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"jazz campbell" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

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"jazz campbell" Discussed on The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

"That aren't playing anymore, but guys like Brent seabrook that have this character and ability and leadership and years in the game that you just have so much respect for and talking with those guys and they've always said you're going to get there like keep doing your doing they've been my biggest supporters and kind of always had the like when, how? I don't see the barriers, but I think it almost just hit me all at once of like, how did I end up here like this? And I knew it was going to take a conversation or two with the right person that saw something different in me and what I could bring to a team that would create potentially bring this opportunity to life. But I didn't know when it was going to happen. So I think now that I'm here, perhaps when it's all over, it's going to be like the adrenaline crash as you guys know. It's just you're so in the moment and appreciating and so grateful to be here. But yet knowing I have a job to do. And that's been my focus every single day is do my job and make sure I do it the best that I can and if we succeed, which my hope is we will succeed, then it's all going to make it that much more sweet. No question. Well, for the moment, you're where you belong and this guy is obviously the limit for Jessica Campbell. Thanks for joining us. Thank you so much, guys. Good luck, Jessica. Thank you. You know, ray Jessica Campbell is too busy for this. So in her honor, we're going to have to raise a glass of 44 year old CC. Two jazz Campbell for joining us today presented by our friends at Canadian club whisky, the 44 year old release is available everywhere. Maybe she gets back to North America after a successful men's worlds or if in the future we cross paths who knows. Maybe she'll come out to Saskatchewan and I'll give her a splash. Gotta go home eventually, right? Yeah. She's an impressive young coach. Really is. She is. I like how you can tell she wants to get right into the meat of the problem and solve it with her skill, her skill background, her skating background. I was really, really quite impressed. You know, we're surrounded by so many terrific hockey people. And I'm going to say hockey women, but I chose people for a purpose, right? You know, you're married to one, obviously, is doing great things in the hockey operations department. Emily casting gay is there. She's making her way. Rachel Dory is in Vancouver. I'm thinking of Cassie Campbell Pascal. I'm thinking a Cheryl pounder who I work with you work with. I mean, Megan Megan duggan is in New Jersey. Go down the list, right? And this is the thing pretty soon, Drake's not pretty soon already and going to be more. You can't list. There's too many. And it's just the way it should be. If a woman is qualified for a job, why can't she aspire to have it? Why can't she coach? Why can't Jessica Campbell in whatever the I never know how the coaching road works? Why can't she be qualified? If she is she is. Yeah. The one phrase I use all the time and I think it's apt is that it's not.

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