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"jd fanny" Discussed on ESPN FC

"Caught offside with andrew gumming and jj. Benny yes offside suburbs of new york city department rookie. New york andrew godly and jake. Jd fanny divinely night. My friend andrew. I am so excited about this war. Chill fire more excited than i've been able to muster for the entire of the actual football. The award show means more to me than the season just past. It's more fun to do this now than it was to watch this season. Good evening everyone. The latter portion of the podcast will be the twenty twenty twenty twenty one ep l. Bundling award spectacular. This is essentially a red carpet. Show going on right now. And i'll tell you what the red carpet show is quite a show unto itself because over the course of of this portion of the program. We've got the champions league final to get to. We've got an unbelievable case of managerial merry-go-round happening right now. We've already got high profile. Signings that are going down. We've got euro squads high profile missions that need to be addressed so the red carpet. Show i. it's it's a bear unto itself and then everyone will file inside and the the epl devan ling's will follow to round out your evening. This is one of my favorite podcasts of the year. Yeah we've already had a red carpet incident though pep guardiola's here tonight on some photographer. Some paparazzi shouted out pet. What are you wearing. What are you wearing except a sense of shame at what you've done o. J. brought jokes. Wow don't you know it's a special evening when jj brings jokes ridiculing me already a regular even for you when that happens well tell you what i you need to get some of it because i've spent the last week getting all of it when we did the podcast last week. I genuinely their times. We'll we'll do a show and all have an opinion or something and i'll stand by it but after we stopped recording. I'll sometimes think to myself i'm gonna. I'm gonna hear about that during the week last week when we signed off i was a hundred percent sure. I ate burritos in the normal fashion that the majority of the general public eight and boy were you wrong. So the the podcast went out and immediately the responses were coming in. What's he doing. Is he a serial killer. People that i'm close friends with dan berendsen right away. I've known him for eighteen years. I don't know what to do with this information so right away i knew oh this is. This is not going the way that i actually thought it was going to be going so then i noticed that. So then i haven't told you there's been people sending videos I think is a.

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