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"jeddah kenan" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"jeddah kenan" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Scale of zero to one how pumping. I would say like three next four. Okay. Let me ask you this. Let's start this way. What is the U of C doing with with Anderson Silva have no idea? Why are they booking him? This have no clue. This is this is extremely bizarre. I mean Anderson Silva at this point at this point Anderson Silvo can do either to put them in a fight against somebody. Like is. Right assign you where you can use their profile, and I don't I don't really. And this is no, no, I'm not throwing any shady to Jerry Kennedy. I'm just calling things how I see it. I don't really see the it factor in Jeddah Kenan near at least not yet. Right. And then you're putting Anderson civil against that. He should be there in two type of fights either. Again, like a young prospect like is right assign ya or maybe like a beat doorbell, obviously, he's now won. But like somebody another old dog has a big name. And all of a sudden that car feels like it has a really good Komen event and this overseas jerrycan doesn't feel like a combing event to me. It's just a weird fight to to book them in. I don't know. What else I can say about that diminishing returns thing because after losing data Sonya, and I think that even that Derek Brunson fight it wasn't the greatest showing? He wanted his only win. I think unless it's six legit win. I guess the the Nick de has fight was overturned. But yeah, the last legit when he's had like six years or seven years, it's ridiculously long time. But it's just a minute returns. Because each time he comes back there. I read brought Okamoto's piece about this should be a story does fights this. Because what else are we doing? This should be some kind of hook as to. Why you're watching this fight? I can't find the hook on this one either. I I when I made it I was like what are they trying to do is this a fight to get him. Correct. Again to get a win and then launch towards something. Was there a plan in place because I really don't understand what a win against Jared Cananea really does for him at this point. And he so at a touch so drastically at Italian Anderson Silva ways talking about Conor McGregor. I feel like it's we're in two different orbits now. Like, there's the collective idea. What's going on in a million? And then there's Anderson Silva's world. This is super super super fight. And I'm like a super super super fight. This fight has nobody wants that. Nobody wants that fight at this point these fighting these guys like he knows he's passed it. And so he's fighting these guys almost like a charity to the fans that's an exhibition, and we're just lucky to watch. He's dialed into some self-importance. That is just not the reality of our times. It's like, I get it. The guy was a goat. I mean, he still is. I think if you look back it's hard does not call him. Maybe the go, right? There were a couple of guys. But I'm like at this point in time. Given all the checkered stuff that has happened him over the last months years and being like forty something years old. I'm like, I think he used his position more than the fans do at this point interest. I I think think that's that's the the truth. this. This feels like if you're playing like the UC game you just pick random characters. And then that's the kind of like that shows up has no story to it won't was to your point something that you mentioned interesting..

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