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"jeez monument" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

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"jeez monument" Discussed on The Rich Eisen Show

"Get though. Wing yard to swim. Deep nursing back on the track and the wool. Jeez monument, Burke, David John makes long gone. They homers dead center. The third home run of the inning. And the Yankees have taken a bit fat six nothing league. Johnston DJ LeMay who has been an incredible signing for the Yankees this year. He's batting almost five hundred road with runners in scoring position. And that's why was like, don't sign. Manny Machado nine out. Glacier, Torres his damn near eighty twenty runs already this year LeMay, who's been terrific. Didi gregorius is already back. They do not miss Manny Machado. Gary Sanchez we zalin home run. I mean it's crazy. And now and now they got they got Encarnacion, who I do believe if I'm not mistaken went yard again, last night, leading to another great John sterling comb from mistaken, please, I'd like to hear it. It's my birthday. Abrasion, co for placing on the rich Eisen show. I turned fifty on Monday if you haven't heard on this program, do we have it? Okay. Go forward to swung on veal hat balls high bar. Edwin Encarnacion is a second. Yankee home run on a cell a Brazil for Edwin Encarnacion. It wasn't high. It wasn't far got thirty feet off the ground. It actually was so not high and not far that it was gone by the time, he said it is in the stand on our. Hey, man. Well, whatever. These are taking a turn for me. I used to get really angry. And now they're just funny about how absurd they all right? Just wish you would stop hitting home run. While the Yankees have a four and a half game lead five and a loss. Call now on Tampa. They've won six in Tampa's lost four in a row. And, and, and now Tampa's thinking of moving half the time to Montreal holiday going to be able to figure that out over that you're, you're Red Sox, or six over. Yeah we're, we're heating up Houston's lost five straight, Aaron judge comes back tonight, by the way tonight. Oh, judge is back tonight. Dallas Kyko makes his brand out evening. It'll be interesting to check that out right? Or the news here. The Tigers sent mad bum to the showers before the fifth inning last night. What's happened? The giants almost came back to win it, but he's not the same guy, right authors just jumped all over him. And it's I I'm wondering if that's the, the worst treatment, they ever gave Madison. Bumgarner every twenty nine kinda a little early to be third time allowing six or more earned in fewer than four innings in his career first time allowing eight earned runs since June twenty first two thousand eleven. Let's do an old gen stats here on the richeisenshow. Please. I got a couple of him for here on the rich Eisen show. Chain students. Capital. One is reimagined banking by offering savings and checking accounts with no fees, or minimums in one of the nation's best savings rates approval required. Capital on NA member FDIC capital on..

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