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"jeff americans deauville elliott" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

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"jeff americans deauville elliott" Discussed on 31 Thoughts: The Podcast

"Sorry i just did a strawberry of that giant jug of water. Thirty one thoughts. The podcast. Not a car cast. It is a tampa cast stanley cup. Champion cast presented by. Gmc sierra four. Jeff americans deauville elliott in tampa. Where you've just seen the tampa bay lightning when the second stanley cup in a row and in the process andrei vasilevskiy collected the con- smyth trophy. You're there packed rink. Lots of fun celebrations all of it. We will get to the nikita kucherov press conference afterwards. And we'll talk about what's next for both of these two teams but give us a sense of what it was like to soak that in on wednesday night eliot. I didn't know what to expect. Really jeff like for example. I haven't been at an arena with a full crowd. I think since the all star game last year in saint louis now and you know the whole thing is so surreal. I went to my first game last week in montreal. And then we come down here and the world is just a really different place now. I'll tell you i saw there. Were a couple of lightning jerseys. I saw tonight the number twenty four. So i thought they were ryan callahan jerseys. But they said descent is twenty four on them teeth when you go to florida. You're in a completely different world right now. And you'll those of us who work in covering the playoffs where the only people in our hotel wearing mass. Somebody told me expect people to be rude to you. They weren't rude to me. A couple of them looked at me funny but nobody said a word about it you know. They respected my space and i respected. There's and it's funny like one person actually said to me the asked me. Are you vaccinated. I said yes. I'm double taxed and they looked at me kind of funny and they said you know like to a lot of us down here in florida. If you wear a mask you're not vaccinated. So they actually thought. I wasn't vaccinated. It just shows you how you know different. You are from place to place. But i told my wife i was going into a complete almost totally full ring. Technically it's not a sellout and she's like it's so hard to fathom but you know the place was wild these fans. They were riled up before the game. Sometimes you go into buildings a game three going into montreal jeff. That building was confident and tampa took it away. From the quick game foregoing into montreal. Those canadians fans were nervous and they found a way to win tonight. This was a confident crowd. They thought they were going to win. And even though price kinda stole the first period. I thought maybe the tampa fans would be nervous that they weren't gonna win. They never wavered. You could tell it was a confident crowd and they thought they were going to win and to be honest. I you know the best team won. They were deep forward and d. Everybody contributed they had the con- smyth trophy winner in that. This was the best team in the league this year. And they are deserving winners very deserving winners yeah that first period carry price was outstanding Shots thirteen to four for tampa. It was Again the tilted rink the you know the the kick off the week specter from the tampa bay lightning. I'll tell you what you talk about depth. I don't know that we can talk enough about. Ross colton tonight. We're going to what all the stars. And all that. But i just loved that. It was a depth player on tampa that scores the stanley cup winning goal. Beautiful play mcdonagh to savard savard. Who makes maybe the best pass he's ever made in his career right on the stick of ross cold and To make a one nothing. His fourth goal.

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