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"jeff akula" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

"I think that's an interesting one because you'll see the development of the younger guys like the Pistons. This is the first year with this young group. The Tigers are going into their second guess. First and a half year with these guys I think my eyes and scuba will take a leap up. I think we'll see. Matt Manning appears well and we'll see if Mathew Boyd is a little bit of a bounce back here. I was gonna say Iranian who we got? He was the opening day starter. I think for the last couple of years for the Marlins. Yes, he was doing okay. Yeah, Crazy If I'm wrong, this guy is the is the guy that hit a cognac with the Braves, which started get some. Oh, yeah. Huge brawl, so maybe kind of fit Detroit's over the place style. He doesn't power sinker guy. He has a big arm, which I like. And I think that the Tigers air their pitching staff will take a jump up. I think we're still two or three years away from spending, legit money and trying to and try to win here. Maybe we'll see Riley Green this year and Spencer Torkelsson with the Tigers are an interesting Why through the Pistons for me, is the team that's gonna take, you know the biggest leap. In 21 is not gonna lose every game, which is I'm all for and I'm all for a huge rebuild. And if you added the number one overall pick to this young group, you're looking at success and finally a team here as direction, which is incredible. The Red Wings the tiger of taking a little bit longer than expected, and the Pistons air going about this the right way. And I think Troy Weaver came over from Oklahoma City with the right mind set to change its organization, and they needed a big jump bolt that in the end, they're back, and I think they got one. And I think we're seeing a huge success right now. Despite the wins and losses, I think that the Pistons through six games have have shown that there could be competitive. And maybe they can they learn how to close things out in the you know, in the fourth quarter. Even the better. You know, I think that the young group is fantastic here. I'd like to see more minutes out to say COO, though. Even seen that kids like Dwayne Casey has something out for last year. They stick with the corner. Now. This year he's playing, you know the five minutes in the first half, and then maybe three or four minutes in the fourth quarter, and I'd like to see that kid playing a bit more. That's only because a beautiful shot of the weird. It's kind of weird. Weird shit goes in. It goes in the works in the embassy. There's no need to change it because I know coaches wanna change mechanics, but If you're making shots like Sadiq is at the embassy. Just don't don't mess with it. He's probably the second best player on the team this year outside of Josh Jackson, Randall, Jerry Brown, Jeremy Grand. Excuse me. Josh Jackson has been a pleasant surprises well, but the debate is played in three games of the six and is averaging like 16.5 games. He needs to be a part of the rotation. Siku needs a Be a bigger part of the rotation. And Yeah, And then after that, I don't carry this. I really got the young guys. I don't have any complaints. I hear me. I want to set Blake Griffin. I mean, just keep him healthy. And then maybe we could get some form here. Here's the difference when people say Will kill you. Hayes's is struggling, but he's being thrown in the fire, which I like a lot when he's the starting point guard for an NBA team. And here's the difference of Jeff a coup to Jeff Akula as a cornerback number three overall in a draft that has, you know, five more rounds and then the MBA, So you're demanding a lot of out of a guy like that. But as a cornerback Going up against guys like Patricia is through this kid, right? I'm like Davante Adams and weak too. He got Julio Jones. When we played Atlanta he he was one on one on an island against the league's best receivers. Killian Hayes has. You know a group where you could be a past first, but he needs to work on this guy. Yeah, just passed. Yes. He has to work Startled. He has a lot to work out. I think the most concerning thing for me with Killian. If he doesn't get by anyone know he wasn't Richard Pritchard, The rookie Florian was locked on him last day. Like it was crazy. You can't get by Pritchard. You're even tell sir Greg House was like, Oh, boy. You can't get past Pritchard and that was a knockout him and things like that can contain the league as years. Go on his speed might not get so. I mean, I think his speed right now if you can't get by someone When you're young and fresh when you're 32, you're not gonna be getting body believed in his handle is not as as everyone said that he has a ball on a string coming out of friends. Now, right hand is dispensing his right hand is weak, but he also has the ball all the way out in front of them, or it's always behind him. He loses it all. He's got working his jump shut. I think Johnny Kane. Who's been doing play by play if he for me to hear Johnny and the do the play by play, But I better on the side. Oh, yeah, he was saying, there's no push on his shout from his lower body, which I think is a It's a fair point. Did you see the guy he's straight as a zoo board? Shooting every shot of a step backwards off balance, and he's not getting you know anything into it. So Killian can work on his jumper. Get that going, And now that's a guy that we can work on that, Siddig, You don't have to work on his shot. Killian is a guy that may be a mechanic. Maybe moving, you know straight. I'm not an NBA coach. But if you work on, you know, mechanics with killing and something can happen there. I think there's glimpses of a kick that can be a good NBA player. But civic based on a pleasant surprise, though. Oh, yeah, practicing best play on the team. I go, Jeremy. Josh. Josh has been fantastic to kid from Detroit. That's been amazing. I'm happy for him and he's playing his heart out. Oh, yeah 809 23 93 85 is the phone number 809 23 93 85 1 Comeback high school football shouldn't come back to finish the season has been a massive How would you go about things 893 93 85 is the phone number Dial. The Detroit is on the air. Mike Gallagher, thrilled to be co hosting the stand with Israel to her again in 2021. This tour of the Holy lead will bring us face to.

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