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"jeff goldblum brian tire" Discussed on /Film Daily

"I was watching a little bit of behind the scenes stuff and just the production design elements are really impressive for what they did in terms of lighting and all of that stuff there. So yeah, I would definitely definitely recommend this movie. I think if I would've caught it last year, it might have ended up like maybe squeezing into my top fifteen or something. So that is bad time to the El royale. I got it. I think it's available on on a VOD and all that. Now, I I got it through the net. Flicks disc plan. I also watched hotel artists on a plane, and this is the movie that I was catching a lot of flack for basically being like a rip off of the John wick movies at set in a hotel where Jodie Foster plays a nurse who tends to the wounds of assassins in people who are in like a futuristic crime syndicate, basically like their members of this specific hotel, and they're able to come to her to recuperate after a particular injuries. But they gather Jeff Goldblum is in the cast is really good Jodie Foster starting. Sterling K Brown. Jeff Goldblum Brian tire. Henry I think I don't like this movie nearly as much as either of the two John wicks. I don't know if it's a full on rip-off. Definitely there. Tons of similarities feels a little weird in that regard. Drew Pearce his direct Auriol debut that direction is fine. And I mean, he, you know, he's the guy who wrote ironman three what was one of the writers on ironman three. So you know, he has like a certainly a creative streak in him. And it seems like he's he's going just far enough to try to separate this from the John wick stuff that that. I'm not really like rolling, my eyes and giving it too much side. I in terms of that angle. But just like a lot of this movie feels very written. If you know what I'm saying, it, it's sort of like characters speak in ways that that people would never speak in the real world and not in like a super stylized way like in tarintino movie or something. So I found it just to be lackluster. All the way around although I will say sterling K Brown is very good. And I wanted to see him in more leading roles and so few patella who I know primarily is like the metal legged henchmen from the first Kingsman movie. She was also like Star Trek beyond and stuff. But she this was like the first movie where I was like, oh, wow. She actually like could maybe lead movie that would be interested in watching like, she's she's more than just like the the stereotypical female bad ass. You know, the action star kind of thing I feel like she did a little bit of that in this movie as well. But I thought her acting was actually pretty good movie. So let's not forget this as the Potala is also dark universes famous the mummy. So I never saw the money. So he's going to be the lead of that franchise is also one that leaves in climax with mentioned that. Okay. Well, yes. Oh, man. This is a severe booth. Tele heavy podcasts thing in climax. Jacob. No. But she plays. Somebody who lots of bad things happen to she walks like an Egyptian stirring, her dances off. Okay. Sorry. I give up on done. I quit. No. And then two other movies really quickly. I had like a over the past week and a half of have like a an unwitting George Kuku triple feature last week. I talked about gas late, which was really great. And then on the plane. I recently flew back to Florida. I watched the Philadelphia story and the women both of which were directed by George Cooper. And I had no idea that he directed those. But I'll talk about the women I really quickly this movies from nineteen thirty nine. It is a move. It's the first movie I've ever seen ever that does not have any male characters in it at all it stars Norma Shearer. Join crow Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell. And it's based on a play. And the entire thing is just about like these the sort of like bickering high society women and not a single male actor appears in the entire movie which for nineteen thirty nine. And also it was written by two women. I think. Yeah. Anita loose and Jane Murphy, so for nineteen thirty nine that's like a jaw dropping achievement..

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