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58: Getting Graphic with Wine and Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

Unreserved Wine Talk

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58: Getting Graphic with Wine and Madeline Puckette of Wine Folly

"What is Labor do? I T's the thing that I taste and profound. Every single person has these taste receptors On their tongues and they associate differently based on who you are. So if you're sunk want his peaches and strawberries progress in my song Taste like grass and Jalapenos. We might actually be drinking same glass of wine. We haven't entirely different taste perception of it so this book is empowering because it can help people discover their flavor of Sauvignon walk and the way they might experience that wine it's all based on aromatic compounds. which new probably get asked us all the time Natalie? If I was fine strawberry everyone does it mean it actually has strawberries in it. Do you have a thirst to learn about wine. D Love Stories about wonderfully obsessive people ponting Lee beautiful places and Amusingly Awkward Awkward Social Situations. That's the blend here on the unreserved. Wine talk podcast. I'm your host Natalie Maclean and each week I share with you unfiltered conversations with celebrities in the wine world as well as confessions from my own tipsy journey ready as I write my third book on this subject. I'm so glad you're here now. Passed me that bottle please. Let's get started. Welcome to episode fifty eight. I hope you're twenty. Twenty is off to a great start now just share a little bit of personal stuff. The few from my office is a white winterland. A Wide Open field of snow and then beyond that is the Ottawa River. I love watching. People walk their dogs and ski and do other winter activities as I enjoy the great indoors that puffy. Lb Winter Vest. Yeah that's still hanging in the closet with the sales tag on it. So let's warm up with some wine showy in today's episode I'm chatting with Madeleine Puckett who recently was named the wine communicator of the year by the prestigious international wine and spirits competition. Madeleine's background in visual design. Music and restaurant. Hospitality have helped shape her communication of wine through infographics entertainment and social media media her. Enigmatic whimsical wind designs have been featured on NPR fast company design and the Washington Post. I'll include links to her website. Books and social media handles in the show notes at Natalie Maclean Dot com forward slash fifty eight now back to you. Why Not Make Twenty twenty the year that you move from feeling overwhelmed with all the winds and the liquor store to feeling confident about everyone when you buy and knowing exactly which pair perfectly with it? I can help you with that. Sign up for my free online video wine class. The five wine and food pairing mistakes. That can ruin your dinner and had a fix them forever Goto Natalie MacLean dot com forward slash class. And and she's a time and date that works for you. I look forward to seeing you inside the class. Okay on with the show. Have you ever wondered how you can remember all of the Y.. Regions of the world wine grapes. And so on. It's really hard to keep them all straight. Isn't it now. We know that learning about wine certainly involves tasting why that's fundamental but do you know how powerful the visual element of wine can be graphics maps info graphs and so on our guest is GonNa explain all about that because she is a master of this. You're in for a real treat. Our guest is evening is the author of a New York Times bestselling book. I've said it before before but do you know how difficult this is. I don't think it's been done before a wine book on The New York Times bestselling list her site that she co founded wine folly. Dot Com is is one of the most popular if not the most popular on the Internet for wind sites. She was named one of the top forty under forty by the wine enthusiast magazine. She joins me from her home in Seattle Washington just outside of Seattle. Hello Madeline Puckett so. Glad you're here so I have introduced but fill in the details for us. Tell us a little bit about your personal life as well sure okay so getting into new creating wine folly. I was actually a sommelier at a restaurant and that actually music goes. I studied music and art. You're in college and I always enjoy wine. It was always considered something you know you go to an art show. They always serve. Wine may be thought of a box but you do your best so has always been passionate about tasting wine because it was always in the same procedure in which you enjoy in gross yourself in art and music and and I think at some point I realized there was no difference between all three different topics. They were actually when of its name. And and that's when I really started exploring my sense of taste and smell through tasting wine and that kind of brought me through curiosity into the world of wine and through through a matter of moves ending up in Reno Nevada. I started working in a wine bar. Then a friend of mine encouraged me to go for my certified died only a with masters. She's like if you WanNa do this real you might as well invest a little money yourself in an education in a certificate so I he actually did really well with the courses enjoyed it a great deal of learning about wine and when I was working as nudist this disconnect between my knowledge you know it took a great deal of effort to learn about wine. At that time there was only one or two wind blocks that I knew of end. You know books were little take so I started teaching myself through drawing pictures and that kind of thing eventually led to the creation of rainfall dot com. Which is this visual wind blah Waring's your educational topics about wines. A week learn how to teach flying. Hold Wang glass out of sniff wine had to do all the different things of winding Ri- with the the reasoning is behind that because I think a lot of people don't understand how to experience tastes. We just presenting in our mouths to on it. We don't even and smell it before we do that. A lot of cases in a lot of ways line opened me up to this whole entire world of tastes and mine entire goal with wind failures. Help everyone when else open up their entire world to that experience because it can change your life that's awesome. Okay tell us what what the evolution was behind the book. Why Volley? Where'd you get the idea? Where did it come from? This is actually a little bit of a funny story because when when we started wine folly we had this big grand vision for it and I started creating these infographics in our doing really really well. And we're like we need to make a visual compendium online. Obviously this is working and shortly after these infographics At the time you didn't have to pay to reach your subscribers facebook I can think of this one post we put up. A graphic went viral with massive and it went all the way to a publisher in England. You contacted me and was like hey. Have you thought about doing a book and the publishers publisher and all think about was my grandmother Picking up a book that I her granddaughter made maybe a little bit selfishly. I wanted to make my grandmother proud of me. Anything that selfish that she will in my entire life. She's been the Monster you know the grandmother. Everybody has breast appropriately. Sit properly the table table not squirm and I can't sit still like it is hardest thing so I've always had in. My mind was a very strained relationship in so this was like my opportunity for tuning. Oh I can press my grants and so I went to my co founder. Who's actually my husband Justin End? We should do. This book is a great idea. It's like I don't know let me research that. So he ended up reaching out to Seth Godin. Who if anyone's marketing any all they suggests Our Marketing You probably know about Seth Godin. He studied the purple cow. Smalls new big. He wrote these amazing books. They have so much power our in the help you communicate better. It's less about marketing as it is about communicating me bestselling books would you recommend. And he led us to a recurrent grant aid who found us. Our current publisher is England books. And that's helping have so many different copies of the book and we have to Chinese Minnie's language editions of the books for people are starting to explore who are new to Weinstein to explore. What is mine in? This book has been actually. I'm very excited about. Its international reach because his new audiences learning about line when I got into why it was very very difficult and it feels like a lot of an easier way I primarily because I mean maybe not in the Chinese edition hard to read Ed in the US edition or in in in the UK just in English speaking addition there. Are these really cool infographics. Do you want to learn about a great variety. Righty sub block and you can find the primary flavors of great the taste profile which you can expect. I think it will taste it has again. It's a hot tip it doesn't and and then maybe common flavors that you'll find in this wine And so what they did to determine all these types of things it is. I started a screaming. tasting notes data from all different sources compiled them mm altogether stranded making word clouds. And then hold out flavors which I associate with some yearbook I would. I got a group of other sommeliers together. What's on your lunch? Should take Franken what it does is like and we came up with this list and what I've been finding out out after the book came out. 'cause I started to ask that question again. What is Labor? Why do I t's thing that I'd taste and it's profound profound? Every single person has these taste receptors on their tongues and they associate differently based on. Who you are? You're so if you're Sungnam. Want his peaches and strawberries and my son walks taste like grass and Jalapenos. It might actually be drinking saying we haven't entirely different tastes perception of it. So this book is empowering because it can help people discover discover their flavor of Sauvignon blog and the way they might experience that wine it's all based on aromatic compounds. which new you probably get asked this all the time Natalie? If I was fine strawberry wine does it mean it actually has strawberries in it right. Absolutely okay so answer that question just for someone who wants to know right now. So here's the cool thing about strawberry flavors in wine. It's a mere image of the strawberry compound. It's it's made by the wine. It's a molecule made if clients released through the ethanol so in ethanol out in winding backwards in your classic carries as little aroma compounds in the flying to our nose in our brains tell the difference they see the same compound. It's a mere image so they strawberry. Even though it's not strawberry in you could even say some of these compounds do look identical. They could be perceived as the exact same thing so this this is why I think perfumers if you guys are into Humidity like smells. You Can Really Go pee in. Wine is actually an amazing thing to go and smell because it puts all these weird aroma compounds. You wouldn't think would work well together together and suddenly you realize realize you smell Carignan. That smells like raspberries in hot dogs at the same time end Within the other part of you goes actually the smells quite delicious delicious and you tasted his delicious. So you completely change racing about tasting flavors and you might be put raspberry sauce in your hot time. It's weak and it Actually were I would encourage you to try that in Jomie. If I'm you renovate your seniors story. Hot dozen strawberries. But you're right right because I've read lots of books. I'm fascinated with perfume ad wine. So Patrick Sussekind the perfumer and the book that sort of Chronicle Chronicle the creation of Air Maze Perfume versus Sarah Jessica Parker's perfume there are so many parallels here and I think it just points to the unexplored Lourdes sense of smell that we have and that whole world. That could come alive but you put it very visually in a way we can understand. It's great okay. Okay you're infographics. Your posters are just so gorgeous the color of wine prints do have that handy. It's okay if you actually. I actually have won the cool thing about the color of wine is it. Seems like such a been all thing to look at your glass of wine writer were. It almost seems a little bit snitty to be staring at your glass of wine like oh I'm getting a lot of Ruby red colors in it actually. Is You actually train your eyes in deduce paramount from looking at the color type of the few people actually with this obsessive excessive Samaya in China. Who is really into color and then faster somebody jeff crews acking about color environment? How the court analyze? How huggies that analyzes the professional organisations analysts eller wanted to make a poster that works for? Hey I'm a professional. It will work for me but hey if I just want to book With wine glasses it it will work to joy. Came up with the outline in actually colored types are named based on the actual. Oh color that is associated but you learn to communicate colored Iran. The cool thing is for example. Based on the chemistry of the way we see anthocyanins which is the red pigment in y you can. It's very acidic if it's a very low Ph that color tends is to go a little bit more Called a red base and I read a few scientific studies that have fascinating at men. When it goes a higher Ph Aka a little lower acidity it goes blue base? And you have a more purply so if you've ever looked at back up at Korn edge of the RIM it looks sort out of Magenta. That's blue base. We're talking about and now back tends to have a higher ph so it had three point nine somewhere up there. It's a little a bit higher by the way that's a little higher for red wise so you can learn a little bit you can actually didactic a deduce a little bit from looking at the color in line and some community give somebody a charts. They can start referencing it and it was really cool because I was able to go to the printer while they were printing them and verified the colors redirect which was a big deal. Which is why? I don't offer it as a printout online because I feel like it's GonNa get rent in translation somehow Printers everywhere it's fascinating. Well it's so good that you're like this triple geek with the visual the wine the techni everything everything you bring it altogether madeline but you make it so understandable. You obviously have a design background as well absolutely. I started going to school for the music. Technology which was basically a music composition re media degree. So you understand a bit about music engineering. At Ramming and Muse language music a little bit of the science math music which is on fell hard. It's a hard and then I realized that I would not get a job when I graduated waited in the music industry because I really wanted to be Rockstar as a problem with that Narrow in the right unrealistic thus So Do I. I started major went to the art department. I said I'm a real visual thinker. I think I can communicate eight. Some is visually. I WanNa get an art degree and I have no idea Colin Rice but live into the article too so I created a dual major ager at California Institute the Arts Tag arth agreed. And that's when I actually got out of school Go get a job and I worked for a Star Trek Convention Company. The company that did like Star Trek movies of Geeky. TV TV end sci-fi that was my job was making posters for like a a an amazing picture Patrick Stewart Star Trek the next generation Writing the fourth star of geeked up to your criteria then so that was actually how he got talks in design was working sperm. And I got really fast design because you've got united so when it came time to creating something about wine it seem very easy to find visual communication methods to talk about Weiner's constantly looking for ways to communicate wind wind visually It's honestly it's very fun. And that's what got me into creating maps and so the book has I think fifteen or seventeen nineteen on a bunch of different maps sample. You spin the beautifully illustrated. I mean really taken care not only to be technically quick reference to be visually beautiful. The Color Palette for them. It's very difficult to determine. I wanted them to be so if you had them altogether out that they looked the same ain't even though there are all different and the funny thing you learn about one is nothing is the same. There knows that translate across different countries. You're in France you call it. Tao's see you go to Italy suddenly called a deal. CG ended the funny thing called ID G. You don't think it's very very hard if you you go down the regulatory ass you basically turned into someone who just remembers numbers in is really good at like at recognizing in. That's not rewind. It's in his wits in your grass in experienced that you're smelling and tasting. That's why the visual thing worked. I think I think that's why the honestly hippos it was I can see it's funded to taste into drink. It should be fun to learn about. What a good philosophy? Okay okay. So let's go to your worst moment of your wine career. Madeline we get a fair amount of pushback on site from people people who obviously winds brady topic and we do make mistakes. Sometimes and I do my best to correct things on site if it's wrong but there are a lot of of open for interpretation language on the site in it's almost on purpose because there are so many exceptions to the rule so I think the worst moment in this is in Trenice is we run our maps many many times now we've mapped that we saw online. I have personally corrected them over and over again so their latest additions like perfect into a constant move to be continuously improving but I think the worst moment really was just when I signed a podcast with of Dalton in New York. I think he's awesome. He is a super hard or senility. Wise Healy grinds grinds. Right into the thing of it is with all of his guests. I love about him and so I went to New York and we just met up. And he's like I'll interview house house like so you ready. Now he's like no whatever you back to New York I'm like I'm not really year so the next year York and I just launched I appeal Monte Map. Would you won't see for sale in our state right now. Because it's still off problem. He took one look at it and he said size of Baroda is wrong. If you know like Nice opener beauty like very very accurate. He actually didn't even do. The podcast is like I don't WanNa do this anymore because what's wrong raw so I felt awful I'm going back. I discharged their league. Something like seventy six different little regions wins in at-risk took it was probably like a forty five hour project. If not more maybe more probably before it took me awhile and I'm I'm really launched. A snack repeals money mapped out there. So some he is not happy shape of it and I know in various in mortified Is is one of those regions that all you know who were experts experts expert. Camonte is. It's like the criminal a crime. You don't Italy Italian Italian why I have books on books. I read all the time by the time I feel like I don't really understand. I've talked to Italian about a timer. I feel like they don't understand. Everyone one is trying to figure out a time. Line is the most difficult puzzle to unravel in. He was able to quickly deduced. That I was wrong. I felt so embarrassing. Hold them at the site. I find it online but it's opera sailing and I changed it a fixed the shape of borough but I didn't realize it. I think that was my biggest I. In my opinion I throw effort in something but I should check with a few experts before launching that sucker. That's very honest of you but there's just west and ocean of facts madeline like and I raise my glass to you to attempt. MAP-DRAWING I mean cartography on layering that on the world of wine ebbing hugest. You're in the arena. We're I got so much to do list when I'm feeling good and got some a Vermont Caffeine my body. I'm an acrobat again. I'm sure you will get it. That's great now. Tell us about your best moment so far in your wine career. We've gone low now. Let's go hi. You know you could say your best moment is when you sort of achieve some certain additionally been some words that I've been like shocked that we've received in the past honestly if I really go down to sticks with me and I feel like this actually reflects with a lot of folks who get into the wind business is there was a moment when I was a nobody and I went to a Chardonnay challenge. Ruin our our first or second year during the shortening challenge in San Francisco. I drove from Reno Nevada and I a came in with a mismanaged suit and I did the tasting and I suggested line in Parents with with different chardonnays my guest rested. I didn't win but I got runner up. Team was suppressed. They took myself and my husband. or Agassi's my boyfriend out to dinner and I got to meet His dude actually makes this thing can he and his associate Charlotte said. I feel like you got something I've been gone. You should keep doing it and that sticks with me that to me was a high moment for as low. In as little of a person I was it it was someone who was a very respectable in line. Committee gave me the opportunity to think about myself and to maybe try to do you that thing that I was thinking about trying to do and I've been riding high for many years. It's very rare that somebody in that position will don and encourage you to try because it was so inspiring to me. I tried to to inspire everyone where where I go as well because there are so many new people to wind who are passionate about wine in want to learn more than they have something a could idea. They just need to be told that. Hey that's a pretty good idea. You should try that. And I've heard amazing amazing ideas so much potential at some of these folks that I've met and they're gonNA kill it. I know they will. It's it feels like the wind business. You're only here because you're passionate and so these people come in a lot of passion and exactly what we need. I think you're exactly what we need. Madeleine you know. You remind me you talked about Seth Go. You're I think you're on that track gary vein or chuck as we all know and love one years then guru thank you got that too like yet that track of like not to grow out a wide but the one thing that we all love you we love those those millions. Why did he leave? If we want you back Gary v wine is still in his blood very really. I'll never forget the moment he made Conan debt late night. Host eat dirt to kind of remember what he was trying to explain. What dirt might taste? And smell like Corre- CONAN O'Brien. We'll see you in Brian. O'Brien totally theory. And I'm so glad that he did that makes me right. Kuhnen I doc he got right into it end he was actually trying to shaw on Some stinky gym socks anyway. Why he's there is a video on our site where I 'cause I always call it baby diaper in some French short reductive is? There's there's a picture of you just you know there. It is innate not smelling. Beat I still like to call it out because dirty baby diaper is probably one of the most echanges you think moms up there. They all talking about. I went over to my friend's leases incident Like Jimmy Flashy allie share. You okay. We'll give you one. I'm all for the cars of research it'd be that's great what. What is your favorite out of the box? Herring not Lou. Okay this one. I did not make up myself. I don't actually know Buddy who told me this did either but if you get yourself Akaba like you. Ten dollar. All kavas sparkling wine from Spain stain and you pair it with a Red Bean Chili. As a matter of his guy meter. nomi Scott had the reading aspect human that kind of thing and you get a little bit of cheese Cheddar on top and a little little bit of green onions with Kava Ohio M. G. says like it's crack on the surface. It doesn't make any sense that had a spicy secret. Chilly with sparkling wine intensity wise. It feels like it would be a mismatch but when you put them together and I think you really need to dusting thing of cheese. It could be Cotija or Cheddar I had I always gender and you get the cream Innis in the cheese with the bread being red. It'd be nice sweet. It offers sweetness. Very Koskoff is very dry. Hours vitkovice super super bright. And you put them together makes his creamy richness. It's a savory sweet flavor that happens in your mouth halt Wentz and ended. The carbonation turns into Foamy creamy in your mouth. So it's almost serving sour cream on your Jili even though it's not actually there. So that was mind-bending. That's an odd pairing that I absolutely love. That is fantastic area. If I must say wow I didn't make it up my friend Rick Martinez. He was the guy who I started. Got Me into the wine business. Back Doc in Reno Nevada. I worked at a place called Wine Bar I was very good at cleaning Glasses 'cause we did not have a dishwasher. He's the one who came up with that idea and he's the guy who was like. Hey Yeah I'll give you a job. You know how to work. A cancer district is awesome. That live in all of your travels and experiences. Is there an underrated wine or region that you'd like to recommend that we should learn about. Oh Yeah Oh man. There's so many guests jets. I so depends on your taste That's the first thing matters. But Ah that said I M continually impressed by Spanish wines Spanish in Portuguese anything from the Peninsula essentially. There's there's so much quality for value for stupid value. I spent okay thirty dollars. US dollars seems like a fair amount of money rates. And what does that in Canadian navient. Now we do know about a dollar no no no. We're about thirty cents on the story. Seventy cents on the dollar so okay so maybe we like so. It's a thirty percent thirty I can do grant. That's a forty bucks are a Canadian. This was an old vine gotcha searching from outside of Madrid in the quality on this Greenwich he we think of chateauneuf-du-pape as being place for Roan Wins Aunts and truly the best the highest rated rum shedding of POPs are usually ninety two hundred percent grenache. Nobody talks about that but his troop and this girl nausea from Venus Madrid. It was a two thousand eight bage aheads. Maybe two years ago that I remember to this day it was so oh fantastic zip. It has declined in for the price it tasted like a two hundred fifty dollars off of you. When you really get into wine fine you are trying to find that perfect can afford it? Can I buy a case of input in my cellar in locally advanced by was really smart trying to drink bring it to best. You really are always looking for doesn't matter how much you make. You're always looking for a great a great wine so highly recommend checking out winter nagging game expand your palate. Things is a bunch of different grape varieties that we've all never heard from their their delicious nother region. I always go for next door regions. So for example NAP is very popular and very expensive. The next door to Napa you can find this area called clear lake big and it's just north of Nablus in. It's actually the old bull Qena there. So it's couple canucks soils and its high. Elevation is a fourteen hundred feeder later. Higher end phenomenal wines. In fact a lot of NAPA cavs give London with a fruit because you can blend up to twenty five percent from another region. Iran maybe fifteen seventy correct US windsor rich Delicious rich full bodied beautiful red wines. And they're very affordable so. I'm all about next door. In clearwater clearly clearly Ancient Lake supposedly over five hundred million years old. And I think it's very unusual. These are the one of the oldest lakes. It's still alike very very deep industry big. And there's all these mountains around it and it's kind of tragic agic. This whole region is is very poor so they sell their water to the Central Valley to water agribusiness in the central Strain so I'm very thankful that huge raining season happened in California. This last year is built a lake again. It's not drained at was really badly tragic. We above last year. And now it's full again without sell it like based up. Don't destroy this ancient lake. You guys drive. That's a really special region. Every state will get more press That's new to me too thank you madeline for highlighting yet. So you suggested some different wines what I did. It is a followed your direction you wanted to taste aromatic whites. I've got some from pay DOC. Southern France is that a focus for your map. We just have a France amount but we do have been page in the book okay. So let's see if we can break my book or not. I think this is a great test. Okay does your genius tastes like any of the flavors we get on the page age all right so I've got mine book ready. Okay I'm thinking like giving sniffer sniff this. That's very Gary V of you. Use Awesome to thinking floral notes. It's okay floral as in white flannels yet very adjustable. So if you just say something do you get honey suckle at all. Oh my gosh yes okay. whacky idea any rose. Now it's okay maybe not quite as rosy or the light florals like lilies A wacky wacky one that I only get some gaining. A Tangerine. You GotTa Change Renaming. Definitely Tangerine injuring tangerines zest. That's along Michler was just my mouth was watering. Okay so do you you get it at all yes definitely purely gets better exploded saying okay it's very willingness on the part the AFC unconscious. I love saying that word by the way of really saying to actually anxious I think to Putting an extra syllables was it should like it. It's it's earned it but you think I think so unctuous so mango at all Imprinting affirming this this. This time having O'Connor no I don't think so yet because you you might get a little bit of Nutmeg or Mace right and I'm not getting any of that It's really are fruit driven. Okay so we've basically cold all the flavors on top of this thing. We did Sandrine Peach Mango honeysuckle honeysuckle. Any didn't quite get rose which I totally could see not getting. It only comes at a very super awesome secrets. Act And we're talking about some of the other flavors mentioned in here as well also if you had maybe a glass of Kenya in his personal patient you might be able to use the really. I love the way. So here's the cool thing we were talking about me and the guys in the south we're talking talking about when you tasted any something. grows in cooled area cooler areas. Some been using very hot area. How do you tell the difference difference between a cooler or hotter area? And that's based on the primary That you get in a warmer climate it being more towards the burnt Mingo Mango and pineapple kind of realm in a cooler climate. Being more towards that Tangerine an apple kind of that realm of the flavor so many it can be very different depending on where it grows in that sort of. It's something we mentioned in this part of the book. There's a coup versus hot climate. So it's it's all over the southern France as you know were a pretty good value of annoying. It's fourteen dollars. which would be like American would be already not a threat? Ah Good but you're right you nailed. I love how you have all these visual sliding scales in really truly you. You bring that visual element to wine. That I think is sorely missing. I have to admit my fingers were like. Please read the book. Could you mean by saying no. I get black plums. I'll be honest. I the next working on his next fall. All index are and and that will be expanded version of the current book so the purpose basically the great great began guy that vibe rise in the next concern over one hundred marines and more maps and served. I may now so neatly lesson. Well that's intense. The last two weeks into Regan's off my mother mom at greenhouse What her Out You cleaning Though that while you dig where to. She's amazing she helps with wind blowing a lot so I love her for that he calcium. You're so logos away. But ending quotas your happiness. So Sweet Madeline Allan. This could be a three hour conversation and I had so much else plan but that's Tribute to your wonderful storytelling. You you have a real power of communicating and visualizing people so we're still going to wrap this up and we'll have to have you back but is there anything we've left out that we should cover bring it up and tell us what that is talking about aroma compounds. Shahri in this robbery room will there are INSOMNIAC. SAMIS tyrod delay there. Some of these call. off-balance made that up but essentially means Bislama aww essentially means a compliment as smell in wide. That typifies that something specific is happening so when at Lancaster smells lying identify what it is they're using impact compounds to a great example of this anything in this one called old the real. The folding of it is meadow surprising is smells like retail. Ever it can smell like chocolate legal a little later chocolate green pepper. It is not out of that kind of thing. This is not the OSCE piracy and it is a classic indicated ear of a word over as so Kennedy's Merlot Mellberg Song Block. They could all have uh metal In this is what I found out from mass yet masters dominated used to plant holidays in apparently taper is produced their own anti bug spray in as what math Neil smell it. Resists plus so when when kin activity abuse a lot of green vegetation. Eh produced a lot magazine. Firing which goes into the grape varieties it makes engaged or basis so longtime had really basis borough lines. It wasn't with science three rediscover Happening and we're able to better control that now and so green up around mine. which is most people of will be very casual smile more light chocolate? which is our war so scientists doing lots of understand how great arrays grapes grow? And make this better and so if you are getting into right now you're literally into it in the world's best time to get into Ryan you want a little end wind. He's better now in every This is fantastic. Okay so we're can folks find you so if I arrays you can head over to one dot com check out the site. If you love what you're doing I would highly recommend subscribing to free newsletter. These are some really cool on Marino's Exploring topics or more advanced depending on your level expertise annual annella Brazil every logo so is weighing folly ADT com slash subscribe. If you subscribe straight up phase putting Graham usually the everywhere does anything Pretty much our handle in tweet us. I should all assign this need or visit as sees it services extra me during during the great so we see reading together and yeah Easy to find if you just have will be there and as little scratch subservient Letter in your mind as I'm sure you will get subscribers Madelynn. Thank you for such a great conversation. I wish you all the luck with your next book and we stayed in touch. We need to have another conversation. You will come back and chat with us again. Thank you combined for now there. You have it. I hope you enjoyed this. Chat with Madeline pocket here are my takeaways number. One I love how madeline makes the connection between music art and wine and how she brings that special special combination to a very visual way of understanding wind through her gorgeous graphics and designs number two. She has a great way. We have explaining how grapes can mimic the molecular flavor compounds of other fruit making wine such a profusion of Aromas and flavors number the three she also highlighted how profound our sense of smell affects the way wine tastes and number. Four Madeleine also shared some great tips. On what the color of wine can tell us even before we smell or taste it. You'll find links to her website. Books and social media handles as well as the video version of this conversation which you might like to check out as she is displaying her book and graphics in the show notes at Natalie Maclean Dot Com Forward Slash fifty eight. If you like this episode please telephoned about it. Especially one who's interested in the great tips madeline shared. My podcast is easy defined whether you search google on its name unreserved wine talk or my name. Finally if you want to learn why red wine shouldn't be your default pairing for many cheeses. 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