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Targeting Demographics in Podcasting With Jay Green

Sounds Profitable

02:15 min | 5 months ago

Targeting Demographics in Podcasting With Jay Green

"Targeting demographics in podcasting can get a bit tricky. Data can tell you who is in the digital household you're targeting but not necessarily in that household is listening. I wrote about this in my article. Can you target podcast listeners. By demographic which all lincoln the description. I spoke with jay green cadence. Thirteen a division of odyssey. I worked with j. A few times was working at barometric claratyne metaphor. He get the gist. We got a chance to speak about demographics and how podcasting is new avenues to use them. What you don with cadence thirteen has been really cool. Like you guys have been one of the first people that i've worked with to really focus on demographic targeting and interesting ways so demographic targeting is the mindset that we're looking for the individual right or looking for the household or taken the information instead of focusing on what show there at we're gonna instead focus on who is accessing it Which is a neat way to target when you guys use that. Is that how you focus every campaign or is it an additive thing for specific campaigns at that. That's a great question. You know kind of backing up a little bit the mediums. Come off it's evolved in so many different ways One of the big pieces. As i know you wrote about it today dynamic insertion and what it can bring to the table there. This is kind of the next evolution of that You have your direct responsibility. Performance players they want to be part of the episodic you have brands. Who want to be able to your brands. Who want to run across series and networks. This is that next iteration. So i don't wanna say it's the go-to because they really isn't one go to Y pigeonhole yourself that way but what this does allow for. It allows for extensions of campaigns and allows for larger budgets allows for tickets. Created a synergy if you will so if you have client x. who's buying episodically in they're buying and shows that are geared towards female eighteen to thirty four. You can pick those select shows and have your host reads and Have your personal endorsements any personal experiences and now what you can do also as you can target take that target. Say okay i also wanna create this This campaign that is demo targeted to females eighteen to thirty four. And i'm just going to run across the

Jay Green Lincoln
A.J. Green keeps future with Bengals up in the air: 'Who knows what is going to happen?'

Mo Egger

02:06 min | 10 months ago

A.J. Green keeps future with Bengals up in the air: 'Who knows what is going to happen?'

"Green had a decent game yesterday He after the game was Noncommittal about his future is going to help him with that. Aj thank you. i love you. You're going to be thirty three years old next year. See it's not here not here. I mean this is. This is not something that's franchise should have to wrestle with. I do think you referenced atkins before. I do think one of the most interesting off season questions is do they move on from a guy who played a whopping seven snaps yesterday and they are roughly thirty million dollars to over the next two years. Do they move on tough. How do you not you have to start moving on from old bed players. You're your goal for the next. Three games should be to figure out who you on this roster that you can go with. It's not no atkins gino watkins. It's not going to be jay green next year them. We just we just let go of back in two thousand fifteen. They were good because for years. It seems like that's driven. The strategy gives them rewards player but andrew. Whitworth give your young lineman chance. Give some linebackers chanson and go from that. You have to figure out what you have. At some capacity because of all the whole we just mentioned in the last segment with the new england patriots cling to jeans seconds to about the current state of their team which is not great but would they cling to gino atkins. Because it used to be good a long time ago no or because. They felt like they owed him something with the pittsburgh. Steelers no with the baltimore ravens with lynn. The san francisco forty nine know what. Zack taylor's old teams. Move on move on from expense. Ami did it last year underperforming players. The dolphins were oh and seven and tanking moved on. Yes people what are they taking doing this publicly. Okay there now. Competing there in the playoff hunt. They went toe to toe with the chiefs. Like they're in a better position. I think there's a place in the nfl for jay green. I do on like a two year deal green bay or something. I don't know that there's a place in the nfl for gino acts

Jay Green Atkins Gino Watkins Atkins Gino Atkins Whitworth Green Zack Taylor New England Patriots Andrew Baltimore Ravens Steelers Pittsburgh Lynn AMI San Francisco Dolphins Chiefs NFL Green Bay
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Lance McAlister

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"jay green" Discussed on Lance McAlister

"That's the Jay Green we'd grown accustomed to watching is as a Bengal all-time great to me when I saw him smile and I'm like this is a good indicator because he was out of his head he I think I think the the zoom presser that he had Wednesday was like. It was therapy. He had to, he had to come out and tell everybody. This is what I did. It was wrong and I'm sorry about doing it and it was almost like, Catharsis you know it's just cleansed him and he said I gotta go back to relaxing and having fun and see him smile and making plays on my. Aj's is on way back because. His his facial expressions, his body language were all Sullen Sullen. For five weeks and it was capped off by him. You know that portrait of him forever you know sitting on that bench against Baltimore people trying to read his lips about you know just trade me or whatever. I mean that that was that was the final after what he said was a loaf play on the interception. F. He crashed he crashed, and now he's on the way back into see him smile. And make in place here comes Aj, the the the play that is in the crosshairs for most, and we'll ask Chris spielman about it later in the show when he joins us because he had the call the TV and he was perplexed by a third and one Sumaya p Ryan fullback dive what did you make of that? Yeah they motion of another back trying to get to cute I. Think I mean I can understand the quick hitter part of it But? Was I was I was upset third in what we throwing the football for me and the offensive line was coming off the ball. That's the key point was coming off the football I mean first quarter wouldn't have been any hesitation third one day impounded. They are controlling the line of scrimmage. Now it's now they're starting to get a little hesitant. You know they they tried to stay balanced they they ran a thirty two times through at thirty nine. That's pretty good balance. But the running game you take out boy twenty, five, yard reverse I mean you're talking about thirty one carries for seventy three yards two point three five as opposed to three point one, which is not the right home but anyway, but a gadget play you know makes it look? At least respectable, but they didn't they didn't sustain. You know what they had gone in the in the first quarter, and then at that point now you start to think, okay what can we do to try to trick them a little bit or do something unexpected? We run this yet we haven't shown this on tape all year I hope they never show it on tape again. You're right I mean. To think they ran. I. Three plays of the game were running place for seventeen yards. They went three for seventeen. That means the rest of the way was fifteen carries for thirty seven yards the rest of the game. Crazy. Crazy and are you ready for this lineup?.

Aj Chris spielman football Jay Green Bengal Baltimore
Amazon Still Grows Without New York HQ2

WSJ Tech News Briefing

03:53 min | 2 years ago

Amazon Still Grows Without New York HQ2

"Amazon's decision to abandon its two point five billion dollar plan for a New York City headquarters, you may have heard about it could disrupt redevelopment and dash hopes for a surge in hiring in the neighborhood of Long Island city. However, one entity unlikely to suffer that much Amazon. That's according to the Wall Street Journal's Jay green. He joins us now via Skype in Seattle to explain hey, Jay China. So we've been talking so much as has everyone about, you know, the New York headquarters Amazon pulling out of its regional plans to establish one there too big tech hub for Amazon, but that's just one of many. So what other tech hubs out there are gaining traction as of late in terms of attention in terms of places Amazon wants to make sure it is established. What you know? So Amazon has would it close tech hubs which are eighty or more Louise in seventeen locations in North America? And so the biggest maybe. Not surprising. That's out of Seattle would be the bay area. There are a lot of tech employees. They I think Amazon has about seven thousand employees. They are you know, they they have facilities with pretty large staffs in Boston in Los Angeles. In Austin, Texas, New York remains one of the biggest locations for employees in the company absolutely intends to continue hiring in New York. It's just not going to build that that massive second headquarters or maybe third headquarters there, right? And the the fight for technology workers among these big tech companies. You know, it's always been incredibly competitive. I can't imagine that. That's changed. Yeah. I think it's even more. So it certainly is competitive among, you know, the big tech company is like being on addition to Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others. The thing that's going on a lot of non tech companies are really racing to build up their text app. So you see, you know, these these multinational corporations that. Have money to spend. They went to have good strong text apps as well. And so they're competing for those workers to and despite these big plans to hire, you know, the announcement to pull out of the York brought a lot of attention on the pushback from politicians and the community, you know, Amazon's public retreat in such a way, some some say didn't look very good to say, the least is they're concerned that this could hinder progress in development in hiring. Is this not a setback? And if you know how how big of a setback is it I should say it's clearly going to be a setback when a company says it's going to do something. And then decides it's not going to the question really that. I think some folks are asking is what does that mean? You know, what is the damn sense brand not just brand for consumers, but brand for potential workers, and I've talked to some folks who say, you know, could could hurt on the margins. I don't know that it's a big massive blemish. But there may be folks who look at this in and give second thought I don't know how big that number is. I don't even know how to measure it. But I think there's some. You know, some folks out there in in tech industry, or at least raising that question. Right. And you know that this expansion is a long game that will play out over decades. You know, hiring is going to be quite slow. We're still in the very early stages of a very big project here, there are a lot of you know, scores to settle and this is not exactly going to happen tomorrow. Yeah. And and even Amazon head added the H Q two in New York, they were only planning to hire about seven hundred employees in two thousand nine hundred. So it was going to take some time to build up the twenty five thousand target that that the company had an -ticipant did. So, you know, listen Amazon's gonna keep hiring. They're going to keep hiring in New York. Probably not at the pace that they had anticipated just a couple of weeks ago, but you know, Amazon's gonna continue to grow in. It's going to continue to need a more employee's for the foreseeable future in that probably happened in New York and elsewhere,

Amazon New York New York City Seattle Wall Street Journal Long Island Jay Green Jay China North America Skype Austin Louise Los Angeles Boston Texas Microsoft Google Five Billion Dollar
"jay  green" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

Newsradio 700 WLW

01:45 min | 2 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Newsradio 700 WLW

"I think he's outsider. He's a motivator coach Marvin Lewis used to be. Marvin gaye. Wakes? He was here once before. But okay, okay now now from a a division standpoint, you get Ben Rothlisberger. He's on this look at it. If if I'm a, you know becoming a coach here job security you'd go for twelve four and twelve four you'll keep your job number one. You have a quarterback in Pittsburgh you have. Okay. You have the Cleveland quarterback easy are zapping Comey. Baltimore what what we have? We've got an experienced quarterback with a phenomenal. Receiving group. Running back and mix it. So we're ready made to win. Now. We just need to motivate coast etiquette is player tax before. Are you really do? I mean, I mean, let let's let's get honest here. I mean, we've got in on that team. They've got players in certain positions that are really really good. And they got a lot of players that frankly, aren't very good talked about mixing AJ green, maybe has another year left here. I'm Jay green. I'm out of here after next year. But yeah, they've got AJ. They got Tyler. Boy, they got Joe mixon. That's what they have. That's the receiving core is basically Tyler boy Tyler Boyd and Joe Mexican John Ross. I wouldn't I wouldn't throw in that in that that maybe he well he's been a whiff since he's been here on defense. You got good safeties. You got Gino Atkins and what else? Well, have your spruce up by my point is other than the last three years. You had you had a team that went to the playoffs. Bob, straight years. My point is they're ready to win now..

Tyler Boyd Marvin Lewis Marvin gaye Ben Rothlisberger Joe mixon Gino Atkins Jay green Cleveland Baltimore John Ross Pittsburgh Bob Joe Mexican three years
"jay  green" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

03:33 min | 3 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Jay green was back in the warriors line-up last night against the rockets after being suspended earlier this week. He got off to a good start finding Kevin Durant on the break for an easy dunk. But after that, it was all rockets the warriors lost by twenty one and Katie score twenty points Draymond had zero. Steve Kerr said the team is banged up quote physically and spiritually here's Katie entry Mon on the aftermath their dramatic week. Those emotions I what causes. We're not panicking. What a great team. More games championship. XP about don't ask them about it. Well, we're going to talk about a little bit. Warriors are still the best team in the west twelve and four despite that. But do you think that this Draymond Durant? Feud had an effect on the team's success last night or lack of don't because we've seen in the past last year. Get lost a Utah about forty. We lost a Utah about thirty. They just lost last week to Milwaukee at home by twenty plus in. There was no few. There was nothing going on. It is an elephant in the room. Everybody's going to talk about it. Is wants to be addressed? I give similar situations. Remember last year, there's another guy going through this thing. But there was no one in that locker room that would have ever stepped to him and challenged him like drain Monday D, And that was LeBron. The same situations. Give everybody wanted to know where LeBron. I'm gonna play this season. I'm going to see what happened Katie said the same thing Katie seven go play. Let's see what happens but everybody. I'm sure. He says I understand that. You guys have a job to do. And everybody wants to be the one that asked the question that Katie says, I'm going where I'm staying sure Katie Dray MAs. Like, basically from what he's been. I guess katie's body language from things he's been hearing. Katie got one foot out one putting it and it was a problem. I don't think Dray overactive with Katie. Why did you give me the ball? Make a play for you got here. I want you guys yada yada, yada. So that was that was building up. Let's keep I don't really think this the way they played last night has anything to do with what happened to nights ago. I think the thing is say so much is November. It's november. It's hard to get up eighty two times a year you on a roll, you Milwaukee, you place that place and play with the same intensity verb. No matter what the sport is even a book balls give his gave is hard to be at your apex. All sixteen of those games. Can you imagine eighty two of those can baseball baseball player? Every game pitcher has his best up about her has its best wing. No. It doesn't happen like that. But I think that thing is they'll get past agree with Draymond they'll get past. This is going to take some time is still some lingering going on. On. You can tell by Katie. He's not over it because he wouldn't last don't ask don't ask him again. But I don't think I don't think what transpired today. Go had an effect on why they played so bad last night..

Katie Dray warriors Draymond Durant LeBron Steve Kerr Milwaukee Utah Jay green baseball one foot
What the Amazon HQ2 Cities Could Learn from Seattle

WSJ Tech News Briefing

04:16 min | 3 years ago

What the Amazon HQ2 Cities Could Learn from Seattle

"Amazon dot com, which has long been based in Seattle will split its second headquarters between Long Island City, New York and crystal city in northern Virginia, Amazon's invasion will likely transform the neighborhoods for the better in quite a few ways. But will also bring new headaches the to new locations could probably take a lesson in this regard from Seattle. That's where we find the Wall Street Journal's Jay green who joins us via Skype j you refer to the Amazon, invasion Beit and Seattle or the two new sites as a prosperity bomb. This has been used to describe what happened to Seattle's downtown. Isn't that? Right. Yeah. In really the whole city. I mean, you know, I I've lived here for twenty years, and you know, it's estan Ishida. See what's happened to housing prices. People of certainly gotten rich selling their homes here after Emma's come in. And, you know, been plenty of new businesses that have opened up to support Amazon and the forty five thousand people in employs in the city. What was the biggest chain? Change that Amazon affected and Seattle was at the skyline or was it something else? Yeah. When there's a bunch boy. But the skyline is is the most noticeable certainly there's a neighborhood they first moved into downtown called south lake union that was cut hardscrabble ramshackle. There wasn't a whole lot there and flash forward ten years, and it's bunch of grieving buildings in nice restaurants young folks walking around, but in another wants to write it. It's an mistake. Well to see how much traffic has gotten congested really because of that influx of people downtown. And that's really a lot of that has to do with Amazon, right? Amazon's presence in Seattle's downtown created a series of headaches traffic jams transit nightmares. And I guess as you said, you know, these rising home prices have put homes or home buying out of the reach for many. Yeah. I mean, listen. Goes both ways. Right when I bought my house here twenty years ago, and I'm doing okay. But you know, I think about my kids is they're moving into adulthood can be really hard for them to buy a home in Seattle at this point unless they land some great job hasn't the downtown really been transformed by I mean, just Amazon workers it's sprung up basically, a whole bunch of new businesses to cater to them restaurants, the obvious one because it's something that nine Zony wind up going into and there'd been a bunch of great restaurants that have shown up downtown a lot of quality kinda lunch spots. But also really nice dinner spots to there's all kinds of service businesses that have emerged new banks downtown, and that sort of thing it's really a whole economy that has catered to this influx of people J with Seattle Amazon really wrote the book on how a company headquartered in the city's downtown lot of corporate headquarters have been located suburbs. Look at Seattle that's often the. As well. You know, when Microsoft moved here forty years ago little bit less than forty years ago, they decided to move to Redmond which is a suburb of Seattle, and they have a big campus there and they've expanded. Actually, they even have some operations in downtown Seattle in the neighboring city Bellevue Boeing when it emerged here. Many decades ago it really build plants in Everett, which is north of the city in Renton, which is south of the city. And so it is it doesn't really have a presence downtown. And that's really been the difference with Amazon, and it was very purposeful. Jeff basis talked about how they wanted the company to be downtown because the executives there thought it would be a lure to talent. And I think that's also one of the reasons why they've chosen the new locations urban places in young people tend to like in places Amazon's pick of Long Island city's generated a lot of controversy in the New York area. One criticism has been that the tax breaks dangled in front of Amazon were way, too generous, and that the money could otherwise have been used. Upgrade the city's infrastructure, especially here the subways was there any comparable sort of controversy in Seattle. Amazon is a big employer, and it sort of been part of the discussion in terms of building infrastructure. I think people have been frustrated over the years with the contributions Amazon has has made or not made Amazon has responded in some regards. There's a streetcar in downtown Seattle and Amazon purchased an extra streetcar to ease.

Amazon Seattle Long Island City New York Wall Street Journal Virginia Estan Ishida Long Island Jay Green Emma Beit Microsoft Everett Redmond Renton Bellevue Boeing Jeff Twenty Years Forty Years Ten Years
"jay  green" Discussed on Around the NFL

Around the NFL

01:56 min | 3 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Around the NFL

"Dog keep an eye on his groin issue. He left the game last week, is he going to be okay in this game? It sounds like he's gonna play, but is he going to be Andy, Dalton, west Tyler? I for who's Jay green with the groin issue. Right. What did I say Andy? Excuse me. AJ green. All right. Has the groin issue. A talent effort is looked better in the last couple of weeks. I wonder if he has a bigger role and perhaps a breakout game this week. I'm not sure if he's even playing more snaps than CJ Ussamma. And Tyler Kroft there they're using I for, but it seems like they have imposed a limit on him to keep him healthy to like twenty to twenty five snaps a game. I don't know if he's quite as explosive, but he's certainly a red zone threat. He's catching passes. They're pretty good at tight end. They have three tight ends. They can use you. Boyd is their number one receiver this year in terms of yardage. I mean, he's on pace for thirteen hundred yards. John Ross a huge disappointment. I think they can be fine even without a specially when Nixon's back. And I think they'll be fine this week because they're playing one of the worst defenses in football. I mean, Dan Quinn. They gave up five hundred yards for the first time since he was the falcons coach last week afra- no resistance, really the last couple of weeks. And I know a lot of it is injuries. That's just that's just how it is. And they don't have a system apparently in place that can survive even when TAC mckinlay's been on the field, they don't have much of a pass rush in when he's off the field. They, they basically have nothing one real quick thing. The Bengals need to fix Carlos Dunlap had a great game last week, but they enjoy. Gut gashed by the run. I mean that that's not supposed to be happening to this front seven and like they that game was essentially to me not as close as the score looked. Thank you Juliet for yet. Swear on a trenchant now I actually watched this game last Sunday. So that's coming. Yeah. Mismatch have Gino Atkins whose plane as well as he's ever played. And that. Tyler, either by the way has been increasing snaps each week. So it seems like they're trying to work it into the offense..

Tyler Kroft Andy Carlos Dunlap Bengals Boyd Jay green Gino Atkins Dan Quinn TAC mckinlay CJ Ussamma Dalton John Ross Nixon football Juliet thirteen hundred yards five hundred yards
"jay  green" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Football

Fantasy Focus Football

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"jay green" Discussed on Fantasy Focus Football

"The problem is this if the Packer sought that way the same or that same way should say, why didn't he have a more prominent role last year and don't tell me because the again, it took him a while to get into starting lineup and when he returned it wasn't as if again, he had this job unto himself. I think there's enough of a split still that it's hard for me to feel as though any Packers running back going into the season would be comfortable week, tweak starter for me. Now the reality is we won't have Aaron Jones and all for the first two weeks, but I haven't ranked highest. I've got him just inside. I'm sorry, having ranked just behind my Williams. They're both tucked right inside my top forty. I just don't know of Green Bay season noth- of different players. And again, you're rushing. Stats may be offset by the fact that tomorrow. Williams is viewed as more reliable steadier better in pass protection things that aren't as easily aside in the box. All that I just don't know. The question becomes and we don't know the answer this will they rely on one running back because a lot of the time like Jamal Williams got some run last because people were banged up. And so is it going to be a committee or will one of these players run away with job? Pardon the pun and so I will. I I think there's a decent chance I I'm with you by the way. I'm not. I mean, listen, I I have Aaron Jones ranked the highest, but I have him. It's like thirty something like I think thirty four thirty five somewhere in that range. And so so obviously I'm not ranking him as a starter either. I have the highest guy has our before, but I think he's got that kind of talent and potential that if if they come from with him in the past protection in the reliability that somebody that gets the amount of run that he could get on that offense with his skill set could be something very special. I will tell you the talked with a team source. They said the Packers running back. You're gonna want for the second half of the year is Aaron, Joan. Okay. She's a drought list stash away over the past two seasons. Only one player has ten or more touchdown catches and each of those years neighbors Davante Adams, I knew they don't need to. We don't over think it with Adams. He is a player that probably will be drafted inside the top twenty selections in many, many drafts, especially those NPR scoring. I think the top seven fantasy wide receiver by the way he's going number eight. I prefer him to AJ green. I prefer him to Mike Evans. We don't really be labored the point. He's an amazing player, hang on though, but I actually think that's important. I think he he's going behind Jay green and drafts. I think that's a I disagree with you that we don't need to belabor that point because I.

Aaron Jones Jamal Williams Packer Davante Adams Packers Jay green Green Bay Mike Evans Joan NPR two weeks
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

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"jay green" Discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP

"I'm jay jay green and this is target usa the national security podcasts we've been talking on this program with jose alberto the as loops the fence minister from portugal and before the break he told us the west should not increase russia's profile in other words the west should not play into this idea that russia is some invincible monster that the world has no answer for he said remained that same steak with alqaeda we continue to promote on kind that likely promote a burger king and mcdonald's we turned we made a huge favor to all kinds of transforming eighteen global in global e mentioned markelle we made the marvelous marketing to all kinds of and i think this was a huge mistake because then the students than we understood them and so they were using our capacity of communicating promoting and we transformed archive at the certain moment like evil alqaeda apparently according to sources spoken to is regenerating so what needs to be different in dealing with al qaeda i think that we are we are already dealing in very different way without kinda even in grab and so also we are also dealing in the metro more intelligent way we we never accepted to promote crash the way we accept to promote not in a voluntary way between since form then in some some global global opponent as if all security and defence us were concentrated in these organization and why because we didn't understood that the way they were that transplanting that i mentioned they're sophisticated and very elementary same way of working we end this too much met and we won against that much more quickly than what we have done with without kinda i remember we began our intervention in afghanistan the seventh september two thousand one and we to tell you the truth we've no very well we were fighting within new from a military perspective if we were fighting that are all kinds of and so very comfortably we preferred to assimilate them when something that don't understand you try to simplify we made a magnificent campaign we won okay that was the fifty no it was it wasn't the taliban where the but kai transformed itself at the capacity of attacking a marine land and to terrifying entire regions of the globe it's was only when we understood that we must we had two together for in criminal corporation investigation criminal investigation we to build confidence between the two parts of the atlantic that's when we were capable of defeating them that's jose albert oh the riddle defense minister from portugal he was one of a group of us and eu defense officials that met in washington in mid june to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing their alliance another e official in washington was pedro thera no deputy secretary general for common security and defense policy in the european external action service which is the ministry of foreign affairs for the eu and among the issues we discussed or the us is somewhat indifferent attitude under president donald trump towards the eu and medo including defense spending and trade and number of other issues i think many statements have already been made by european union leaders on these issues and i think i just referred to to those from where i sit i think it is important to differentiate what is happening in other sectors there are mechanisms to address trade disputes and we have to use those mechanisms at the same time european union on its own is developing also capabilities because it it wants to be able to protect its interests in the most effective manner and that this is what we have also been doing during the last years and this approach is that when continue what is the most important thing to you right now during your visit that you want accomplished or you've set out to engage on precisely along the lines of your questions to our tain that there is a clear understanding of the challenges that we're facing and that we're working towards common goals and that there's understanding for the european union trying to achieve i think those are the main goals of my visit to see how we can further strengthen this relationship in defense matters what are your biggest challenges in your position as an organization right now biggest challenges is that we have very complex world out there and we have to respond as best we can to what is happening in it is not easy there's not one thing happening there many things happening in different fronts give us a few there are states that are very fragile in sahel in.

jay jay green
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First and Last

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"jay green" Discussed on First and Last

"Response to that so knowing how to get the best out of your guys is always going to be at a premium and that seems to be the difficulty on the other side now for the warriors is i steve kerr how do you always prod this group in the right direction a group with unworldly other worldly talent but you seems to sort of meander around at certain times lose interest especially when they go through these monster spurts of offense of output i called them the perfect millennial team the other day well there is a downside event i think mike wilpon yesterday co host pti kind of hit on the other side of that sword i mean you know they remind me of the the genius student that just sorta goofs around you know when things are going well i've done well to semester let me just skip a couple of days a class that's that's what the is are steve kerr after twelve oh lead he must feel the same way he called timeout when it was twelve to i mean steph curry overthrows about jay green wasn't looking and steph just throws casually and hard and goes i think it was hard to get the lay of twelve to and and see cra call timeout and he said afterward that he was disappointed because he knew the lead should have been stretched and it wasn't same thing later in the second half twelve point lead and they just i always say seems like they hear the sweet georgia brown music in their ears and they just lose focus they just you know this is not there for a while and this team will make them pay espn radio is presented by progressive home insurance getting quotas easier than ever for steve kerr this has got to be frustrating because we've seen him try different methods all throughout the season we remember that having his players coach in the huddle during the fourth quarter experiment from the season that got so much attention and got so much criticism if because he's trying to find ways to reach guys because that realization comes that at some point this is their team in that it's on steph and clay and dream on k d to go out there and not only maintain focus but remind each other that the.

steve kerr steph curry mike wilpon jay green cra georgia espn
"jay  green" Discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

GSMC Sports Podcast

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"jay green" Discussed on GSMC Sports Podcast

"Will yo jones actually antonio brown he's making seventeen million which is the most per year rightfully so all right and then you got julio jones who's actually making less than a jay green who's making fifteen male all right let's see is there anyone else making more than julio jones sammy watkins which is just ridiculous to me i don't understand why that she is giving them that much money and maybe it's just a matter of i haven't seeing what everyone else sees them sammy watkins i think that might be it so you got sammy watkins a j green antonio brown jarvis landry de'andre hopkins mike evans and i'm gonna be missing anyone else will ios making fourteen point two all right so i believe that is six players okay six wide receivers in the nfl are making more money than julio jones per year on average okay what i take evans over julio jones no what i take the under hopkins over julio jones no always landry no antonio brown yes aj green no right down dre hawkins you could argue might be better than julio jones but nonetheless all right you get what i'm saying julio jones signed his deal in two thousand fifteen now it seems the market has gone up for wide receiver so i was because now you've got guys like jarvis landry who had been slot receivers their entire career and i have no problem in jarvis landry and fifteen million or i think he's a very good receiver offending a top ten receiver in this league.

julio jones jay green sammy watkins nfl antonio brown jarvis landry mike evans
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GSMC Basketball Podcast

01:37 min | 3 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on GSMC Basketball Podcast

"Good all right detroit's favorite in this one but i'm gonna go with the lakers liquor like you said they've been a competitive team issues and you'll be able to pull it out there fourteen twenty four on the road pistons or twenty two and fourteen at home so i guess i'm kind of going against the grain year but i'm going with the lakers you got we'll stick with the california team i like lonzo seeing that that that team come up how far away ingram's come back from that injury but then also love the way that of the way that jewish reynolds playing right now he's gotten that that mentality like dream on green kind of film that young jay green attitude he's reckon league right now decisions to make in the offseason rows to be a free agent you wanna bring back you're gonna have to pay round you're not probably not gonna eat them a max still but you got to pay him this amount of money and with rental he knows it to lakers that we go after lebron paul george over we gotta pay julius randle and go after one of them i think if i think paul george stay away from that team to be honest i liking i like koussa rando i don't really see a fifth he will say politics to play the two not to case let's not to care all right you can't just throw player in their these positions we're moving towards position this basketball but the does matter bit so we both got the lakers got the nuggets versus the seventy sixers phillies at home twenty four and eleven at home the nuggets are thirteen and twenty three on the road all you make a pick i on this wolf i like denver i like denver team sixers kind of playing up right now because they got their forty win threshold but i think they're kind of do for a loss even on the road and it's kinda need that they need to keep playing they're pushing towards the playoffs or sitting right and i think in the ninety right now so they need to push and get those winds so i.

detroit lakers ingram reynolds lebron paul george julius randle nuggets phillies denver sixers california jay green
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Raceline Radio

01:52 min | 3 years ago

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"In and half the owners canadian but yup the day their whole crew isn't from canada so i think it's pretty cool that we've got a an entire group of guys from canada that are hungry to get some wins international state or exactly uh we're talking to read dear old brit is parker thompson back with us on on race line radio engineer tim louis into the fold now here's a guy with an awful lot of experience in an awful lot of success so as you say they're they're trying to give you the tools that you need to succeed as you make the jump the problem isn't yes for the viewers that don't know tim lewis is a very decorated engineer so this isn't that yeah this is a huge move for me honestly i've done one with tim and i can say he is the best engineer that i've worked with just so diligent in what he does uh the changes he makes to the car feerick calculated and that that is a gamechanger right there i am that's kind of our secret weapon lewis and not a lotta people not a lotta people will recognize it unfortunately engineers don't get as much credit as they should be shoe and i always say it's really the engineers who global wins the championship sure the driver drives the car but you got to have a good uh a good four wheels to get you to the front and they think tim lewis is our secret weapon this year we've got an awesome team you look at last year we have g green is our crew chiefs we didn't have one mechanical last year at all during the entire season so my half off amazing i think if we keep that up with jay jay green and the rest of the mechanics exclusive autosport we've got that down pat but now that we've got the the engineering brain behind it i think i think it's going to be a pretty good year should be should be reduced over to spark a johnson bed with some rues lane radio the mazda powered pm eighteen tell us about this car parker in comparison say to the us f two thousand machinery well ear i'll make it a little funny this is a funny comparison you look at the us f two thousand it'll do what's called a one tire fire which means when you drop the clutch coming out a pit lane it'll usually just spin one way.

canada tim lewis engineer jay jay green parker thompson tim louis
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

02:36 min | 4 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP

"On the eastern in eastern afghanistan from there victor attacks had been mounted against pakistan so that's uh that's the beauty at the end we need to actually sit together it ended up and and how we can uh emily this situation not to believe but supporter to beat the dead horse you've already spoken very eloquently about with parkistan is done to help us what examples can you point to to prove that pakistan as the president claims has not deceived the us had not received you will you sir what examples can you show or say to refute the president's point that the pakistan his lied and deceived the us told me if you don't want to hear that al qaeda and organization that mug it is fun four nine eleven how did that ikea how did that help it happened because we cooperated with each other and not because we deceived each other um so i think that is a very clear exam that to uh that that we work because you but there is still a very sore point between the us and pakistan deal summa bin laden problem he was found in pakistan we are we are happy that you've got but we are not happy the va if happen there is still some simmering anger about what happened when the us found osama bin laden in pakistan and we'll get into that when we return the target us and the national security podcast i'm jay jay green and you're listening to target usa the national security podcast on this program we've been talking to pakistan's ambassador to the us eyes us chowdhry about president trump's tweets accusing them of being liars and deceiving the us while taking billions of dollars in aid money and he's responded to that saying it's hurtful and it's disappointing but we've also asked him as well about pakistan's role in allegedly deceiving the us and we continue that conversation so how do you explain than the old thumba bin laden problem he was found in about a bad after years of hunting.

afghanistan pakistan us president al qaeda ikea jay jay green trump osama bin laden
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

02:18 min | 4 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP

"America as a target on its back and on this program we investigate the threats the people behind them the agency's fighting them and the impact on you this is target usa v national security podcast i'm jay jay green as you probably know by now north korea launched another missile on november twenty nine that missile was the wall song fifteen it's believed to be the most advanced missile today a missile that can certainly reach all of the united states and a missile that they hope some day to mate with nuclear weapons on this program we'll take a look at north korea's tactics what kind of tools they're working with what their plans might be what the deterrence might be what for us options might be and of course what the impact of all of this would be on the us burst to put all of this in the context is joe the tranny he was these special envoy from the us on north korea and participated in the negotiations with north korea he joins us now in the studio to talk about this embassador now use you've said several times during the course of our conversations about north korea and its nuclear program and its missile delivery and its missile program that it is indeed approaching the point where it's an existential threat to the us is that definite they've arrived at that point now did a particularly i think they need more time you usually would want to test reentry vehicle so it doesn't burn up what it comes back into the atmosphere having said that yeah i mean if they don't want to be meticulous and they're not being scientific about it i think they could made something to a delivery system that was just saw the hospital fifteen without reach i would think they would be more technical and more scientific in their approach certainly they don't want anything sort of untoward happening on their on their launchpad or on an unannounced you know an area that was not targeted in that's my next question accidents and mistakes are of great concern to correct that's the big concern.

America jay jay green north korea united states nuclear weapons nuclear program joe
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

02:03 min | 4 years ago

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"Given hydrog that's general paul funk commander of the combined joint task force operation inherit resolve we'll also hear from sir julian king the eu commissioner for the security union about what isis is doing now suit they have been very effective and exploiting the internet to propagate that conditions radicalising propaganda and i didn't you should expect stall that's when we come back on target us nationals carry broadcast mm i'm jay jay green and this is target usa the national security podcast on this program we've been talking about the new york halloween terror attack and links to other terror trends as was pointed out the new york attacker said he was inspired directly by isis and isis is leader abu baqer l baghdadi on the line with us is general paul funk he's the commander of the combined joint task force operation inherit resolved and he's joining us via telephone from his headquarters in iraq general first of all want to thank you can you hear me okay higher your great great to have you on our program thanks for taking time first of all give us a look at what you've been able to accomplish in the fight against isis power yard of your cup look back over quick point nine million people have been liberated from the courtroom her your com evil evil eagle organ of grace over on ninety three thousand kilometers four square miles have been liberated four point four million people freed in iraq two point five million breed in syria and a continuation uh to be one of the most evil organizations ever on the base of this climate one of the things i've been hearing about you and your team is that you've been taking something away from the enemy every day what does that mean and how does it work.

commander commissioner jay jay green syria paul funk eu new york halloween iraq ninety three thousand kilomete four square miles
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

01:52 min | 4 years ago

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"You can also let me know what you think at j green at wtop dot com that's the letter j the colored green one word at whisky tango oscar poppa jay green at wtop dot com i'm jay green and this his target usa v national security everybody the new podcast one app is here there's no other podcast app like this when downloaded in the app store or on google play you can find out everything about your favorite shows you can get more content for target usa you can find article social media episodes you can make playlist there's so much you can do it's easy to comment and connect with other show fans because we have our own little community there you can share your favorite content and see behind the scenes photos get 360 video or watch a bunch of shows in virtual reality is over a thousand videos on their right now it's like you're in the studio really cool so many things you can do including fun things like rewards for listening and much much more so if you don't do anything else today remember to download the podcast one out hbo's game of thrones is back for it season waiter is finally here and so or the white walker's will the seven kingdoms of west rose survived the threat from the north or will they fall in the looming war for the iron throne after you've done watching an episode joined the discussion here on the game of thrones after show on podcast one every week our host discuss each episode in detail from shocking twists to fan theories as the series chronicles the violent struggle among the realms noble families for ultimate power joined the fray every week on podcast onecom the podcast one app or subscribe on apple podcast now stay dude for the latest headlines from the associated press.

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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

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"jay green" Discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP

"Fight the terrorism as it emerges in a place like yemen we have to get down in into the into the into this conflict and help resolve the underlying conflict now build up again a government capability to address these threats in the locality in which they arise so diplomacy is important part of what we do and i don't it's our peripheral parts an integral part to the way in which we as a country address terrorism challenges justin theroux acting coordinator for counterterrorism at the state department's bureau of counterterrorism thank you what's been my pleasure j thank you for the opportunity bucks it for this episode coming up on our next program it could be terrorism anarchist cybercriminals intelligence nationstates or the us his own counterintelligence drama it's playing out in the congress join us on target usa for the latest thank you for checking in with us follow us on twitter at t u s a podcast that's tango uniform sierra alpha podcast you can also let me know what you think at jay green at wtop dot com that's the letter j the color green one word abdel whisky tango oscar poppa jay green at wtop dot com i'm jay jay green and this his target the usa the national security podcast everybody the new podcast one app is here there's no other podcast app like this when downloaded in the app store or on google play you can find out everything about your favorite shows you can get more content for target usa you can find article social media episodes you can make playlist there's so much you can do it's easy to comment and connect with other show fans because we have our own little community there that's one of my favorite parts and i'm sure you'll like a too you can share your favorite content and see behind the scenes photos get 360 video or watch a bunch of shows in virtual reality so be sure to download the new podcast one app.

yemen us congress twitter jay jay green app store virtual reality justin theroux coordinator for counterterrori google social media
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

01:41 min | 4 years ago

"jay green" Discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP

"A camera that's it for this episode coming up on our next program whether it's terrorism anarchist cybercriminals nationstates intelligence or the us his own counterintelligence drama that's playing out in the congress join us on target usa for the latest thank you for checking in with us follow us on twitter at t u s a podcast that's tango uniform sierra alpha podcast you can also let me know what you think at j green at wtop dot com that's the letter j the color green one word at whisky tango oscar by jay green at wtop dot com i'm jay agree and this his target the usa v nance carry everybody the new podcast one app is here there's no other podcast app like this when downloaded in the app store or on google play you can find out everything about your favorite shows you can get more content for target usa you can find articles social media episode you can make playlist there's so much you can do it's easy to comment and connect with other show fans because we have our own little community there you can share your favorite content and see behind the scenes photos get 360 video or watch a bunch of shows in virtual reality is over a thousand videos on their right now it's like you're in the studio really cool so many things you can do including fun things mike rewards for listening and much much more so be sure to download the new podcast one app.

us congress twitter jay green app store virtual reality google social media
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Target USA Podcast by WTOP

01:33 min | 4 years ago

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"I'm jay jay green on skype with me is my old friend robert young calton we haven't spoken in a long time but he has been one of the most remarkable and prolific writers and researchers in a very long time to grace the journalistic seen his book called licensed to kill chronicled his time with a team of government hired guns during the war on terror in two thousand three since then he's found himself at the heart of numerous major news stories in the intelligence and terrorism world from us soldier bird bergdorf walking away from its unit into captivity by the taliban to the migrant crisis to isis ended so called caliphate to the notorious terrorist joseph kony of the lord's resistance army he's a smart wellconnected individual who knows how to navigate the shadowy world of terrorism and is able to make sense of some very disparate details to put them together that even authorities who should know don't he talks to us today like i said it's been awhile since we've spoken and your latest adventure was two years as a strategic adviser for the migrant offshore aid station foundation and that sounds just like what it is rescuing people essentially on on the water migrants refugees trying to get some weird because the place they're living in or existing in is in endanger a lot of this has to do with isis we'll get to it in a few minutes but first tell us about your work.

jay jay green robert young calton us taliban joseph kony strategic adviser two years