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"jazz nets sixers" Discussed on Winning Plays

"You talk about just a death. I felt that especially when when we got the news that PJ Tucker, you know landed in Milwaukee. Yep. Yep. I guess you think about like what that Edition does to that team-first what it would do to the Celtics. And and you see I just think that the Celtics would be counting on PJ Tucker a lot more than the Bucks would write a key is he's another piece to a very solid veteran, you know, whether whether he's starting or the bench solid frontcourt just to sell a team where like I think that if itself is required required PJ Tucker, they just be expecting a lot more like he's like two or three rungs. I feel like lower on a chart in Milwaukee. Then you would be in Boston was just shows the difference between, you know, a contender a legitimate Contender and kind of I mean a pretender, I think at this point yes bank and you mean you just look at all you look at the Celtics performance against League teams around the league and I think that magnifies a clear this year their own eight against top five teams. That's um, and they've been competitive in those games. But if you look at them and the whole especially these last two games the Jazz, sorry, sorry went against what was again. So the top five teams in the league right now. So Lakers dead, Jazz Nets Sixers and I'm forgetting one more whoever's in that cuz I have the one we went against Milwaukee. Yeah, so they're in the top Phoenix is the page. Yeah. So because the other ones they lost out there. So those are like, hey that's surprising that also the top five teams are now first of all, but second of all you look at and again, it's a lot of those games were they were super shorthanded. You really can't, you know gauge fully but in these last against the the Nets and the Jazz, like what was the biggest difference in those games? Hey the Celtics fell apart down the stretch in the fourth in the near the worst fourth-quarter team in the league..

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