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"jc ryle" Discussed on AM 1350 WEZS

"Nine nine three three got my live chat friends on the sons of liberty media going back and forth I appreciate you guys also check out reports news thank you to Michael Roach over there for your trust and we are testing the you to right now with that said you can jump over there or you can give us a call at any time it's up to you we're talking right now about how Americans say that they love their freedoms but what did a lot more and I'm also highlighting the fact that they honor the soldiers the fallen with their lips and they've Bonner in the spiritual Christ with their lips because if they were really truly honoring them which means to hold in high esteem Webster's eighteen twenty eight they would be living for what these men died for second Corinthians five fifteen we live under him who died for us okay but what are they living on two fronts they're living on to entertaining themselves through bread and circuses as a matter of fact wasn't it or well just for example the football stadiums okay across the country George Orwell said football beer in gambling they were easily controlled for those that know anything of church history our forefathers in the patriots of the faith always warned against entertainment's entertainment tame derive from entertain means to stop from entering in so as long as your entertaining people your controlling people what is it that people prefer over living under them who died for them they prefer to be entertained out of their freedoms as I just said during the last segment they they love the fallen so much that they actually take the time to spend a lot of money on football tickets they go when they get the beer they gamble in France they are easily entertained there easily controlled no I didn't say that for folks the writing is on the wall it's also interesting to note just a side note here friends. how people say Bradley you're just you're you're you're a radical preacher you know why are you so caught up into what you do I have to be a part of my message friends I just have to because I'm not going to play with a hypocrite in the face of my country when I'm sick and tired of hypocrisy in that needs to be pretenders read Matthew twenty three verse three when you get a moment that they say and they do not okay. it's interesting that when you go let's say in the state of Minnesota here you get these football fans they're just radical is all can be they they're shouting their lungs out folks that they leave horse literally other a beer in their hands they have their shirts off other painted half purple and yellow they have horns on their head like a Minnesota Viking and it's interesting nobody complains about how they act and act like a bunch of kids that have mentally never grown up and that is a fact okay but the minute you start to actually print out against the sense that men fall into Jesus said he that come medicine will die in his same in order centers girlfriends they go to hell and there's a reason that Jesus warned of hell over fifty four times from the old testament to the New Testament probably just say Jesus warning the Old Testament well who was it that spoke to the patriarchs if there's anything good in any of our all the way from Adam all the way to John at Pratt most who was it it was the son of god who always has banned rights okay so with that said friends going back to my point. how is it that men today. say what their lips that their sole thankful for the freedoms that they have but yet they refuse to protest Protestant has meaning protest and how was it that they love their freedom so much that they refuse to confront and protest corruption in the church and they refused to protest corruption in the government I got a question for you where is the love. because you just got done telling me that you you honor those that have fallen on your behalf well let me ask you the question what was it that they fell on the behalf of this they were protest in so much so friends that they put their lives in between them in you in the tyrants. and if it wasn't for them in the natural and for them in the spiritual namely the Christ we wouldn't be here today. men have lost their perspective men have lost that which has value you know isn't it interesting let me go back to the word of god in in a bookstore we were just in New York City you go inside of a bookstore some of those books are just crazy money. crazy money. the most valuable book in the world France is the word of god easily hands down. but where is it. we just stayed at a hotel friends in New York where there was no Bible was the third hotel out of thousands of hotels that we stayed in they have no value for the price they have no value for the redemption they have on thankful hearts there's no gratitude whatsoever because if their wives they would be living for what Christ died for if there was they be living that for which are fallen have died for because we would be living for what they died for. you know I shared with you yesterday for answers I don't believe that there's a host in America that doesn't have a Bible if there is I haven't seen it yet. many of these bibles you can literally right the word damnation on them because they're so much dust accumulated on them and that damnation falls to those that fail to read it and fail to live for what they died for. but let me give you another example of what what I may be talking about your friends you know I just seen this today. and I've noticed this and you can take it how you want to take it I'm gonna stick to the word of god it's interesting when we think of James Dobson. it's interesting when we think of Pat Robertson. or the prosperity moment Joyce Meyer Benny hand Kenneth Copeland. it's an interesting friends that when you think of Billy Graham how we received a star from the fallen in Hollywood that that should raise a lot of concerns to those that call themselves Christians today because my Bible tells me this is my commandment that you love one another but if the world hates you you know what hated me before he did you as a matter of fact that's in John fifteen if you go to John seven seven friends even Jesus is brothers didn't believe in Jesus said Hey listen the world can hit you but me it hate it because I testify against the deeds of the world's worst Christianity France. speaking of Billy Graham his son Franklin just on some celebrity media just about fifteen minutes ago I'm sorry our goal was posted our country could begin to unravel if trump is removed from office. all these ministries that I just named who has taught you to succumb to corruption more than the professed church in America today. who's taught you to do nothing but to simply prey into nothing more than the professed Christians at the highest levels in the church in America today nobody else Hey folks only try some Franklin Graham is not the standard Billy Graham is not the standard Kenneth Copeland is not the standard Kenneth Hagin is not the standard Hey folks Joyce Meyer is not the standard Benny hinn is not the standard France Pat Robertson is not the standard America Donald Trump is not the standard America Jesus Christ is the standard and what did he do and I want to say this I don't want to hear from anybody talking about well you know I got my little Jesus what would Jesus do bracelet on today you know what I'd cut it off and throw the garbage because it's not what he did he told you to do the same thing and he told you that you're going to bear the same cross in John twenty as my father sent me so I sent you and that the book of at the end of John twenty one what does it tell us all the books be written concerning the miracles that Jesus did he said they couldn't in wrecking. it was Jesus said greater works will you do then I get has anybody taken the time to see what Jesus did in the book of acts which means you just pray you put free gear prayers. and that's what's missing today in America why people should come to what they call Christianity through these hierarchies throughout the United States of America B. welders me to no end they're not protesting corruption within the government they're not protesting corruption within the church they're not protesting anything they're teaching you how to sit com all of it very are not the standard America Jesus Christ is read the book of acts. I love this analogy because Frederick Douglass was a former slave any became an abolitionist back in the eighteen hundreds. and he said I prayed for twenty years for my liberty and it never came about he said until I put my feet to my prayers war where do they get that from. James to fourteen through twenty six. James to fourteen to twenty six because if you're going to stand back and play the game like these people that are attempting to set the thermometer at Vera temperature friends I'll tell you what that is exactly what Jesus said he would spill out of his mouth he said I'd rather have you hot or cold he said if you're warm spiel you out of my mouth and that's what's happening. when he said this way the church in America and I'm talking about the popular preachers were put up to keep you down America read first kings thirteen thirty three. that's the very reason you're in trouble today they are not the standard and I am sick and tired of hearing from Franklin Graham I'm sick and tired of hearing from Pat Robertson I'm sick and tired of listening to these people talk about what we need to do what it stands outside of what Jesus did and it's not what he did it's what he's doing here always church today for as many are led by the spirit of god these are sons of god you want to be liberated then you better do the same thing Frederick Douglass did and you better start putting your feet to your prayers because if not these people are gonna end up bringing your country right down to what they pretend to be warning you from in about. give me a break their enemies of the cross of Christ they don't know the power of god unto salvation friends many of I'm sick you needed the core. for many walk of whom I've told you often and I'll tell you even weeping they are enemies of the cross of Christ whose end is destruction whose god is their belly in whose glories in their shame who mind earthly things. mind earthly things I want to tell you and I want you to listen carefully to the prince of purchase Charles Spurgeon because this is Amanda understood the holy ghost as did JC Ryle matter fact I'll tell you what J. C. Ryle for cities that a true Christian is not one who is not only peace but conscience what war with Iran he may be known by his warfare as well as by is peace that's exactly right and what its prince preachers say he said wherever there is faith in a man let it but develop itself and there will be a purging of himself from St separating himself from the world in a conflict with evil and a warning for the glory of Christ..

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