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"jeet rey" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Did graduate from UCLA? He got his bachelor's degree. I got my master's degree. I don't know why Oliver has him dropping out. I'm not sure other than the fact that Oliver Stone dropped out of school and wanted Jim Morrison also to be a college dropout kind of bitching. You know, he's a dropout do just like me. Well, the actually graduated so may late may nineteen sixty five I thought I'd never see Jim again because he said he was going off to New York City darn man. Okay. So we have just really struck up a good friendship. And so, you know, see around man, if you're my ever in New York working, I look you up. He said come to the village. You'll find me I said, okay. I don't plan on going to the village seeing how it just got to Los Angeles. So I'm sitting on the beach summer middle of summer middle of July nineteen sixty five Dorothy Fujikawa, my girlfriend is my wife. Has been my wife for forty years. Forty years got married on December twenty first nineteen sixty seven. So we just celebrated forty years what a great chick, man. I just love that girl. And she's my girl. She's my babe. And she's my girlfriend boyfriend who was still together. I love it. She's working. I'm sitting on the beach having an existential crisis. What do I do with myself? I've got a masters degree from UCLA and cinematography who cares Ray. This is before it meant something to go to UCLA at the time, the prevailing thought in Hollywood was Doris day rock Hudson movies, and I wanted to make movies like Fellini and Truffaut and go Dr and those great filmmakers Ingmar Bergman those people from Europe and suck Jeet Rey from India Kurasawa and missile Gucci from Japan film buff so mobile, I'm told her out, but that was no chance of doing anything like that in Hollywood. So there I am. Be on the beach. Sun is beginning to set. It's almost time for Dorothy to come home and bring home the bacon and who comes walking down the beach kicking up water with the sun setting behind him wearing cutoffs and like Krishna the blue God from Indian mythology. He's kicking water up and diamonds are coming up because the sun is back lighting. And I'm seeing the diamonds coming off of his feet and guys got long hair. And is just really buff is like, you know, hundred thirty five pounds just about pretty thin about five eleven he's got ads. He's looking good and low and behold who is it other than Jim Morrison? I might God. It's Jim Jim Jim come on over here. Man, say Ray comes over to me. And I said God, I thought you were going to New York, and he said, no, I decided to stay here. And I said, well, cool man, what are you up to? And he says well nothing much how about you. And I said, I'm not there. Nothing. I got nothing going, man. Nobody wants, you know, artistic filmmakers from film school, the UCLA. They want to stay move. He said, yeah. I know what you're talking about. You're working on scripts. I said, I'm always working on a script. But it doesn't matter. I said what about you, man? What are you doing? He said well to tell you the truth I've been writing songs, and I thought he knew I was a musician. I knew he was a poet disgust rock and roll the British invasion was happening, the Beatles, and the stones and them and animals and just all that great British rock and roll was in his heyday, right then and there, and I said to him sing me a song. And he said, oh, he said, I'm shy. I said just look just you. And he said, I don't have a good voice. I said you've got to voice your voices fine. I heard you singing onstage with my brothers band. Rick and the ravens I was screaming Ray Daniels the blue shelter from Chicago, Rick and the ravens a surf band we played at the Turkey joint west. Jim Morrison would get on stage. With us on Friday or Saturday right down in Santa Monica here. And he would sing the just sing be Jesus out of Louis Louis, then let's do Louis Louis, and he just singing I said you saying Louis Louis Grady said yes, sure, that's not my song. These are my words, I said, all right? I won't tell anybody. No one will know sigma song. What do you got? And he said how about this one? This is called moonlight drive. He squats down in the sand. Digs his hands into the Sandies got two fistfuls and the rivulets are coming out between his fingers in closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and he sings this haunted. Check Baker voice. He sings let's whim to the moon. Let's climb through the tide. Penetrate the evening that the city sleeps to hide, and I think an I'm going Dand into dude didn't my mind playing Jimmy Smith. Ray Charles, Oregon just playing funky stuff in it goes through the song. I think what a great lyric grade rock and roll lyric and he's right on pitch. And he's right on time. And he's just holding it good and steadying. I just love the sound of his voice that haunted. Strange psychedelic kind of voice and at the end of the song. The very last word blows my mind as they said back, then blows my mind. He sings come on baby. We're going down down by the ocean side. Get real close get real tight baby going to drown tonight and death had entered the again, the doors and death. It was his death than appeared. And was just standing over my right shoulder standing over gyms, right shoulder. Just watching just listening, and I got a shiver baby drown tonight. And I'd never heard lyrics like that for a pop song. And I said that's incredible man. I can play funky organ stuff. And just Ray Charles kind of Jimmy Smith Oregon behind that. I said you have anything else. And he said you like it. I said, you bet I like it, man. I love it. What else you got got summer's almost gone? I've got my eyes of seen you. And I said let me hear my is seen you talk about the psychedelic. My eyes have. Scene. You, you know, you don't think of your eyes looking you, look we look at each other. But the eyes are actually the instruments that are looking and he's saying is seeing you don't don't. And I'm thinking that don't CoCo don't is obscene. You let them photograph your soul, memorize your rallies, endless, roll don't don't don't get to go. And I'm thinking Latin rock man that is so cool. What else what else what else? Summer's almost gone. It's like Bach morning phone does comb the unaware, and I'm hearing doodoo do do do all the stuff that I played. My classical limited classical music studies. And I said, this is fabulous. This is incredibly songs are great, man. We gotta get a rock and roll band together. We're gonna make a million dollars. He said Ray, that's exactly what I had in mind. And that's how the doing card right then. And right there on the beach in Venice, July nineteen sixty five. How did you come up with the name the doors? That's what I said to him. I said, okay. We got a lead singer. We got a keyboard player. Let's see what are we going to call the ban. They used to be a pizza place called two guys from Italy. We're not going to be two guys from Venice. Can't do Ray Rayan Jim that you know, that sounds like a folk rock duo or something he said, no, no, no the band is going to be called the doors. And I said what that's the stupidest name. I EV all wait a minute. You mean like the doors in your mind, like the doors of perception and Morrison said exactly and I said, oh too much men psychedelic. There's the Beatles at the time doing she loves you. Four mop tops, the four lads plucky for leads. They were adorable and cute all get out this before they had gotten psychedelic Rolling Stones are doing Chicago blues. Big deal. I'm from Chicago myself industry kogo blues, I grew up. I know how to Chicago blue standing on my head. So there's the mop tops Chicago blues. And I said, Jim what we're going to be entirely different. We're gonna make music that is psychedelic. And there was no such thing at the time psychedelic we are going to probe the mysteries of existence on planet earth. And that was it. And that was that was a simple as that Ray a few weeks ago producer, Tom, and I were driving down sunset, and he pointed out a place and said whiskey ago doors used to play there, and I said come on there. And he said, yeah. That's almost we started their hell we played worse than that. Man was the big time whiskey ago. Go in the summer of nineteen sixty six was mecca that was the place for rocket roll probably in America with a house ban. There were became the house band. We're playing down the street at a place called the London fog little crap hole had to play four five sets a night. We got ten bucks per, man. Five bucks during the week, ten bucks on the weekends. The guy still owes us ninety dollars. Jesse the owner's name great guy. But he, you know, he's visit allow pay you when I get when I get a chance. All right. So we're playing there. We're working out. The songs we've got to play in play play play. There's nobody in the club. It doesn't matter. What the heck we do? Sometimes a couple of ten minutes later, maybe two prostitutes. Come in looking for John's. There are no John's they leave three businessmen. Come in fifteen minutes later. Stay for a song look around. Nothing's happening. They leave. So no one could ever quite connect with each other. So we're just playing away. We had lovely Ron d'alene gogo girl. If she was billed dancing up in a cage. I don't know how the poor thing ever danced to our songs. We just weren't playing the Frugh or the pony or any of those things you can do the shimmy shimmy, shake too. So we're working to songs that we got lots of time to kill light. My fire just gets longer and longer the end starts off as a two and a half three minute. Love song to gyms original girlfriend from Florida Mary were below who came out with him from Florida to Los Angeles. Stay then broke up, and he wrote a goodbye song. This is the end. Beautiful friend the end of laughter and soft lies the end of nights. We tried to what to die and death enters there. More time that song then gets expanded to become from two and a half three minutes song to become eleven minutes with Jim you. Improvising. Lyrics and Robin. I am providing the music and John. Improvising. The beat and we just played played. Finally, we get fired from the club. Jesse James says look no one's coming in here. That's for sure man. That's not our fault..

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