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"jay mohr james wiseman" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Well that's exactly what the what the NC double a fights again so these guys that just go to college to become NBA players in the use it abuse the system it's like will soon we won't have to worry about that because you know what James Weisman's gonna do the next Jay Mohr James Wiseman he gets to go straight to the NBA and I'm in favor of that rule change it can be a terrible decision for guys but it can also be the right one and you hope that everyone has the right people around them that are telling them the right things and not trying to do it for their own benefit but it's pretty apparent what James Wiseman that he's making the right decision he's going to be the number one overall pick in the draft I don't see anything changing between now and then and after dealing with the garbage with the NC double a I don't blame them for saying and you know what I'm out of here eleven thousand five hundred dollar charity Phoebe I mean that's the insane thing I saw patch across homes to do about this when it happened how are you going to make a student athlete that doesn't get paid pay a fee and give it to each and they say we'll give it to a charity because they can't you know you can't make the checks payable to the NC double a it's like that's nonsense all you say is that these are amateur athletes and you tell them they have to pay eleven thousand five hundred dollars this is dumb and I hope it works out for James wise man I hope it works out for every James Wiseman moving forward that's going to say I'm not dealing.

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