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"jay taty" Discussed on Eating For Free

"Love you guys. See you soon. May thirteenth Nikita Dragoon who is another beauty blogger posted screen shots over texts with James about sugar bear hair. There's these, I messages that we read, we don't need to get into them. People start speculating about the timelines. I am reading this so fast by Russia. I really like keep going. Well, I studied this at work, so I could do this. So then even though she was trying to bolster his story. The text actually disprove is glam that sugar bear Harrington jumped to him the techs make it looked like he made the contract. I so then Nikita addresses the situation two days later, a day later on the fourteenth says that she only edits her waist on face tuned. She doesn't edit screen tant, screen time, recordings or FaceTime, recordings excuse me, or Timestamps. You really think I have the time to fake text the only thing I it is my waist on face toonces. They have screen recordings of the messages, blah, blah, blah. So the fifteenth the next day James is seen in public for the first time since he posted his apology because he was travelling, he was in SF, and then was in Australia. So then Totti posts, a second video on the sixteenth, so a full, let me get the exact date on from the white ended it with me. Sixteenth. Yes. So from the tenth to the sixteenth there to videos from Taty this one is called. Wyatt. Did it? She explains why she decided to post a forty three minute video named by sister on the tenth because she wanted to quote reach out to someone who she found completely unreachable, quote, it was a last ditch effort for me to be really out loud and vocal in wake someone up that I really love. So then two days later, James uploads a follow up to his original apology. No more lies. It is forty two minutes. He addresses every claim that Taty Jeffrey star made about him pulls out so many receipts that even Whitney Houston. Quote would be shook. I hate that quote, using a plethora of screen shots James shows that he was telling the truth about the sugar bear, harass situation. He says that Jay Taty encouraged James to hook up with Sam the waiter from Seattle and said that Sam repeatedly told James he was by sexual that not he was bike areas or questioning that he was explicitly by sex. Tual. He also repeatedly shows text messages that in his eyes prove that Sam was one hundred percent consenting to every situation that transpired between him and James and paints him as just someone who was questioning and is now using their small bit of viral fame to latch onto someone much more famous quote unquote to cloud. Chase James repeatedly stresses throughout the video that it has been very hard to date as a famous youtuber, because this happens to him constantly where he gets with these quote, straight men, and then these straight men go onto upload videos about him or spill all of his sex drama or relationship drama on the internet. He also correlates it to Geoffrey stars videos, were Jeffrey star made a whole video about just solely being attracted to straight men and what it is like to be fem quote, presenting in the public and says, why is it okay for Jeffrey to be this way? But I cannot be this way, Jeffries, also older than me. I'm nineteen I'm new. I'm learning right? So he's basically saying Todd, you're a little bit one-sided in your critiques of me. Because everything you've criticized him before Jeffrey star has also been.

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