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"jean saint joan rash" Discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast

"Going on. Everyone i'm your host kobe marshall. It's been a little bit. I had a lot of problems on friday. So i was episode up to you guys Makes both the power going because of the thunderstorms from also and also. I lost some corrupted footage. I can restore it in canada's like i can't really recover from this so can decide to get an episode up and i'm sorry but i was like i'll tune episode for tuesday It's coming home feeling great mood but it didn't come home Will talk about the game in the first segment here and then from here will move on. We'll talk about a little bit copa america. Probably the last two games will talk. Also about Transfer rumors On the gold cup. 'cause that's kind of was going on right now maybe just some gold cup some analysts. I dunno something out of this mood. I'm in. I'm in such a bad mood and i'm still in denial and we'll we'll talk about the game and as i've said this whole tournament was leading up to this england could've taken at home but they did not. It was very close game very early. On luke shaw hit a beautiful goal very early on in the second minute. Basically try to break counter so we break on the counter trippy. It crosses over. Shaw wonderful volley on his left foot. He goes like in off the post in donald. Didn't even react a grateful but it just wasn't enough and then finally monson pressure up with Driving down finally get a corner. All comes in some talent player gets a header onto a pick for makes the first initial save and then benishi is there to kind of tap it in right after. He's able to get the other the goal tie the game up and then from there England did not do good tactically Got subs wrong. He brought on. Jean saint joan rash way too late in the game. They were not warmed up at all. draw really on way too late as well really should have been on weight earlier just on. I think you gotta subs wrong. But i thought he had the original formation right And i don't even think he played that bad again. It was tough though specials. Italy seem khokar. they are and then be the game. Goes the extra time into pk's and so for pk's bernardine kimball scores. There's than belotti. Get saved pickford mcguire scores and then Bucci misses his or makes his but rash for kind of his off. The post it was. I was going to go in. But it just one off the post Squandered that chance unfortunately them printed scores santa. mrs. Georgina actually misses and for socket. Put keep the country back in nineteen holes so much pressure the entire way of a nation after fifty five years on his head. It's an act could save an excellent dollar Who's been everywhere. He's been great and that was a save. Nothing really could have done in. Poor nineteen year old kid is gonna to be subject of so much. Racial abuse in all three of martin's on our it's all around is all through. The players who missed were black in england. Few miss if you win your england if you lose your either black or you're white and it's very sad and especially to my mom's from england and she she tells me that's how it is spend kind of won't change this unfortunate and i just. I'm in such a bad mood. And i feel bad. If you will offer sokha no amount of words could make him not have nightmares about that miss. But the fact that he had the courage to step up nineteen years old to take a penalty shows. You everything he's going to be england's bright future. I mean he's already looked great in games and again. I'm very excited for future. And i'm so lucky to have him at arsenal. It's just so unfortunate that he doesn't come home with a eurotunnel after playing which an amazing tournament in always remembered for his missing this chance. Even though he's been central barely gametime he wasn't gonna be expected for four. Can you bring on for penalty wasn't able to perform simply with Barely gametime this tournament. And i think that is on scarce okay game. I think he understands that. I trust southgate. Naidoo isn't as an england fan. Southgate will bring home. I think next summer. We'll see that before. My heartbroken again but the core of this team is still young sancho young radford twenty three still young harry canes now in his prime we like a call your to of him being great we still have Judy leave eighteen. We have so many young players. Jack religious every everyone still so young. We have time to be able to evolve into such a great. This is a great youth generation coming through honestly probably stronger than the golden generation. You really do think about it. Sokha sancho richard bellingham greeley like a lot a lot of players who are just solid reese chains some very young defenders as well. I'm just goof. Dishes i feel so heavy. But some facts about the game It'll leave on their second european championship title. The first time they wanna in years also nineteen sixty eight gb england again. Or well yeah. This is the second longest gap between championships in in the tournament by nation. That was actually bigger than spain's forty four year. Wait from nineteen sixty four to two thousand eight now have won six major tournaments for world cups into euros germany. Only one more with seven so england also just one twenty two percent of their major tournaments shootouts in world cups in euros the lowest of any european nation to have been involved in three or more. The penalty curses still on stolen england.

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