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Amy Schumer changed her son's name because it sounded like 'genital'

The Bobby Bones Show

01:07 min | 3 months ago

Amy Schumer changed her son's name because it sounded like 'genital'

"A lunch box was telling me that Amy Schumer want to change your baby's name etcetera she changed it after being a it's a year old and she decided that she didn't like the way it sounded when you say it out loud because the names was Jean I tell what wait a minute you would name your kid Gina tell as in genital who in the world especially someone that uses words for a living like that's what she does she crafts words to make people feel a certain way and yeah she said that I realize it sounds like genital and I had to change it for a year she what was that what's the bigger story here that she named her kid Gina tell or that she changed it after a year that's crazy other stories you change it I don't know how you change your baby's name after a year that's a little weird to me wow what does that with the changes here yeah Jeanne David Fisher you know there are other kid view all there you go I'm my mind is blown right now that someone who is supposedly smart could do something that dumb you would think it's saying it all together that someone go and give me that sounds like a you know a nadie

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