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"jeez suarez" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

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"jeez suarez" Discussed on Effectively Wild: A FanGraphs Baseball Podcast

"If you must, you can't prevent you from purchasing a ticket, but we can prevent you from buying a T-shirt. While we're here, that we will not stand for, you can buy a T-shirt somewhere else. Yeah. Bring it into the ball. But I'll be damned. If you're going to be selling shirts in the ballpark, it just sort of surprised me, I guess, because generally when there's money to be made, like someone will make it. Yes. Obviously, there is money to be made here. And it's not just Dodgers fans on giant's turf. I mean, you know, you're telling me you can't get a Yankees cap at the trap or something, you know? Like, sure. There's got to be a market for that. I guess in the interest of general baseball, you would want people to be able to buy stuff that would represent their team wherever they are, wherever they go to a ballpark. Yeah. We will find a way to spend some money a and also just display our affiliation and deepen our attachment to baseball, but I guess I get it that also you want to feel like you're protecting your turf. If the team is sanctioning the vendor and clearly it is that the team can decide who gets to sell stuff in their ballpark and what they get to sell, then I certainly understand why they would say, hey, don't sell stuff this. Our rivals, so that everyone will be walking around in our rivals gear and showing up on TV and our rivals gear. Showing us up. Yeah, I share your surprise that it is a place that has proven itself to be somewhat immune from the capitalist impulse. But I think that that's kind of, that's kind of nice, you know, that you get to, you know, it adds to your sense of place that that is not a place where you see your rivals stuff being sold, right? But it is, this is our place. This is home and we get to say what it is. Here are the players, the featured players on the Mariners, team store website, ichiro, fine, Felix, fine. Kyle Seeger kind of weird Adam Fraser excuse you a oh jeez Suarez, great season, but what? Luis Castillo cool, Carlos Santana? Really? And then you have the players section, which is somehow different than future players, don't know. Ken griffey junior Mitch hanker Robbie ray ty France, Logan Gilbert, all of those are fine. Dylan Moore, I mean sure, Carlos Santana, again, Kurt cassell, Jake lamb, who was just DFA. And Marco Gonzalez. Do you know who is notably absent from both of those lists? Didn't hear you say Julio. I'm going to say Julio. It's kind of weird that there's no Julio in that list. Don't you think? It's also weird that there's no JP Crawford in that list, right? Anyway, I just, I think that you wanted to talk about the feeling of home, and I was willing to indulge you, but mostly this has become an opportunity for me to say, if an addict to a better job, like all of this stuff looks like you're at a corporate golf retreat and it bumps me out. So those are today's ethical philosophical dilemmas about baseball. In other news, well, first a quick Joey manassas update. Still good. Yeah. Out hitting one Soto and one Soto and Josh bell combined really did not think that would continue really thought that we would have to just like mention that while it was true and hope that it didn't change immediately. Wrote about him, my piece was published on September 2nd, and I was like, well, this has been fantastic, but how long can this keep up? I've got to get this article out before he slumps or something gets hot and the fun fact is not true anymore that Vanessa has outplayed both of the players who were traded and whom he was replacing when he was called up. I mean, it's still true. And people are treating him with some respect, some fear. Yeah. So as people were tagging us on Twitter to note that the braves were intentionally walking manassas, they free past them a couple of times in the past couple of games to load the bases in front of Luke voigt and then when they finally decided not to do that with a runner on first, he homered. Yep. So they should have intentionally walked him. That time too, I guess. Just based on the results and he is still handily out hitting one Soto as a padre. So that's pretty great. I did not think that would actually last throughout the season. I was like, the fact that this is lasted even since the trade for the first month after the trade is amazing and miraculous. It can't continue, but it actually has to the point where they might actually finish the season with that continuing to be true. So love it. It's a really, it's just a very fun and silly remarkable thing, and it lets me tweet exclamation points at you. So I'm all for it. I think I hope he continues forever. I guess I hope it continues forever, but only if. I hope that the NASA of it continues forever to be clear. Yeah, no, I want one soda to be like, you know, Juan Soto, as we know him, and as we have come to expect him to be, and also it would be so cool if we look back and we're like, you know, wald Soto as advertised in the long term, but get a load of this Joey meniscus all he needed was an opportunity and he is want Soto two. That would be delightful. Yeah. Luke Voight has also handily out hit Josh bell, which is also sort of funny. Poor Padres. Poor Padres. They're in better shape than the nationals overall. This is what the nationals have for you. Just gotta let them have this for now because there's not a whole lot else to be happy about on that team right now. Yeah, but you don't know this, Ben, but I am three for three in not doing screaming sneezes into the microphone so far as we're recording. It's really great. Thank you. Yeah, you're welcome. And appreciate it. I'm sure. Yeah. So I want to talk a little bit briefly about the AL central. We should probably do an AL central leadership update. Yeah. Just because we've had a couple change of regimes. So the tigers have a new head of baseball operations, Scott Harris. Who was poached from the Giants and also formerly of the cubs. And then the royals also have a new leader, although it was someone who was already there because what happened is state and more is out the door. So this is on the one hand not surprising on the other hand it's very surprising because it seems like that might very well be a lifetime appointment. So this is notable news we lost John Daniels last his job this year, one of the longest tenured readers of a baseball operations group and then you had Dayton Moore in that group as well and he's gone now. So it turns out that just being bad at baseball for quite a while can actually get date more fired. Yeah, it's an odd, it's an odd thing because on the one hand you feel like I kind of thought he'd outlast us all, right? Yeah. We have talked a lot about how it hasn't felt like they have a great sense of where they really are in their competitive window, but we have appreciated their can do attitude and you know there have been some weird aspects of date.

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