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"jay roenick" Discussed on Pod Dirty to Me

"Listens to this. I don't know the. Hard like someone really came to you and said, here, twenty grand, it would be interesting to see what her number is compared to your numb, you know, obviously, your number is going to be way, low compared to what her number. Yeah. Probably would be. I'm trying to think about how much I owed my house. To twenty. Two eighty I'm gonna say to eight hundred eighty six thousand nine hundred seventy three dollars. Forty five cents a little bit. That's what I would. That's what it would take nice. Mike was your question. We'll have another question. But I'll answer that, for, you know, you mmediately as, as a as a guy want to say, oh, no. It won't cost. You anything, you know, go ahead because it gives you the, the freedom to think in your head. Oh, have I have something in my pocket to use in the future? If I wanna bang. It's a hot dog don't worry. It's not nothing crazy. But. We're talking ballpark or anything. We're just regular you know. Yeah, not even bundling how fucked up. Is that right? There's not great at all. I don't know for. It's not a little smoking. Not a little smoke. But it's it's crossed between a little smoky, in a regular hot dog, which is not even bundling. So I you know what? Let's get back to. We're not bragging. We're not. Absolutely not Brian, I can still feel a bun, just as long as it's not a big bun. I cannot lie. I can't deny okay. So. My please. Mike name your price. I'd say it'd have to be around the hundred grand. Mark Davis being well, he's talking to one hundred eight hundred grand over there. No. I it had to be in that hundred grand ballpark. Yeah. Probably more realistic. Yeah. Yeah. And I think that's a number that she would actually let's listen to as well. I mean I don't know that for certain I- mmediately wanna say she wouldn't listen to any number. But I think. Are you wanted to say? I know she'll say she won't even give this an option. But, but, you know, when you think of, of, of a certain amount of money, and what it can do for your family or what it can help, you know, again, just like the movie, you know, million dollars, right? I wouldn't tonight. So he said a million. Before they dollars. One minute yet, I slap around the essay go get that money money for. Mallet. The question I had J what if what if it was turned around in, you made mentioned earlier one if that was it? We were propositioned, what would it take for us to sleep with a you know what it is? Rich dude. Run around dude. Yeah. No, not a chick, this dude, you know, that, that little more interesting. What would I have to do? I, I would say the guy's just gonna be like, you know, he's going to have his way with you. You know, whatever he wants whatever he back around. What would it take? Ooh, what would it take for us to go gay just -pletely? Give in could I get shit faced I get drunk out of my mind. I would hope we would hope we could I would need to relax, obviously. It'd be a lot of Clinton. Let's hope. Calmed, down show me the chick, okay? Go ahead. I don't know. Well, that makes it a little more interesting. And how your ass would feel like how much money would it costs, reconstructive surgery? Hey, this may be a very sensual. Guy he may he may care about, you know, hey, he's going to take time, he's going to care about how we feel. You're gonna you're back for. Okay. My back hurt. You know, maybe a sweet loving, man. Who would you go gave a million dollars for billion bucks? Yeah. A million dollars a million dollars. Anybody do anything I know I would. A million fucking money. Okay. Cupcake. Far from a million, but realistically, though, I mean. Pam ten thousand for the are we talking about the gay where we're still talking about the game? Ten thousand cash right? New hands. I don't think so. Not that much money. No, it's, it's really not anymore. I mean, don't get me wrong. It would be nice to have to be more than one hundred thousand dollars because I, I mean, I don't you know, I don't know if I'd go all the way to one hundred K I think I got I probably be willing to do it for fifty. All right, man that dick, it's in your ass. I should have got more money. I like your thought just gets smashed rate and hopefully hopefully God. I really what if what if I had to get drunk off your ass, and then I would recommend and I have never done it. But here it's amazing. Our take ecstasy. I hear it. Like, makes you just like have you ever done X? I've yes is it true. Like everything just feels like amazing. And like you're not even really that sexual when you're on stuff, just you feel totally blissful. So if you took some ex and drink a lot. Yeah. Well, I would assume if somebody is like s feel so velvety, right? Fifty grand around bang some random dude need probably has access to some stuff. Yeah. Some good shit. Yes. LSD. What if for yourself? What if what if he said, no nothing? Okay. But you have to be conscious Jason have loop while you're going to have that. But, you know, no, no, Iran. Drywall, right? No nothing nothing nothing. Not even like there's no romance in that we're the cocktail by me dinner. I mean you give me a million dollars, you can do in this offer down in the lobbies, right? He wants them soft Kenny in the background. Gee can rose pedals on the sheets. So it's rose pedals on the sheets in had sex. Is that really go together? Got it. Fucking rose penalized. Thank your tears. Iro's penalties. But aren't you. There could be tiers of each site me because all the money you're counting. I mean, after the moment, yeah, you probably be like, okay. That would just take all that. Thank god. The dudes quick. Last do quick and falls asleep afterwards, just I'm gonna get my money and get the fuck outta here. Jay Roenick fifty. No. It wouldn't be fitting that. No. It'd be more than that. Just take like one hundred grand for my wife that at least double it for going to give up my ass. This acid worth two hundred thousand. It may not be worshipped. You know, he'd have to take. Have you seen his ass? I'm sure it's fine. But it is. I will not the true value of our asses. Fifty.

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