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"jeb lewd" Discussed on Accelerate!

"And admire in my industry and thus lovely. But i'm thinking well the other twelve thousand five hundred people where are they. And every now and again i'll meet them and apparently they read my post. They just never like comment. You always lurker zone. Lincoln who see my posts but never comments. Most people never comment on lincoln or say anything they just read and then move on. You know seh welcome back to. The point is making before which is your of making a point which i don't disagree with that. Yet it's a very treacherous landscape in out on linked in terms of the advice that's available. So how are the people are alerting. Let's say as well as those who engages. How are they to choose who to follow. What advice to follow because this is this is coming up more and more with the guests. I'm talking to guests on the show. A couple of weeks ago thought we should be on stood rating system unlinked in for for sales advice. We'll take sales field goal in but it could be advice for any business type. But what's your thoughts on that if you're only in what you shouldn't do is look at one salesperson advice. Then go to another salesperson's advice people doing this industry look at about twenty or thirty different posts and think okay. I'm going to do that. But that's confusing. what. I tend to cause. I'm a great believer that if you make a living as a coach you should be investing yourself because if not why would anybody invest in your So what i do. Is you know i look at people. I invest in invest. A lot of money and myself my business. I look people in lincoln on whose work really resonates with me and connect with me and then what i'll do is. I'll try doing that in real lightning. Okay it's not body. Let me try this and see. How much invest in them. So the book behind me that you see is jeb. Blood virtual selling brilliant book because most people are terrible genuinely offer virtual sally most of the time. When i'm training sales people. They looked like the just woken up having earlier. You know they haven't washed the probably. Lebron pajama bottoms as well. You know they're just not they're not treating virtual sounding like they would a normal sales meeting where he get washed changed. Get macara and do the commute. They think they've all this time ni- they just suddenly turn up unprepared on a bit frazzled. And not quite ready for it and that's a great book that iran. I thought this is so. I felt more or less books. This is amazing so invested in this course and thus what you do you read something that's valuable you put it into action. I'm going to work and you get results. Then you invest more not particular person. You don't something go to ten more people you know. See what they're saying. And that's what i do. I read the works by jeb lewd and by daniel disney and by mark hunter. And a mike. This is fantastic on best in their books and invest in courses and i paid to see them speak live and i'm constantly learning and keeping sharp because of that. That's a good way of doing things but falling fifty different people on reading off fifty posted today on sales. That's just confusing on is going to lead to over well okay. We talked briefly about one of the best sales experiences you had was actually on a comic bookstore won't tell me so. Tell us about that well. In my free time. Three years ago. I did a post cold lessons. Sales lessons learned as a field. Rockstar finally talked about my failure. And i put picture only din of meena denim jacket and the six pack a nice beautiful beautiful hair the position. I was starting a bit Wouldn't say extra but not really linden appropriate me posing as an eighties rockstar. Pretty much and i talked about lessons. I learned as a rock star. And so many men in the forties and fifties restocked me linked and messed. You're saying i'm gonna rock band. We needed a drummer. And that was actually lovely edition for a few bands. And i chose a ban that was nearest my highest but also where i could learn the best player became a bit of a mentor to me. Just musical point of view. Lovely guy and the whole ban roller sixties and seventies. And here i was at the time i was forty six so i was learning. Molly's guys so much about visa. They taught me an unbelievable might but hotter russell and it was one of the best experiences that have for years. But since i after thirty years in england i got divorced so very painful divorce. I was Nam you know the marriage. It's a great example of people misunderstanding. Success in money You know my wife. And i were both successful. She was very successfully. Bought a english country house in two thousand fourteen. It was the highest possibly go english country highs into sports cars. And it's like oh my god after work seven days a week nine miserable. I wasn't spending time with her relationship. Just slowly really slowly drifted apart and then our daughter went to university on just collapse. We tried did nights. We tried everything we couldn't make it work and i ended up going to see a sister slide. The kim the bad guys or result we went through ferry painful divorce and i went through a rough depression for two years a lot mental health problems and then locked on happened and i spent four months by myself alone with nobody in the world and not really scripting up quite badly so my parents said look suicide among men in their forties is alarmingly high. You gotta come back home. You put on so much typical in the apparently but also much rate you look terrible. Come back home in their own way. Yes of course not not not in the most subtle way but their own way and it was the best advice i give so actually doing this podcast now from northern ireland i everything storage..

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