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Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise, Broke Tiffany Haddish & A Subway Star Is Born - Nightly Pop 02/19/20

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Justin Bieber vs. Tom Cruise, Broke Tiffany Haddish & A Subway Star Is Born - Nightly Pop 02/19/20

"It tonight we pop your experts on tattoos and hair pulling that was weird. Okay anyway off sadly but Nina Parker and Jeff Dyer Kurt. Yes very excited. You're back made it to round off the Internet. We're like where's hunter. Where's hunter whose piece of trash just filling in your story called me. Tag Hundred. Call me I did not answer. I wanted to give him a story. Remember when Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to UFC? Fight well last night. James Corden finally found out what the Justin was thinking. Go to say me and you have a fight you win. I think if you and Tom Cruise have a fight absolutely no way. He's not that guy is he's not. He's shape phenomenal. Shape doesn't mean you're by the characters that he's played mesmerized by the Muslim I. That was very Kris. Told me to find a funny about minutes that you guys get into hypothetical situations that will never happen and get into legit arguments. What could happen? I WanNa thank you. Who Do you take Cymru's Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Ron? It's in a fierce straight line. Beat them up. I got you beat. Justin Bieber is beating him up. I do topless all of his own stunt every one of the few actors in Hollywood that does Fan Olivia. Munn do their own stunts. I like that. Did you research data packets? I don't even have these packet. I just I don't. I don't feel like Justin Bieber. Has IT in him? How do you think he's GonNa lose the HE'S GONNA lose like seventy eight years old? Let me tell you. I don't know if y'all have been around. Men were fifty and above the first of all. They don't play this. That's number one and number two. They got a strong punch a fight. You they will knock you out at uncles. Who are sixty five plus? I promise? You don't want smoke along single. Promise you tiffany. Harper's bazaar friends family and people. She barely knows from junior high school. Hitter up for cash tacky ill and if she doesn't help them out they get pissed and say you've chain. It's gotten so annoying. Tiffany says she wants to hire PR person to plant stories saying that. She's broke as hell. I smart that's brilliant. I mean except for the fact that now. She's said that if stories come out that she's broke. People are going to go well. That's not true but I think that when you become rich and famous people want things from you. You're always rich. They want things from you agree. I have grown tiffany for very long time. And she's very generous and very sweet. And also you know tiffany on the show with you tomorrow. Why don't have also win? That cost me be taking something from her and trying to exploit it pushes proper okay with more. Hey let me borrow some money. And Hope just revealed his biggest regret and it's not his hideous back tattoo shocking. Because that thing is terrible he told the New York Times it's his divorce from Chen. Garner you is is broke my heart. I read the whole article. I don't read anything. I thought this was very open very real. I think he realizes that he's a law. And you're never gonNA get a woman like her again try. What do you please let us know what you think? Well since you've asked like I I just think he's like a regret doesn't mean like I'm never going to find another woman like Jennifer Garner. Means he realizes screwed up wants. No but it's the biggest regret of his life red. Don't you think maybe might still have a thing for me? But I can't. I mean that was the biggest mistake of his by the way. Do you think that that's hot? Nina I know I like tattoos. I you could be tattooed from your ankles. I'm here for it but this this is a bad tax with crown. Say this about Jennifer Garner marriage because he was such a part of your and you know she didn't even get her ears pierced thirties. She's she's very wholesome. It's also easy to reflect on an ex like. Oh maybe I've screwed that and you're forgetting all the bed. She wants to do paper machines. I'm trying to Smash Burger all right Dwayne away and Gabrielli Union are obviously one of the hottest couples in Hollywood but this interview on watch what happens. Live took a bit of a rough turn. Went way demonstrated how they keep it hot in the bedroom. You keep you fresh week. Yeah keep it exciting because they get into a routine sometime and you'd be like tomorrow and then tomorrow we'll goes to two months right no action we go out at night. We'd be strangers and I get it to Curtin I'm talking about like I'm grabbing hair and the clock over flashback. And he's the first earlier you saw. I listen I think that whole yikes man that was. Here's she played it off very well. She really had his back on that. I think he probably was just trying to be funny. I don't think she looked at okay with it. She seemed a little short and shocked. And it's Eh Ray exactly. I think in general Dwayne Wade has a good reputation for being very conscious and and things like that. It seemed like you know like you have those vivid memories. And you're you somewhere else. It's like he was really having a flash. I think little tipsy having a little horny. Flashback in forgot what the hell he was also a great guy. When he's role playing a Lebron James famous people can be annoying but Chris. Pratt is admitting what annoys the hell out of his wife Catherine which he just ellen. What something that you do that noise your wife I leave? Napkins folded all over the house. Like all use a Napkin and instead of taking the time and effort to throw it away. I'll just folded up and set it down as if well that's folded so that belongs there so you just a little trail of Napkins. That would drive me nuts. What is the most annoying thing you about? You annoyed your partner partners in the path leaving my wigs. All around and leave Napkins. I left a trail weeks to the weirdest wearing their anything. You do to annoy your then. You have something. Broadly cheat okay. They hate that alive. No that's not true. I joke. I'm I'm annoyingly clean knowingly free. I could be malate from airplane. I'm making the bed. I'm like yeah. It's pretty annoying okay. We'll come back. You think that's a good thing but if you date a guy who's OCD. It's a lot of pressure it is. I'm more of like I'm not. I don't WanNa leave your wig around the place even it out. I don't have to pick it up right now. What do you like butchering meat? What are you doing puppy dog? That doesn't shed because I'd never even had a girlfriend who doesn't that's the worst shedding is. Dolores what's yours. What's your annoying? I you know what since I've been single? I've become a lot more organized a lot. Neater but I think when I was in a relationship I was probably a little bit messier like I would leave cabinets open. He's like what's wrong with you. I was like you know you are. What's wrong with me right now? Finally hip a stranger. Shove a microphone in our faces. We might beat them or love it. We love it. But a youtubers finished lira. Game is going viral after he ambushed a woman named Charlotte. So missiles. Are you happy in this model Look she was so good suspiciously. Good was prepared for that. Even her hair was perfectly quaffed. Makes you don't think this is real. I think whether it's really not she is an incredibly talented woman. But do I think it's real no the Internet now? I will say this or not you right. She is a good singer and if this is because I did go on her instagram and she doesn't have a huge amount of followers. There's some singing on their more like Karaoke like she's done anything professionally but this is a good way to be discovered like among them also. I totally thought it was one hundred percent real. So what's wrong with me? I don't know that we all agree. What's good about real bronze are wigs? Let's do this ball talks. I'm into fake. Okay if you want to feel better about your love life you'll definitely need to stick around coming up. We're proving love isn't blind back okay. So love is blind premiered last week on Netflix. And there's already been a lot of true love and a lot of gas lighting as we see here when chivalrous Carlton sweet talks his fiancee diamond. Hello Mexican police. Come good this lady crazy. I had to pick the craziest person in the House. Ended up from day one. You better be happy you pretty well so I get away with stuff I would have been pointed a long time ago. Like leave my watch your words here. I'm GonNa get you a pogo stick so you can help out of your feelings right now. Do those pretty awful. Why this is uncomfortable. I mean I haven't seen the whole show but I thought it was about. Yeah Mattis Blondes rose-tinted Kinda Kinda reading her. A little bit monsters also standoffish to guess. So we're going to get married. You seem crazy. That's one thing you never call the woman. Es Three words you don't call the woman and they all start with. See what I want to watch the show. I WANNA watch. But apparently they buy it. Doesn't I don't know a lot of people online? Are pissed off at Carlton. They're saying he was kind of gas lighting her a little bit ten seconds and I didn't like it. They actually got engaged on day. Six of the experiment so they agreed. Yes they agreed to ensure still together though stay on TV yeah probably got engaged while they were still like. They didn't see each other. It was like a weird. I wish them know. Look in the ninety day fiancee's to tell aired. We learned a lot of things but mostly way too much about their sex. Lives your kids and allowed. It was not loud like that a little bit of that. I look at the leaves. He was brought into trees outside. We had two weeks together and I counted thirty eight times thirty. John was all that was like a weird dream that I didn't remember those a highlight reel of all the people. I grew up with the whole neighborhood. Gossiping ABOUT THEIR WEIRD GROW. Second half the people weren't there like half the couples were TV screens. One Lady has a boot with the dive. Long is going to cut the most bizarre circus. I it doesn't look. They have like a classy beautiful house. Like why don't appreciate sitting with these crazy host eleven reunions and this is like he's based and that lady was saying they had sex over that like. I couldn't I could have gone my whole life. Not No I also don't know why he couldn't make it in. Where was he. What was he doing the sex? But we don't need to celebrate everyone they can just do and keep to themselves. Yeah my aunt susie. You have an aunt. Susie don't want her to hearing about her sex. Something's yes based not good all right in other TV show. News lifelock is back on the paramount network. On the first episode. We meet Nikki. Really seems open to new experiences. Introduc- Mummy Niki very to do some cooking on cooking all of us. I am not happy about the cooking. Cook rather be shot in the face. Close-range shot she. Seems like a sweet. What what cooking ever do to her? She wants to be shot at close range aggressive. She doesn't want to do anything all episode titles to watch our a night drunk. I've been plenty of time stole episode. I like one family. I was in love with and the other family I could do without except the kids of the white people like their kids. Pretty sweet there was like a big Chubby Kid. Video Games all day. That's going to give you my kids. You just didn't like the lady and her husband right there were there. Were nightmare like if this family is bringing you into their culture and they put you in like the traditional dress than like you. Don't come out with that kind of face. You know children as Yeah. Yeah I think that's. That's why they probably wanted to do the show with her. 'cause they would do something like that right. Act like a complete. We'll just she was casted perfectly total. Apparently she never cooks and she doesn't. I guess she feeds her kids fast. Food all the time. She looks like kids. Do whatever they want and the kids were like running around like well. Who Cooks here? She's like my mom cooks and all these pageants was like putting makeup on her face. Well that's like personally and Cardi B. No it was a white lady if you missed it. The new season of American idol premiered on ABC. And if we've learned anything from all the seasons it's been on. People are delusional comeback. This is my comeback here. We go okay like you saw sure problems or I can who come back. He's coming back. Ironically a lot of correlation taking on a lot of different roles on his time. He's in Florida American idol kitten. Weird just wanted attention. I don't like it seems like the you know. The Guy was spinning around and Lionel Ritchie hit by Katy Perry but this is a longer clip and and Katy Perry was way too supportive. They were all this of music and I don't think it works American. I don't know like bring Simon Beck reaches you. This is awful right. Should not be doing. Yeah whom they did this revolt. They said that they were going to be nicer. Yeah but even even come back to be nice now. I don't want them to be nice but I do think that she particularly liked that song. That's why she kinda got involved and he like they stopped him and so they could like give them like oh whatever notes and say no quickly and he just kept singing over them and then. Katie pairs of all right. We're doing this again. And that started. It was yeah well I mean you got his camera time famous. Yeah we're talking about him now. Maybe he did something right. While we're judging we do so ninety one of us to judge him it makes him relevant coming up and drunken wedding brolin a psycho mother-in-law. Da Relationship frozen snack. Welcome back in time for the part of the show where we get to find out what we're jeff might be able to introduce our segment of the day. Hard path wants to be a real life iron man in source through the Sky. Two hundred and forty miles per hour you. Do I know raw? You wouldn't do that. I know engineer. I don't know how to navigate. I'm GONNA die immediately. Went up to three thousand feet in thirty seconds goes to one hundred fifty miles an hour. It just did your legs going. It just felt like he was gonNA blow apart. I didn't like that. I pass on mass distribution hard pat. Thank you for air. People were trying to do this now. Building tree traffic water. Like that's just clean up for the ot man all right so hard pass for you mean a hard patch repair. It is a triple hard. Pass your dog. Barking wasn't already annoying enough. Now you can make it swear to introducing the cuss caller. Definitely you find that you smoke a little bit and let me Google dogs cozy something. Have you ever just woke up in the morning? You're looking at it to in the morning by the way this is sixty bucks and it sold out so everyone's a psychopath this. I got like two hundred texts about this literally losers but this is a hard pass for me. I like my dog because I think he's sweet. Can you get a little bored caller? That makes them select cool hat. Turn on this show you love Jeff. I like an while sound. People hate Christmas music before December. This mom leaves her Christmas trees up all year long but in her defense is just a campus for important holidays like Valentine's Day and national pancake. So she's just kind of cheating so having to do decorations all over the house. She's basically has a tree where she puts a hard decker. I this is my first not hard. I liked the she decorates for every holiday. Like it doesn't matter what it is. She's like I put up stuff for Thanksgiving for Halloween. I love that. I know black history month. Oh Lord the whole situation in that house child. Please don't putting up the black sand like this black box. Ask Woman is taking the term service animal to an all new first class heights. It's not every day you see a horse on a plane. Let alone in First. Class but Fred. The mini service horse went wheels up with a purpose. Ronca frozen has trained Fred to be therapy and a service. Of course he lives in. Her house is housebroken is more well trained than most. Don't get in their hard hard hard hard pass. Is there a reason why the mini-wars is dressed? Like he's about to rob somebody can. Meaning Nacho Lee teletubby by what she pushes yes. Here's a horse on an airplane wrestling more. If we all of US Britain get something to travel with his. Don't Miss a love service dogs? Yeah whatever you need. I love that do what you want. I'm a big pick. We have to draw the line at only yards passing. No matter how cure up we gotta go but hit us up on twitter and check out our podcast. If you missed any tonight show goodbye.

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