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"jeanette cooney" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"The poll of eight hundred and sixty four Americans was conducted Wednesday night to medical Montanaro NPR news Washington vaping related breathing illnesses are now up more than fifty percent in just one week and the death toll is rising the centers for disease control and prevention says it's investigating more than eight hundred confirmed and probable cases in forty six states also says the death toll has climbed to twelve most patients have said the vape products that contain THC the chemical in marijuana that makes people high you're listening to NPR news and this is W. NYC I'm Jamie Floyd wants the has had a change of heart about eliminating the exam for the city's specialized high schools state senator John Lou chairs the Senate Education Committee. the mayor is now has opened his eyes and seeing the problem more holistically and is willing to think outside the box and as importantly engage stakeholders in the quest for finding a solution the mayor says he's open to ideas other than eliminating the single test admissions policy I knew sculpture by artist could hinder Wiley is set to be unveiled in Times Square tomorrow best known for painting Barack Obama's official portrait the sculpture is Wiley's first public work it's titled rumors of war and depicts a young black man in modern street where astride a horse it's a response to many statues erected during the civil rights movement at celebrate figures of the confederacy Jeanette Cooney is the art director for the Times Square alliance not only making an impact for new Yorkers it's presenting the.

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