings, when if you get married in the temple not everybody is necessarily. Allowed in the temple. So for the wedding part of it. You're actually waiting outside of the temple for them to come out. And then you take the pictures in the end that kind of thing, and then after that, we had just a regular exception, but all the setup for that took a few hours all the setting up of flowers and dishes and decorations and all that stuff. So was a long exhausting day. But it was really really fun. The reception was a blast. You know? Meet her family was really cool. And yeah, it's it's just been it's been a busy exhausting week. But thankfully, I feel pretty recovered from the the weekend now. And now just looking forward to getting lost it again for Sundance and a part of my experience during the wedding too was something that wasn't expecting. But my girlfriend kind of convinced me and potent Prada me to do was I got a pedicure for the first time, which, you know, the the more the more masculine side of me is like it's not really something guys do very often. But you know, what after I did it. I'm kind of a fan, and it's. Something that I it's actually something that I've probably need it for a while not to get too like grocer than they bad. But like, everyone pedicures your feet, right? Yes. Yeah. Yeah. And so I get you gross. But like I've had dry skin on my feet before. And that kind of thing. And sometimes like everyone knows like there's like the stones. Did you can use to scrape it off and stuff like that? And and I don't necessarily like give my feet, you know, TLC where I'm like giving, you know, very meticulously clipping my finger nail beds or anything like that. And so this was a nice thing. It was like a full thing where like they even like put lotion on your feet, and like they did like stone warm stone like scrub on my legs and stuff, and it was really nice. And so I feel like every now, and then I might take advantage of this and like go get a pedicure because it was actually really relaxing nice. You know, one of the magic books. I read says that I should go. I do close up magic. And they suggest that you should go. Get a manicure just to feel what it feels like. Have you know that done? And I've I've resisted that. But Brad, you're I think I mean, even though it was a pedicure you're kind of talking me into this. I have no idea. How manicures I would imagine it the same way because I want to understand they do a similar thing where they like do lotion, and like treat your hands and like do like a massage and a and a rub and stuff like that. So yeah, it could very well be worth. It have any of the other men on this podcast gutting pedicures manicures before. No, no, okay. Okay. Then. Yeah. I've only gotten a many many petty. Once actually I'm not huge with many Pettis, but it's really relaxing. I've done massages a lot. But they, you know, the pedicure and a manicure like they do the massages sometimes like oils or lotions, and it's really nice, and it feels very refreshing vertical. Itchy. It have you been up to this week? So I went to the preview event for the alita battle angel passport to iron city experience. So this is an immersive experience as being held in New York LA and Austin, and it's sort of kind of like perch, escape room parts or like theme park experience in which you go into these recreations of settings from the film alita battle angel which is directed by Robert Rodriguez, and you can play like little games and. Others sort of puzzles and challenges to win the most points over other teams. So you're like put into teams other people and immediately you go in and there's like a bar. That's the recreation of the Kansas City bar yet the Kansas bar, and you know, drinks and stuff there. But that right right off the bat, you have to like goes to these tablets, and sort of read more info about what is going to happen. And then you go into the proper marketplace area, and there's like a booth in which there's a scrap yard, and you have to find like the most worth worthies scraps and get the most points or you go to a booth where you smell like these these vials, and you have to guess, the smells those those kind of fun games like that. And it was really cool. The design is was amazing and really meticulous. And they had actors there who really dedicate themselves to the parts of. Of people in distortion future who are living in the steam punk version of the world's. So it was fun. Yeah. This kind of sounds a little bit like the west experience that Jacob did last year south by south west. But with a game more game fide. Yeah. Yeah. Let's definitely game a fight. Oh, and it's opens this week Los Angeles on the twenty third New York on the twenty six and then Austin on the twenty ninth how how can people go to this? See it's a buy tickets, and they can be purchased at the alita experience dot com website, ver- cool. Ben what have you been up to? So last week. I went to an evening with Ludwick goeransson and goeransson is the film composer, you might know his work. He did the scores for TV shows like community and happy endings and new girl and recently did the scores for venom and Black Panther. And Black Panther was sort of. The focus of this particular vent. There was a it was held at the what's the name this place the Annenberg Wallace Annenberg center for the performing arts in Beverly Hills. So it's like a really nice theater venue and Elvis Mitchell from film, independent did like Acuna with the composer. And it was a night that would it was basically like a mixture of a behind the scenes like a feature etes from Black Panther and clips from the movie and stuff that were shown on the screen, and like live performances that he composed in played on the stage in front of us. And he had a lot of his collaborators who worked on creating the score for Black Panther from Africa. He brought them to this event. And they were doing, you know, like a drum performances and stuff like that. There was one thing that was in in particular really stood out to me they had a couple of talking drum which is a an instrument that I've never heard of. But it's like a specific type of drum where you can manipulate the pitch of the drum sound as. You hit it, and it it's sort of like in this African culture, it's sort of like a creates letters, and they were saying that an and words, and they were saying that the certain type of talking drum noise that they would create an what does drum that they did on stage bunch of times during this thing. They actually used it in the movie, and it was like if you were to transcribe it into a word. It would be the word to Challah which is the the lead character in Black Panther. And they played this song. This little note. I guess thousands of times throughout the movie like when he was on camera and stuff, and so there's like a ton of things like that that I learned about how seriously he went and how deep he went into the research aspect of creating the score for Black Panther that just adds all these different layers to the movie that you wouldn't really notice as a traditional viewer. But knowing about it, it just sort of in riches, the experience even more goeransson is also famous for work. With childish Gambino on a bunch of his albums. He's been nominated or maybe even one of you. I think he's he's been nominated for three Grammys over the years. But he's produced a ton of Gambino's albums, and he also produced the song read bone. He broke co wrote that song with him. And at the very end of the night, he Elvis Mitchell to host asked goeransson to perform that song for the audience. And then they surprised everybody by bringing childish Gambino out, and they performed a new version of red bone, which is the song that was in get out. It was like a huge radio hit a couple years ago and Ludwig orange. His wife is a violinist, and she sort of did this new string heavy arrangement for that song. And every obviously as soon as camping okay came out the crowd like lost their shit. And so yeah, it was just really cool. They just about one song. And that was in. That was like the, you know, the capper of the evening, but it was very cool. And it was. Other thing put on by film, independent which I I've talked about before they're a great organization. And if you are in Los Angeles out highly recommend looking into them a film, independent dot org. They have like all sorts of events like this going on all throughout the year. And you should look into it because they often sell out way in advance. So yes, yet on it. Let's move to what we've been reading. Let's start with Chris because you have a a few books that you've been reading in preparation for Sundance, correct? Yes. I have two books. I read two full books over the weekend. Anyone who's who's listening to the show several times knows by now probably that I am very afraid of flying like and I'm not talking like a mild nervousness. I'm talking like a debilitating. Terror deep in my bones, where I just the thought like recently I had to drop my wife off the airport because she was flying somewhere and just driving to the airport. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. That's how bad this is. So obviously I have to get on a plane this week to go to Sundance. So I I said, you know, I can't keep living like this. I need to start approaching this head on its I read different books. One was called flying without fear and one was called flying with confidence. The flying with confidence. One was written by this pilot from British Airways and British Airways actually has a course they teach for people who are afraid of flying. And to this is like, that course in book form, and it really did not help me at all. I was actually getting like heart palpitations reading the book. So that didn't help and then flying without fear helped a little bit more because it was better written. I guess and. But it, you know, obviously, it did not cure me. So I'm just going to have to wait what what kind of strategies does it give you to try to overcome this? I'm curious there's like breathing exercises. There's this one thing which I am going to do where you basically put a rubber band around your hand. And you snap it anytime. You're like having like panicky thoughts, and that's basically snaps you out of them. I've actually seen people do that on a plane before. Yeah. And the other thing you did is it the books basically give you know, QNA's like every question, you might have about one of the plane does this, and it, you know, it's it explains that pretty much everything is normal. Even you know, the sound you hear our normal, and you just have to learn to just push it away and stop panicking over. But you know, that's that's that's easier said than done. Well, hopefully, it is a better experience going to Utah. How how long is the flight for you? It is four hours. Nice and short. Well, you know, put two movies on your ipad. Yeah. Dan. And also to take a bunch of pills. And we'll see how it goes self-medication is always the answer. Yes. Yeah. Jacob wall. Each T has been immersing herself in the battle angel experience. You've actually been reading the books. Yeah. Last week. I touched enough to read a little bit of the original manga and now I- blitzed through the first three hardcover collections and ordered the fourth one this morning. It's incredibly addictive and storytelling. You hasn't necessarily gotten more complex. It's still very straightforward alita. The cyborg gets into piss somebody off they have a fight Lita wins. And a matter of fact, happens Lita wins. But even with the pattern of like that. I'm impressed by how the series is unafraid to burn down what happened before like everybody thinks it's entered. You know, a holding pattern owes who going to be for a little bit. It kinda destroys everything webs. It out and moves on to something else. So even though it's predictable. Even the characters are maybe are are simple and storytelling himself as simple. It's always rapidly changing refuses to let you get bored. And it's it's it's very silly. It's very fun. It is sometimes Sex's and racist. And the way you would imagine early nineties Japanese manga to be, but I'm surprised by how invest I am these characters how invested I'm when this world, and how much I want to know more and learn more. I I it's sometimes very silly. It's it's it's kind of manga where the characters shelter special attacks as they do them. No, it's but art is is keeps on getting better with each volume and three hardcovers to believe are the first six volumes. If we didn't paperback, by the way, if those of you who read them that way. But actually has me more and more interested in the movie because I remain a I've gone from being hesitant about the movie to being cautiously optimistic because well the early. This has been quite very positive. Yeah. I'm surprised by that. And. Some of the like designs and the characters like now that I've read the manga I like look at some of the cyborg designs realize, oh, this is actually incredibly accurate to how they're drawn out. I don't know if Rodriguez and capture the sense of speed and action that the kamikazes. The wait is drawn. The like I've never seen like battles like robot driven battles drawn away that make him feel this fast and connected for page. Some very curiously if CGI and putting it in three d can like really replicate how incredibly intense the action in the manga is. But seeing how like how Rodriguez and his team have actually really recreate a look that world can argue well now the effects look good whether or not the CGI leader looks good. I'm that's something that's up for debate right now. But the overall basic designs really feel torn out of the page in in a good way. So, you know, I'm no I'm not going to go around and saying I'm suddenly a superfan of this thing I started being week ago. But I'm definitely a fan. I really like it. And if you like, you know, really good act. Comics, the hardcovers, I think normally thirty dollars Easter but all off nineteen or twenty bucks. And they are they're incredibly fun. And they're only better as ago along very cool. Ben, what have you been reading? So I over the past. I think it's probably taken me like, maybe two and a half months to read the amazing adventures of cavalier, and clay, which is a very long novel that I just have not devoted the time to sit down, and I sure I could have read it quicker. But I had a lot going on, you know, the holidays and everything, but I finally finish this book. Yeah. It's by Michael Trebon. And it is I mean, okay. So the the premise of the book is about these two cousins one of which is a refugee from Prague, I believe who studied grows up like studying magic and the art of being an escape artist. And he okay. Then he comes to New York City in nineteen thirty nine and lives with his cousin who is the son of a like, a strong man who wandered around like the vaudeville circuit and the two of them create their own superhero comic book, and it sort of traces the their careers in parallel with the rise of superhero comics in America. So it's like it's like historical fiction because occasionally they will bounce off bounce around the city and meet with actual real people like Stanley makes a cameo at one point in like trying to think who else Orson Welles shows up briefly that go to the premiere of citizen Kane, and that movie influences how they work on their comics. There's a lot of like Jewish mysticism and stuff like weaved in. There's a lot of talk about like how that man and Robin and like a forgetting the guy's name. I think it's Frederick Worsham. Who there is like? A big Casey guys may have read about about like the this is an actual thing that happened. How like he testified before congress in wrote a book talking about how comics were promoting homosexuality and stuff because of characters like that in a Robin in the you know, how like Robin his batmans ward. And like there's all this subtext in there about them having a gay relationship, and all that stuff there that real actual thing is we've into this book in a really interesting way because of the sexuality of one of the main characters I don't really want to say too much about it just because like hopefully like Peter some of you are intrigued by this. I would say it's worth reading. It's just it's very detailed. It's very it's very long. The I loved all of the crossover moments with those, you know, actual artists in end Hollywood figures, and like the I liked the story as a whole I think it gets a little too detailed for me at times. Like, I I would have been fine. If this book cut, you know, like a hundred pages out of it or something, but. I'm no, I'm not the only one on this podcast who's read this book. So I wanna hear from. I I think Jacob you've probably read this, right? Yeah. This books. Incredible. I it's been a while since I've read it. But it it's if you're interested in comics or American pop culture from the thirties through the fifties. This is a vital Thome. It has just used comics to explore America during that time period in a way that is fascinating gripping and all the things you want to have a really good book. I know that they've tried to to a movie many times, I think it's probably impossible. It's too detailed too, rich and too much happens. It is really worth track down a copy. It was funny that Scott Rudin. I I think pitched this the paramount. They bought the rights after Chaban only had a one and a half page like treatment for this book. So that was like in the early two thousands. And I think there was talk of who Toby Maguire and Jamie bell and Natalie Portman being in this film, and then there was no inter Garfield. Ryan Gosling, you know, went through a whole bunch of different evolutions in. There's even I think in the early two thousand ten they were talking about Maki making it a television miniseries instead of a film. So I'm wondering I'm wondering, if do you think it could happen as that? Or do you think it's still not even like like, I it's still not adaptable? Even like an eight or ten episode like HBO series. It covers such a long period of history that I was shocked that there was even talk that they could adapted in any form at all. Because. It's I mean, it's just such a long period that it would seem like you would have to do some digital de aging or like some old age makeup or something because they the characters go through so much over the course of the story. But yeah, I guess maybe like an HBO show or something like that. I could see that like limited series Jacob if you if this property were to be adapted in some form. What would you wanna see it take comment a ministerial HBO's probably the best bet because I feel like that as a network they have their act together when it comes to mini series. They like nobody does better. I think but I think it's gonna be case where we've got true to season one get one guy. Right L E up. So to get one person directed all of it. I feel like it's going to be ten hours. It's going to be a singular vision from a singular team. It can't be scattershot. Yeah. I it it really is way to focus of source material that try to say like, let's get ten different directors make a TV show. I I feel like it's going to be something that connects with a single filmmaker who can bring out all it feels personal in the book can't be a committee thing. That's that's an HBO. You know, they specialize in that they do a lot of mini series. That are by you know, a handful of creatives behind the scenes, so I I think that if they were to do it. That's the best bet. Yeah. And it's more the book is more comics base than magic based Peter. But I still think there's enough magic stuff. And thank you. Thanks. I know. But I know that like, I'm sure you haven't really read any like a bunch of mainstream, you know, bestselling novels that involve magic, and this is one of them. So, yeah, I'd recommend checking out for you in particular. Very cool. Let's move on to what we've been watching. I will I start off with titan games because Jacob was talking about this. I think last week on the water cooler is that correct? That will be before. Probably. Yeah. And this is the show by Dwayne the rock Johnson. That is basically his kind of like American ninja warrior style show. But it's four kind of like regular everyday people. I guess it's kind of, you know, regular no, okay, not regular people. But. People that are not athletes in their like everyday life. But they are extraordinary athletic in a way is that the probably fair to say amateur athletes pub- the word looking for. Yeah. And I think the the thing that's interesting about this show is how every one of the games in involved. Here are designed in presented in this very like epic in huge way. Like, it's every single thing is like this gigantic spectacle of like what you would imagine. If like, the Roman, you know games existed today and. I know the show spends a lot of time on trying to show these emotional stories from the participants, and I feel like I just feel like that plays a little second fiddle to the enormity of the challenges that that's what I'm really in it for. But I totally get rowdy. You know? Sports t- TV like people get into those kind of the the human stories at the center there the six or eight challenges designed by the rock each take like take on. Different strengths like, some require upper muscle, some require leg muscle and some require a combination of both in. I'm actually kind of wondering like how they choose. And I'm wondering Jacob of explained this. I've only seen the first episode how they choose when when someone gets picked like everybody applied to be on the games, and the people that like made it through to actually the shows. I wonder how it's chosen which of the games that they actually compete in because not everybody's competing in the same games. And I feel like that would put some people at a disadvantage against others. Because some of these games are seem to me to be harder than other other games. Does that make sense yet does? And it's something that my wife, and I were talking about just was we episode because, but if you cases now or somebody who has a strength based challenge for their first game, and we've all you know, smashing concrete with a sledgehammer to make something lighter can lift up over your head coach Alain ges those challenges where like somebody who's enormous bodybuilder type excels at the mo- by bodybuild moves onto the next round. As forced to to a challenge where he's the choirs agility, the guy, who's more well rounded, who's also edge all and lighter on his feet. Like destroys the bodybuilder. So Jeffey thing. I wanted that too. If it's randomly assign if they've maybe try to play their strengths at first, but definitely overall challenge like the like, the every episode ends with like, you know, the climbing up this mountain of mallows labels Mount, Olympus. Yes. Wait, which the aggro crag from guts, look like in the gardeners. Yeah. It was the Agra crag on steroids and possibly literally. But it is very much. It is challenging both agility and strength. So that was the guys who are pure strength in the first round tend to like really falter on against when they're asked to like leap over things. So it's a very question. Peter weren't wanted that to you? But definitely more well rounded athletes guys who can you run as well as lift or the ones who are excelling so far. I like it. I'm gonna keep on watching it the other complain about is I feel. Like so far when I've seen people on this like Mount, Olympus, it's a one verse one kind of competition to the end of Mount, Olympus, and I feel like I think you'd gain if if they could make Mount Olympus, so that it's four people competing. For one winner instead of two people because when I've seen it it seemed like most of the time, there's one person clearly in the lead in the never, you know. You know, the other person never catches up, and that's just not dramatic for television. But has been a problem on subsequent episodes? Some of them some of them not because the way it works. Is you obviously at home having watched. This is that there are two men compete in one one challenge. Winner moves on and two men compete again in two different men compete and the the two winners of two men do Mount Olympus and then same episode two women compete in two more women compete in those women go up Mount, Olympus. So ultimately, you're having grand finale of two mountain climbs one for men one for the women. And I'd say maybe about sixty five percent of the time. So Har it's been neck and neck at a thirty five percent of time. There is that one guy can't get over that one thing. So it's, you know, it's it's probably an issue that could be smoothed out a season two or maybe something will resolve when they take all the winners back ideas at the embassies and all the winners will come back and compete against each other. And so my guess is that maybe we should have something blocks early on. But when we bring back all the previous winners, you already beaten them out and ask them to compete against each other is when it's going to get really good. Yeah. No, I. I just I'm a big fan of the rock. And I love the endless positively that. He has in the Ono. He's just like he's like I I wish he made like what do you call those like those like Tony Robbins like? Pity? I feel like I would wanna listen to the rock. Give me encouragement motivational videos. I feel like that would be. I don't know. He's he's above that though. Right. So yeah. Okay. Let's talk about some other things. Let's talk about the fire festival because you know, this doesn't happen often throughout history. There has been movies that have been parallel development. We seen a bug's life and bugs, no aunts, and you know, volcano or I mean, a deep impact and Armageddon like that. And I mean, it happens probably more often with with documentaries because that is based on really happenings. So there's two documentaries that were parallel development about the fire festival and both the, but it's it's kind of unusual to have both of them hit within like a week period. I don't know if that's ever happened before. But in this one was really showdown of the streaming services was on that flakes when was on who for those of you who have been underneath a rock. The fire festival was this. High end musical festival that was supposed to be held on a private island in the Bahamas that was once owned by Pablo Escobar, and a was going to be the new Coachella and ended up being a disaster of epic proportions. To be honest here. I knew about the fire festival. I had I'd seen some of the memes online when you know, everything went wrong, and people were making fun of kind of like, the rich kids stuck in, you know, basically a parking lot of with tenths and still like that. But I didn't really know much beyond that because I really didn't feel the interest to read into it. I don't know why. So these documentaries were very fascinating to me because it really let me in on the whole story. One of them the one by the one who is called. What is it called fire fraud? Yes, it that's produced by F, Jerry, the company that helped market the festival, actually, it's the Netflix one that's produced by Jerry sorry. I'm confusing. It yet networks one is called fire actually has a subtitle of some kind rate. It's fire courageous party that never happened or something like that that one is produced by F, Jerry, the company who helped market the festival and is need in some the lawsuits against the festival. The who doc? Was the one that's called fire fried, it paid some money to Billy McFarlane, the guy that was in charge of this, and I guess scammed people out of their money. He so it's unclear how much they paid him. I think Billy says that it was a quarter of a million dollars. I think the filmmakers have said it's much less than that. So both of them kind of have interesting prospect that they are, you know, there's compromise ethically compromise, I think is probably the the best phrase of it. It is interesting because. The the the Netflix one the one is that is that is how a partly personally produced by Jerry. I think tries to paint them in the influencers who were hired for the marketing campaign as people who are also conned by Billy where the other the hula one. I think kind of shows that f Jerry head a lot of insight that things were going south long before they decided to not be a part of that festival. The I think the fire one on the flicks for me is better at looked better has more footage. It it's directed by Chris Smith who is the filmmaker behind one of my favorite documentaries of all time American movie, if you haven't seen that I would highly recommend checking that out and he also directed one of my favorite films of two thousand seventeen Jimmy Andy. The other one fire fraud is it's good. But it has these weird. I feel like it's not as well. Like the the footage is now while framed the interviews or not as well percentted. They have like these. They read from court transcripts in the us like this text to speech parameter other than having someone actually read what it says. And it just comes off kind of like a disjointed Mets, but I feel like both have their their own. Advantages and I feel like both these mentors are ninety minutes long. And I feel like if you need to see both of them to kind of get to essentially get the whole story. I feel like if if someone can edit these documentaries into one two our documentary, I feel like that would be the best of both worlds. That's obviously not going to happen. The the fire documentary on Netflix also have like it was interesting because I think it's the first documentary. I saw that like head noticeable score from movies like was using the score from gone girl. And maybe even some stuff from the social network, which I guess made it more cinematic in that one also had some footage some intimate footage from the NYC access tickets scandal that the who adopt didn't have. So I I recommend people. See both of them. I know I'm not the only one who watched both these this weekend. HD you watch both of them, right? Yes. I did admittedly. I watched both of them. Well, drinking lots of wine. So I don't remember all the details. But I agree with you in that. I think that these films are best watched together because they complement each other. And while I think the net flix film fire is a little more sleek than the other one. It does have that sort of shadow of accountability or unaccountability to it because it's a produced by the F, Jerry guys. Whereas fire fried is more the approaches it more as an overall fraud and kind of has a stronger timeline of all the events doesn't quite get some of the more human interest elements that fire does also kind of annoyed me that firefighters said millennials like a million times. I'm like, okay. I get it. Well, any although the worst got it. But I actually. For this. My fault. I had no idea who have these influencers are quote, unquote, influencers. So this is a whole world that was very unfamiliar to me. And I remember only hearing about fire fraud or five right? But the fire festival when it all went to shit, essentially, and that was a great moment of like short on food for everyone. But this was definitely like a world to which I am not a I've not fill millions with. So I feel like I've absolved of this. I think in some ways, but I do want to say before I finish wrapping up my thing. It sounds like a lot of us had a lie weekend. I I didn't know anybody in this documentary except for John rule, which who I know, you know, in the Vegas. I've heard his name before. I couldn't even tell you. What songs he does? Both of these documentaries. Also, try to say something about that the potential problem of influencers in the foam. Oh, exclusive Instagram's lifestyle of millennials by I don't think either of them kind of nail it Kristie saw. Both these documentaries as well. Right. Yes. I did. I really have nothing new to add everything everything you you both said pretty much yours. My my opinion of of the films. I enjoyed watching them. I do think you should watch both to get the full picture. I also think everyone involved in both these movies is just is terrible. And like I said to share a world with them. But that's where we are. Jacob. You only watch the who on fire fraud. Right. Yeah. The really stupid. But the main reason I didn't watch Netflix one is the one what has big wrap up of like huge everybody is now it shows the F Jerry guys says they're working on their own documentary. Like, oh, that's Netflix. One f those guys they're such a monster. It's not going to watch Netflix one. So I had that kind of this'll reaction which which is unfair considering that apparently, you know, they're both very different movies, very different intentions, but fire fraud does present the FDA guys as being so complicit, and and being so as being villains of the story in addition to blame Farley, I mean and people are going to ride fire fraud for paying money to believe me Farland to do interviews. But for me as being worth it because every sometime Farland is onscreen as movie he is collecting all own rope. And hanging himself and time I open to the mouth he is just reveal themselves to be this fraudulent con artist criminal idiot, and it frames entire thing is being the work of this. Bro. Tastic douchebag it makes. You wonder how did this happen? And I have not seen fire. You guys can help you chime in and tell me if I'm wrong with very very important part of this. And know that blue McFarland was no tactical genius. He was no elite businessmen with with with a solid plan. He was a dumb kid out form, a criminal enterprise and was every step of the way bumbling his way upwards before he tumbled off tower fell and splattered of business death and not having that I feel like it would be a problem. I do they fire fraud is occasionally to cute, and instead up it is, you know, very has a lot of pop culture. References love clips. Try clarify things. Like ill will mentioned a TV show, a clip that TV show to sort of you know, sort of like reinforced with talking about always necessary. But I do think that knowing that the Netflix, it's one, you know, it doesn't have befallen hanging himself in doesn't have the the F, Jerry guys. Being a vital part of this mess in like knowingly making it worse that makes me hesitant to watch it. But would you guys think I mean guy said, I should watch both in should I found there are some interviews with the the local island staff that really show the impact that this Fessel had on just the p the peop- the Bahamians who put their all into this work, and and not getting paid for a lot of it. Although there's a weird interview with one other like a Jerry person who talks about how the Bahamians put out a hit on him, which definitely seemed very wrong and irresponsible. But other than that, the I think the interviews with the Bahamians are are definitely worth it. Yeah. I think it's definitely worth checking out the other documentary because it is funny. How there's just like little details left out by each documentary that I don't even think are intentional. In that they're trying to the only thing I think that's intentional. Here is the F Jerry produced one a net. Flicks. Does kind of like just gloss over their involvement in it like they do appear in it. And it's clear that their bro douche bags. But it doesn't really put any blame on them aside from that. I would say both documentaries. I think are produced in. Fair way. Like they've really are trying to tell the story. But like, they, you know, you're not gonna get all the facts, and I feel like. Having a different point of view and a different angle. That's what's fascinating about this. As seeing the same story from two different angles. And I do agree with HD. The seeing the hundreds of people that were involved in working on this thing in never paid. And a what you know strife, this to to that small island is kind of incredible in something worth seeing it also. You know, one thing that kind of hits me coming out of this documentary. I know this probably doesn't seem obvious people. But I'm kind of amazed that what Billy was able to do it kind of makes me question any of these companies that are getting like VC funding in Silicon Valley because he was literally just kind of like a used car salesman with a small idea, and he was able to you know, mobilize tens of millions of dollars with like, no actual thing to back it up and. I guess I know a lot of people are cynical like that already. But I I really didn't think that investors with millions of dollars would get involved in something like this. If there wasn't something in, you know, if there wasn't a foundation in place, and it really makes me question. A lot of things that are, you know, basically going on today, and so kind valley until get because really could just be another Billy, you know, with an idea, and there's nothing there and earning millions of dollars for that idea. Like it just. I don't know. I it's scary. It's kind of scary. That's all I watched this week. Actually, I'm curious because Brad and Ben both the did not watch any of these fire. Documentaries. Is there any reason Broadway? You have not watched them. Honestly, I just haven't had the time just because I've been here dealing with the wedding stuff in that kind of thing. I haven't had the time to sit down to watch them yet. But I do have both of them in their respective cues. And I will watch them as soon as I get some time. Then how 'bout you? I was kind of curious, and then at a certain point, I was like, maybe I just don't need all of this nonsense in my head. And then I saw that both of them were ethically compromised. And I was like well now, I don't know what to pick. And I don't wanna watch both of them at the same time. I don't know. I just I opted out of the whole thing. Okay. Cool bread. What have you been watching? So I listen I haven't had much time. So I the only thing that I've watched us since the last episode where a couple of things on my flight over here to Utah. Mostly just catch up on on things. I watched a totally Dacian Reitman's movie with release therein. And I really enjoyed for the most part it's a has a little bit of a predictable turn in it that I saw coming. But I still thought the Shirley students performance was great. It's a very. Sort of intimate portrayal of just what life can be like as a mother and how exhaust they can be to have kids and kind of tapping into the idea of like losing yourself a little bit. When you get caught up in just how life goes after you have children that kind of thing. But I it's definitely there are times in it. It's that Charlie their life is so stressful and miserable that it made me can reconsider the idea of like ever wanting to have kids because it's something that I wouldn't mind having one day like having a couple of kids. But man, there's some real real tough moments in Monroe. I'm just like, oh, no, thanks. So so yeah. Have you guys seen tell yet? What what what do you guys think of totally? Spoiler share. I just wanna say that. Yeah. I've seen it. I really enjoyed it too for Shirley's thrones performance. And I think while the twists could have been predicted. I thought it was in keeping with the film's sort of overall themes intones without going into spoilers. But I thought it was great and something that left a left an impact on me when I got theater. For sure it's I I would agree with that wholeheartedly. And another thing I watched. So I was I watched totally. And then our flight was ahead of schedule soil only had a limited on time. So I I literally looked to see what I wanted to watch. And what I knew that I could finish in the time that I had left on my flight in the the best thing that fit was a documentary called the perfect bid that contested who knew too much, and this is a documentary that I've seen just like the poster art cover art for pop up on. I think Amazon or Hulu what one of the places maybe all of them who knows? And I was interested in it simply because I'm somebody who like everybody grew up watching the prices, right when they were homesick from school in still catch it every now, and then and this documentary is tells the story of this guy who is responsible for a person getting a perfect bid during the showcase showdown of the prices, right? Literally to the the number the exact dollar. And so this tells the documentary tells the story of this guy who is a a lifelong fan who has been to the show. Dozens of times was a contestant has been was seen on TV like being one of the people in the crowd yelling bids and like having contestants actually listened to him and win prizes. And it kind of it's meant to be the sort of thing of clearing the air because I never heard about the story when it happened. But apparently, it was a big deal. When this guy did get the perfect bid during the showcase showdown. And there was rumors that maybe there was some kind of insider cheating going on where somebody behind the scenes was giving people inside information or that. There was a group of fans who had like somehow use priceless to to help other people win in that kind of thing the whole interesting story behind and so it's it's kind of set up as this thing of clearing the air and explaining what really happened because apparently they contested who got the perfect bid. Has ties to the the main person who's at the center of this story. The one thing I will say is that even though I was interested in this documentary. Just because I like the price is right. And it's an interesting story. But the documentary it self is not very well produced it feels very cheap. Sometimes like the audio from the interviews is isn't that great the production value just isn't there? But it for for me. It was just hearing the details of this guy's story in how it all unfolded, and sort of just the history of everything that was interesting to me. So is this worth checking up because this concept seems fascinating to me. And I I love the nineteen Ninety-four movie quiz show, directed by Robert Redford think starring John Turturro is this something I is the quality worth getting through for the content. I mean, if you like the price is right in your interesting in those kinds of things I say, yes, like, it's it's it's interesting that you you can kind of. Ignore that the quality. And it's it's short to. It's barely an hour and twenty minutes. Yeah. So so you it's a breeze to sit through and so, yeah, if like I said, if you if you like those kinds of things than, you know, wanna know, the behind the scenes story of how the stuff happened that night. I think it's worth with checking out even if you're tossing it on like while you're doing something else. Do you know where people can watch that outside of being on a plane? You can find it on Hulu. I just just confirmed that so if you're not on a flight, Hulu is where you can watch it very cool shakeup, what have you been watching? Initiative fire fraud. I saw a earliest reading of Gaspar. No as climax, and and trying to get away to some this movie up, and it's called Noah is a director who was like irreversible, enter the void and love. He's a provocateur. He's very difficult. He makes films that are often hard to watch very unrelenting. Very brutal very upsetting and climax very much follows that path the basic gist here is if all of dancers, a large dancers to the point where like it's hard to follow all the characters. At least a first time viewing who are gathered at a isolated abandoned building for hersal for some dads project. There's never fully explained the first half, the movie is them rehearsing them partying than drinking than having a good time, then around half with through the movie revealed that someone has spiked the sangria they've been drinking with LSD and. Things go very very badly for everyone and you start plummeting to the lowest possible depths of humanity, you can possibly imagine and ascribed this on Twitter as a step up as directed by Satan. And I stand by that description, it is deeply upsetting and it starts off. You know, literally, this massive amazing unbroken crane Shah of this incredible dance number like it puts most movie Denver is a shame. But it was a full fledged musical. It will be spectacular and the truth Gaspar, no, way fashioned tins. UC's extremely long complicated shots at feel like they feel impossible. I mean, the once the LSD reveal happens the movie becomes a one shot. And I'm sure there are cuts hidden there. But I can't tell you where at this point. And it becomes as one long disorienting shot following various characters as they freak out become paranoid attorneys other and just becomes Helen earth. The colors of all the rooms become garish. Violence breaks out harbor, ugly truths are revealed and just genuinely bad things start happening. And right now, I'm not sure if I'm stupid or the movie she's too vague. I'm not sure what the point of it all is. I can't tell you that. I understand what climax is trying to tell me other than, you know, don't put LSD in the sangria. But I will admit that. I was completely gripped by it from from at least one thing started going to hell gripped by it. It's a little bit slow going on, especially when posts dancing and pretty freak out is a little sometimes a little hard to get through the little dog, quite dull. But I wasn't quite engaged with characters that it didn't know their names can keep track of who you could just so many people. But by the time things have gone south by the time. No as pulling so many tricks. I was back pocket do horrible things. He was characters in these unbroken takes that feel like. Impossibly the there there are affecting this movie that because it's what doesn't wanna take it. No cuts. I don't know how they did it. I mean, I don't know how violence is being staged. I don't how these sequences are being put together I straight up do not comprehend how it's being done. So from a purely for technical point of view, if you want just a mesmerizingly awful experience, like a movie, a movie just puts you into a bad place for a long time and put in films in a way that's impossible to understand how it's being done it's entirely gripping. And on those grounds, I can recommend it. But it's definitely a Ford ventures people only it is it something else, man. If you've seen his previous movies, you know, he he does really wild things opening credits scenes that come we expect them when it presented an in ways. He don't expect movie begins where it ends and flashes back in and run the closing credits. I after the show the movie, then flashes back that kind of movie, it is it sets out the really unsettle you upset you and throw you off. And eight twenty four is released in March and mocking and say, go out and see everyone everyone go see climax. But if you are like super adventurous, if you kind of filmmaker who started trying to film fan who'd Myers technique who admires, you know, being tested would Myers like experiences that are going to leave you scarred benway's ways. You wanna talk about climax is really something else. And when we do next year's, you know, list of fifty greatest moments of the year, or if it's going to be like far from climax route, Tom ahead better dislike forever burned in my brain. I'm curious anybody else catched fest? I know played a lot of fest last year. No. And I generally do not like the still make her, but I am a fan of single shot stuff and the craft and. Take up a hate you because you're gonna wanna see this. And I know I'm gonna hate it. And should I should I just pretend that doesn't exist? I pretend doesn't exist. Peter. I don't think it's for you. But it's. Their stuff in this movie. Man. I don't know how I frigging don't know how they did this move. I don't know. I don't know how the movie was made like I can watch a lot of movies. A lot of unbroken long talks and a lot of chaos happening along shots. But I- straight up their stuff happens movie, I've said subtle subtle things are like interface that like when I think back on. I don't know how they pulled it off. I don't know how they staged that. And it because it feels a real in a way that was upsetting in a way that most movie violence or movie, you know, considering sequences don't hit me the way this one did. Regret, regrettably. It sounds like you're gonna have to see the shake up. Have been seeing theaters. I can't imagine it playing at home at home where you can pause it and look away. And like you have started about dogs and cats or family members, it's like a player saying, but if you're held hostage by it really only way to see this. I would never watch a movie at home. I've tried watching into the void a home. After seeing it theaters. It's not the same thing. So if you see this, you know, look for in March try to track it down, and I'm not saying you can't enjoy it home. But I'm saying that I can't imagine being the same at home. Okay. What what else? Have you watching Jacob? Well, we're running really long blitz to my last few chew detective season three. It's good. It's not as like lightning bottle amazing season one. And as as a person who's quoted on the box of the Blu Ray box for season two as one of the few defenders. It's not as fun house crazy wacky. We're making the ship as we go. Sanity of season two one of the very few defenders of that. But it's a very compelling mystery Marschall ease really really good playing Saint character in nineteen eighty nine hundred ninety and two thousand fifteen like he's playing different ages. The well drawn about a mystery. I I wanna know where it goes. He's Jude active is good again. Or it's good at international sets again because he's into is good for weirdos. Like me. I watched practical magic for the first time. My wife's watch movies. It's really cute. I liked it. I think that it's as far as rom calms. Go more rom com should have magic and murder in ghosts. And people be there rhetoric from the dead more of that, please. I really watched Halloween for first time since it has success in my wife's first time watching it movie holds up at home. It's great my wife thinks that the whole doctor subplot works. So suck it take up. Your wife is right about everything ever except for this. And Finally I start right annual rewatch watch game of thrones prepare for the new season. Every every year we before the game thrown ref. We watched all the previous episodes. Wait, you're watching the entire series in the entire series that pain. Yeah. I watched four episodes in row while painting figures, we'll get to that. In a second later last night and game on season one even on that much smaller budget when they're like, when's the show is mostly, you know, twenty people talking and rooms it's still really really good and is much. I love the big budget show to become their days recommence when game of thrones with the show about people whispering in rooms, I missile stay slightly. But you know, it holds up really well still here shows of all time eager to get through the whole thing. Again, very cool and everybody can watch that on HBO go or HBO. What's the other one? Now. I got. Yeah. Yeah. Ben, what have you been watching? I watch. Police story two last week. I talked about the first police story and criterion is doing four K restorations of both of these movies. So I had never seen either one and I asked them for screeners. And so I got a chance to check this out, and the they're actually putting the re releasing them in theaters they're going to be on February first, the both movies are going to be playing at the Alamo draft house in downtown Brooklyn. And then on March eighth they're going to be at the new art in Los Angeles. And I think they're supposed to be like a national rollout after that. But if you can't catch them in theaters they're going to be available for purchase through the criterion collection on April thirtieth of this year. So I would say if you're a fan of martial arts movies of Jackie Chan's, early films, these Erlich instant purchases, like there's no, you know, I'm shocked and and embarrassed that it's taken me this long to get around to seeing these two movies because they're really incredible. The second one. Opens with a recap of like the best stunt moments from the first film, partly as a plot. Refresher. But also, partly as like a flex like telling the audience that this one is going to be better. Like, yeah, we're, you know, here's a here's a highlight reel get a get a load of what's coming now. And I'm not quite sure that the second one actually lives up to that standard. It has incredible action as you would expect. But I think the first one is just so it's like really inventive with the action. The second one feels you know, just as impressive, but maybe a little bit more situation dependent like like, the for example, the final climax is set in a huge warehouse. And it your seems like it seems like it's a little bit more designed if that makes sense like, oh, here's the part where you know, we throw guys through a billion barrels that happened to be laying around in here. Here's the part where fireworks go off. Because of course, there are fireworks in this abandoned warehouse. So. In terms of like the plot. I think I I would recommend police story one over two, but both movies are really like invaluable in terms of, you know, nineteen eighties action classics that are not from America. So it highly highly recommended I think a couple of things I really appreciate about both these movies. The during the fights Jackie Chan gets hit all the time. Like people don't just attack him one at a time like the the traditional martial arts movie cliche. He's like constantly actually getting hit. Which is you don't see it that often in these types of movies. And also, it's not just him. That's pulling off like the incredible moves like all of the the henchmen and stuff that he's fighting against are doing flying jump kicks, and like really impressive moves to. And I feel like in more modern like had a Tony Josh style. Martial arts film. It's really like he's the superstar in everybody else's like, clearly, you know, a level or two below him. But it seems like it's one of those things where it seems like if you were to follow. The story of one of these random henchmen who was actually also really good at martial arts. There might be a whole separate franchise in there. Because this person seems almost just as capable as Jackie Chan's character does. So anyway, police story police story to that vailable the story cinematic universe that they missed out on. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. So those are available on April thirtieth and come into heaters. Like, I said before that I also saw bad times with L royale. Chris talked about this last week. So I'm not gonna go too long on it. But man, I really like drew got as a filmmaker. I think he is a really really smart writer director. I enjoy this movie. A great deal. I do think to echo what Chris said last week. It's a little bit long. But I loved Jeff bridges and Cynthia Revoz dynamic, I loved John Hammond. This movie, Chris Hemsworth, like I think Chris said last week that there's a at least one plotline that he wouldn't mind seeing removed entirely. I liked all the plotlines. I just wish the whole thing could have been a little bit tighter. It runs if feels like it drags just a little bit. But the concept is so great. You know, it's set in the hotel where it's completely split in half. Were one side is California one side, isn't avodon. And there's. I was watching a little bit of behind the scenes stuff and just the production design elements are really impressive for what they did in terms of lighting and all of that stuff there. So yeah, I would definitely definitely recommend this movie. I think if I would've caught it last year, it might have ended up like maybe squeezing into my top fifteen or something. So that is bad time to the El royale. I got it. I think it's available on on a VOD and all that. Now, I I got it through the net. Flicks disc plan. I also watched hotel artists on a plane, and this is the movie that I was catching a lot of flack for basically being like a rip off of the John wick movies at set in a hotel where Jodie Foster plays a nurse who tends to the wounds of assassins in people who are in like a futuristic crime syndicate, basically like their members of this specific hotel, and they're able to come to her to recuperate after a particular injuries. But they gather Jeff Goldblum is in the cast is really good Jodie Foster starting. Sterling K Brown. Jeff Goldblum Brian tire. Henry I think I don't like this movie nearly as much as either of the two John wicks. I don't know if it's a full on rip-off. Definitely there. Tons of similarities feels a little weird in that regard. Drew Pearce his direct Auriol debut that direction is fine. And I mean, he, you know, he's the guy who wrote ironman three what was one of the writers on ironman three. So you know, he has like a certainly a creative streak in him. And it seems like he's he's going just far enough to try to separate this from the John wick stuff that that. I'm not really like rolling, my eyes and giving it too much side. I in terms of that angle. But just like a lot of this movie feels very written. If you know what I'm saying, it, it's sort of like characters speak in ways that that people would never speak in the real world and not in like a super stylized way like in tarintino movie or something. So I found it just to be lackluster. All the way around although I will say sterling K Brown is very good. And I wanted to see him in more leading roles and so few patella who I know primarily is like the metal legged henchmen from the first Kingsman movie. She was also like Star Trek beyond and stuff. But she this was like the first movie where I was like, oh, wow. She actually like could maybe lead movie that would be interested in watching like, she's she's more than just like the the stereotypical female bad ass. You know, the action star kind of thing I feel like she did a little bit of that in this movie as well. But I thought her acting was actually pretty good movie. So let's not forget this as the Potala is also dark universes famous the mummy. So I never saw the money. So he's going to be the lead of that franchise is also one that leaves in climax with mentioned that. Okay. Well, yes. Oh, man. This is a severe booth. Tele heavy podcasts thing in climax. Jacob. No. But she plays. Somebody who lots of bad things happen to she walks like an Egyptian stirring, her dances off. Okay. Sorry. I give up on done. I quit. No. And then two other movies really quickly. I had like a over the past week and a half of have like a an unwitting George Kuku triple feature last week. I talked about gas late, which was really great. And then on the plane. I recently flew back to Florida. I watched the Philadelphia story and the women both of which were directed by George Cooper. And I had no idea that he directed those. But I'll talk about the women I really quickly this movies from nineteen thirty nine. It is a move. It's the first movie I've ever seen ever that does not have any male characters in it at all it stars Norma Shearer. Join crow Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. And it's based on a play. And the entire thing is just about like these the sort of like bickering high society women and not a single male actor appears in the entire movie which for nineteen thirty nine. And also it was written by two women. I think. Yeah. Anita loose and Jane Murphy, so for nineteen thirty nine that's like a jaw dropping achievement. Really? Like, you know, I feel like I haven't seen that ever lot. Not even in a modern context. So that's very impressive. Say that I think that that the only time I've ever seen that happen with there's all female cast with no man, incite is wheat fem, the French film, eight women, which is a dark comedy musical. And is about a man in a way, it's like about the murder of a man. And but it's only only women are on screen the entire time. That's cool. And this movie also is sort of about men, it's it's these women talking about the men in their lives. And and one of them is cheating is like the mistress of one of their husbands. And it's it's all very like like in sexual in that way, not like, literally, incest. But it's I mean, I I don't know if it really holds up under like, a a modern lens like, you know, there's a lot of like a for example, the husband is cheating. But he is basically like his behavior is justified by these women because this became at nine thirty nine, and it was just like more societally acceptable for men to cheat on their wives back, then it was just like a given. I guess. So you know, if you're watching it through a twenty nineteen lens and trying to apply like today's standards to it. I think it's going to feel a little bit lacking in that regard. But in terms of it being in nineteen thirty nine movie that that is like a powerhouse for these women to to star in this movie in delivered incredible performances. It was very enjoyable. I don't know if I actually I'll just put it this way. I would recommend watching the Philadelphia story over the women, even though there are men in this movie of it starts Katharine Hepburn Cary Grant and James Stewart, and there's terrific performances by all three of them. Jimmy Stewart gets drunk in this movie or his character does for a decent stretch of the film. And I've never I don't think I've seen outside of like, it's a wonderful life. Jimmy, Stewart play like a drunkard at any point. And this he's like very convincing. And it super super entertaining. Hepburn is great Cary. Grant is great like the this is a movie about a socialite whose wedding plans are complicated by the simultaneous arrival of her ex husband in a tabloid magazine journalist that's the description from Wikipedia, but man, it's just a solid solid writing. There's tons of like, you know, back and forth, zingers and stuff. Like that. This is like a it came out in nineteen forty and it just feels like a really classic. Rom com that is that like transcends, the Johner the tropes that appeared later in the genera that anything, you know, if you're if you're talking about romantic comedies new sort of roll your eyes at the way that they incorporate certain elements or always play out very predictably in you're talking about the movies that came out in the eighties nineties. I was still recommend going back and watching this one because it came out way before then it is predictable in a way. But it's also super super entertaining in the script is so solid. So that's the Philadelphia story that came out in nineteen forty you know, it's very interesting about the women's all female cast. Because when he said that that never occurred to me that I had probably never seen a movie that has an all female cast. And I was trying to think about it. And I can think of a dozen all male casts, but go. Yeah. That seems way more. Yeah. Maybe there's something that I've seen where it only has like one or two cast members. It's like a really small scale indie movie. That is only about a woman under best friend or something like that that I can't think of the top of my head, but the closest hasn't sprawling cast. So it's really impressive in that way. You're the closest thing I can come up with is like the sent the two thousand five horror movie that had like I think I had one guy in it. But it was mostly women out. That's really crazy. And I'm surprised that they're not that we should be arguing for all of one sex cats of there. But the I don't know if something I'd just never thought of. Did you mean to skip over the escape more? Yeah. I watched the first episode of escape, Dan Amora, which Peter's talked about a bunch, and I just haven't I don't have much to say about it. Because of only seen the first episode, but the music in that show already seems like really I mean, like, I think Dave Chen who hosts the slash podcast was talking about how the the music budget must have been completely out of control and not just sort of. Yeah, I'm interested to dive into it a little bit further. But I was very impressed with the the songs that they were able to get an how expensive that must have been. And they also use a really deep cut song called from the beginning from Emerson lake and Palmer that my dad the listen to all the time, and I listened to growing up, and I've never heard it used in any piece of media ever. So I was like completely taken aback that they use this super Tepe cut song. So. Yeah. Anyway, that's a scapegoat anymore. That's on Showtime right now. Yeah. One of the lead characters blast like a pop station with pop songs. In the one of the work area. So you get a lot of that kind of stuff, which is great Chris aside from the to fire documentaries. What have you been watching? I watched the film it's on VOD this weekend. And it's in a few theaters. It's called the standoff at Sparrow creek. And it is very good. It's a low budget. Indie film at it shows. You exactly like how how to do so much with so little it's it's it's almost entirely set one location. It followed the house this militia there there are right wing militia. And they find out there was a shooting at a cop funeral and one of their guns in in their armory is missing. So they think one of them did shooting, and obviously that's going to draw heat on them. So they're basically trying to figure out which one of them did the deed, it's sort of like Reservoir Dogs where you know, there's one person who's a traitor and all that is up, but it's not really. Like that at all end. This was incredible. It's it's so tense, and so well made and you know, I can't imagine the budget on this was high at all. But it looks phenomenal. Like, it makes this one location to so cinematic with just you by using shadows. And a certain angles. I was really impressed with it. Like, this is probably better than eighty five percent of big budget movies that will come out this year where can people watch this? It's available via dearness you can probably rent it on day on itunes or very pipelines. Awesome fest last year we're talking about last year during the during the up. So the show the second Chris this movie is fantastic. And while not up a one to one reservoirs comparison in my right up movie, edited compare it to the energy I felt Washington movie was comparable to when I first watched Reservoir Dogs. Exact kind of like that kind of indie and. The director was named pulling up right now Henry Dunham if this is his first feature than holy shit. His second movie is going to be like, I can't wait. He's clearly someone keep an eye on very cool. Let's move onto H T H T. You finally saw if you'll street could talk finally Faulk, you'll she could talk long after I finalized, my top ten twenty eighteen which I hugely just regret because it feels she could talk would have totally made my top ten. This is such a lush lyrical film by Barry Jenkins. And I was just a wash in all like the colors in the vibrancy of this film. I absolutely adored it. I haven't read the James Baldwin book upon which is which this is based. But I hear that the book focuses more on the the crime aspects and the sort of the club the corrupt. Criminal institutions through which the main character Nate. Yes. Funny gets imprisoned falsely imprisoned, and I I'm really loud that Barry Jenkins decided to go sort of different route he decided to focus more on the characters and the romance. And I think that that really is where like who could talk like has its strength because it's such a sublime piece in the way that it just focuses on the faces of all the characters in here and Jenkins again brings out the best in his cast. Everything is just so beautiful end of expressions. There's just so rich that I love watching every frame of this film. I wish you could have saw this before the top tens. But we we like a lot of sites will publish their top ten's a lot of critics in like the first couple of weeks of of December. We actually are in the waiter mix of it. We publish it in the first week or so of January is that correct? Jacob. Yeah. We we try give ourselves a little bit more time. So I'll try ketchup. So we try to give us enough time. But it's also every year there ends up being stuff that you know, we just can't catch. Yeah. When I actually saw when I saw shoplifters I was sworn between seeing shoplifters or feels she could talk and shoplift through ended up going to the number one spot in my list. I'm very happy. I saw that. But I was upset that I wasn't able to see both before my list was finalized. Cool. What else have you been watching this week? So this was inspired by his most recent nostrum this column, I watched the commuter. We. Is like the most dad movie ever. I say that in that. When I was watching this movie. I could just imagine all dad's watching this. And be like, yeah. This is a great movie. This is the Liam Neeson film that in which he stars as a commuter who one day as he's going on train back from work after he's been fired is approached by women played by verify mega who tells him that he has a choice to to find one person who doesn't belong on the train, and he can get I think ten thousand dollars out of it. And this ends up being a very tense thriller in which he is being watched and trying to figure out who is calling the shots and pulling the strings and lives on lines and Liam Niessen. Of course as an ex cop who somehow is is trained in like swat style fight training. And it's it's just so fun. And I enjoyed clutch Sarah directs this in a way that's way, more silage than it should be like at the beginning. There's a montage of just like these mundane. Urban moments, and it's there's just so many angles and intense close ups, and like why does this feel so tense and there's doing through a montage of their everyday lives. But it's fun. It's kind of like if you will kind of like, a a b movie with a an immense budget, and I really enjoyed it for that. Yeah. I feel like this movie that's going to gain like some steam on TNT with the dad's. Yeah. Solitaire team. Really what else have you been watching? So I've been catching up on a two TV shows that I really enjoyed. But haven't been able to watch a frequently until now the I was I'm gonna talk about the chilling adventures of Sabrina. This is the Netflix series, starring kinship, gut as the titular Sabrina spellman in the sort of revamped horror gothic take on this icon character. I had watched a few episodes of four, and I'd really enjoyed it. But just in half the time to finish it. So I caught up on season one just in time for season two to come. I think in April, but I remember watching this, and I was really into spitting it because it was from the same producers as Dale and I liked the sitcom when I was growing up, and I was kind of eager to see the sort of gothic take I intimated to be. Be something akin to like Riverdale meets Buffy the vampire slayer in the first episodes kind of confirmed that thought, but then it got very dark and very violent towards the end throat-slitting and throat slitting is like the one thing that I can't stand watching. I know why it's a big fear of mine when I was young I used to fear that like air would come in like slice my throat open. I don't know. I have that fear. But. I was not fond of that. Otherwise, it's really I quite enjoyed the first season. And it's it's not quite as overwritten as rodale. It's definitely better than than Riverdale. It doesn't have the camp factor that Buffy has either has kind of this own John rea-. So I I liked it though. It was not sure if I would call it can't be, but it definitely has a sort of a heightened tone to it which I enjoyed, and then I also have been I've caught caught up on crazy extra fun, which is the CW series co-created in starring Rachel bloom. So this is a series that I've been kind to kind of waving the flag four because it's a lot of people don't give it a fair shot because of its title. And I understand that people are put off by that. I was initially put off by it. But crazy ex girlfriend is this really clever really really written. Physical series that both subverts the tropes of the romantic comedy. While expertly executing all of those all of its sort of archetypes in a way that is both sincere and office a ical it juggles it walks that line really well and this is its final and fourth season fourth and final season of the series. It's wrapping up all the storylines, and I really love how this series has become not just like a send up of the romantic comedy. But a really nuanced depiction of mental illness, especially in the way that the fourth season has kind of seen a ritual Bloom's character, Rebecca come terms with her mental illness and deal with it in a really healthy and sensitive way. And I I'm really enjoying that musical numbers are great. Of course, as always I just when I think that they are out of musical genres or types to parody. They keep surprising. You like this this past week? I think or two weeks ago, they did Abril. I haven't I've never seen cats, but they did a brilliant cats parody which also doubled as an episode about vaginal health 'cause get like cats pussy. Anyways, Casey echo friend is a great show. If you haven't given a chance yet, I highly encourage you do is a funny kind of has a lot of cringe humor, especially in the first actually all throughout but in the first seasons, especially but if you can like stomach some second hand embarrassment. I highly recommended I think you've sold the in both of these CV shows, I did watch the first step aside of Sabrina in. I was quite taken with it. But like, I don't know if it's just a thing with me and streaming shows, but it's so easy. If it's like the next episode isn't like in the west of under DVR, it's so easy to get distracted by all those tiles. Netflix. Do you know what I mean? Like, it's so easy. If you're not binging it to just. To fall off. So I'm going to try to check both these out. What's our seasons of craziest girlfriend are on Netflix as well. Cool. Let's move on to what we've been eating in the last couple months have been talking about my dieting, which is something. I actually I was hesitant to talk about on this podcast in public because I feel like that can be annoying, but I've gotten a lot of great responses from slash foam listeners and readers and follows her on Twitter. We actually been getting messages from people who listen to this podcast that have decided to use myself in Jacob as inspiration to go on the Kito diet, and have, you know, been sharing their successes and how much weight they've been been losing. So it's a really great to be hearing that and that makes me very happy this past week. I ordered new genes that were six inch. Smaller than jeans I had been wearing for the last couple of years, and they fit so that is a success. And when I went and saw my new doctor at forward Etretat about in a previous episode one of his goals for me was to get off my heartburn medication to take heartburn. I take two pills of private every day. That's twice the recommended dosage, but I have been prescribed that a couple a few years ago from Dr basically if I don't take those pills. My wife is miserable. My, you know, my throat is eaten up by acid and. Last week. He told me that he thinks with as much weight loss as I've had which at this point is nearing forty pounds. It he thought that I could go down to one pill a day. I was skeptical. I went down to one day, and I am not having any heartburn, which is also kind of amazing because you know, one of the things that causes heartburn his fatty foods, which I'm eating eating a lot of on this diet. So those are my two. You know success stories of the week that I'm very happy about and to in again. I I, you know, I'm not saying everybody you have to take you have to go into Kita diet to lose weight. There's many ways to lose weight. I am happy that people are listening and getting inspiration from this. And I'll continue to share some of the things finding which are low sugar. The one thing I wanted to kind of recommend this week is there's this company called Chuck zero which has these like squares that are almost like Jared LA chocolate squares. And the thing I discovered this week from them is peppermint bark, which I think it's a little that on their website. But you can get notified for when it comes back in. And I'm a big fan of peppermint bark. And one of the big disappointments of being on a diet. This holiday season was not being able to eat. Peppermint bark in this stuff. Tea's like, real, peppermint bark. It doesn't taste like, you know, it doesn't take. Close to peppermint bark. It's not like halo ice cream to realize this like tastes like real have been bark. So I always the links to those in the show notes Jacob how how is your diving going? When I just going really, well, so far Kito is one of the few dives, right? Oh, feel miserable. Every single day. I mean, they're they're tough moments and tough, you know, tough stretches. But normally when I'm died in the past has been like. Agony late the entire time. I feel like I'm miserable and upset angry at the world. But I feel you know, very stable common comfortable on this diet. I mean, this is like the new normal for me, which may have be reached my goal weight muck going to the reverse. So we have to, you know, sick with this, you know, for most of my life, I can do this. And I I feel like I can I can stick to this change for the foreseeable future. I've been tracking my actual physical progress on my Instagram page checkup Samuel hall, you know, so if you wanna see photographs, and if you want to see some foreign after stuff, you know, a little over two weeks into this already been some, you know, some some some nice some minor, but decent results, you can check out those photos, but meantime, all minor by I'm seeing this photo of a shirt that clearly didn't fit you side by side with you wearing the same shirt, and it it seems to fit quite nicely. It still a little snug. I think maybe next week on may be close to be on the way. Public about you know, figures crossed we I'll second Peter's sack accommodation's slimfast makes a hito peanut butter Cup. That is very good. Like, you said it wouldn't be delicious. If you eating it like next reece's like in real life, but on a diet where you really want to be broke up with really good. Also swerve cake mix a muster where you can find this regularly. I we buy it at a store called central market here in Austin. I would definitely check online buy in the grocery store near you. But I'd say picnics where each cupcake you make with it. It's only three carbs three net carbs, and it tastes enough. Like a real cupcake for it to really scratched at each. So at swerve cake mix and slimfast peanut butter. Cuss Kito be backups are very good. And our me our heat me from like, you know, everybody a snack. I actually have actually have a snack and you'll have as opposed you know, and the shutdown entirely, which is extremely helpful slimfast Kito. Peanut butter cups are actually under the. The name fat bomb, which is the term that people using Kito. They're not really actually fat bombs, and that might even prevent people from you just want a low sugar snack from trying them. But they're very good. If that bomb stand on my wife is all the research is what she says when it comes to this guy stuff. People who are very very serious Kito or is like more extreme than Peter. And I even our than they try to eat a very large amount of fat like much much much more fat in, you know, do it as part of the process of the chemical ketosis process. And I can't explain it to you. But so fat bombs are actually they flee full-fat when you're on Kito. The fat doesn't really matter as long as you keeping the carbs and sugar down. I think some jazz this just trying to steal that term base. Yeah. Brad on the opposite opposite side of things. What have you been eating this week? Not anything super exciting. By did get my hands on a couple of things that when I was at the store earlier this week runnings Mirren's, I've got my hands on the new Oreo the most stuff, which is regularly petits that have even more a cream filling than the double stuff Oreos. They're very thick. There's like only eight of them per row in the smaller Oreo packages, Brad. I know I share your obsession with Oreos in different seasonal Oreos. This is honestly one of the only things right now. The I want that could convince me to go off my diets, tell me is it is it as amazing as I picture it to be they they are good. I will say that they are enjoyable, but I do feel like there's a little too much cream feeling like there's a heavy media. Maybe between double stuff in this where it would probably be like perfect. But I I. I still like them like I mean, it's really it's just like the, you know, the the mix of the cream with the classic Oreo cookie is always good. And so like dipping them in milk. Is yet we were talking actually my girlfriend about this. And they probably be good. If you like use them to make your own homemade MC flurries since there is a lot more frosting to work with mixing with ice cream in cookie. But yeah, they're they're pretty tasty. They're not, you know, not mind blowing because they're not much different than a regular Oreo. But they're good cool. What else have you been eating or consuming, and the so one of the things obviously that I go out of my way to find are different flavors of mountain dew really any soft drink, but there's some new flavors for mountain dew amp, which is basically mountain dews like energy, drink kind of brand. And they've taken some s new flavors that are seem slightly different from their game fuel variants of mountain dew which they released whenever there's like a new big video game. They do cross promotion for. And so they have four new flavors of mountain dew amp that's under the game feel moniker. Now, they have cherry burst berry blasts, the original mountain dew flavor and tropical strike, and I'm not really a a berry kind of flavor kind of person, especially when it comes to like a blue raspberry or stuff like that. So I didn't get that one. But I did get the cherry burst and the tropical strike and both are pretty tasty. They taste pretty similar to the regular mountain dew game fuel flavor variants, but just with slight variation. I think it's just because of whatever other ingredients are in their their energy, drink style. The only downside. I guess it's like they they come in bigger cans. So it's it's a lot of mountain dew to drink. You know, I'm really only Dama drink like one can of mountain dew and just a regular size in a single sitting. So it's a little too much, but they they taste pretty good. And so if you're if you're mountain dew fan. These are made for people who sit in front of their computers playing warcraft for twenty hours in a row. I mean, that's very true. So they'll probably enjoy them. They don't have to get up as as many times. I will say though, these have a really I don't know if this is a normal mountain dew amp thing since I have never had a regular one before. But they have these weird can tops where it's like this black plastic tab that you pull flip up and pull back. So that it slides it back over the mouthpiece. Rather than popping it open. I was I was really confused by I I don't really understand what the point is of it. But I guess sometimes gaming gets really intense. And you don't wanna spill your drink. When you get mad at a fifteen year old for getting you. I don't I don't know. Okay. Let's move on to what we've been playing Jacob. You've you're the only one that's playing things this week. So what have you been playing? Even though I'm not really playing things much preparing to play once again Instagram page. I'm tracking progresses. I learned how to paint miniatures. I finished a first batch of or hammer forty K figures, I've been painting some metal reaper figures, which are these sort of five seven dollar like fantasy figures like it used for DVD games. I'm really enjoying it being like getting into the hobby of painting and building models. Miniatures is definitely a amount of money spent fronted byles supplies while the basic paints, but I'm really enjoying it. So far, I'm pleased with how things look, you know, don't think we're going to be the kind of guy who can be like a master miniature painter. But now myself looks very presentable on a table. So I'm very happy with it checkup. I was looking at these photos, and I I was in disbelief that this is your first time painting because these look very very good. Oh, thank you. Peter. Appreciate that. It's very. Fun. And I think it's a case where like I thought maybe learn and just be really crappy at first. But you know, I took my time may mistakes fixes mistakes. And this is a hobby that allow people maybe think is harder than it is in. And I've I'm not gonna say it's easy requires a lot of concentration, and like, you know, effort to make it look good. But I'm pleasantly surprised by how acceptable it is. Once you're in there. Okay. That doesn't for today's slash on daily in the doc, you can find links to Joshua's article running down the differences between fire and fire fried, which one is better, which one should you watch which once let's ethically compromised. There's also wait to HT's article on the battle angel passport iron city immersive experience, and you can find more of all of our work and social NetCom link in the show notes this podcast how dailies post every. Weekday on itunes, Google play overcast Spotify all the popular podcast apps. Please feel free to Senator feedback questions. Comments concerns to us at Peter at slash home dot com. And if you want life advice from Chris you could also send it there as well. Please go to our page, right? It's a couple sentences. You know, hit that five stars. Tell your friends spread the word, and we will see you tomorrow. Hey, hey, Peter. I've opened up the against you in book of insult offense in front of me by Louis Pierre random page, and it is the liars the section who is the liar today. Oh, I think you're all liars because we're section to set up is a has the live written out. Then parentheses tells you why who the person is making the lie. The cross referenced it with all of you, tell the truth about all of you. For example. Ben Ben says I have a real big job, but he actually washes elephants at the zoo. I feel like that's a great thing though. I'd like to watch elephants zoo stuff big job HD, your brother occupied that share of apply electric city famous public institution because he went to electric chair and saying you're saying. Well, Chris you guys fingers burnt on Wall Street because he was picking up a cigar from the sidewalk. Oh, what a rascal. Override heard you at the top and television because you fix aerials. Do you love helping people with their TV signals and that I'm confused explained that once? He hit the top and television because he's he's up high fixing TV aerials, okay? At the top. Yeah. I get well, Peter. I hear you time with the brass because no one would trust you with the silver. Oh, boy, man. Jacob your delivery is just chef's kiss on the. I'm just speaking degrade truths about all of us here. I want to do a full old tiny podcast where he just like flings these insults. Well, as a child, I was a musical prodigy. I played on the linoleum. I think I think this this publisher this book publisher should hire Jacob to read the audiobook version of this book. Oh, I'll yeah. I wonder if anyone has bought this book because of Jacob reading it on here. I sure hope so 'cause no woman ever walks back when she goes for vied with me to drive a hearse. Wait. Did you kill somebody?

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