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"jeb boone" Discussed on The Corner

"And then finally this a trilogy there. Will you incorporate both of you have not each other out. Why wouldn't you fight him? Yeah like we all know. The cormie doesn't have many vices left in the UFC and this could be his last one. Why wouldn't you give that opportunity? He and has to fight you again any at all at all but he did make him wait like a year but regardless. Like if you're you you have to win on this back. Call Your shot. Now I think yeah. Connor set a precedent that he took as the champion. You face wherever the top guys wherever Yo- see tells you to fight it's who you fight you'll get the same issue and you know what it's like a child. I don't care about your opinion. I don't like Broccoli. You eat this shit. That's what you're don't do. That's the number one contenders Broccoli. You eat it because I said so so steep amyot no look look look you in Broccoli or like like one in one. Somebody's gotta come out on top but I want corn not having Broccoli one the. Why is this this my house? This is my this. Is My table Woo. That's my title that you have you fight. Who I tell you the two? That's what Sean Shelby's therefore is he's the matchmaker I I don't like fighting. I want to go to follow ready. No you need to find coordinated because he beat that ass the first time period. I don't I don't see how you get past said that's crazy no I I don't know what's an extra sleep aid. He's in a crossroads is call me. He is the president to strip somewhat. No he has to fight who you say. He's going to have to fight. If your wife is core means nothing that's it there is or may or May Cormie does not look like he's going anywhere close to two. Oh five ever again by no absolutely not once. He went back to heavyweight. Being was forty one forty. Whatever they'd like you're not cutting back down to five? You're fighting a heavyweight. There is no question. What fight should be next? It's split it's not like you beat him. We never beat you. He knocks you out out in in the rematch was closed before you stop them so come on up premadonna. She don't fly the only at all everyone wants to call their shop. And that's just the way the world now Turning over to boxing we had two fights fights this past weekend as well both disappointed me. One was jerry heard. Stepping in for some reason he didn't want the rematch. After losing his titles to Jay Rock we just saw Jay rock be upset. What a week ago? Two weeks ago we talked about that and then now jared her comes out. We're like okay. Let's see why he didn't want that. And he comes out saying he wants to work on some new things some defensive strategies he used the shoulder roll role for like eight of twelve rounds when he could've just stood there told his opponent who never going to hurt him and make a statement and then he decided to open up in the tenth round and final round of the fight and dropped a guy with twenty seconds left when he could have done that in the second round to the same effect. I don't know how this helps jar hurt at all. Who's who's in his camp telling him like? Hey this is the best way to change. What made him different in that division? Then the aristocracy Laura's than some of the other guys was was that big power was the willingness to stand in there and trade. He's not as slick as other fighters tomorrow aerospace can move up to one fifty four and beat this version of Jerry heard. I'm not sure who's giving him this advice. But it was boring to watch for much of the fight and then left a ton of open holes. I think other league level competition arbitation can really take advantage of moving forward your JC. You know he was who he was for. You got here. That's heard jared hurt is a guy. I don't know him personally. I've interviewed a few times. But he feels like the type of guy who was trying to prove people wrong. and Ain't you. It's like a pocket quarterback quarterback trying to scramble for ten. No you can't your pocket quarterback stay there. That's your job right. Jared hurt is a guy who came in was the giant of fifty. Four was a bully. and which is kind of walked down his opponents and they'd just pummel them and then writer started saying that's how will last forever it'll eventually catch up to you. And the Jarrett her started listening to those naysayers like no no no because he would do it in his interviews. I can box to box to watch. I could walk sue. That's why split from his trainer because you want this not his trainer. That's only he could box to. It's him telling people I can do other things. I'm not one dimensional. And he kept saying every single interview interview and they tried to switch up because Jay rock white if you watched the fight then either Jira her that we know that was jared. WHO's trying to box? J. Ri- What is like Dude. Who was for you got here? You are a pressure fighter. And that's what separated you from the pack. That's who you are now. You're trying to show people you can box. I don't care I don't give a shit show me. What got you to the dance in the first place like you should have a boxing box? They senior corner. This is breaking case of emergency because when trouble if it catches up to us like okay now I can use this but if you like you prove the points and nobody. I didn't enjoy that fight with Santana. Oh and then to see him drop them in the because it wasn't like Jira her was fighting. Does anybody know people's like I said before. Look good good like win. Now look good later but it works. When you're like Anthony Joshua Financial Ruis in a dangerous right? There was no threat here. There was none bucks for two rounds. Show me how you can move around for two rounds all right. Let's get this guy here so we'd go home. I'm hungry just what you said. Yeah I agree I am dropping him made me more upset. It pissed me off just like you did this before. And now you guys you hear all night. There's so many combat sports wise. I gotTa Watch this terrible fight. Would you like dog. That's not you it never was you. You can't convince people that you. If Lamar Jackson next season doesn't break out of the pocket it just stays there and throws passes. That's not you. That's not what got you here. It's not gonNA when you're super bowl. Come close be who you are. That's your Admiral Rickel. The game training camp showman little flashes in the fight but those Spain like seven rounds wasting my time with that bullshit. That was wasting my time. I agree like really when you're in there against the top level fighter you're thrown all this shit out the window and you're going to do what you know how to do so. You're you're just wasting time in these fights and then you go to the main event with Danny Garcia coming in. And he's finding a guy who died his hair like three times there and fight week and honestly shouldn't be in the ring. He's not the caliber of the people. He's Danny Garcia expecting to fight next. So it's a true tuna fight that being said Danny Garcia goes in there and plays with his food is well. He doesn't show anything that makes you look at it and be like man. He's going to be a contender to one any of these belts like he's really good and go in there and give Paki our fight or man. It looks like he can really catch aerospace with something. Nothing last night made me feel that way. Nothing last night made me feel like he's deserving of a title shot shop Porter Wrexham again. Maybe worse they fought so I I don't know what Daddy Garcia was supposed to accomplish last night but I feel like he came up short. Look for anybody. Who's new to this podcast? You'RE GONNA learn this with my opinion. Dan Garcia a US US one of the most frustrating fighters to watch Asia onerous to the DRC specifically because Danny Garcia fights a lot like holly home in the a UFC. He waits for the perfect counter. He takes advantage of aggressive fighters but if aggressive because what happened. The Danny career is his counter. Left which became was calling card was something that eventually fighters caught onto. It was like am. I going to run in the next year. So I'm not going to be as aggressive as I as I usually would be ivory catchwords an aggressive fighter knocked out Devon Alexander Alexander a Lotta guys Danny. Garcia's fought were aggressive until they fought him because now they know that he's an excellent counterpuncher. So what does that mean. Because because when they don't engage now Dan he's not doing anything you standing there looking at Jeb boone right hand behind rick catches like I'm not going to engage get caught with that shit. Show is a different kind of pressure fighter. He's smart the one thing that nobody ever Gatien on Puerto Credit for is how tricky he is when he finds his way inside. He doesn't just bullying their. He's very crafty and clever with his footwork. So it's not just stupid pressure. Intelligent pressure and a lot of fighters can't do that so so we are not an intelligent pressure fighter. You end up standing on the outside and you just kind of pluck the job in Denver. See Yeah he can outgun you. That's unimpressive you. After Four Sandy Garcia to fight to get him to impressive like Holly Home You have to force holly to fight. And that's when she comes out of her shell otherwise she's GonNa abortion out you otherwise otherwise. Sandy Garcia is going to fight to the level of his opponent and he just Mauricio Herrera almost cost him like Lucas Matisse. He looked phenomenal in that fight because not didn't respect them. The getting clipped quite a few times counter left. He's a good counterpuncher. He's fat like if you watched any it's impressive. How well he's able to fill that left counter and the right as as well? Because this Chris and is quick and accurate when when that's not happening fighters coming in you just kind of staring at you and yeah you're right. He's not going to be anybody he should've win that ring. Like and not wasting my time. Jared her did put his foot on the gas. You got out of you like once. He realized recaps couldn't hurt. Erdem erect catch. Wasn't coming to engage in a firefight that you can take advantage. Oh that's when you as the seven rounds 'cause you know you WanNa Punch your ticket and fight euro spins you. You have to impress because right now if like if I'm PVC. Anybody I WANNA see. Import Aerosmith Dana Garcia. That left a nasty taste in my mouth. Nothing enough I said makes me think the Dan Garcia can be aerospace. Nothing makes me think he's an improved fighter. He's the same guy who's not entertaining unless you're engaging in a firefight with no I agree. And it's just. He didn't show me that he is the caliber of the people chasing. So it's like all right man. I'm I'm ready just kind of tuned out perfect. 'cause it's I know the outcome at that point. You're not as good as I am just going to see you walk in there and lose so that does nothing for me to wrap up the show. It'd be remiss if we didn't mention your headed out to zone card featuring Logan Paul. I'm just GONNA call him the headliner. He's not disrespect. Anyone everyone else is Jake Paul. He's the headliner. Excuse me all the difference. Jake Paul is they had lighter this weekend. I hope that he loses loses to the other youtube guy from the UK because that guy is funny yeah oil gives so we shall see but also we have Dmitri it's android on that card headlining it. We have farmer versus Joe. Joe Dias asked actually should be a good fight. Yeah that's that's so fight to walk. I don't WanNA throw my own company under the bus but I'm about to because yes. Get it Jake Paul in Answerin give. which is if you smell it backwards as big nose? I didn't know that you learn about the way we do. That's a fight for the Youtube. Cry like the celebs crowd. I get it I totally get that fight but it Kinda exists on. Its own like you should have. Its own pre show on Youtube on everything. dimitrius angry is one of the best middleweights in the world. And it gets Luke Keeler. He should kill this man. You might not now have a conversation with android when I see him on Tuesday because he's got to impress. I say this all the time. You're not GonNa get attention if you just keep winning crappy decisions where you just completely cleanly outgunning your opponent. Nobody cares it's boring. Can Canal boring do something but seven farmer Joe Dias. There's heat is the rivalry. There's a feud there's the idea that if teva former beach Joe Joe Dias that. He wants to volunteer Davis. This is to me. This is your main event. That's that's my opinion..

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"jeb boone" Discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)

FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)

03:29 min | 1 year ago

"jeb boone" Discussed on FP's The Editor's Roundtable (The E.R.)

"And another cities, and then we slipped down the list of things for them to worry about to be honest. And when you're saying, we do you mean, a cohort of other foreign journalists? Yes, what we were down to one point myself in another American freelancer called Jeb Boone. But otherwise would never more than sort of four or five there at any one time, none of us who cover conflict before. And so. It was pretty haphazard to be honest with you. We learned as we went along. I was I was the eldest because I got into journalism is a second career, and I'd had some experience in first aid. Anyway, previous to that. But even looking back now, I put myself in situations. I would never put myself in now, and I can say I was probably reckless on on some occasions. But it was just a situation of not being so whereas you should be not having that experience. I guess and and the uprising in Yemen sort of escalated quite gradually. So it started with just plain street protests a bit of rock throwing then to sort of take ask them water cannon to eventually live munition and snipers on rooftops. So we learned as we went along. And because of that slower escalation we had that opportunity to feel our way, a bitter suppose, but yes, I had many close encounters. Let's put it that way. Join T thousand eleven I learnt. My lesson. But thankfully, not by getting myself in the process, can you tell us one situation that you now look back on and cringe thinking about well. Yeah, I ended up writing for the times in that was in may two thousand eleven I was with a bunch of protesters watching them one evening, though, had already been a couple of people shot already by soldiers. They were confronting. They were trying to push the boundaries at the protest camp. And it got dark and the rebound one hundred soldiers, they're probably and they were somewhat penned in the protesters, and they just suddenly opened fire shooting from the hip in a street situation. So you relatively narrow road and not many escape routes, and then kind of panic and I took cover behind the wooden box that was an ATM machine. And it doesn't take a genius two walkout AK forty seven five can penetrate a wooden box quite easily. And yes, I bundled under whole pile of people that died behind the. Same place for shelter initially thought I was actually going to get crushed to death. And then as I looked up I could see the snipers on the muzzle flash through the darkness kind of very distinctive orange flash. From the end of the gun and shooting down in this from above as well as coming at us from down the street. So yes, I had to dig my way out from being under the bottom of part of people, including a boy who I could hear was struggling to breathe who was crushed underneath me and had to run for it. I had to run through the soldiers who was shooting because that was the only way out. And so was only by that. I got there. I got caught by another soldier who was in a line behind those ones who were shooting, and he had a baton on many hit the guy behind me who fell on top of me. And then hit me as well. But I still managed to get up and probably ran the faucets. I have my life and got out there. But yeah, that was a situation when I look back now knowing that I should never put myself in that position either in that location or without an exit. Roots and various sort of simple things, really. But yeah, I was very lucky, and I would have had nobody to blame..

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