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Merchant of Death Pt. 1: Viktor Bout


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Merchant of Death Pt. 1: Viktor Bout

"Spring two thousand one. In the Democratic Republic of Congo brutal warlord jean-pierre Bemba and a group of heavily-armed adolescent guerilla soldiers tracked through the Humid jungle. Destination. Bemba's hilltop outpost among Bemba's ranks was none other than the globally renowned arms dealer Viktor boot. The merchant of Death boot had just delivered a shipment of weapons and ammunition the necessary also to continue his fight against Congo's government thirty, four year old boot revelled in his ability to deliver to these remote locations. To Land Cargo planes on sketchy rural jungle airstrips was just one more asset to set him apart in the arms trade boot also prided himself making near impossible sales and it didn't matter what it was guns ammo food anything once at camp the pudgy imposing Bemba sat with boot soaking in the spectacular view of Lake Albert but Bamba immediately realized they had a problem a big problem one. So stunning they forgot the atrocities of war surrounding them. They were out of beer. Welcome to kingpins upon podcast. Original I'm Alistair Murdoch and I'm Kate Leonard. Every Friday we journey inside the ranks of Organized Crime Rings From Street gangs to mafiosos to understand how a King or Queen Pin. To the top of the underworld and why they full as we follow the lives of infamous crime bosses, we explore how money and power change them and how it changed the community around them. You can find episodes of kingpins and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream kingpins for free on spotify, just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar. This is a first episode on the infamous victim to boot a Russian arms. Dealer who became one of the most elusive and prolific traffic because in history this week will explore boots rise in the arms trafficking game boot had an uncanny ability to capitalize on the fall of the Soviet Union, which fueled the brutal and ruthless conflicts across Africa. Next week, we'll follow boots role in the Middle East as America's war on Tara created a new market to sell weapons, and we'll explore some of the conspiracies that have followed the man known as the merchant of death. Coming up will explore the rise of Victor. Boot. By the end of the nineteen nineties, victim boot had become a cloud casting his shadow across the entire global arms market while his patents were temperamental, his visibility subject to perception and his reign often sporadically concentrated boot was a geopolitics genius. He was constantly adapting don't just too whether each storm, but to thrive in the downpours first and foremost boot was a capitalist, he didn't care what He was selling who he was selling to where it was going or what sanctions might label it illegal. If there was a war to be waged Victor boot was there to supply it. He was greedy and opportunistic meaning a good businessman, brutal warlords, American politicians into poll investigators, UN suppliers, reporters, or even a Hollywood screenwriter boot could get them all what they wanted and he sold to everyone. Boots, reportedly on's nearly all of western Africa most of the Middle East, the United States, and even some South American countries and because no one was off limits. It's hard to know exactly how many warlords or governments he was in bed with or how many millions of dollars he plunged into his bank accounts. He took every precaution to limit the publication of the specifics and details of his trade. It became nothing more than whispers in shadows even today. Those in the trade believed, there are still hundreds of deals yet to be exposed, but rumors make the best reputations. It only added to the allure of a man with an interest in maintaining his clout, a man who could make it happen whatever it was and on a warm April two, thousand, one evening deep within the Congolese jumble, boot was willing to prove it warlord show-me Pierre. Bemba had just discovered a major problem he was out of beer. This problem wouldn't even cross the mind of most revolutionary leaders especially those forced to live rather Fridley while trekking through the wild African. Jungle. However. Bemba wasn't exactly a minimalist. He'd regularly insists that his deprived militia, Kerry his hard top tents, cots, chemical toilets, and generators on their often brutal and lengthy marches. Their leader wasn't willing to go without any of the finer things knowing the warlords taste for comfort. It seemed absurd to think that his militia forgot something. So simple as beer especially after making such an important lucrative arms, deal it enough to drive Bemba into a rampage for Victor boot though it was an opportunity to forever assert himself into the warlords. Good graces after all. This was the height of the. Congo conflict, a war that had been off and on since the mid nineties claiming roughly five point, four, million lives someone had to continue fueling the war machine. So if finding a few cases of beer resulted in future business as well as adding to his own reputation, then the arms dealer had no choice but to deliver the only question left was, where do you find beer in the middle of jungle? Marching through the Congolese rainforest was his own form of Hell. The mosquito laid and stretches of thick brush and biting flies was insufferable boot and bamber wanted to avoid them at all costs, which is why boot decided to use two soviet-built helicopters to bypass the jungle boots crew along with twenty armed guerrillas set out for the ultimate beer run they choppered east across Lake Albert and into Uganda. Once over the lake, they landed just outside a quaint little town. The small militia proceeded to occupy the area rounding up townspeople in the market square an ordering. Them to fetch available beer an hour later boot and his man loaded the helicopters with cases of beer paying the townspeople very little and made their way back to Bemba. The men toasted the success sipping on suds and basking in the lakeside view and for the thirty four year old boot. He knew he had solidified his relationship with yet another happy customer that night after the men had their fill boots and his crew sleds near the choppers, they kept each primed and ready for an emergency takeoff. Should they need one allegedly this was customary for boot. Even. When he was invited to stay in a warlord's villa's, he'd pitched a tent in the brush near his escape craft. Instead, he was cautious to keep himself one step ahead both of his enemies and his friends. The great irony of course was that for all his success selling arms to men like Jean Pierre Bemba Victor boot knew nothing about weapons themselves. In fact boots longtime partner the Bulgarian arms. Dealer Peter Mirtchev was shocked that boot was completely ignorant of the industry when they first met in Nineteen ninety-five according to Merch of boot mistake the calibers, he mistake the systems, he mistake the weapons but boots wasn't going to let a little thing like arms illiteracy stop him from being successful. He was an opportunist and he'd being that ever since he was a child growing up in the Soviet Union. The majority of boots upbringing is a mystery over the years very little has come to light about his early life according to his multiple passports boot was born in nineteen, sixty, seven in do Sean Bay to GCA Stan a small country today that Afghanistan, it was much closer to the middle. East. Then to Moscow, the mystery surrounding boots extend beyond him to there's always been some speculation boots mother was a high ranking KGB operative boot has denied this claim though insisting that both of his parents held mundane. Restrictive jobs boot grew up desperately wanting to travel to see the world but in the Soviet Union, there was an understanding that the only way to do this was either through sports or the military according to the New Yorkers, Nicholas Schmidl boot tried both as an adolescent boot tour the USS playing volleyball. Then when he turned eighteen, he enlisted in the Soviet Army where he was stationed in the Ukraine for two years after his deployment ended twenty year old boots moved onto the Military Institute of Foreign Languages. In Moscow a breeding ground for Russian intelligence officers after graduating from the academy in the late Nineteen Eighties boot found himself in. Mozambique in Southern Africa at least according to him, he claims that he served as a simple military advisor. However many have speculated that after graduation he was actually in Angola working as a KGB, operative boot has fervently denied these accusations insisting that he had never worked for the KGB. He even went so far to state that his mother cried when the papers connected him so the Notoriously secret organization. These allegations were simply spoiling his self made image and he was desperate to refute them. So later in life boot obtained a letter from the Federal Security Service formerly the KGB to corroborate his lack of involvement with the agency for Victor boot, reputation was everything regardless of whether or not. He was actually KGB. We know for sure that he was in southern Africa in the late nineteen, eighty s because this time either serving in traveling through Mozambique is when he first met Allah protests over. At the time protests over was the region with her husband. But upon meeting boot, she's fell head over heels in love not long after their meeting produce ova filed for divorce by Nineteen ninety-one boot and pro sova were married. The whirlwind romance led to a Moscow marriage and just in time for the collapse of the Soviet Union before the ink even dried on the marriage certificate, the newlyweds faced. A stalk new world chaos exploded control of the dismantled superpower when to anyone desperate enough to seize it society divided into those willing to make something of themselves and those willing to disappear back into the abyss. But for twenty four year old victim boot. Now, husband the full of the once great superpower wasn't a time for morning it was an opportunity to make some money by any means necessary. Coming up victim boots uses the collapse of the Soviet Union to break into arms stealing. Before we get back to the show I have a quick podcast recommendation I think you'll really enjoy it's an own use spotify original from podcast is called incredible feats. 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In nineteen, ninety, one, the Soviet Union collapsed creating K. also lives careers and entire countries with thrust into uncertainty. The many it was a truly devastating and scary moment millions wanted what life would look like for twenty four year old victim boot though he sold a geopolitical shakeup as an opportunity, one befitting of his military background see the dismantling of the Soviet military led to a surplus of ammunition weapons and military equipment that was no longer in use. The Soviet arsenal was littered across eastern. Europe all the leftovers from the arms race with the United, states were now without a home and thus entirely for sale boots saw potential in the stockpiled weapons plus Eastern European weapons. Manufacturers who made the Soviet weapons was suddenly left with arms to sell instead of collecting dust in warehouses boot knew he could flip them and Reagan hundreds of millions of dollars. It wouldn't take much convincing to acquire them for himself. All he really needed was a way to transport them and as if the. Pot couldn't get any sweeter. There were also airport tarmacs with unused aircrafts. No one really wanted them because no one could afford them between the cost of parts, fuel and upkeep new ownership was practically giving the useless planes away as a young and eager entrepreneur boots knew that if he could acquire the cargo planes, he could find the capital to fix fuel and fly them. Someone would pay him to take something somewhere. He just had to find out who then in nineteen, ninety, two boot. Seized, his opportunity, he acquired his first three Antonov cargo planes for the remarkable bargain price of one hundred, twenty, thousand dollars total the details on how the twenty five year old just found his startup capsule remained fuzzy to this day boots claimed that he had no problems raising the funds for the initial investments yet the whispers surrounding boots early years suggested different story one in which the GRU or Russian military intelligence allegedly gifted boots the planes in exchange for a percent of his new business. The fleet of cargo aircrafts was far more than the GR. You could hope to use in their newly founded Russia, their solution than was to unload the aircraft's for whatever they could get after all money was far more appealing than the surplus of grounded planes though this story hasn't been confirmed, it suggests that BOOT and his enterprise may have always been supported by covert powers like the Gru many within law enforcement have looked the. As a crucial for BOOT in Russian Kushtia means roof. But in the Russian underworld, it's a very specific protective entity someone or something that provides legal protection and extrajudicial advantages. The GRU was coping with their ammunition surplus attempting to turn associates stockpile into cash whether they were cognizant of it or not they were now in the business of making arms deals, but the GRU also wanted to legally Weapons. In a way that wouldn't necessarily connect a newly founded Russia with a potentially unwanted ally. So a middleman seemed like an ideal solution. We don't know the specifics of these first flights where boot Wen or the dates they happened remain a mystery. But what we do know is that as the USSR was collapsing, he was making cargo runs and it's implied that they were in service for the Gr you. Years later, boots associates in Western intelligence officials confirmed that BOOT transported sanctioned arms to approved African countries on his first few flights. Much of the rumors surrounding these early a flights make sense. The new Russian government maintained a presence in select USSR embassies and use them to make arms deals for example in. Angola. In Nineteen ninety-one GRU agents said to have occupied outposts and use the stations as legal entry points for weapons. These weapons were then transported across the continent to various governments and militia groups according to an anonymous British intelligence agent in boots biography merchant of death. BOOT was stepping into existing relationships, he was the new face, the old pipeline each Soviet connection boots made on these early runs was an opportunity for the future. They held infinite possibilities to expand his network. He met with military officials, intelligence offices, and airport personnel, anyone and everyone that would make his shipments fly easier and the radar was an important cog in the boots machine. He found powerful people in powerful places and no matter who they were. Or what they wanted if they could fuel his business boot wasn't going to say, no, it's no surprise. Then that at the beginning of his career boots fulfilled several of the worst paying defense contracts now known those coming from the UN weapons, of course paid more but flying legitimate UN Kogo boasted his reputation. He could take any contract anywhere in the world in nineteen ninety-two roots planes delivered supplies for the World Food Programme into Somalia, and during. The Rwandan crisis who says he flew in over two thousand, five, hundred French troops in addition to supplies for refugees and the more cargo shipments he delivered the stronger the demand grew. If he was going to keep up, he'd need more planes sometime in nineteen ninety-two boot found four cargo planes that were destined to be scrapped for parts. In fact, they were on record as having been junked planes past their prime and completely unfit for air travel. Because, they were essentially inoperable. It meant that they were taken off the international registry list. This gave the added effect of making the planes difficult to track and their origins even more difficult to identify. They were perfect and boot bought all four at around twenty thousand dollars a piece then boot. A team of specialists to retrofit the planes with the absolute minimum of flight essential parts the sooner they were in the air with as much cargo as possible. The sooner he could make money the move paid off in a single week of flights. Each plane made thirty thousand dollars worth of deliveries to Angola. Despite the rapid success boot yearned for more, he knew if he expanded outside of Russia, he could find new opportunities and more money so he decided to move. Sometime in nineteen, ninety, three boot and his wife Allah relocated to the United Arab Emirates specifically to the reputedly lawless city of Sharja, less than twenty miles from Dubai the coastal cities close proximity to African conflicts made it an ideal place to establish an air freight company and in no time it's all boot and his cargo planes were. A dangerous deliveries to remote jungle s strips located in war zones over the next two years business boomed so much that he and Allah were able to move into a villa overlooking the Persian Gulf. In Nineteen, Ninety Five, twenty, eight year, old boot began working with Peter Mere Jeff. A Bulgarian arms dealer when Mir Chevy I met boot. He was surprised at how little boot actually understood about weapons and ammunition for all the success. That booth had over the last three years. He could barely tell the difference between a motion gone or a Kalashnikov. Thankfully Mitch have gave him a crash course in weapons one. Oh One and boot was a fast learner soon, too forged a partnership Mitch have provided the weapons and boot used his cargo planes to transport them. BOOT was able to quickly apply his new knowledge and maneuver through the so-called grey areas of arms stealing. The Grey areas referred to both morality and the market the best way to succeed in the gray area was by maintaining some ignorance surrounding specific shipments route began doing this perfectly perhaps he what he was trafficking but not where it was going perhaps it was the other way around more than ever ignorance was bliss boot extended this type of deniability to his flight crews most pilots consider it their duty and obligation to know what's in their cargo looking the other way is not just negligent but sacrilegious for boots pilots though neglect to know was a part of the job description whether this was boots way of protecting his crew or himself. One thing is certain. It definitely kept things in the moral gray. Out of sight out of mind as for the gray market weapons, sales are almost exclusively in this realm. This is because arms dealing is an intrinsically illegal. In fact, there are few international laws that regulate it and even fewer that are actually enforceable across borders. The best way to explain it is like this when shopping for designer handbag, it isn't necessarily illegal for someone to buy a brand new one still in the packaging from the back of. Trunk. The discounted rate. However, it's obviously not as legitimate as purchasing the same purse full price in a department store if a person but the bag from a trunk, they made a grey market purchase. They are protected by their ignorance of the bags, origins and authenticity. The concept to can be applied to arms deals. Victim boots quickly learned that when it came to weapons how and where they were bought mattered and how to make an illegitimate sale look legitimate. The distinction between the two often comes down to the ability to produce an end user certificate or e. you see an e you see verifies that the deal is not in violation of any UN. Sanctions thus alleged deal rebel groups, militias, and destabilized governments are often placed under restrictions when it comes to being allowed to buy weapons a move intended to ease bloody. Conflicts seeing yet another opportunity find the mid nineteen, ninety s victim boots became an expert in forging a UC's while forged e UC's were a great way to bypass the UN they were by no means the only way it was important to boot to make sure all his bases were covered. So another one of his tricks was the misdirect boots instructed his pilots to. Block out or repaint aircraft call signs. This was done so that the planes couldn't be properly identified during landings takeoffs. All of his pilots had cans of spray paint on hand just in case the misdirect extended to the cargo itself. Boot may have labeled crates of weapons as perishable fruits to dissuade legitimate officials from prying them open. This was especially effective in the. More hot and humid climates fewer determined enough to open a putrid crate spoiled produce in the heat even more tricks up his sleeve likely included bribing military officials to look the other way at s strips paying off warehouse clubs to fudge inventory sheets, having pilots, lands. It's an airport with one registration number and take off with another and switching entire crews at refueling stops. But of all the possible tactics, one of the most creative would have been having his flights double back with all of the airlines he was creating, which he registered under shell companies. The double back method could be used as a way to make those airlines appear legitimate the double back work like this. Hypothetically speaking, let's say victim booed deal to sell hundreds of automatic weapons to the brutal. Liberian. Dictator Charles Taylor obviously, boots couldn't appear to be selling those weapons to someone violating human rights like Taylor. So officially, the flight manifest said that the plane was going from Portugal to Bolivia however, once the plane was just over Liberia, it would double. Back and land for an unscheduled stop perhaps to refuel the weapons would be unloaded and the plane would be back up in the air since the departure and landing airports were all that boot needed to report this not so little detour officially never happened on paper the flight was completely legitimate troops to Liberia were common throughout the mid to late nineteen nineties. In fact, cargo planes carrying massive amounts of weapons flew in and out of Africa. Constantly what few people realize though was that Charles Taylor was just the tip of the iceberg throughout the nineteen nineties there was a common denominator when it came to the various wars destroying Africa Fixer boot. And by the start of the new millennium, everyone knew his name. Coming up Victor boot arms notorious African dictators while trying to protect his own reputation now back to the story. Throughout the nineteen nineties Russian arms dealer Viktor boot capitalized on the fall of the Soviet. Union. To create a global arms empire with the help of his friend and partner Peter Mere Jeev he was able to skirt international laws and supply weapons to whomever needed them. Boots was particularly interested in one place that had known turmoil for decades, Africa and one of his favorite alleged clients was Liberian dictator Charles Taylor before Charles Taylor officially became president of Liberia in Nineteen, ninety seven he was the leader of a rebel group during the Liberian civil war, the bloody six-year conflict between nineteen. Ninety and nineteen ninety six resulted in over one hundred, fifty thousand deaths and turned half the population into refugees. Tell you used weapons smuggled into the country as his tools for bloody chaos and once he was in power, he was ready to cash out on his new found status. In the late nineteen nineties he allegedly diverted over one hundred million dollars of the country's treasury to fund his homes cause and of course weapons. But the hands holding these guns weren't adult revolutionaries. None of them were fanatical dogs fighting to overthrow a tyrannical leader instead most of his fighting forces were children. During. The War Years Taylor reportedly pumped his child soldiers with cocaine and amphetamines. This gave them feel sensibility they'd willingly fights and. For Taylor and the weapons, his child soldiers used allegedly came from victim boot. Taylor allegedly was a favourite customer of boots. Their relationship gave way to new deals in the surrounding area. Taylor had dictatorial friends who also coincidentally needed weapons and munitions one such place though proved to be trickier than anticipated Sierra Leone. For reasons that are unclear dealing in Sierra Leone would have implicated boot directly. Perhaps, he was unable to forge the end user certificate or perhaps he wasn't able to double back without drawing suspicion either way getting weapons into the country was a challenge. But by January of Nineteen, ninety, nine not only had thirty, two year old boot found the answer. He also implemented a long term solution. He started chartering his airplanes by leasing out his planes boot wasn't responsible for knowing where they were flying or what they were carrying. He created the ultimate blanket of deniability in just two months the Revolutionary United Front the rebel group boots was allegedly arming and Sierra Leone received up to sixty seven tons of weapons, all of them originating from Ukraine much like in Liberia many of the soldiers using these weapons were children, but in a much more sadistic move some of. These children had, are you F- carved into their chest? It was a brand to ensure that no kid could escape the clutches of the militia boot Fed off of these African conflicts, he was pulling business with dictators and rebel leaders across the continent, and for nearly a decade, he managed to keep his deals like the ones in Liberia and Sierra Leone a total secret. But the more business he did the more attention he flagged soon, boots name began to surface throughout the international community in just a few years. The Dawn of the new millennium brought a much fuller more damning picture of his activity to light. In the nineteen nineties, an Angolan rebel militia called UNITA began to turn their automatic weapons on civilians. Naturally, this caught the attention of the. UN. Soon, a delegation was sent to Angola to investigate the atrocities. The investigators discovered that since nineteen ninety eight Peter mirtchev boots partner had been trafficking into Angola, everything from AK47's two rocket propelled grenades. Each shipments end user certificate. It's receipt of legality had been forged, and in every case, but one boots cargo planes were used to make the drop when pressed by reporters boots admitted that in Nineteen ninety-four, he transported whiskey flour potatoes, cooking oil, and. Other supplies to the UNITA territory and he admitted to trafficking arms into nearby you need to friendly countries. However, he denied ever sending those weapons to the UNITA or to you need to control territories not that his word mattered when it was eventually released the UN report sparked a lot of interest especially from the CIA Whitney Schneiderman, the former deputy assistant secretary of state for African affairs went so far as to label boot as the personification of evil directly undermining our efforts to bring peace unfortunately though the UN is not an internationally enforceable entity meaning, they can't prosecute all illegal or. Activity instead, their objective was to name and shame shadow businesses bringing the deeds to light. This was exactly the tactics they used against boot and it worked. More boot was named and shamed the more. He took it upon himself to defend his businesses and deny these accusations publicly after all his image was everything it's what helped to build his career. In boots mind he wasn't committing crimes. He was merely filling a hole in the marketplace. It didn't care about who he sold weapons to because if he didn't make the sale, somebody else would, for instance, in Nineteen, Ninety, eight boots and michief traffic weapons from Bulgaria to Rwanda for the Tuzi led government wants their weapons with funneled to the Tuzi militia. Fighting the Congo wars between nineteen ninety, one, nine, nineteen, Ninety, eight, the US. Also delivered over two hundred twenty seven million dollars in weapons to seven countries involved in the Congo wars in addition to another one, hundred, twenty, five, million dollars in aid supplies boot saw his own work as the same thing they were both selling weapons to militias from his perspective. He was merely a capitalist, the new John D. Rockefeller or Andrew Carnegie the only difference between boots and these American titans was that he dealt in weapons not oil or steal. But if that wasn't enough boot also made it clear that he didn't just deal in weapons his cargo planes flew humanitarian aid to these same war-torn countries take the Congo conflict. For example, yes he did deliver weapons to multiple forces in the region, but he also delivered supplies from the World Food Program to refugees, and let's not forget. He also transported aid for Rwandan refugees and Belgian peacekeepers into Somalia just because he was profiting off both sides doesn't mean he was a bad person. It just meant he would take every opportunity ethics. His ability to shake off the naysayers and continue crisscrossing the globe only added to boots growing legend. He had skirted national laws for a decade. He knew that he could keep doing it even with a spotlight on his back. So the two thousand started off on the wrong foot wide swell on it that was always going to be bloodshed somewhere in the world, and once there was the chance to make money off of it wasn't far behind. BOOT could accept that on September eleventh two, thousand, one, nineteen terrorists from Al. Qaeda launched a series of coordinated attacks against the United States nearly three thousand Americans lost their lives at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and in the four airplanes that were used to commit the heinous act the attacks would trigger one of the biggest conflicts of the new millennium from his television screen thirty, four year old victim boot watched as the United States prepared for the invasion of Afghanistan. He wasn't thinking about the impending. Bloodshed all he could think to himself was that a major Entity. had fallen into his lap. Thanks again for listening to kingpins join US next week as we follow victim boots, arms deals through the Middle East, and as he makes his attempts to dodge the authorities for more information on Victor Boot amongst the many sources we used, we found merchant of death by Douglas Fara and Stephen Ron and arms, and the man a New York Times article by Peter Landis men to be extremely in our research. You can find more episodes of kingpins and all other podcast originals for free on spotify not disqualify have favorite music, but now spotify is making it easy for you to enjoy all of. Your favorite punk ass originals like kingpins for free from your phone desktop boss Smart Speaker to stream kingpins on spotify just open the APP and type kingpins in the search bar and don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram at park cast and twitter at podcast network. We'll see next time kingpins was created by Max Cutler and his opoku studios. Original Executive Producers Include Maxon, Ron Cutler some designed by Nick Johnson with Production Assistance Bhai Raunchy Pero, Cardi Madden, and Travis Clark. This episode of kingpins was written by me grasscutter with assistance by Kate, gallagher and styles, Kate Leonard, and Alistair Murdoch on. Listeners. You don't want to miss incredible feats the all new spotify original from podcast host. Dan Cummins free full straight into the weirdest wildest achievements of all time new episodes, every weekday search incredible feats, and follow free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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