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As Vaccine Approvals Loom, U.S. Funds A Back-Up Plan For Delivery

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04:01 min | 9 months ago

As Vaccine Approvals Loom, U.S. Funds A Back-Up Plan For Delivery

"When the time comes to vaccinate the world against cove in one thousand nine hundred and will there be enough glass vials and syringes to get it done. The trump administration appears to have a plan later. Today it's expected to announce that it will loan about six hundred million dollars to accompany in connecticut. Makes an injection device that can be mass produced. Here's dina ten of npr's investigations team. That's the sound of a covid nineteen vaccine backup plan. It's a production line in columbia south carolina. That's turning out a novel injection device that the trump administration is counting on to help deliver the covid nineteen vaccine as early as this spring. Npr's learn that later today the administration will add to its already hefty investment in a company called apogee systems america and extend more than half a billion dollars to its effort to backstop the country's covid nineteen vaccine program. I'm jay walker. And i am the chairman of abject systems and you founded another company. We've heard of right. yes i am. Best known as the founder of priceline dot com the founder priceline. The man who put william shatner back on the map is now producing a single use self contained injection device. That's designed to be an alternative to glass vials and syringes. We called a seret. It's a little bigger than your thumb and it looks a little like the single doses of eyedrops that you get from the eye doctor. It has a hypodermic needle. That you screw into the end like you do when you screw in a nozzle on a tiny bottle of crazy glue. Only in this case it would carry any number of approved. Covert vaccines walker said. It's that effort that the us international development finance corp. is funding with a five hundred and ninety million dollar loan. The us government is announcing a plan to support the biggest and fastest vaccine syringe filling factory up to three billion doses a year. That's billion with a b. Even though the injection device has yet to be approved by the food and drug administration which worries nicole lurie. She served at the department of health and human services. During the obama administration fit challenge that i see is that it is a completely untested technology. What testing of the applejack product has been done to ensure that the materials inside the epa jet containers don't interact with components of the various vaccines. The vaccine being produced by moderna for example needs to be kept it. Arctic temperatures walker says the epa jet devices can handle that but the fda has yet to certified that that's true but then you can say that about a lot of the projects funded by the trump administration to try to combat the virus. Tens of billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to fund a roster of vaccines some of which are bound to fail. The point is to try and find a solution deirnesa wrong as the global program leader for medical devices at path which is focused on improving global public health in developing countries. And he's been tracking progress for a while and he says it's hired some people who are really good at pre filled technologies from our perspective. A low cost pre fill. Is something that we've always been aiming towards for low and middle income countries. He doesn't think the administration is making a particularly risky bet. I'm excited about what could be. I mean we could truly have a low cost scaled up pre filled system. That could be used for a number of different drugs or vaccines biologics. That could benefit low and middle income countries. Applejack is getting a cash infusion. Now it needs fda approval to become the backup plan. The trump administration is banking on dna temple. Ralston npr news.

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"jay  walker" Discussed on The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Michelle Obama Podcast

01:32 min | 10 months ago

"jay walker" Discussed on The Michelle Obama Podcast

"More than anything I wanted to be able to watch soldiery. You Right. We had all these cultural experiences that we shared that help shaped our view of the world but they were also limitations right because you think of you have seven channels and a handful of TV shows that everybody's watching and so what is the that that meant that every depiction of blackness came from three shows right it was you either the Evans family on good times living in cabrini-green with Dino my right. and. Good time. We lucky to have the right or you George Jefferson Nino moving on up you know and you were Julia or you which I love Julia Julia just seemed to be like a calm. She was beautiful and smart independent and wise. But all of those shows and all those characters meant so much because it would be the only depiction I remember my father being so upset, he hated good times because he hated Jay Jay Walker as the only characterization of black people. He felt like that he was too much of a character. We love that show it's a wonderful show, but that's how important. And that's how impactful TV images were on the culture and particularly for.

Julia Julia Jay Jay Walker George Jefferson Nino Dino Evans
Counting the Money

Launch Life with Jeff Walker

04:13 min | 1 year ago

Counting the Money

"So we're talking about money in this little mini series. And when I started out my first I business back in one thousand nine hundred six. I started I think it was thirty. Five dollars was my total investment and that was for a a mailbox at mailboxes etc.. To rent it for three months and I spent no money my website in a free website. It was the name of my Internet providers slash till day Jay Walker. That was my website back. Then people would go to a website like that. You can get listed at Yahoo like that. I didn't have a domain name didn't have web hosting here's a free email list. That's aw didn't spend anything and after about three months and the business actually. It seemed like things. We're going to start going. I've made a few dollars so I bought a domain name back. Then it cost seventy dollars to buy a domain name true story and then I got web-hosting because forty dollars a month to get web-hosting so some things have gotten a lot cheaper I got an email list host. I can't remember if that was like ten or twenty bucks a month so I was spending fifty sixty dollars a month for or at my business and I was able to build a business up because purely via email and and you know there's minimal hosting and and build a business up so we're making two hundred thousand dollars. which was pretty amazing? Is the only cost. The cost didn't go up at all. He stated that whatever fifty sixty dollars a month and they have merchant fees so when we made credit card sales we'd pay whatever three percent so basically the our profitability was was really the high was like merge ninety six percent or ninety five percent. And when I did that the there was no account him business because almost every dollar was profit so I didn't have to account for anything basically at the end of each year I would do a total of all my expenses and then I would subtract that and it was a glorious time. It was very very profitable markets. Were very much smaller. Back than the largest of our kinds of businesses back then was a few hundred thousand dollars a year so there's less people online people buying but things were simpler. Emergency were generally a lot higher so that was all great. Things have changed since then. It's more expensive to business. It's most of us. are spending money to pull in. Traffic and accounting has gotten a lot more important because margins drought businesses are much bigger much much much bigger than they were back then market or bigger more people are buying lying so those are all great news the ability to grow a large business and do it quickly it is way beyond what it ever was before but it also means margins have come down so you have to. You have to account for things. Accounting is important far more important than when I started and holy cow. Do we have a lot of noise going on in the background. But I'm just going to plow how long you said what you do. So what I'm saying is most entrepreneurs I know accounting is not there. I love most people people that are starting their business out especially online business. They're not experienced with accounting or finance. It's not what they love. In fact it's the last thing they wanted to actually legalzoom. He goes the last thing they want to do. In accounting's the second to last thing but it's important it's important because we're all spending mortgage acquire the customer merging dropping. Business is great. That's fantastic but as margin strapped risk goes up. And so you have to stay on top of your county so even if you're just starting out you need to start. You need to think about getting a bookkeeper earlier rather than later. You don't have to hire a full time person all kinds of people. You can hire part time but the bookkeeping and the accounting is a port. Count dollars pay attention knowledge. You don't want to be the person that has great month in sales in the month. Figure out that you're actually having money you can't make payroll. You can't pay your bills. You don't want to be that person

Jay Walker Yahoo
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WNYC 93.9 FM

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"jay walker" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"But most told me they break the rules in the same way a Jay Walker does opportunistic Lee after weighing their options or for their own safety when you're sharing a road that has a painted by clean but is clearly not enough space for all the bike in a car share safely you need to be ahead of the red light so you stay ahead of the train of cars though sometimes I'm a go the opposite way or I might run away I tried to not do so in a dangerous way danger is a real concern in twenty seventeen about four thousand four hundred New York City cyclists were injured in crashes involving a motor vehicle that year twenty four cyclists were killed by drivers so far this year there's been fifteen cyclists fatalities and yet even in the aftermath of the death a common criticism of cyclists is they don't stay in the bike lane many cyclists told me that's because they're often blocked or dangerously design sometimes when you see like a guy stopping the flow of the bike lanes you don't feel safe no more because when you try to step to the the fight is where the color it is safer if you're in the land with the car right next to a car it's not a big deal you put me on a bike lane cars opening up the doors they want to park the use the bike lanes as the double parking right so drivers and cyclists have their own contentious relationship and yet the most vulnerable group on the road is arguably people on foot pedestrians in New York are not a delicate J. walk linger in St lanes we've between cars without a second thought but when I spoke to a bunch of them they have a particular animosity toward bicycles I thank the deck a few bicycles on my like.

Jay Walker Lee New York New York City
How people find new podcasts


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How people find new podcasts

"Find new podcasts to listen to the answer from friends and family? That's according to data from the Canadian podcast listeners survey, social media, however isn't far behind podcasts are the perfect antidote to are poisonous news environment. That's the opinion of Mike Pesca, the host of the gist in the Washington Post will link to that from our show notes and our newsletter today this weekend, the gist celebrates its fifth anniversary making it says slate, the longest running continuous daily news and analysis podcast we reported on Acosta access yesterday, which offers secure premium podcasts the plane, whatever at your listeners want Ann Arbor folk of pointed us to supporting cast from slate, which does much the same thing it launched in February and at which rewards podcast listeners for listening pod coin has been acquired by the meat group in cash free deal. Our coverage last. Year noted that if you listen to podcasts for three hours a day using the app, it'll take three months to earn two dollars. Edison. Research have a webinar about infamous dial Australia next week on may the eighth homemade the ninth depending where you live and almost simultaneously. They'll be revealing infinite dial Canada at Canadian music week on may the ninth. Spotify is testing interactive audio ads you shout play. Now, if you want to listen to a playlist from deodorant, it isn't clear what technology they're using Pandora as signed to test with industry, Matic and your shout. He radio ads won't work in podcast ads. That's according to Nova Entertainment's Jay Walker done. We'll be at Canadian music week next week in Toronto in Canada. Indeed, I will be doing the keynote speech at the beginning of the day, which will be scary for all of us. Because I haven't started writing it yet. Anyway, get in touch if you're based in Toronto and would like to catch up where. Also in Hong Kong for much of the day on Monday, if you'll base there and in our

Canada Slate Toronto Mike Pesca Hong Kong Pandora Washington Post Jay Walker Spotify Edison Ann Arbor Acosta Nova Entertainment Australia Three Months Three Hours Two Dollars
How people discover new podcasts


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How people discover new podcasts

"Find new podcasts to listen to the answer from friends and family? That's according to data from the Canadian podcast listeners survey, social media, however isn't far behind podcasts are the perfect antidote to are poisonous news environment. That's the opinion of Mike Pesca, the host of the gist in the Washington Post will link to that from our show notes and our newsletter today this weekend, the gist celebrates its fifth anniversary making it says slate, the longest running continuous daily news and analysis podcast we reported on Acosta access yesterday, which offers secure premium podcasts the plane, whatever at your listeners want Ann Arbor folk of pointed us to supporting cast from slate, which does much the same thing it launched in February and at which rewards podcast listeners for listening pod coin has been acquired by the meat group in cash free deal. Our coverage last. Year noted that if you listen to podcasts for three hours a day using the app, it'll take three months to earn two dollars. Edison. Research have a webinar about infamous dial Australia next week on may the eighth homemade the ninth depending where you live and almost simultaneously. They'll be revealing infinite dial Canada at Canadian music week on may the ninth. Spotify is testing interactive audio ads you shout play. Now, if you want to listen to a playlist from deodorant, it isn't clear what technology they're using Pandora as signed to test with industry, Matic and your shout. He radio ads won't work in podcast ads. That's according to Nova Entertainment's Jay Walker done. We'll be at Canadian music week next week in Toronto in Canada. Indeed, I will be doing the keynote speech at the beginning of the day, which will be scary for all of us. Because I haven't started writing it yet. Anyway, get in touch if you're based in Toronto and would like to catch up where. Also in Hong Kong for much of the day on Monday, if you'll base there and in our show notes, and I'm newsletter. We talk about four podcasts talk is Jericho the Europeans big time basketball and the possibly related big time baseball, and that's the

Canada Slate Toronto Mike Pesca Hong Kong Pandora Washington Post Jay Walker Spotify Edison Ann Arbor Acosta Basketball Nova Entertainment Australia Baseball Three Months Three Hours Two Dollars
"jay  walker" Discussed on KMJ NOW


04:41 min | 2 years ago

"jay walker" Discussed on KMJ NOW

"I'm reminder, and I think today's is the last pair to give away to show what's happening. Device failure pox speeder Saturday night. The premier official tribute act Led Zeppelin led Zappa again, a lot of you know, who they are. They're so spectacular. At the headliner. Apple tones, my group. Number two slot. Number one slot. Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. Classic comedy. Classic rock going to be a lot of fun. I think the last parent given out today and then speaking of giveaways, we got we got tickets to give away for the big fight Daniels going to have tickets for a kiss. I'll explain all of that as the day progresses now yesterday, I told this story about the the students who are pro-life the native American group the group of so-called black Israelites or just pull. Hey tate. Very convoluted hard story to follow especially the way that it was Representative the media which was wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. A lot of impetus fell into the lap of this young high school student who is staring at a native American drummer. And it was given the impression he was trying to antagonize this that and the other thing, and it has since been learned and it's true. He wanted to be the peacemaker and by staring at this Indian gentleman and smiling and not reacting that was the whole thing. He said if I if I if I exhibited a friendly face and didn't react, I thought things would calm down. The the group of black haters were just off the graph with their rhetoric. They are self professed black separatists they were taking on everybody from Donald Trump to white people in general to other blacks who disagreed with them. Who really stood up for everybody? These other black individuals. You'll find the audio online. Listen to it later. Don't listen to it now because I'm talking, and I want you to talk and respond to this. But it's it's this audio has gone all over the place, and you will find it online. I do want you to hear it. I really do. But where did this all come from the account claimed to belong to a California schoolteacher that was the Genesis that was the beginning of it? Or was it? It's profile photo was not of a schoolteacher. But of a blogger based in Brazil. Why what's going on here? Now Twitter suspended the account just as soon as as CBS business. Apparently found this to be a phony. Apparently, they were the first is kinda sort this out. I'm not for sure on that. But I think they were. Now this account was set up in December of two thousand sixteen and it appeared to be tweets from a woman name, I believe it was Talia something like that living in California teacher and advocate quote. Fighting for twenty twenty so to say, that's what the bio said of the Twitter bio, so since the beginning of this year the account tweeted on average. One hundred thirty times a day. With more than forty thousand followers. So late on Friday. The account posted a minute long video showing this now I Connie confrontation between a native American elder and high school students with the caption this mega loser. Gleefully bothering native American protester at the indigenous peoples March. That version of the video. Was viewed by at least two point five million people. At that point. I'm sure it's been much more by now. And it was re tweeted at that point. Fifteen fourteen thousand four hundred times. So it was everywhere. In its graphic misrepresentation. Now the video shared by this this phony individual claiming to be a teacher did not show. What preceded confrontation between the native American elder in the high school students was supposed to be. It just showed the staredown. Okay. But then a longer video was discovered and I'll explain that too. But President Trump gets into the act defending these.

President Trump Twitter California Jimmy Jay Jay Walker Led Zeppelin Apple Brazil Zappa official Daniels tate Representative Talia CBS
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ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"jay walker" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"We'll put it on the poll plays at lebatardshow on Instagram and Twitter. Are you surprised that there is nothing in football? That Ken surprise. Matt patricia. Matt Patricia is here to tell you that when it comes to football. I remember this time a very early in our shows history when we had Jay Jay Walker on good times. I know might and Jay Jay Walker told us that he could no longer find comedy funding because he had seen it all done. And I remember the the sadness that swept over me. That he couldn't find laughter because comedy had already been seen by him in every way. And so the idea that Matt Patricia thinks that he's incapable of being surprised by something that happened on football field. You think his record would be better? If he knew what was coming. This is Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. And you're listening to the lever cards show the man. Wow. Doesn't hold up. Hi, this is Jimmy Jay Jay Walker. Just call him to wish Dan lebatardshow the happiest of birthdays with all of Kobe Bryant. Comes unnecessary. Totally unnecessary cheap shot on your birthday at Levin show on Instagram and Twitter. If you want to vote on the polls. Is Greg cody's. Eddie, Murphy, knowledge as flimsy as anyone who grew up in the United States shocking. It's it's simply shocking. Ninety two percent of the audience said, yes. Is there anything better in sports than Patrick Mahomes playing catch up? Maybe the warriors seventy six percent of the audience said, no. Should the Packers have fired Mike McCarthy at halftime last night? I see what they're doing there. Maginness quarterbacks. I want you to imagine. I don't know how it works with the Packers. It's a public trust the entire city of Green Bay summarily. Firing Mike McCarthy have time we know our quarterbacks better to quarterbacks. Do that. Ninety four percent of the audience said, yes. Jimmy has screaming Condoleeza Rice. Was anyone good at electric football? Let's at eighty five percents at no the fifteen percent saying yes, you just straight line. It's impossible to be good. At that game. I think tried to cheat every possible way. And I'm Don. Yeah. It's impossible. I mean, they just go where they wanna go. Are you surprised Ken Hitchcock is still hanging around? Despite. Coach dirt. I wasn't a goal. That was not a goal. And the DP DP zero contract. You don't stop. Seventy five percent of the audience said, yes. Are you surprised that there is nothing in football? That Ken surprise. Matt patricia. Honestly, it's early here. But fifty three percent of the audience said, yes, they are surprised never surprised anything in in an NFL football game to be honest with you. Thank you for that. Honesty, man. It's not like your quarterback has been sacked a thousand times every week. He wasn't surprised when the jets beat them at home forty eight. Coming. Oh, Keith laws on the line. Thank you, Mike. Let's let's guess finally keep was feuding with Greg Cody. Of the Miami Herald because law doesn't think you should have a hall of fame votes. Just give him your argument. We'll see what Keith law has to say. Well, you have to draw distinction. Lebatardshow on ESPN radio a racist country. Hey, just.

Jay Jay Walker Jimmy Jay Jay Walker Matt patricia football Mike McCarthy Ken surprise Packers Greg cody Twitter Instagram jets Ken Hitchcock Miami Herald Keith Patrick Mahomes ESPN United States Green Bay Kobe Bryant Levin
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Biz Talk Radio

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"jay walker" Discussed on Biz Talk Radio

"And we have this culture of youth, and beauty and heavy unpack that how do you get to the point where you still have the fun and the happiness if you've self identified from a physical point of view and your agent. Well, it's the same thing as if you're identifying with yourself as an artist or an accountant, or whatever you are that you're not really seeing who you truly are. You're not seeing the breath of who you are in the beauty internally of who you are. And the gifts that you are because you're so limited by that. And one of the most important things that that I do every day is I take time every morning fifteen twenty minutes. Just listen to what's on my mind. And some of the things that are in my mind or wonderful about the day before and some of the things are not. And so that I need to look at and clean out that which is not happy. And and explore it and see what that means. So we'll see what changes I need to make or whether I need to have a conversation with someone about some unfinished business. So it's very. Very important to look within that is where your happiness lies, and it's like your soul underlies this layer. It's if I look outside as I'm speaking to you, I see a grey sky and. Above that, grey sky is son. But I can't see the sun because the cloud cover is too sick. When we have internal cloud covers of emotion that we have not been willing to address or to release. We are limited in the amount of radiance of our inner sunshine. We return we gotta talk just about that. And how spirituality can help. In fact, you think that's relevant can help. A life become fun. Which is generally what we think of rich relative or something good. We rarely related to fund. We're gonna talk about gracious youthfulness, something that you talk about a lot. And in fact, our because that's really what successful aging is all about it's not just about I and part of it is how you look and feel question about that. But today with the cosmetic industry being one of the billion dollar industries. We have successful aging is often defined very externally. And you Jay Walker talking all about the internal, and it's very very refreshing. And it's very doable. I have to warn people because I'm somebody who believes in looking good and looking into everything that's on the market so on, but it is terribly permanent. That's just external, and it will change constantly the work that Jana suggested provident it makes a difference every single day we come back. We're going to talk about how to get to that stage from where the layering has taken place. We understand it's to get approval. It's to love of others. It's protection. It's what other people said we were good at and it's easy easy to label ourselves as Jane says as a jock or the brain or the beauty or the helper or the good girl and then live into that. It gives us a pattern. We want to break the pattern that gets a little harder. Jay. I am happy. I'm an.

Jay Walker accountant Jana Jane fifteen twenty minutes billion dollar
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Women in Business

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"jay walker" Discussed on Women in Business

"Cells is s e l l s atlanta at l a n t a at g mail dot com and is there anything that you'd like to offer to the other well you know i'm always willing to do that first consultation for free so if you have a business regardless of how big or how small it is and you want some some initial advice on how to get started how to get running maybe you've come to a snag in your business maybe you just have an idea you know so feel free to reach out to me either of those ways and i will respond so give me a moment but i will be getting back to you well they certainly can't remember can't forget the name pj so remember it speed jay walker and she's been atlanta so you're gonna find your somehow this is really been very very interesting tj because it's something that all of us are facing today those of us who are in business those of us who are our shoppers you know people who are buying things so i think this is really really interesting and i think what you're doing is phenomenal exciting and i can see why you would get up every day and say wow another day to do what i do because it certainly sounds fabulous so i i really wanna thank you for being with us today and you know listeners here she's got something that everyone of you can use and i really think you should take advantage of that consultation time because if you are interested in in really getting successful online if you really want to understand why things work why they don't work pj's the one that's going to help you with this so be sure to get in touch with her and take advantage of the knowledge and the experience that she has so thank you so much for being with us today bj it has been an absolute delight and best wishes for you in the.

jay walker pj
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"jay walker" Discussed on TechFan

"The office of jalousie doesn't necessarily tight the cats to get the right people i mean funding the this character reminds me of the the carrots are in death wish chelsea from same thing is wife is wife is killed some stole left nkhoma so he goes out buzz a gun and he just basically starts deliberately trying to get mugged so he can shoot muggers so he he is he adrian chase breaks down after these two other people who were vigilante die in the in the outfit so he finally resumes the role of delancey and he goes beyond the superhero stuff he he will shoot a jay walker because that is the natural extension of this kind of psychosis yeah he takes it so far that he realizes the only way to really stop the vigilante to stop himself in an issue i think it's forty nine he actually commit suicide now this is the end of the eighties early nineties or so he kills himself which this is a comic book yeah you know he he puts the gun to his head and a trigger in his done it was such a powerful story arc where it started in episode one or issue one was very comic book and it gets pretty fricken dart pretty quickly it's almost it's almost a breaking bad but in comic book form and there's some bad issues don't get me wrong but it was the same writer the entire time and he said he this was the natural conclusion to adrian chase story this is what he always intended he wanted to start it as kind of the typical vigilante punisher type of clone guy who always families killed and he's gonna go for revenge and now he's a superhero and buddy wanted to take it the opposite direction that this is an unhealthy thing and anybody who do this probably has some mental issues to begin with yeah and then he tries to pull back he tries not to do this anymore and others take up the mantle one that's very earnest and tries to be a good guy in his win in way over his head and dies the next one.

chelsea delancey jay walker writer adrian chase
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REAL 92.3

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"jay walker" Discussed on REAL 92.3

"Up in his dying walking bank he's bottles alcoholic all round of visit a girl in iraq in iraq bottom party with credit gets to personal game leinna lakes the sane is going to change took in got big state upstate putty cardi b offset crazy made credit got fifty scott got the potty in the potty who that be dad's mush who they don't pick in the gut who hasn't princeton the trust downs go jay walker who played a mall in the states i'm from the bronx in the trunk trump party with your body and ravi louima buddy credit swing gang took lakes dot the frame saint checking the place could he got upstate cardi b gravel offset fifty puffs eight pasta asked causing fashion fashioned gun almost blew my brother creeping dumped drooping you tripping.

scott jay walker iraq princeton
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Never Not Funny

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"jay walker" Discussed on Never Not Funny

"I think you referenced that in the last week or two i don't think i got it either time easter candy bar there was a movie called looking for mr good bar which i believe is a woman divorce say who's going to bars and bengal kleber maybe diane keaton diane keaton li i could barely hear you gentleman who lives downstairs them alive no no don knotts is dead and now who who played but but i will i will info you're getting closer though this was a sitcom guy on a sitcom seven and i will say this huge huge sitcom huge sitcom hell linden this person very very famous at the time for the show oh jay jay walker yeah well yeah he's good buddies with byron i figured i mean i kind of sumed after i saw both maybe that's why and maybe the only guy they're not dressed up in any way at all he was most recently in the news for i think dating and coulter zone what true that up i'm pretty sure that's right i don't remember where i heard that but i also heard wonderful why would you how could you date that sir jimmy's i've only had nice experiences with mr walker you open for them.

jay jay walker sir jimmy bengal diane keaton don knotts
"jay  walker" Discussed on IOT Podcast

IOT Podcast

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"jay walker" Discussed on IOT Podcast

"Yes if you're jaywalking in shenzhen a camera will not if you use facial recognition through the system to find out who you are put your photo up near that street and then send you a text message for your fine i mean this is moving fast once you have the data and figuring how to use it is just want to say a quick and easy implementation because i know it's not but that's what it seems like from the outside yeah and that is a fully automated circle right there that is like you break the law like a camera sees it they identify you publicly shame you and then they send you the fine i mean that could all happen before you've been finished crossing the street at this point yeah or you know maybe you do get to cross the street and then everyone another sides jeering at you like you jay walker that guy don't be that guy so bringing this back to facebook because that's where i feel like i feel like when i brought these kind of examples up to people they laughed at me because maybe they didn't read dystopia in science fiction i don't know but i'm like hey guys this is totally plausible so you know it would make them stop laughing doing what i did when all this news hit a couple of days back and i don't know if you did but i would recommend everybody do this just to get some perception some ideas to chelation here i downloaded my data file from facebook and i went through it and mine was not as bad as some people because a lot of people were complaining that every single call but they had made on their phone or phones at the head facebook install on there was a log of those calls who they call how long they spoke at cetera et cetera i did not have that aspect of it because turns out i never enabled messenger to have my phone number access and so on and so forth but all of my contacts friends place checked in every post every photo it's all there i mean it was a large file i would recommend people do that just to get some scope on what they really have you don't think about it but when you see it it makes it could it could be a wakeup call some people need i think.

facebook jay walker
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MacBreak Weekly

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"Yeah we i've been i talked on i o s today about the fact that in i think it's shenzhen actually china they've had for a long time been using face recognition on jaywalkers and if you jay walk in china they will put they have seven cake cameras on the corners if you jaywalk they'll put your picture up on a big digital screen with your name your your government id to shame you and now they're planning to send you messages text messages to further shame you i guess jaywalking is such a problem in china and and the worst is it will affect your social score they now as we as you mentioned that they can have a fico score for bad behavior and if you're if you're a repeat jay walker it can ding you on your social credit score which means you may not be able to buy plane tickets train tickets or even get a loan from bank so this is what we're looking at this is in china not here but this is the kind of thing we're looking at they're not using and they don't need to give you that social score they don't need social media to do that they make use it they may use it but they're from just cameras yeah yeah there's there's a lot of information that they can gather or use his measures and of course i i really think about what if you know you look a lot like some jerk and you get his social credit because he's misbehaving you're not but face recognition can't kill tell the difference that's not good and i doubt there's any appeal process.

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"jay walker" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"Next show seven fifty nine to go second is good thing that would nine hundred nineteen third time the fans bidding up maybe waffle almost lost control the ball touches before the time line at the top of the stages cares man fifteen on the shot clock terrence wofford dribbles down delay goes up the pitch twenty one to nineteen great first step by walker jay walker at the seven thirty two marks gives water state a two point lead twenty one nine t inveigh walgreens keith jay walker i feel beyond returns manager on the quarterback stupid man to man defense touches palpable circled offended by you'll be andre six here the back door knocked away by cj walker has back south pass ahead another break defensive stop by you'll be with a two point lead with the basketball moving right to left touches top over circle to the left of stages terrence formerly elbow outside looks for a flashy to the basket put in the corner and the ball all the way by terence bam come on jay go up with both hands twentyone nineteen florida state yet another terminal were eight of them with six fifty four to go trying to get the pass to walk around the corner setting up to maybe an open look from just too hot to handle by jay you're right he goes up to two hands may make that catch you went up one handed control water states man defense they said align with a sweet fuller sweeter and the ball fake ball fake and stepped away at both the move on the base last pivot blue goes up i said i'm an old for the two point lead possessor walker puts up a triple top of the circle it's no good rebound by wagner has taken back away by mta walkers timeout florida state to avoid a takeaway how to blocks while the last two possessions when the civil defensively stopping opponent three times in a row they call that a kilt it's like a turkey at bowling just stop michigan three in a row that's a kill of an have a two point lead and possession twentyone nineteen six twenty one more time about as you barbara saul is finally making razors now.

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"jay walker" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"I redrew is good at seventy to sixty wow and now another free throw also so seventy three to sixty now florida state will have the basketball along the baseline so it matches the largest lead of the night for the seven hills imagine this work down the stretch jay walker what are your major ball hand the south more dark has been you know kind of tell them what a towel on his leg why did they put the ball engineering gola man's hands now call by florida state as they kick at the inbound so they're down to one timeout took its aca has one florida state has won with thirty six to play you could see on the faces of zack's players that they could sense that the end is near they still have time but it's a thirteen point here but the body language doesn't indicate that this is a team that believes that they can leave it because they haven't hit long range shots need assistance stops in some three point shots get back in his game and not having done that up to this point doesn't give you a lot of post as you can do it right now with a minute thirty six well florida's thing will get the basketball back with an opportunity to move on to face michigan the west region championship is saturday.

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"Looking very smooth through the harbor tunnel and through town and seventy west out of town is also looking very good out pass frederick m beyond at the moment i'm jay walker wbal newsradio ten ninety wbal tv eleven weather so expect breezy conditions extending throughout much of today chilly at times high of fifty mostly clear in code into tonight lows into the twenty s partly cloudy and windy into friday so cold high forty three i'm taylor brenda on wbal newsradio ten nine right now forty three degrees overcast skies and yes some snowflakes and troy johnson on wbal newsradio ten ninety and the wbal app welcome to it's a day after the special election in pennsylvania what i see is too big parties with all sorts of infighting all sorts of problems listen to the dichotomy you still get when you hear hillary clinton speaking about the two thousand sixteen election all these months later in india by the way and then the difference in message from the winner in that special election in pennsylvania connor lamb is staggering all these months later if you look at the map of the united states there's all that red in the middle where trump won i win the cosi win illinois minnesota places like that but what the map doesn't show you is it i one the places that represent two thirds of america's gross domestic product so i won the places that are optimists diverse dynamic moving forward and his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards you know you didn't like black people getting rights you don't like women getting jobs you.

troy johnson pennsylvania hillary clinton india connor lamb united states america frederick m jay walker wbal illinois minnesota forty three degrees
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"Slow into the harbour tunnel the other way as well supposed ways are still struggling i'm jay walker wbal newsradio 1090 wbaltv 11 weather captors approach fifty this afternoon you could still see a spotty shower today think case tonight low forty four then partly cloudy for the next few days and unusually warm high seventy one tuesday to mid70s on wednesday because he more rain returned to the end of the week i'm meteorologist savory on wbal newsradio 1090 throw love of tv a few clouds around baltimore that's keeping temperatures down for the time being to the low forty mostly around the area forty two now here on tv hill under cloudy skies at one seven i'm bill vanko on wbal newsradio 1090 as the gun debate rages rages on in america this report today from the usa today based on fbi statistics that baltimore is in fact what they call the most dangerous city in america face on larger domiciled rate of last year really isn't close when you look at the percapita numbers it's a statistical route in many ways and it's so interesting to me and i understand the reaction to every match shooting and certainly in a school it's stunning and shocking and it's unacceptable that's where we all right now in our society we talked a lot about this last week but as the murderers go on in cities like baltimore on the country and the lack of a national debate or even an onus or even any comment every on every sunday shown every day and every week on those mortars as those buys piling up far outweigh the mass shootings that we see that have been more sporadically again sickening horrifying every time it happens but three hundred forty three murders in baltimore last year a per capita rate of over fifty five edgy look to the fifty largest cities in the.

baltimore tv hill bill vanko america usa jay walker fbi
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"jay walker" Discussed on WBAL 1090AM

"But that a good news on ve going westbound out of annapolis over the bridge after i ninety seven over the south river this was blocking two or three lanes at one point now everything is reduced to the left shoulder so trapped is going to be a lead of the heavy heading peasant seen but overall conditions are already much better and going this self appear on the eastbound side of fifty going out the way no delays i ninety seven going down sways also wide open round the beltway traffic is still very good in between bellies but meant by anthony deputy parkway aren't pretty good shape on oliver big bridges today do which have been warnings in place the disaster jake but beyond that it should be just a fine ride with good road conditions i'm jay walker wbal newsradio 1090 wbaltv 11 weather we'll see a coal they had windy at times high of thirty six partly cloudy and it's night blows to the 20s areawide few clouds around and tuesday polled and dry high of forty three chance for rain so mixed into wednesday i'm taylor rent on wbal newsradio 1090 mother of look in just a few clouds lots of some what really get your attention is the wind once again winds in the northwest at sixteen gusting to 25 we have finally crept above freezing at least officially all that the moderates thirty three degrees but with win it feels like 23 at 106 i'm bill vanko on wbal newsradio 1090 so the mozambique's ran the reactions our in and as you can imagine there are two very different viewpoints that are out there according to set things straight here on the show this afternoon i'm andrew langer hand until three now the.

annapolis south river jake bill vanko mozambique oliver jay walker andrew langer thirty three degrees
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"And in the attached it to walk walking so you're you're j walker right i mean so jay walker meant like you're just a stupid walker really essentially ah that's what that meant it's your fault yeah and then of course once that term kinda came around than everybody said well i'm not a j walker your j driver and they started chechnyan zia other things right allow there were probably a few people who really were named j in were thinking man this is just not my now my time as a weird so that so jay actually has some kind of meeting in this whole thing so jay walk i've kind of wanted war that term game for me to it's weird when you think about it but but the anti jaywalking campaign really took off i mean it made it it made a huge difference in the way people viewed pedestrian traffic and sit on city streets and um i mean it was it was successful very successful and we look at the way that the term the use of the term yo their charts that i can show us the use of the word in uh you know print in media right and i'd that you can look at a chart that shows you know the word uh jaywalking how'd increases extremely steep during the 1920s in it in a carries on i mean we still use the term today it's it's the popular word even now in uh in print in other forms of media yes use it it's it's a it's it's kind of in such a bad word it's not i guess it's kind of a mean word initially it's kind of lost its meaning though i think i mean we we see it as somebody who crosses not at the cross walk but we don't think of that is like you know you calling somebody roober hick when he said yeah you don't do i don't think most people would know the history of this because i i certainly had no idea um you know and.

jay walker roober hick