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"jaylen samuels joe" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Top because the one of the so Steelers will get a little breathing room to the thirty yard line offense has had a tough time getting into gear for Pittsburgh five thirty to the plate and it's Jaylen Samuelsen for James Connor who re injured his shoulder felt good food off on first down to the parking passes to the near side catch me and quickly slammed down Jaylen Samuels Joe shoulder wrap them up in a hurry we had no chance to try to set up the screen in silver did ma'am coverage in there is not a Walker that gets anywhere near sober and that's a huge loss that's one of those balls that as soon as you throw it you want to scream in jail in St Louis because it would be great it's a seven yard loss Samuel said know where the water Schober nearly knocked the ball free before Samuels landed on the ground second seventy once again shocking formation Moodle Moodle of developed market stocks of fires at the field it's made up of thirty nine yard line flight seven Jones it is NFL debut first year for Memphis Ryan Switzer placed on injured reserve earlier today with a back injury at seven Jones off the practice squad makes the gravity thirty one well the Steelers PR guy who is going to talk to the foreign **** and don't have any factors in this used major Rudolph for the quarterback keeper food one your that's all they needed and they get it to the first down with a sell.

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