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Podcast (07-29-20)

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Podcast (07-29-20)

"It's boomer and Geo on the fan and CBS sports network. While he's it's one half of boomer NGOs. boomer joins US now G on vacation six o'clock on the fan and CBS sports network on a Wednesday. Great to have you with us as we take you until ten o'clock. A lot of different things going on in the sports world number-one mets like a good baseball team last night. The Yankees had no one to play so they practiced but they will play tonight as they head. Down to Baltimore A game that they should win. You would think all of baseball responsible doing their job nobody testing positive for corona virus at least not as of today except for the Marlins who out pointed out on the warm up show that we do between five and six every day seems like they're sucking face with one another because they've got it like crazy and they won't play for a week. You've got the Rangers. On the ice tonight actually watch some of the penguins and flyers just today that seems cool and basketball starts tomorrow all of that on the table for you and we say good morning to the very handsome and sexy boomer assize Sarah our you. That's very nice Jerry I appreciate that good morning man and I wake up the scoring with a big smile on my face because the mets are taking care of the just putrid. Of Boston Red Sox pitching staff and you know maybe we found a little bit of a while he's a first rounder but diamond interrupt last night that wouldn't have been here. Had it not been for the pandemic and injuries and everything else peterson who pitched really well last night especially through the third inning and I think everybody was wondering whether or not. He was going to be able to get out of that Quirky double play in that inning for sure to get him out of it and only give up one run bud at. The. End of the day you know we finally had a picture that went out on. Mount won his first victory in his first attempt to Stephen Matt's was the last to do that for the mets back in two thousand fifteen and it was great. Now, the mets are an interesting club because they do have an interesting lineup, they can hit home runs I. Think Jd Davis should have two home runs that that homerun on Monday night looked be a home run that was taken away from them when it was called Fowler. No, and over the big. Over the monster but yesterday hits the Pesky Pole and it all looked good. It looked like that was offense in the last two nights at least the offense that we are expecting to see on a daily basis however, their defense in the field still remains a mystery. There are some very interesting plays that happened. Guys. Throw balls all over the place at times. It's very like little. League ish? When, when you really watch it and they need to tighten up that part of the game if they wanNA, have a chance to go deep into the playoffs. But I'm happy you know they won these two games, two games that they should have. One everybody was expecting. Their lineup to wake up a little bit more against this, you know pitching less Boston Red Sox team that it's hard to believe two years ago was in the world series and had one of the best pitching staffs. Now has one of the worst pitching staffs and the mets are making the most of it, and now they have to play to at Citi field against the same team and Jacob degrom is going tonight now for the Yankees. Major League Baseball is trying to. Do whatever they can keep the season going and when you really look at what the marlins situation is turning out to be. Major League Baseball's pointing fingers that the players. And saying look man when you're away for the game when you're away from the stadium and when you're even when you're at the stadium, you have to practice the protocols you know what the protocols are. I would think that the Miami marlins are going over all those protocols with their players over the last few days. I like the fact that Major League has adjusted. They are now sending the Yankees down to Baltimore. I think that's fine. There have been over sixty, five hundred tests in baseball. A lot of teams are Covid, nineteen free. This happens to be. A single team outbreak that is affecting other teams, of course, Philadelphia, the Yankees, and then of course, the nationals and their players decided, hey, we don't want to go to Miami if we're GonNa go this weekend like we're scheduled to. Then of course, Major League, baseball puts out announcement that players can't do that plays can't decide what to do and what not to do in the middle of the season so I think that putting the Miami marlins season on pauses smart i. think that's exactly what you should do and as everybody after the initial St Stereo around this people now are starting to calm down and decisions are being made with hopes that they'll get through this season and they'll fight through situations like this as long as other teams don't have an outbreak of this significance. So here we are. We're we're in the middle of a pause season for one team. We have other teams moving to other places that are on pause a little bit because they got to wait until the tests come back. But for the most part, I think the reaction was was swift by Major League baseball and I also think there was somewhat of an overreaction in the general media following a ball of this but now core has prevailed and the Yankees will tonight and care cold amount. Yeah. No doubt and I this is the part of as we were talking earlier the idea that. You don't have fans and tickets to distribute and refunds. It makes it very easy to swap up these games and schedules especially when you're dealing regionally like we are in this case with the phillies and the nationals not the nationalist, the Orioles, the Yankees on the Marlins or Miami but because you had the all playing one, another very, very easy to switch things up continue the season. The fact that as you point out almost sixty five, hundred tests came back negative side from what happened with the MARLINS. You can make every case that every other teams doing what they're supposed to be doing there being responsible and I'm not talking about the celebration. I don't mean that I mean when they leave the ballpark. Negative tests as we are seeing or at least telling me that they are acting responsibly. The other stuff is something that needs still needs to be worked on and those are hard habit to break I get that. But I like what they did I thought they acted in a timely manner I feel like they kept everything on track. I. Don't think it's crazy like there were people that said, cancel the season can't have this that to me is a knee jerk reaction understandably. So but didn't need to be the case and I think baseball acted appropriately here it's one team it's not several. Teams. The one thing that is different and we've talked about the bubble teams doing really well with the testing especially in Orlando like mls has has done well, but we sometimes forget that there was a team or two that was basically excused because they had issues early on baseball can't do that I don't believe. So they have to fight their way through this and the have to. Change. Their habits a little bit going forward and when they come back on the field on Monday hopefully, this is behind them a male. You may only be one or two players. That is that is short everybody else in jeopardy and I think. As we were saying yesterday Joe. Girardi, basically said, we shouldn't have played Sunday they shouldn't have and the way that that whole thing was decided that the Marlins were gonNA play that the players on a text thread said, oh, we should go and play even though we have four players tested positive is ridiculous and that's part of the now the commissioner and his office they have a responsibility to reinforce the protocols to make sure every team understands it. Now, you have some players that David price who opted out who's basically bitching and complaining about Major League baseball players in the health. But then you have other players like the New York Yankees who are like, Hey, our protocols are fine and even brandon nimmo during the broadcast last night they were talking about what he had said, look the mets doing everything they possibly can keep us healthy. We have close team we have a good team and we're going to do everything that we possibly can in our power to keep ourselves healthy. So we understand with the protocols are so both New York teams. WanNa play the players WanNa play, and they want to be on the field they want to be doing their thing. So. There's so many mixed messages. So that's why when you read these articles, you gotta understand where they're coming from. Is there an agenda attached to it? Is Baseball going to collapse under all of this as right now, I think baseball's handling it about as well as you possibly can the players WanNa play. We WanNa Watch them play I'm sure the ratings for the mets and the Red Sox have been very good on s and why the last two nights I'm sure they're going to be very good coming up over the next week or so. It's just fun watching baseball again. So I cannot wait for the Yankees to get back on the field tonight and to see what they look like again because they wanNA play and don't lose sight of the fact that the players decided that they wanted to come back that they were going to take less money and they were going to risk. Playing through a pandemic so that's all happening right now, which I think you know whether whether you know everybody thinks the way that I do I don't expect that but I think it's a good thing and I think fighting through it not overreacting in adjusting on the fly and making some pretty significant decisions within the middle of a schedule you know takes a lot of stones and I, think that's what rob Manfred showing, right Now you like you said, nobody's forcing them to play they're getting paid to play if they WANNA play great if they don't opt out and that's where we're at I'm with you I think it's great that they're there and I do think it can be done safely as we're seeing from the other teams granted only four, five, six games in against five games in the raise now foreign one, the Yankees are doing one but. I'm glad you know we drive around. We see people working in all different fields. Whether you go to the supermarket, you can you can call them whatever you want essential non essential. There are plenty of non essential businesses that are open and employees are there and they're taking all the proper precautions while I would think could be wrong about this, but I would think like guys from the Yankee Set I think it was wasn't Zach Britain that said the Yankees have gone above and beyond to make us comfortable and he's feeling safe right? He's the player. So to me a, they make a lot of money God bless them be if anybody is going to be taking care of better, you show me because I would like to think that these teams are taking. Every precaution possibly that is necessary to keep players safe. So I, know a David price saying I don't agree with them I know where he's coming from but again, I think baseball did the right thing I. think they cooler heads prevail they figured things out and away we go and I am interested because now the Yankees who had a nice weekend in Washington have had a couple of days off. But now you go into a place like Baltimore where you've pretty much owned the team for the last several years and now they got to get back into the flow a little bit. And good for them. They've Garrett Cole on the tonight and you expect a big night for pitching against key I. Don I don't even know who he is. I expect the Yankees to go out and score thirty runs tonight and really win going away. Five home runs, tonight's whom I that's his team sustain that he loves the to rip apart. You know I would also say in regards to the players again. All across the league, everybody's aware of what happened with the MARLINS everybody I. I. Don't know why anybody would be shocked about. It. Because you know it's happening and it's going to happen in football and football. We are starting to see positive tests. Those guys are all getting putting quarantine. They're all young we have not heard of anybody having. Issue with any of this with the exception of Edwato Rodriguez of the Boston red. SOX, who may have a heart condition to go along with the covid nineteen, which would make his situation even worse but other than that everybody else has gotten through it. So now they were asking Brian Cashman yesterday about all this chap what his situation. Well, he really can't go into it because of hip rules and everything else but he just wanted to say that you know he's doing well, he's doing good and we expect them back relatively soon and essentially you know you're going to see him back in the pinstripes before you know it. So again, another example of how a guy? Who tested positive for copen nineteen is coming through it and we'll be back in uniform before you know it. So there's going to be more positive tests. There's going to be more issues and last night during the the red. SOx. Mets game they were talking about how the I think the starting pitcher for the red. SOx His sister came Kansas City to be on the frontlines for twenty eight straight days. When when New York was asking for help in the nursing field and she left behind her four kids in her husband and she came to New York for twenty eight straight days got picked up at six o'clock in the morning and got taken back to her hotel at eight o'clock at night. You know and you WanNa talk about somebody who want to into the frontlines leaving family behind and making a statement and becoming a hero she did just that. So when I think of these baseball players in these football players in these basketball. Hockey players out doing the sport that they love the do and get paid very well to do it. And then I compare it to the decision that this woman made I'm like you gotta be kidding me and then of course, we have the sports media that that you know the skies always falling it's headlines it's Click Bait. It's everything else that everything should be stopped. Everything's got to be shut down now the commissioner squirrelly under a lot of pressure. Because of his decision of trying to play these Games, I'm I come on man you have so many people that are put in harm's way every single day so worse. So much worse than these athletes we gotta get us I agree that was my point. You know you drive around you see so many people going to work every now. These guys are GONNA be taken care of really well, did you see the because you mentioned the the sports media? Did you see the Kyle brand stuff from NFL network by any chance if not? So he wrote he posted something along the lines of I can find it. For, a moment here but he posted something along the lines of how he feels like there are media types that are almost rooting for the virus because it's just such a cynical view of the world and everything like is he going to find a four year and he came under a lot of scrutiny for what he was saying? He had a lot of. That and so a lot of people came to his defense and a lot of people were you know stop it that's not true. But you know people kind of went after them. I don't necessarily know directly people believe that but I do think there's some truth to the idea of you know, Oh, my God, the virus or something to write about something to. The whole mindset whether it's conscious or not I kind of agree with what he's saying and I know there were. I think even Al Re tweeted it and agreed with them. I mean, there's a lot of people that I don't even realize they're doing it. Well, I'm just telling you that we're in a in an election year. So the news itself is going to be tinged negative if they do not like the president depending on, you know what station you watch and you know. If, there is an outbreak of this magnitude and somebody thinks that it's idiotic that the players are playing than they are going to come down as if the sky is falling. Now if other people are more reasonable and understand that these things are going to happen, and then you're going to have to adjust on the fly, I call it IRA improvise and adjust which. Is exactly what Major League Baseball did over the last two days. That's how you handle it and you try to you try to basically contain wherever the outbreak is you do your contact tracing and try to find out where came from you be everybody needs to be transparent about this everybody needs to know exactly what has happened here and it's a wakeup call for. Everybody else in every other sport be smart keep yourself out of harm's way enjoy your sport go out there and play but you don't need to be running the clubs. You don't be run into restaurants or anything like that where you think you may be putting yourself and your team at risk because it's not just about you it's about everybody else on the team so. That's the unselfish nature that I'm telling you that Joe Douglas wants on his team that Dave gettleman wanted on his team and once on his team when he first got here, that's why they jettison guys that are problem child in children in the in the locker room, they want unselfish people. That's what everybody has to be in this regard, and that's why we're still advocating mask wearing in public places. You have to do that in order to stem this thing and I think the players had a wake up call. There's a team steel with a lot baseball adjusting. I think that's smart. The way they're doing it and they're not stopping and they're going to try to play through it unless of course, something significant happens with somebody who may die and then anybody who has been an advocate for why are you playing what's going on here? Well, then go back to their their points of view prior to all of that saying this is why you don't play baseball. This is why you don't play basketball I mean but another half of the economy is still going to work every single day right and this is the quote real quick on the way to break Kyle Brandt there's a segment of the NFL media that seems to be almost rooting. For covid, to affect the season they wanted they see the marlins news and say, Yup. Football. These are people who make their livings off football I. Don't get it. There are a lot of people that took issue with with what he wrote there. So there's a lot of people that have also support what? Yes. One, hundred percent, but I would say highlight. Media in itself is totally negative. You pick up any any any major newspaper in this country if they still actually make them. The headlines are all negative everything's negative I watching CBS, local news the other night. Yeah. The first five stories were this one guy that one got killed. There's a do outbreak of cases. There's fifteen thousand I mean it's just nonstop. Those people go to work every day is every news network. It's everyone it's not just CBS NBC, it's ABC. It's the world news tonight at CNN. It's Fi-. It's all bad news I. Guess That's what sells I. Don't know. You know it's always like when you have a good story if you've ever noticed this the good stories always towards the back of the half hour, it's never in the beginning you always lead with you know doom and gloom. I guess ratings proved that out as cynical as that is it's probably the truth but yes, you're right all new store all news organization start with bad news I I remember when we first started with our, we don't do them anymore cove nineteen updates. Yes. I'm Ben Mabrouk over there CBS. This one's. Wins wherever was I? Finally I said enough I can't go through. Every. Update has got to be like the world is what did they eddie? What was the one? You would remember they had the one quote from. And one of our cove nineteen updates do remember that by any chance. WHO While he was something very negative and I think that was the one that got you guys really upset which is where they made. Dr Anthony Fauci is expected warn of needless suffering and death. God. Doing. Coming us for like a different point of view of things sports. This and that, and that was one of our leader Mike Time. GotTa Stop Yup pretty much now give it. Now give Dr Foul Jason Credit because they went to him immediately yesterday about baseball and he says, they can still play baseball because he very well could have said you know what they shut us down but he didn't do that he this is not great news, but you can still continue see I would. Think in the eyes of somebody like doctor chief he's recognizing that all these sports leagues are going to extraordinary lengths the try to keep the virus from festering. So they're trying to do everything. They possibly can to keep it all to a minimum which I would think that he would appreciate. You would think it's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg. boomer and Geo a lot going on in sports with baseball and football and hockey and basketball about to restart with all the details and all the sounds of yesterday his name is Chris Lopresti. Good Morning Val is how we doing today house the shore Lookin' shores looking good. I. Got Blue Sky. It was a little concerned last night as we're coming back from the boardwalk and there was heavy thunder and lightning I thought my spot here was gonna get drenched and I would have some water to squeegee off the ground this morning but it held out and it's a beautiful morning you know how much of a ten? You know it's funny My mother said that she was watching on CBS sports dumber at the other day. She goes you're more ten in real life camera doesn't make it. I. Guess Because of the Light Angula Pale. Super Ten. My Dad on the other hand, I mean good Lord he he looks like he spent. Six months in the Sun. So he is he deserves it. He's giving you a vacation. How are your Mommy and Daddy Doing Mommy and daddy are doing great. Everyone's having a blast. My four year old was riding the rise at the boardwalk last night till like ten o'clock. So all I'm interested about that. So do they white down the Rides Inbetween, oh? Yeah. It was very much like what's going on a great adventure right now. So they've got social distancing in place. They have little dots on the floor when you on the ground when you're waiting in line space everybody out, they've got hand sanitizer. Stations all over the place and they've got staff members walking around with backpacks with the sanitizers sprays, and they go through the rides periodically I don't know what the timing is. You know every five ten minutes, fifteen minutes, something like that and they spray them, they wipe them down. So I thought they were pretty nice job there on the boardwalk here last night excellently yes let's get to the baseball from last night we'll start with the mets and it was a good one for them up at Fenway Park. On the way to Davis lifted in the air to right field pretty deep towards the Pesky Pole, it's the poll run for Davis J.. D. Davis goes opposite field, and once it right off that Pesky pole to the apparent disbelief of Austin Bryce, the pitcher I don't know who some of these guys are vision for the. Right now that's how. WCBS eighty eight to one or two run poke rather made it. Five one mets in the fifth they went on to beat the red sox again, eight three, the finals they moved to three and two on the season Davis Ahmed Rosario Jeff McNeil to Rbi's a piece but the spotlight in this one belonged to David. The two, thousand seventeen first round pick earning a win in his major league debut five and two thirds give up seven hits. Couple of runs. Three strikeouts worked out of a couple of jams along the way manager Luiz row, Haas impressed to do that right there just no emotions whatsoever. Going out there and competing I mean next bitch is the best pitch. Almost like he's his demeanor and then you know that's why show out there tonight needless to say the twenty four year old was Giddy. What was that the third inning racist lower the greatest. Very. The. Sorry exist. Jd Davis strikeout, and then got that awkward. This is one of the greatest days in my life. There you go short and succinct, but always nice to hear from the youngsters That was a lifelong dream come true and now obviously that's because things went pretty well for him. This is something I wanted to do since I was a little kid and. To, go out there and. Make. My first major league start. Got A win and. Yeah I mean I can ask for much more. At Fenway Park to pretty ugly and you had the bullpen picking him up in this one, they did a much better job than the night before is they closed it out a back to Jd Davis, he toured the inside of the Green Monster before the game and then his home run ball visiting the opposite side of the Fenway Outfield I got the baseball and it has a little bit of the Pesky Pole paint on it. So I'm going give my dad that's pretty cool a little memories and fenway still has its charm even without the fans it's now back to city field for two more tonight. Jacob degrom opposed by native all the. Couple years ago. When I was still doing Columbia Football Columbia was playing Harvard and me and sal was sal Licata was doing the games with me we went up. We got there early and we drove by fenway because he wanted to go into the fenway store like nine o'clock in the morning when they opened because the guy football game wasn't till one and maybe even two o'clock whatever it was and you know the name Gordon bore from Boston. No, there's A. Longtime writer up there he is now like a red SOx historian employed by the team. So we were taking a couple of pictures just outside Fenway Park. Any invites is in and gave us this tour of the entire stadium from the offices to the media room to the green monster to the scoreboard. It was one of the coolest things that wasn't planned that we've ever done very 'cause Jd Davis did it yesterday himself pretty cool up to guys. were. So it was it was fall and there was I want it was November and there was nothing was going on matter of fact, they even had They were redoing the grass and they were taking stands out inside the stadium. So we got there we went into the store we came out and sow wanted to take a picture or two, and so he parks his car and see. Guys. WanNa picture sure why not? So we took a picture together and then he's like guys want to come in why not and so we went in and prior to our tour he took us throughout the entire place. It was really very, very cool. The only thing I didn't see was visiting clubhouse I wanted to see how people have always talked about how tiny awhile they thought it would be. I'll tell you couldn't have been any worse than Cleveland browns old you miss a Municipal Stadium the mistake on the lake that thing was brutal completely dome and try to fit try to forty six guys in the locker room that literally is size of your kitchen. Yeah. I believe it and football players on top of it. Big Is yes no del showers. For Real of our our. Guys that were not showering after the game then. There's no way that everybody shower to shower. I took my uniform office. Quick goes I got in there because you know you've run out of hot water after about an hour. Again not everybody. There were a lot of Al Dukes there. You leave with your uniform on and go back to the hotel. What a perfect excuse I'd love to shower. There's barely any showers here. I'm just going to go back to the hotel and no hot water. Right no hot water. Here's where we stand with the MARLIN SITUATION MLB postponing all of their games through Sunday. Of course, after the team's recent corona virus outbreaks at six games total an on they have moved to now being tested daily. They're still in Philadelphia where they of course, played last weekend as they gather more information. So their next scheduled game after Sunday as actually Tuesday at home against. The phillies who are also off until this Friday, and so with all this shuffling, the Yankees did agree to go to Baltimore to play to with the Orioles beginning tonight, the marlins yesterday we learned had four more positive tests of seventeen total. Now in their traveling party however, MLB did say that of the sixty four hundred other tests that have been completed since Friday. There have been no other positive results as far as onfield personnel goes other than the outbreak with the marlins. So I guess in short term at least that's great news. Yes. So it has been quite the forty eight hours or so for the Yankees they went to fill the expecting to play two games they end up playing none, and then yesterday's they're getting ready. To come back to the Bronx for a workout. Brian cashman calls Aaron Boone about forty five minutes before their bus was ready to depart. He floats the idea of going down to Baltimore instead and the players voted unanimously to do sell everybody seems to be all in I got on the phone Zach Britton same type of conversation same type of results he pulled his player. Union group and we are in Britain is their players. He says he and his teammates had no interest in sitting around any longer when you felt like, well, we don't want to say you know three or four days off if there's an opportunity for us to go to Baltimore and play, that's what we want to do. That's what we decided. This is all part of what Aaron Boone has been preaching since covert arrived. In, the US got to be flexible but if you're going to have success on the baseball field that Shears, you're going to have to be able to deal with you know the the curve balls that can likely come on a daily and weekly basis. So there ought to camden yards for two with the Os and we do have some clarity on the pitching situation. Now Garrett Cole Will Start Tonight's game you'll have J. Hap-. starting tomorrow, and then they're back to the Bronx for three with the red SOx and boone only would say, Masahiro Tanaka and Jordan Montgomery would start to of those three games over the weekend we had heard to knock on the thirty first as he was coming back from getting hit in the head by that Giancarlo Stanton line drive. So they haven't given you the dates yet, but those two will pitch in. Two of the three games tonight we've got pregame on the fan six, fifty, five. It's a seven thirty, five first pitch and I heard Alan Jerry discussing this on the warm up show Asher woge Schakowsky. Okay. I think yes. That's the starter for the orioles tonight I can't find a with what do you think the Yankees are. So what's the line in this game? Would you say because I can't find it right now? Minus what. I don't know three, forty, four, hundred, five, hundred. Fifty s ball? Yeah I would say, yeah. To fifty range would be my guess but a paper such a mismatch and historically it's been a mismatch as well. Never Mind Lee pitching matchup tonight. That's true. Gambling problem. Thanks, JJ. And just a sign of how crazy this year has been. The Yankees are expected today to make their director of team travel and players services available to the media come on. Yes. That's what I read at some point today that individual one another note, and he also turned down a request to come on the show. But I would also think that's funny has been requested. But normally you don't see those I feel like you wouldn't see those types of requests Ab granted for a group session and be be publicized. Maybe someone would speak to that person, but it wouldn't be something that would have gotten out there on social media like, Hey, this person's gonNA speak to the media tomorrow. So that's just where we're at any way in Houston last night the benches cleared Astros did beat the dodgers five to to. The highlight was things getting heated in the bottom of the sixty had Joe Kelley pitching to Alex Bregman three account and Kelly was already showing some very erotic command in that inning. Here's what happened both three Oh Ooh. I-IT-IT's. Nailed. Change? If the Joe Kelly was working on. At home that miss the big net hughes throwing to but did not miss the window to his house dodgers radio and will excuse them because presumably they're calling the game from they are Charlie centers at home. Okay. So there you go. So I mean they should have the monitor that gives you the instant miles per hour of the pitch in the turns out it was not a change up as detailed here on the Astros Radio Call Long set the three. And that's over Brackman's head goes to the backstop at ninety six mile an hour fastball that was closer to the letters of the backup Bregman Jersey than it was to home plate I'll tell you. See some baseball and looked attachable. May to. Precisely. Three account and then Kelly, later through a slider Carlos Correa that almost him and then after ends up striking career out you had words exchanged the benches cleared and with no fans in the stands you did some of the. Shouting, and we will give you a sample of that a little bit later on nothing too serious. No punches thrown or anything like that. But obviously. Punch. They have to remain socially distant I. Yeah. I mean but they didn't. Watch the video they normally remain socially distance when they come out of the dugout even prior to a pandemic I mean sometimes it's not they're not hockey team sometimes you have brawls say here and there I mean not they're not throwing haymakers like Is Right. This is the more than normal guys will come out. You hear benches-clearing nothing happens. That's that's what I said I said nothing serious right did I not right? So there is some bad blackening that thanks to the sign stealing saga afterwards Kelly with the typical refrain from a pitcher in these situations says it just got away it was a ball. Wasn't it? or Yes it was on the other side new astros manager dusty Baker not buying it. Drill. Fast Ball. Is. Again against career? Audio audio recording from nineteen, seventy, eight. There I don't know who was rolling on that. While I had the mask on on the zoom, there was one of those teleconferences and I think you had the mascot Bruce Arians did the same thing yesterday and I mean even listen to Eddie when Eddie talks with the mask on his all muffled. So I think that's probably part of it. The Way Bruce Arians is going to be wearing a mask and a face shield yeah on the Be. Interesting. Being, smart good for him by the way just to circle back and finish that up. If you guys haven't had a chance to see the video yet Joe Kelley making kind of the you know the Boohoo face attached. So was he was carrying it looks like a guy that's not going to get the batter's box. That's. That's that's for damn sure that absolutely well, the thing too is is. Joe Kelly was saying that you could hear what the Astros were saying because there's no crowd noise. So the players can hear kind of like what's going on from each other's dugout while the other team is in the field yes. But I'm assuming there was no chirping going on until he threw a six mile an hour fastball Alex Bregman head. Correct. So I mean you kind of get I'm not look I understand there's bad blood and you know the Astros are GonNa have to. Face the music here from some of these pictures along the way. But as dusty Baker, outlined head hunting is not exactly the way to embed the Yankees aren't going to play them. Well. Maybe they will in the playoffs. But then by that time, you know you're not throwing pitches at guys stranger things have happened. Hand things about some more jet sound for you. Adam Gates yesterday with the media obviously they're asking about the Jamal Adams trait first time they've had a chance to talk to Gheysens that all went down for the most part. He took the high road here. He says it was really great coaching atoms me personally. Travel talented. You know I feel lucky enough to be around. You know for that year and he thinks this is a tree that should work out. Okay. All around I. Really think the whole the whole situation and being a win win for both sides that said, you know he's got a roster to coach now and he's going to move forward with those guys. One guy that want to be here and obviously you don't you don't WanNa be here anymore. So decision was made to move on and. Say Remember. He's a guy that shipped out a number of Miami dolphins players. When he was controlling that roster down there Miami. So. That is a part of the kind of the issue here. but there's no question that Jamal Adams got what he wanted. He will not get a new contract this year but he got moved and got moved to a team that people think is a playoff team. Now one quick one because you just said a to Chris. When you started, you said he pretty much took the high road right for the most part based on the quotes I read in the cuts that I've heard that last one I played for I thought was the closest he came to really okay. Taking a little bit of I. Think Kim Jones said the so you did you did think she took shots we didn't. Take a shot at all shot. Just say he didn't want to be here. So He's gone. I'm not saying that I'm saying that's the closest. Thing he he said that came close to being on the edgy side, and it really didn't think it was all that talk about slamming a story, one way or the other. So many yesterday tweets out Adam Gates takes a couple of vailed shots at Jamal Adams. Take again. And that was right after Kim Jones was writing that Adam gaze takes the high road. Yes. So who do you believe I believe camp. I don't want I'm not GONNA go after Minnie's too much but. Again, at we were talking about the media, the way you slap things to your perspective for stories. Fall that gets frustrating took cal Brent was talking about maybe you never know by the way single grant yes, they are. My Sis my sister my niece looked up last night at the boardwalk and get those bats up there and I'm like those bats they're Segel's and they swore for five minutes they were bats and I'm like well, you guys crazy. About. Put come on. A block from the ocean there clearly Segel's. Did you go running in and looking for MOM and dad? A. City and Gunnar should never look forward to being invited on vacation with. Here. Good. Lord Mike. Goodness the chargers and defensive in Joey. Bosa. Reached an agreement on a contract extension yesterday five years. Hundred thirty, five, million bucks. Tacking onto the one year I guess he had left. So He's tied to the team. Now for six seasons seventy, eight mill guaranteed at signing hundred and two MIL guaranteed, which is a record for a defensive player. So another guy getting rich here this off season as far as the NFL Coz. Mets it. All right. Chris. Thanks Rangers Islanders, Exhibition. Tonight, eight o'clock was well yes. That, each the morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo Yankees and Phillies Postponed Yankees go to Baltimore Tonight, seven, thirty five will have all on the fan coverage at six fifty, five minutes when in Boston last night home at city field. Take on the red. SOx Tonight you get Jacob degrom and Nathan evolve the The star is there the NBA reboot begins you've got hockey with the islanders and Rangers Tonight and exhibition game I did watch some of the penguins and flyers which was interesting yesterday we'll get to that. Over time by the way, I didn't see that I saw. I saw a lot of the second period and it sounded look great by the way, I thought on you. Guys you guys are ready to play. By the way you talk about Patrick mahomes buying the Kansas city royals are a piece of it. Yeah. You gotTa love chief fence. They're great guy go one guy tweets as I was looking into some of this now one guy tweets and I love the fact that Patrick Mahomes is in a roiled stirs everything can't say perfect in regards to Patrick Mahomes in the chiefs and everything else, and then another guy writes holy crap mahomes owns the royals and the broncos about that. That, he he does own. The brings are gonNA. Right. In Kansas City for them right now right now they are yes and it's hard to argue at that for sure. Now Tell me about your golf game because that's right. I'll play golf yesterday with a couple of friends and is one guy. Has this weird Charles Barkley in his swing? I can't understand it and I don't play golf with this with this guy and. And I love the fact that he has picked up the game of golf over the last ten years and he. Loves, playing I guess so. We're playing and his practice swings are unbelievable is practicing smooth they come right through. But then when he goes to address the ball and hit the ball, his club goes about a quarter of the way, and then it comes through and he hits the ball and instead of hitting a nine on and let's say one hundred and fifty yards. He'll hit a nine iron like seventy yards unless he catches, it sliced the ball to with. The SEC does Kinda slice the ball and all that other stuff. So One of his playing partners who he plays regularly with and I were walking down the fairway and he was telling me that oh by the way. One of the reasons that he has his hitching swinging thing in. He says, he said he wants to go see a psychiatrist a psychiatrist says it goes back to when he was nine years old and and his parents got divorced now like that has now now the guy is like fifty eight years old and I'm like so you're telling me some. Forty nine years ago this or whatever is now impacting his golf swing now and I thought the guy was joking around with me. and. So two holes later now I'm walking down the fairway with this other guy. Who has the hitching a swing and I said, it's just really strange watching you swing through your practice wings. He goes want to the pro and the pro is telling me this that you know thing and then he suggested I go see a sports psychiatrist. Okay he goes. Yeah. The Sports Guy Trysts at the end of this. I. Guess This Hour Long Session said I know your problem is goes back to when your parents were divorced when you're nine years old. Based on them now he's clearly a doctor knows how long were we do? That's weird. Though isn't it? It is. It is really weird and he'll and you know the the beauty of all of this is that even despite that in the frustrations and I'm sure that he has to deal with by having to play like that he just absolutely loves the game of golf and I will say that his golf game has gotten better significantly better over the years in light of this and he's been able to know. A reasonably quick round of golf around around the course. Everybody knows this guy obviously loves the guy and is hoping nothing but for the best but. I just thought it was like one of the most interesting stories that he actually went to go see a psychiatrist psychologist sports psychology, whatever it is, and the sports psychologists told him it goes back to when you were nine years old then. He actually hits great shot and he looks at me and he goes I guess my parents got together. Now, is that every swing is the quarter swing like even the driver now the driver was the driver was not a quarter swing driver was actually zero since then now but he also told me when he started playing golf, he could even bring the driver back like, yeah the driver's hands any couldn't even move it. From the ball. You've ever played golf with anybody like that. It it is frustrating it's frustrating for you. You're frustrated for the player because. As I was then there are times I said man, that's a great practicing just hit that hit that practicing hit that pressure wing and he would and it would go only a quarter of the way up and he come fast throw it and like trump down the ball and it was it was it was it was one of the weirdest things I've ever seen I'll give you a little a little golf secret about some people around here real quick. Yes. So Chris Lopresti is with us now. He's down the shore with his parents having a blast on an ocean city new. Jersey God. No well, no good good free. Anything by that MOM and Dad. Like mini golf he might I don't. But if people turn on now and they see standing there, you're sitting there in front of the the sliding glass door with the reflection of the house on still be in front of you just people know he's down the shore with his parents all good and his family. So he happens to be a tremendous golfer like really good. About I was very impressed playing with you. The one score. Wise. Golfer here's the problem and you tell me if you agree or you don't Chris let's also say you and I haven't played together in about ten years now it's not that long, but it's a why it's pretty. Close you take forever. I would I knew you were going to go there are Su- boomer you talking about frustrating to play with he takes a practice swing stands over the ball. Drops back takes another practice during then he visualizes shot it takes literally a half hour from now. You're going to say this because. I haven't played in a long talk. Longer, do that you've changed your ways? Yes. Because at the time I was just starting to play regularly and I had no confidence. I had no idea what I was doing. So I felt like I had to rehearse the swing a million times to get comfortable with it doesn't mean that I'm you know playing any better scores but it's like, okay how many practice swings am I gonNA. Need to hit the same crappy shot. Let me just get up there and do you remember we played with that day? Of course I do we with Jobe? Yes your. Neck of the woods. Colts and we did that's exactly right which I played last week places in great shape. So whole number one boomer it's me Chris and Joe be. Joe Makes it very known that he's there with that vowed voice of his Chris, makes it known that were there because people in the first year wondering when the hell we're going to get off the first tee because he's Taken Sixteen practice swings and I'm getting antsy because it's driving me crazy like let's go. We gotta start playing day ruined. Your does yes it does and so we were on the first Hole Joe at one point had already gotten tired of playing with Chris because it took him forever to swing the club to where he was up by the greenside bunker screaming bro. Let's go. On, I haven't played with them since now now that I know that, would you like to play next Friday? I, love the play and I I have not played with Joe since he's played with a bunch of guys from the fan but he he has said to me in recent years like Oh, we play with your Dad's sometime we'll get together you know. So hopefully, we can make that happen a lot of things that your Dad Chris is. That's by the way that A. Man's retired when he retired, he had never played golf. We got him a set of clubs and it's pretty much. That's all he does but he doesn't regularly he's very active in his retirement he's not. Around he plays Golf two three times a week. He plays tennis. He plays tennis ball very active. Jerry. Now you and I played golf with Jopi out in. Arizona. We didn't know type played. No we played golf with Jobe me you and Joe Played. Out on Long Island somewhere Oh. Yeah. That was like, Oh my God and that will stick in my head now was. Chris I remember how Joe Putz Direct. Yes idea. So for anybody that doesn't know Joe's become a good. Recreational. Golfer. He says this quake. Yeah here's why because as I told Joe Back in two thousand one when I first got him to play. I. Said if you really like this take lessons now to which she told me absolutely not I can figure this out. All right. Good luck. His wife took lessons immediately and got better than that said, he's a very good recreational golfer because he plays fast and he doesn't waste too much time. That said when Joe Putts. To where his hands right down the shaft choke chokes up in the club I, don't call that choking up in the club. I. Talked that. Bending over. Holding the potter almost as to where the hotter meets. Yes. I'm happy. Gilmore. Ends. Yes. Very much like that. I have never seen anything like if you saw his and Craig's face when Joe went to put on the first green, it was something to be. So. So Golf Flying Golf with a guy who has add and OCD we're playing with a golf who like Golfer who basically chokes the putter down at the bottom of the shaft. allocated. Cherry on is this for The only thing you guys were missing in that crew would have been Jj. So now, I heard Jj on the way in talking about it but this line was fantastic. He says he's been playing because of the pandemic three to four times a week. Yes. Religiously. He's gotten much better I. Forget the course he's playing today but he was gonNA play today and he says, you know this front nine I can't seem to figure out but I am tearing up the back nine. Forty seven on the back of the. If he shoots ninety five, it's a really good day. I think forty, seven on the back nine was tearing anything up. But good for him. Feted I give him credit. He put together a golf outing last week in Staten Island and that while some money went to charity, we had ten foursomes also ties together. It was actually very well done but if you've never played golf with Jj, let me just say. Three. Groups behind the crew I played with and you can hear him from multiple get him in to play again. That's what I'm saying you need him in Joe together on the same golf course and just invite like a gal very entertaining. There is nothing worse than a Golfer who shows up late I t time. And then in the in takes forever to play. Yeah, I agree terrible. Absolutely terrible. Here's a hoboken what's up Eric? A Bloom I just caught the end of year discussion about the golf swing of having the perfect practice. And then the kind of timid takeaway. And then the kind of choppy downplaying I just wanted to tell you. I've seen the exact thing before happen to be a caddy tri area at a club and whoever's doing that I didn't hear who's doing it telling to keep going because It happens to be a billionaire WHO who they share with, but I just wanted to tell you see guys saying. Trading because you you can't coach out of it because you tell them fact it's perfect but I've seen the exact thing. It's unbelievable. It's I I was frustrated for the Golfer yesterday I was really really frustrated for him but. Somehow like he got himself around the golf course and everything was fine hit. I would say out of the. I'm figuring he probably shot somewhere around ninety or something but. Hit some good shots. He hit some good shots. There's no question and like I said the driver. He can bring all the way up but he pauses. Top. Literally stops. and. Then comes back in through it and then he can actually hit the ball a couple of times he hit the ball about two hundred and fifty yards. Too. Bad isn't it? Amazing though the different swings like this guy, you're telling, me might have put up a ninety, the courses you player Nice. So it's not like this was some Track golf course. So for him to put up, ninety is pretty impressive I play with this guy this Guy Scott Mcginn who literally if the fairway is this way he points waited a left and he plays a slice to perfection to where he'll put up little hill card something in the mid eighties and when you're on the first t you're looking at like who's this clown like dude the holes over there and the ball goes were has to go every single time I've. Raising there was a jain norms oak tree that had a V. shape coming out of the ground and it was i. mean it was probably even sharper than forty five degrees from the tee box and this guy, he yanked one through. Like a wishbone and it came all the way back. So it was to his left as a righty right? It was the his lap and he just young get right through the and then came all the way back into the fairway amazing. Is that a trick shot what the hell is. I've never seen. Here's just in New Jersey. WHAT'S UP Justin? Doan. Though. Going to affect your job for just playing with my bed about two days ago my dad and my cousin was his first aren't And my cousin pulls out a letter my dad used because he didn't have. Set of clubs and and we're. Looking at him any hunched over he's spent the hips almost set a ninety degree angle and he's playing with his little kids putter. From one of the mini golf courses and it was just hysterical and guys talking about Joe being and over putting like that both back memories. Just like them that sounds just like them as a matter of fact, the only the only difference is Joe has an adult putter and he just chokes all the way down on and he doesn't have a a miniature golf child butter holding I know bottom of the club I I'm aware by the Yes. I know by the actual putting iron I know. You could see a lot of weird things golf course I mean there are a lot of weird things. And and what's the most annoying of all things is not only if you're late for your teatime if you play slow or if you spend more than two minutes looking for God damn ball in the Fed, I couldn't agree with you more credible three bucks and get another one get it. Just drop a ball please can we move on I'm with you that's why I'm a great Gulf partner because I'm always early I play fast and I don't look for golf balls and then you talk about odd sights on a golf course. Here's Patrick and Verona next up on Patrick. Going on guys Patrick. I would say I'm from New Jersey Staten Island actually around third be March. Right. When the pandemic getting Delon Dollar Golf Course I forget the name of it and I'm standing on the t box with a brother and we're waiting at. And there's this guy behind us in Dolphin. Poll Dolphin. Talking about how? The next three months. And I think he goes I. think that's Jj I'm like. I don't think it. Hit my by each other the first stock and my brother and my foursomes quiet and I still hear these guy talking about me and I'm like like it was like, I heard him for like thirty feet away. At. My first shot so I get out there and then on the second tee shot, he's in the group behind me now. So I'm in back on the Second Kok backup for the first box, his drive is in the gets tenor of the second fairway. So. I've got like like I'm waiting to hit my second drive and the coming down lolly gagging in adult baton does. Like waving need to stop it can sure I. Don't get it right into that's not. and. So he finally hits he gets back into the fairway to get onto the screen and he's like a hundred. And I'm like a yellow. Flag. Like he came up and we Took A pitcher in? Urban. Entire route he does and everything he said like Oh, my God i. Right like I didn't on Jayjay by basically played with the. It'd be resilient. They're good job Bajic and that's why and that's why he's on radio because he never shuts to F. up. That is exactly right. That's tremendous. Jj I would actually do that I would play golf with Jj wants to see the experience proposed he must be loud. No question each morning show with boomer Esiason in Gregg, Giannotti boomer and Geo. Greg is and fire island for the week could be back on Monday. So I slide over and sliding over for me is Chris Lopresti. I have to add one more thing about jj before we on terrible job. I mean not mentioning this segment is boomer is outlining the quirky swing that his playing partner or someone played in his group yesterday ad. So Jj as he takes the club back and not every time, but I'd say maybe fifty percents of the time as he takes the club back. He with his head in his eyes turns and watches the club and then all in one motion comes back to hit the ball she doesn't keep his. Bird I mean I've never seen that anywhere ever before my life as far as the golf swing goes I look forward to seeing. Like. What does he normally shooting the eighties nineties? What does he? Know hundreds. If he shoots ninety five, he's very happy. So he's like one of the guys if I if I go to bethpage and I get behind his foresight, he's shoot. It's GonNa take me like six hour cooler get around the dam golf course. Yes and you know what else he might do. That might bother boomer because you're probably you know old school gentleman's game all that. He's part of this newer wave of golfers that will bring a speaker in the golf cart and play some music along the way or that I don't mind that I don't know how I like that about. It depends I don't mind it if it's like in a tournament or something for charity and all that other stuff. But if I'm playing in a match or something, I don't necessarily know that I want that remember Ceelo he he gulped with Craig so. That's a fair point and Joe at the same time. That's when I started drinking. Tequila. Yeah. All right. Anyway. It was a night to remember David Peterson Monday up at Fenway Park. Here's Peraza first pitch hit on the ground. A second should be to connote a second one Rosario to I say turn it play and that retires the side we don't need no stinking officials store to tell us that that one four, six, three at Peterson is out of the NFL he's through five silly I should correct myself as Tuesday's at lose track of the days and Peterson did pitch into the sixth even how he rose there on I'm Howie rose eight hundred, eighty s no stinking official score needed I. Don't know what that was in reference to five and two thirds at seven hits. I, think he's in reference to he's sitting at city field by themselves doing the game awful monitor. Oh, I would think that they don't have an official scorer right by them. No, they were upset I only because I heard the TV broadcast the and Keith. Thought that the score in Boston was terrible the. All right throughout the game last night. Okay. Gotcha. So Peterson does. Eared Awkward Double Play in the third inning. Lending. Right, and I guess there were saying that canot actually caught the ball in the air. Initially. In a rundown right and the runs scored. Well I. I didn't see that live but I saw the I thought the umpire called him out initially because he goes over to second base. It looks like he catches on a fly right? Right and the the announced the umpire right there goes save meaning it hit the ground then when he throws to Rosario, that's when he calls them out and that's how you get what happens with the rundown because now he's gotta go it's a four sir, he could've went back. Bizarre the official, the official score at least at the beginning scored as if that was a live, all that was that it was a line out of Yada. So we had some scoring controversies. beat the red SOx eight two, three Luis Rojo says the rookie, Peterson? Fit Right in right now with David and. Other daughters that was Elyssa similar to the performance add any over stars can give us a right there. So just a salty outing by. Jacob DEGROM, if we're being fair as for Peterson, he had the expected pregame nerves but those went away quickly WanNa game started I started warming up and everything was just playing baseball and he got some early run support. Mets led three nothing after two. Then Jd Davis with a two run homer off the Pesky. Pole. In the fifth she had to RBI's a piece for Davis Rosario and McNeil even. Robertson Cano went two for three his first couple of hits since the season opener and he wasn't too worried about it. In. Slow I three four or five games that has been his Mo.. Forty apparently right as well. Now, they come back to city field for two more with the red sox tonight. It is Jacob degrom opposed by native all day you get first pitch at seven, ten Major League baseball moving forward with the MARLINS CORONA virus situation yesterday postponing all of their games through Sunday to though miss six total and it's obviously with the schedule crunch not a guarantee that they'll make all of them up because I think they would have what You know fifty seven games to make up less than fifty seven days something like that fifty, seven, fifty, six days somewhere along those lines. So we'll wait and see what goes on with them here in the short term. But for now, they are remaining in Philadelphia that got the daily testing going on So staying in Philly where they played last weekend their next scheduled a play on Tuesday at home against the phillies and the phillies also get a couple of extra days off now they'll next play on Friday and now the Yankees agreeing to go to Baltimore to. Play with the Orioles that series begins tonight they were about forty five minutes away from bussing back to the Bronx yesterday when Brian cashman called Aaron Boone in pitched the whole idea all part of trying to play through this unprecedented situation or no world where no one is dealt with anything like this before. So I think we all need to be pliable and be able to pivot and at least be open to adjust. That's exactly what they're doing. Player Rep player Zach Britton says there group voted unanimously to go to Baltimore and they'll just keep doing their part. Guys on our team are doing a good job. You know we can't control what's going on with other teams but as long as we follow the rules while the protocols and take care of ourselves, I think that we can minimize our exposure. Twenty. Great that absolutely sounds great. That's a baseball player who's in tuned to what's going on. He's the player for the Yankees. He also knows that he's on a really good team and he also knows that his team wants to play. So I I appreciate you know after all the nonsense between the NFL the the major league baseball. Players Association and the teams to hear players on the Yankees talk about the Yankees the way that they do I appreciate that. So they're down in Philly for two days they never played a game obviously a lot of waiting around in dealing with the ever changing details with Aaron Boone says it actually wasn't so bad. Really it's been I think by and large a pretty comfortable experience for us over the last forty eight. And I'm confused the League's so the Yankees are stuck in Philadelphia Nine there in Baltimore now but they weren't they were stuck in Philadelphia in Washington. Now, the Yankees weren't Philadelphia. On. Washington went to Philadelphia to. Yeah. Spent a couple of days in. Philadelphia don't play. They're allowed to do what? I my interest. There in the hotel I think I. Don't they're going out during during our. In a in their own team bubble whatever that is but I I understand I'm just curious and I. I don't know who's with the team who's not do they at least get together for meals or is it like the NBA or the hockey where it was basically pick up your lunch go to your room. because. Here's the thing even with the here's the thing even with the hockey. If everybody has tested negative. The virus isn't just going to appear out of thin air like why can't they have team meals together and film study together I was told that it was going to be strict and that they were GonNa follow the guidelines so they can. Play the sport but I've got thirty guys that don't have the virus. What is the harm? Yeah. I know I get I'm not Dr Faucher. I can't answer that question for you I don't want you to. But I can't tell you that the difference is that Major League. Baseball is traveling. You know the getting on buses and plans they are going to hotels. They are you know dealing with all the stuff that comes along with that, and then if a player or two sides that you know he can't help himself but he's got to go to Atlanta Strip. That's a different. That's different question. Then the next thing you know half the team has it right but that but I'm talking about a responsible. Team that's completely off topic. Then we're putting that aside, I'm assuming that these guys are doing the right thing and by all accounts, the other two, thousand, nine, hundred are because you only had one team that a screwed this up so far and I just wonder if these tests continue to be negative why they're not allowed to have team meals and meetings and such especially when they're on the field together now and on the ice together and on the courts together, that's gotta be so just stringent. Away from the playing field. Hey Eddie let's just on the fly here because I know Boone, did address this. We just weren't going to get to those cuts this hour. Let's go ahead and do that in the general folder. If you can force if you go to boone number nine I, think that will answer some of Jerry's questions about what the players of they're allowed to do and what they can do what the Yankees were up to. Okay. At the Team Hotel in Philadelphia we've had team team meals, things like that. We have some really good dedicated spaces in the hotel. So guys are able to move around and you know kind of get out of their room at least a little bit. And that sounds a lot better and then I think if you play number eight, they also even able to do a little bit of physical activity minor but they are able to do some stuff inside. We're pretty much ourself. So. There's Jim Access. I know a couple of pitchers were able to get outside and actually played catch. They're doing they were able to do some stuff. Obviously, it's not ideal, but it's better than nothing. Excellent. So that's the situation for them. They are in Baltimore now to with the OS and it will be garret cold tonight Jay Hap- tomorrow, and then they're back to the Bronx for three with the red sox where you'll get Masahiro Tanaka Jordan. Montgomery. To with the starters for those games over the weekend coal tonight opposed by Asher Whoa Jakubowski I. Hope I'm saying that right six, fifty, five pre on the fan and a seven, thirty, five I pinch. You had the benches clearing incident in Houston last night, the Astros beat the dodgers five to two. But in the bottom of the sixth Joe. Kelley, pitching the Alex Bregman, the three Oh county buzzes in behind the head. At nine six miles per hour, and then after Bregman gets the first Kelly through over there three or four times. So keep in mind he's pitching with his team down three in the six that wasn't exactly like a one run game in late innings or anything but he throws over there. Multiple Times there was some back and forth glaring, and then you've got the hot mic in the Astros dugout settle for one. Okay. So an empty stadiums we pick up some things we don't normally pick up apologies for over the potty mouth is dodger's TV, and presumably that was dusty Baker who was up pretty annoyed by this whole thing after the game because then later after Kelly through a, he called a curveball was eighty, seven mile I. think it was a slider but whatever he threw it Carlos Correa. Whether or not you want to say that was intentional or not created and really appreciate it, and then Kellyanne actually struck him out and there were some back and forth exchange there which led to the benches clearing. So dusty was asked after the game what went on there as far as what was said and the quote, and of course, we don't have the audio. What was what really enraged everybody was what he told Carlos when he struck amount quote swing beach and I'm cleaning that up. So. Yeah. The there is no love lost last night order was restored though nothing crazy. But we did have our first little dust up here of the young season. We expect a lot of that with the Astros this year before the coronavirus hit So I mean not exactly surprise it's the dodgers who certainly were impacted. By the Science Sailing Saga. Saga now our Guy John Boy did of course one of his breakdowns on this whole. Yes. So I got to watch that this morning, which is really as I woke up and this happened late last night was my first indication that anything had happened. So he goes through his whole breakdown which was enjoyable but I enjoyed at the end and I think Allah might like this. It sounds like John. Boys got himself a young puppy are young dog as well that he's learning to deal with at home and that led to some technical difficulties with his recording low behind the scenes. As this happened I jumped up from my couch to my computer slipped in a nice puddle of my new puppies. Fell on the ground into the puddle of. Had to clean myself, up for sitting down to record. Problems that pandemic. So but he came through, he put the you put his thing out there and it was It was very well done. So he overcame those those puppy related difficulties off the unrelated note Did you see the Bob Nightingale tweet from yesterday on one Soto situation the nationals so I'll just read it verbatim he says Juan Soto is getting increasingly frustrated his teammates say is reportedly tested negative six times three by MLB and Three by the nationals, but he's not had back to back negative test keeping him out of action. So that's their their their premo bridge between the six negative tests. There's been a positive here on there. That's that's what I took away from that, which just goes to show you the inconsistence. Tell you testing man? Yeah it's a problem. It's a big problem and that's a big problem for the nationals right now he's there their marquee players. You find that the angels I would assume. So he's increasingly frustrated and he's got negative tests probably itching to get back out there. I. Wonder if that's the same deal Chapman because as boomer you pointed out in the six o'clock hour Brian Cashman wouldn't or couldn't say anything and it's been a while since right? It's gotTA BE AT least a couple of weeks now. Brian Cashman says he's feeling good, right. That's kind of like what he said and then when he's ready, he'll be ready and we'll bring them back. So again, they may be going obviously and they should be going by the protocols that were put down and agreed to by both the Union and the owner. So hopefully, these guys went back sooner than later. The Heck I would imagine that soda will be back when the mets play. You're probably right about that. was that you're a little musical interlude. On ad popped up. I knew it wasn't my computer for a change because I'm not my computer is not piped in to the to the broadcast, a role and just answer the question Aroldis Chapman tested positive on July tenth. So it's it's three weeks. So. We'll. There's a little gentleman's bet going on we have a group chat with some of the guys including Jay from the station and generally yeah exactly who used to work at the fan who swears Chapman will not be back as soon as people would expect. So some guys took the under and some took the over and the date that is set August eighth. But why why are they saying that? Why is WHO's saying what? What? Why is that date set? They wanted one guy's point was you know he's not going to be back in a couple of weeks whereas JJ couple the other guys at all he'll be fine just like lemay you won't be that long. So James Ward who thinks it's going to be longer they they kind of came to an agreement on what the middle ground was. They said it's like an over under for season wins on. August eighth. The date one took the over the other guys took the under. So our planes. Rpt Yes, the major league baseball, pitcher will be back in these times. This is what we get by with. You gotTA. Do you know right by the way? Did you hear the draft King signed a big deal with the PGA tour? See that. Yeah. That was announced yesterday. Okay. Anything exciting about what they're going to be doing. A total collaboration and access to different obviously opportunities on draft kings and. You know it'd be interesting to see how how it's all going to play out and how it's all going to be immersed interactivity between the two entities. Okay. Eddie actually, let's skip gays and let's go to Aaron Rodgers because I know Jerry detailed this answer he gave an NFL network with Kyle Brandt on where again he was asked about excuse me. Tonight and I Miss Mink grandmom mink tremendous so he's asked about draft night the packers taking Jordan love and as you mentioned, he got tipped off by his his marketing agent. How clarify that? Guy's got multiple agents that he got the tip off in advance that they were GonNa be picking a quarterback because up until that point, he said he was extra intrigue because the packers had traded up and they're still was some wide receivers on the board as we know obviously, they went ahead and pick the quarterback and here's where it's a longer answer because it's I think important for contact setup territory. Me Lineup for. Yes. I'm just making sure you got the the picture here. So good at hit the I love Scott's but I've been drinking. Some sipping. Tequila Laney as well. And once I got that text I went to the Pantry at poured myself You know about four fingers and I knew it was gonNA be one of those nights where the people going so calling and there's going to be you know. A IF I. Okay. Fine I. Like I said it wasn't an elated by the Fiqh and especially being one game away from Super Bowl and Like we're a couple of players away but. Same time understanding. I thought he was very fair and very great answer the whole thing. With even talked about how you know Kyle ran asked him. So what's going to happen I are they gonNA move on from you or are they gonna you know Jordan love going to sit the bench. She's a first rounder they traded up for him in Rogers like probably the probably the first one you know they're probably move on from me at some. points the way it works. So he didn't come across his angrier bidder. I didn't think. So either no, he was very honest and blunt. He indicated, Hey I didn't love the pick. You know I still think we're we're not that far away but they gotta do what they gotTa do. So I thought it was pretty fair. I. Thought he came across well. One other thing we we talked yesterday I kind of said, well, when winter now the players reporting for camp, what are they actually going to be on the field row fach Yano tweeted out kind of a breakdown of the schedule here in the short term. So yesterday, they had cova test today and other Cova test virtual meetings, tomorrow virtual meetings, Friday. Another Cova test, Saturday and Sunday physicals only for those guys who tested negative and then Monday strength and conditioning begins. So we're not anywhere close. This is not. Getting on the hill now, and this is all part of the agreement the two sides hammered out. So don't look for any. You know on field footage coming from these training camps within the next one by the way did you did you see the extension that Joey Bosa from the La did holy Mackerel under two million guaranteed, right? Yeah. Hundred and thirty, five, million, Max, which is second. Defensive. Players there. Khalil Mack is first I. His average salary is twenty, seven, million dollars, which is I is total guarantee is one hundred and two million which I for defensive players and guaranteed at. Seventy eight million dollars, which is also a great checked get knocked. Not Too. Shabby. Chris thanks very much. Seven forty eight on the fan and CBS sports network seventy eight million dollars written out to boomer Esiason just twenty years too late. That's too early. I should say. Hammer that home and I don't know why. Because, I think wow you made so much money during the Times knowing how good you are and what it could be now must eat at you now it doesn't. Really. I'm pretty practical y you know I'm not I'm not I'm not like your gentlemen actually happy because I you know I was a I was an NFL PA. Presentative in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven, and a lot of what the players are reaping today came out of that strike. It just took a while to get there. And then when the game grew to a point where everybody was making so much money both the owners and the players recognize that Labor peace is important to the future of of of the League and that's why we're not gonNA see another strike and we won't say another word stop h the morning show with boomer science and in Gregg Giannotti boomer and Geo. Time for the super popular, ever creative thought inducing game who said, what here the rules the caller gets to choose the opposition it can be Allah can be boomer it can be Ceelo I, read the quote, and then you have to guess who set I'll then play the quote we'll find out if you're right or wrong, we will alternate turns your got A. Chance to steal if in fact, the I guess is wrong. Three points every right answer the winner wins nothing except you can say that you're the champion of who said, what sound good Eddie you feel that the calls yeah. You tell me who is going to be the competition for WHO said what? Okay. So this we're only choosing one that's the idea. Okay. You tell me the best one on the board here. They will tell us who they're playing against the press to you. There I'm here I thought I heard the meat truck trucco by cool. All right. Well. It's really just like you're out right now be decisive. All right. Let's go with Monte all right Monte and San Francisco. How are you? It's five o'clock in the morning. Are you ready to play who said what? Carry boomer Al The PRESI. Oh Yeah. You sound like you're ready my man. All right. So you've got boomer you got CEELO. You Got Al Who do you WANNA play against. Let's out to all right buddy verses, Monte and San. Francisco are you ready for the first quote since you're the guest you get to go first Monte here's the first quote you tell me who said it your guests is can be boomer me Al or Geo those are the four you got it. Got It. Quote number one this was said once on the show quote, my greatest asset is my ass and I'm going to show it off. One hundred percent now, who is that? You Jerry. And Al for the steel on to say that was geo play the quote. My greatest asset is my ass and I'm GONNA. Show it off tests. Three points for Al Al.. I now. We're going to go and we're going to go. Let's go quote number. Let's go number four. Is that good? Any can you me quote number for sure. Here's the quote Al.. Just a little background Bob Dwyer turned forty. We were all trying to be nice to him. Here's the quote. Oh Forty Bob you know that means you're forty percent of the way to the grave happy birthday jackass. WHO said that Al? I'm going to say that was boomer size. Mazi for the steel. Jerry RECCO play the quote who forty Bob. That means you're forty percent of the way from the grave. Happy. Birthday Jack. So Jerry recco out. Loud. I don't know because you know because bobby is a big boomer fan. Bengal Days Jackass. As a fun way to say Happy Birthday I thought. Wrong. That's stinks. Our Guest Eddie because it was a very morbid thought, right alphabet, he has no drops. Eddie doesn't even acknowledge birthdays and we don't have any clips of saying. Her it's all right. We're tied at three after two rounds. Round number three Monte Europe. Are you ready? To it number one Eddie number one quote all my friends have their testicles who said that Monte Go Al Dukes. L.. I know for a fact, this was a boomer size and quote play it. All my friends have their testicles he says proudly. So that was that was out the steel. So as up six to three. And I go and I get to go first. Yes you do so al you can really make a move here. Let's go eddie clip number. Clip number seven. Clip number seven. Are you ready out? Yes. The quote I would like to have sex for this much money. Wow, this is a tough one. I'm going to say this is a Jerry recco quote from podcast. Monte. boomers is him boy nobody wins play the quote I would like to have sex for this much money. You're wrong I don't know where he's coming from. I. Wasn't Al I. Don I don't recall ever saying that in my life. said it obviously Al You're now still up six to three, but Monte is now in control of the board. GIMME quote number. Let's see here. Give me. Number Twelve Eddie quote number twelve here is the quote. This is a direct quote from him and I'm paraphrasing. Monte who said that? This is a direct quote from him and I'm paraphrasing which makes no sense. Wow. We're going to go with. G. L. on that one and. Again. I do know this one directly. That's boomer size and. This is a direct quote from him and I'm paraphrasing. Unfairly I was in the room when he got so excited when he heard that needed to go clip it. All right. Here we go out. You're in control of the board. You're now up nine to three Montier lael year lagging behind now this is no good. Let's go at number three, Eddie number three. Here's the quote. If there was a human with two penises, they would make a killing doing weird. I think I said that. Thing Ding Ding play it. If there was a humid with two penises that person would make killing doing weird stuff. Twelve twelve three. Thing Man I. Don't know what it is. This probably isn't fair because Al knew the. Area. Got All right here comes Let's see a couple more here Monte control the board. Here's the quote number Thirteen Eddie number thirteen eventually reach going to die the Sun will explode the universe will collapse. Existence, is not only temporary quite frankly it's pointless. Muttiah who said that? Jerry Rela. Yes eventually reach going to die son will. Universal collapse existence is not only temporary quite frankly it's pointless world doomed and worse nothing matters. Tell me you're quoting Eddie there at least. I wasn't I'm sorry I was not good job Monte. So it's twelve six. Now Allen Control here's the next one. Let's go number eight at number eight. Here's what was said, my choice my brain everybody else can go screw who said that is Geo good job play Mike Choice, my brain my choice everybody else goes screw. Screaming about I don't remember what he was. What do you screaming about what I remember? Just like go after him or something probably fifteen six Al Monte this is a big when you need to stay in the game number five, Eddie number five. This was said once the women started to pull her pants down Oh, we didn't have to pay for. All right. Hold on guys. With boomer. No. Al. Who said and I'm going to say Geo again. You're both wrong. Wow. The woman started to pull her pants down. We didn't even have to pay for this. Stuff like you say, painting has to do with. Negativity right. All, right. This is for the win Al. this is where the win and you're good to go and unfortunately I feel like you'll probably get this one. Let's quote numbers six, number six I still have the same joy of a man coming into your home. I what is it I still have a I still have the same joy of a man coming into your home. I'm going to go Jerry RECCO on that one. I have no idea what it means. Monte. AL, Dukes play it. I still have that scene joy area of a man coming into your home. I have a guy I. Think I only have one of my own. Right. Al Once again, you can win it here. Okay. Ten Eddie number ten I'm touching it. I'm looking at I'm rubbing it all over me. That is a classic Jerry RECCO and once saying the game. I'm going out Dukes for the win play it. I'm touching it. I'm licking it. I'm rubbing it all over me I'm. Gregg Giannotti Monte, you lose al You are the winner of the first rendition of Pu said, what Monte thanks very much man. Thanks guys go smoke and sleep. Enjoy. Oh, you got all of yours wrong. I know embarrassing the only one you got right was the one where you stole from him other than that. Yeah. Not so great I got I got a couple from the steals. You got a couple from the steelers. Yes. Exactly and then there were the only other one we didn't play was number two Eddie. If you WanNa play that you blow belong you live there you go and that was from a one hundred and four year old woman who said her secret to life was what was it again it was taking. Out. Now he's taking deep breaths right? Because she still exercise at one hundred and four years old and she believes the key to success was blowing out the air out of her lungs everyday routine, right? So hundred and four years old we should all take that advice and there was one other one. We didn't play look guys in our underwear. That would be fun. There you go size, we never got to those two because Al winds at fifteen to nine well done by everybody all around eighteen to nine whatever the hell it was. We're going to take a break when we come back, we'll get Chris Lopresti next, we'll get you some sounds of course from Tuesday night and we'll get you set up for a Wednesday as well. It is boomer NGO on the fan and CBS sports network. Just fired those off to your booms. Middle of dominating a game. Each the morning show with boomer Esiason, and Greg. boomer and Geo. Hi. Greg is Al.. He isn't fire island this week on fire island this week I'll be back on Monday. So I sit in with boomer until ten sitting in for me until ten or eleven or twelve. His name is Chris Lopresti Down The Jersey Shore Chris. What are you got this hour for us? What's up brought to you by winters Bros. Way systems creating cleaner and Greener Long Island to learn more visit winters Bros.. Dot. COM and it was a dream come true kind of David Peterson up at Fenway Park as the mets made it two in a row over the Red Sox uppish swung on. Strike three and may take that ball out of play too because it commemorates David Peterson's first major league strikeout and he got it against Jd Martinez not too shabby Howie rose with the call CBS a yeah. Five and two thirds seven hits. Couple of runs allowed three strikeouts and he picks up the victory as the mets beat the red SOx eight, two, three Louis. Row. Haas impressed with one particular quality Peterson displayed. You know really for me stands out of this is just a great voice I mean this is mature nest You know just you know always able to handle the scenario. Jams along the way got some run support to so a good night for the twenty, four year old two, thousand, seventeen, first round, pick the mets. He says all good having a history with the red sox to me out of high school. It's it all came together. One of the best is my life and I'll never forget this Davis with a two run homer in the fifty s to Rbi's obviously as well as Ahmed Rosario McNeil Here's Davis on an overall enjoyable experience up and beaten down today was a great day is even better day than we gotTa Win and Pediatrics I win. Who Is Davis? That's JD Davis? Yes. So David Peterson is PD because. Davis. So he hits a home run over the the green monster over the foul the poll out there, and they can't tell because I can't see it and they can't replay because they don't have the right angle for it and. It looked like at least from the shot that I saw that it was a fair ball. This was obviously two nights ago and then last night he hits the Pesky Pole. figured. Let me go the opposite field and then I we'll see also Offer the monster. Perfectly. He's a good ballplayer. It's a nice little pickup. They got. He's been. He's been a great pickup is. That's that's one of the brody. Good ones. Yes it was and Robinson had two hits. Dan. Got Them on the board Nice and early us. So they come back to city field for two more with Boston. You Got Jacob degrom, nate evolve the on the mountain first pitch seven ten, the marlins are in the kind of a holding pattern here their games have been postponed by Major League baseball through Sunday their next scheduled to play on Tuesday. So six games total of missed the whole corona virus situation So they are scheduled to play at home against the phillies next week Philadelphia also off until this. Friday. The nationals had their schedule impacted by all this as do the Yankees. They agree to go to Baltimore, they will play to with the Orioles beginning tonight. So they basically grabbed two games from early August where they now are going to have a couple of off days built in pay real quick because you mentioned the Marlins and what's going on with them and boomer you mentioned the Bob and even Al did before the Bob Nightingale story or tweet whatever it was about them being in Atlanta or being. If that is indeed proven true. Is there any punishment or fine or anything for Major League baseball or the Marlins or is it just serve as an example as to what can happen and maybe that turns out to be a good thing everybody else because they see what's possible I don't know I don't know if they're fines I know the NFL has built into its CBA coming back definitely, fines and suspensions if players are caught doing things that they shouldn't be doing and it's not just it's not just clubs by the way to I also understand it to be if you WANNA go to church and there's fifty people in Church while you're in there. Could you could get find you and you may be put in quarantine. You could lose a big portion of your salary there anywhere where there's gathering basically essentially is what they're saying. They just want all the players, the followed the protocol of not putting themselves at risk by putting the rest of the team at risk. Given what has happened to the MARLINS I? Think this is one of the reasons why these agreements had to be signed by both parties. So everybody understands and I'm telling you just listening to the Marlins and all this other crap that's going on around them. Those guys had no idea what that hundred and thirteen, one, hundred, seventeen, page. Booklet Sediment? I've been in I don't be nine point nine percent of the players didn't read every page of that. There's no way and you know now I would think that all the players especially like so it's really up Jay HAP- to explain to his team look I'm your player rap here's the booklet. Here's what it says guys and as I went through it, the most important aspect of this is to watch what you're doing away from the stadium because truly unless of course again, it's not the facilities that you have to worry about you have to worry about where the players are going after they leave the facilities. Right and then what they're bringing back into the clubhouse the last thing the NFL team wants someone getting sick in their building. Right look with the phillies are going through right now I'm sure they would the deep cleaning anyway between games but again, they're not playing now the MARLINS didn't get it in Philadelphia nobody brought it in there they brought it in with them right? We do have an audio clip of nightingale talking about what he heard about that whole Atlanta Situation Eddie play that for you. Now Eddie, the one nightingale clip in the general he was on Geos former station actually 93.7 the fan in Pittsburgh Inau gave some details on what he's heard on that situation I've got a couple of guys went out. In Atlanta. So that's what happened. It wasn't like I. Don't you know I don't think we're saying he kind of Luke like Oh. Got It from a you know the bus driver pilot or something like that I believe some guys got careless at least guy did for sure in went out and I think a Came back positive and spread around. So he's not naming names, but I guess he's got some inside Info there. I would hope he wouldn't put that out there. You know on on. into their. Think. Though, wouldn't you think every manager? Would sit down with his team. Tell them. This is the deal guys sure and that's why do I do like what both? Brandon Nimmo said last night I love with Jay HAP- said about the Yankees, Zach Ben and I like I like the fact that both of our teams here at least seemed to be locked in about doing the right thing. Yeah. Well, that's good. You're in the New York market where you know that the media scrutiny is intense and both teams feel they should be contenders. So maybe they're taking a little bit more serious than the Marlins are where obviously there's still in rebuilding mode I don't know if there's that there's that's part of it. I think it's I also think it's an age thing now unless of course, Lew Williams and he's going to get chicken wings at a strip club. You see your boy Kevin Harlan wanted to order those are going to get into that. We will get to that. Just finish up. The baseball. Here. Listen Jerry we gotTA protect this audio. I totally understand you know how it is. Yes Yankees. Camden yards, they'll play to the Yankees were getting set to head back to New York. Yesterday there were about forty five minutes away from loaded up the bus to go back to the Yankee stadium for a workout. Brian. CASHMAN calls Aaron Boone. They talk about hey should we go to Baltimore and play these Games now? They got it to Zach. Britton they voted as a team they said, yes unanimously cashman says their ability to adjust as what this is all about right now. We know there's going to be. Experienced that no one's ever experienced before and how we adjust with certainly be judged on but always with health and safety in the in the primary decision making of that Aaron Boone doesn't know what's next, but they'll just keep rolling with the punches for now what will be will be alternately dictated as of right now, we'll get to continue our season. We're excited about that opportunities. He was also asked about some of the comments on this whole situation from around the League specifically nats manager Davey Martinez we heard from yesterday saying he's scared. Here's what boone had to say about that. I understand that a lot of people. Are GonNa feel a lot of different ways about this in its home with people in different ways and I certainly respect that but I have not shared those same feelings as of yet and even said he would have been just fine playing yesterday if they were told if they got the all-clear, he didn't have any reservations about. Other issues going with no pre existing condition but I do like, I do like. I. Don't know if these managers are involved with their players as the football coaches are involved with their pires but. I mean his his sense of ease of the way that he's carrying himself is all good. It's all good. It's all it just sounds like it's totally practical. It's a reasonable it's not. It's not a panic situation for him and you know again, the players got the police themselves I'm wondering if David Price came out and said Oh by the way. Yeah. That's right a dumb ass player in. ATLANTA. One out to doubt in got US sick and that's what happened is not major league baseball. It's the players that got that have to police themselves or if he's applauded the other twenty, nine teams for having no issues right so far so one. Session about something because Major League Baseball doesn't want to take care of its players. Meanwhile, Jay, has told us that the Yankees have been nothing but unbelievably professional brandon Nimmo said nothing but great things about the mets and how they're handling it. But yet, we have to take David price and we gotTA put him in the headline. Quotes, I've read from Nimmo Britain all these guys have been outstanding and we hope that we keep going in that way because so far, and because of this now the Yankees, what they get the Orioles five times in the next eight games, right? Right yeah, and by all their and. That's fine by the way how about watching the hockey game last night. So all those guys on the ice last night between the penguins and the flyers were all healthy. Nobody tested positive no the coaches or anything else and that game will good last I. thought it looked great i. mean I I saw the flyers and penguins earlier I. Didn't see the whole game. So the second period and if that's what it's going to be. That in the basketball I'm in on I think it's I think it looks great and basketball starts tomorrow night for real. Let's go hi Rangers Islanders Tonight Submission game eight o'clock tonight and you've also got Gary Cole- On the mound for the Yankees J. will pitch tomorrow and then for the weekend series with the red sox back here in the Bronx Aaron Boone said Masahiro Tanaka Jordan Montgomery will be part of that just wasn't ready to say who's GonNa Pitch on which day this evening we got. Premium on the fan six, fifty five, and then I pitch seven, thirty five now last night in Houston, dodgers beat the Astros five to to not the other way around incorrectly said last hour bottom of the sixth Joe Kelley on the mound he had already thrown it Alex. Bregman head whether it was on purpose or not that's up for you decide it was a three O. pitch later he's facing Carlos Correa and things escalated from there another to swing and a mask out on the curve ball downstairs. and. Kelly gets his man. As rose dugout has something to say to Kelly as he walks back to the dodger dugout. Kelly turning his head to return fire. As a also has something to say to Joe Kelley and now both dugouts anti. As the Pires are trying to keep everyone socially distant and failed to do. So as you saw on the possibility, it's not their fault astros radio afterwards dusty. Baker asked what set off the back and forth at the end of the inning. Raised her is when. You took cardinals struck him out. Nice. See what as opposed to do this? So they've reacted Also, Kelly was making the boohoo facing the direction of Korea and the Astros dug out. Of course, he was much more diplomatic in explaining the whole situation to the media starting with that three buzz of Bregman. Negatively. The No fanciers easy to get some stuff. I. Think I gave me the wrong number there. He also said, Hey, you got to lead. You're not looking to put the leadoff man on my mechanics, Warren grades he gave you all the excuses in the book they play again tonight at seven o'clock we'll see if there's any carryover there before we get to that Kevin Harlan, funding from TNT last night Adam Gay on conference call yesterday taking the high road on the Jamal Adams situation he wished him nothing but the best and says, he'll do great out west. Success. Now. With a great coaching staff non a lot of those guys they're. He'll feel set in in grading that that scheme and spars the jets go now time for his group to get down to business. Team game I mean we're we got a bunch of guys that are excited to get going and those are the guys that I'm going to focus on jets have discussed quarantining. Quite a bit. Adam Gates talking about that yesterday a bit. Joe FLACCO or David Fales who does have a history and experience with gays and his offense and other some other teams talking about maybe. darnold. Sam Dr how the heck would they pull that off? Well I'm just saying you know he does have a weaker immune system did have. Yes A. Little Bit of a sickness. So I just worry about that. That's all I'm just worry about him getting sick. Okay. SO DOWN IN ORLANDO. Yet a rocket. Celtics scrimmage last night, which is kinda irrelevant. But here's Kevin Harlan on TNT had some fun with the whole Lou Williams situation the Atlanta Strip club and lot and whatnot, and he made reference that on TV broadcast I WANNA see how much Paul we have in the city of Atlanta Soup and get some of those chicken wing Jerod. Orlando Celebrate. We could celebrate the restart with those wings. Anyway guys anyway, guys. That's where the Miami marlins players were going to get some way. Maybe you never know are they. There is Kevin. Harlan is that the one crew that is there that I don't know I'd have to look into that I know you said insignificant but I think Eric Gordon twisted his ankle. Teams playing. Yes he did. He is going to be out one to two weeks left ankle injury. So for a team that's trying to contend obviously not what you want veteran player that has a lot of playoff experience each the morning show with boomer Esiason, Gregg Giannotti, boomer, and Geo we do have baseball back tonight both with the mets and the Yankees the mets winning in. Boston last night tonight at home for the Red Sox Yankees in Baltimore to play the orioles with this entire Switcheroo between the phillies and the Marlins, and did you also get a load of the story we did this in the warm up show between five and six that we do every hour every day boomer. Briefly. Did you catch governor Cuomo basically saying complain New York everybody. We're we're we're open and ready for business. Yeah. Because we have a department of Health order that now has controlled corona virus as opposed to the Department of Health Order March twenty fifth where he ordered. Nursing homes to take in sick Kobe nineteen patients. Right Great. I'll listen that guy I'll believe that guy. The last thing that I would want to do. So he's like standing on a grandstand saying, oh, we got this under control where New York. Now we have we have totally handled meanwhile, we still are the state with the largest amount of deaths and a lot of that had come through the decision making between him and his health department. So he was asked directly a question back then about that water, he had no answer because he had no idea and I would not trust their health department nor would I trust him? With the dodgers you don't want to. Brooklyn, not even close. So that's that's a done deal. You know every state's got to deal with their own things their own ways. But the political grandstanding and the forgetfulness of. March twenty fifth is a disgrace. It's an absolute disgrace and put a lot of people in a really bad situation and killed a lot of people. So there you have it, you wanna Smile and talk about the rain and love to I would love to talk about the islanders and Rangers. Tonight us. We're they're playing they're playing in Canada Toronto Right Right Scotiabank Arena is that right? That's right and then the Rogers arena out in. Edmonton is where the western conference will be playing a lot of really good teams. Everybody is essentially healthy I think almost all teams or almost one hundred percent healthy they're raring to go and if it's Any indication of how that exhibition game last night between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. is going to be a telltale sign of what we're going to see I think we may see some of the best hockey we've ever seen now tell you and I know I've said this many times leading up to this weekend, which is we're now finally but you're looking at days now on Saturday and Sunday where you're going to have fifteen baseball games I guess it won't be fifteen because of the. Marlins you'll have fourteen baseball games you're going to have I. Guess It's four Hockey Games each day right or is it more at least four? Maybe at least four six, I think six, Aaron Offsets Semen of six hockey games. You'll have a good handful of basketball games four to six I'm sure look at the schedule, and then on top of that, you have the golf this weekend I mean we went from. Almost everything literally overnight is crazy and for the hockey fan out there like me Not only are going to get the Stanley Cup playoffs full seven game series four rounds but we're GonNa get this play in round as well which is another like an extra week of playoff. That's right and you're going to have a number of. What they call elimination games and three or five series. For. For the better part of the next ten days here's John and Clifton new. Jersey. Next up with boomer and Jerry. What's up? John. Yopougon. I'm looking forward to the Rangers being the first twelve seats a win Stanley Cup nowadays going to be like, March madness for the NHL it's going to be amazing One point he's got should be wearing full face shields and they warm in high school. They warm in college. It would be a good precaution for them while you're. All tested negative there's no positive test. All, right. Well, I'm just saying I. Mean You know how it is when you get back, somebody costs spitting you're not. You know I I told you that Bob Golick had just horrible breath breathing all over me on the bottom of a pile so I know exactly what you're talking about now. My my son in law doesn't wear shield or anything. I didn't see too many shields yesterday from what I was watching. Well, when I'm talking about, you know they were, she feels they have to the Ice Shield. Yes. Player. There is nothing coming down cover in the now because they're all, they're all healthy and they're playing normal hockey right this is like they are in a bubble they're being constantly tested and there have not been there has not been one positive test. This is just a thought that popped into my head. So probably not a good one, but I'll ask you anyway with the again they haven't even started playing real games, but because the numbers and the tests have been so incredible and they have been in baseball too. But because you're looking at with hockey and. Basketball having them in one centralized location. Do you think it would make more sense for baseball to try and do something a little different like some sort of a tournament in one specific area for a short amount of time by the way, Rob Manford wanted to do that you know is that true to have he wanted to have like bubble cities and I know that wanted Scottsdale and he wanted to anyone in the state of Florida right. But the idea would that was also going to be you're going to have two to three weeks of a summer spring training again, then you're going to have baseball full. Season and you were going to be playing through. October. You were talking about four months of a bubble city, which is a lot for the guys four months doing it. This way is good. But as you've pointed out, there are a lot of danger zones with people going home and coming back into what you can bring back into the clubhouse. My question is I. Wonder if it would've made more sense to have a bubble city for only a couple of months and had some sort of unique creative tournament, I don't know I don't know if they could have done that you know as a matter of fact. You Watch them at game last night. Came last night, we'll be watching you know both the Yankees and the mets and the Rangers and islanders tonight I mean I I don't know about you but I'm actually enjoying I'm loving and I'm already used to the fact that there's no fans there the stub at city field. I, told you is good right? It doesn't because the the camera shots are tight. They're playing that that that crowd noise. Underneath like a little track that you know not that it's real but at least it sounds like there's some Ami ambiance and I like it I'm good with it. You know be so much better when the fans do come back I still say you could put ten percent of the fans in there but whatever I'm good with it. I've actually totally enjoyed it here's DJ in Queens, WHAT'S UP DJ Good Morning Gentlemen? Right. Dj What's happening. Not much a real quick boomer last time that I spoke with you is about ten years ago and I gotTa say you're you are a much more welcome replacement. So I'm glad to be able to finally speak which you guys again and on a personal note, I had the pleasure of DJ for your daughter a couple of years ago at a sent lounge. In New York I wanted to say class, Family Class Act all the way men just to get into my point real quick about the Miami and their and their situation with the MARLINS. Honestly, it compromises the integrity of the league when you don't. When you don't perform and you and you don't come out and actually play regardless of the tests that come out and place. Look you have a farm system for reason, and you need you need to feel the team you know one way or another, and if it means taking all twenty five players and replacing them with triple team. So being there should have been a contingency pan plan in place You know considering that we are in this current pandemic right now, and if that contingency meant fielding a team that whole double triple aaa roth or so that's what they have to do. Otherwise, you compromise the integrity of. Four for what? And they do have that contingency in place. That's why they have these taxi squads I. Think they're trying to get a handle on how many guys actually have covert nineteen, and then they will make the decision to put those guys in quarantine and then they'll bring in the reinforcements and then they'll start playing again. So I don't think anybody truly expected to have fourteen people as part of a traveling team come down with it not the first weekend. That's a lot. That's the that's the amazing part of this. We're not talking about early September end of August. This was the first weekend that these guys and I guess this was again according to Bob Nightingale last week in Atlanta. These guys went out like come on I mean they couldn't get through if you think of that way that means they couldn't get through like one road trip. Now one. Just goes to show you that you know mattingly in Jeeter just don't have their handle on their team I guess not or at least at least on a couple of people that must have gone out and spread it to the rest of the club, and that's the severity of it. The the delicate delicate nature of it, and how quickly it can spread is we have certainly seen Jeffrey in far rockaway what's up? All right, Jeffrey what's happening? I'm just wondering what the with the restart and NHL bubble with the Rangers who's all the Games are being played at the same time how would that work with like if a game goes to overtime or double overtime schedule would be messed up right so What with what's happening I believe in the five game playoff series, they're going to be playing them as if they are playoff games. So that means it's not going to be a shootout or any of that other stuff at the front end of that with the teams that are the top four teams playing in the round robin they're gonNA. Play the regular season rules where there will be a shootout I believe. So I won't be a problem if one. Of these games goes like three extra overtime periods. There's a four hour window to play a game essentially is what they're having. So that's why the Rangers are starting at twelve on Saturday. The islanders will play at four on Saturday and you know they're obviously all playing in the same building. So there is a potential for that to happen and I'm sure they're hoping that that doesn't happen I think the only thing and I've been you just mentioned in. With no shootout and that you're playing sudden depth, the entire way through I would think of the only thing that will lack from this tournament is that the the feel in the building when you get into and overtime situation double overtime situation in a playoff game the energy from the energy from the crowds they're all game I know it but we always talk about playoff hockey. There's nothing like it in a in a case like that. Specifically I would like I would think that that is where it will be. Probably most evident. That you will notice not having the crown. going. I hear it. I have to you gave me one. I know you're ready but that's the one. That's the one spot in these games. Right? I think it'll be noticeable that it's not the same old hockey other than that. It is going to be awesome and I can't wait for. It's going to be great because I know the players are really looking forward to playing I. Know that they've been working hard and I know that are two teams around here. That are in this play plan feel like they have what it takes go all the way the thing is is that we tend to forget just how good some of these teams like the Bruins. And the lightning really are even flyers I hate to say it are damn good hockey team. So there's a lot of really good hockey teams out there. Everybody's coming in healthy and it's GonNa come down to us. We all know who's that. That's going to make that key save when you need it most one more before the break John and Howard beach what's up John? Kerry. Good to have you in the power chair boomers congratulations on the granddaughter. WHO'S Listen really quick on his kneeling thing I think that people overbooking are being too. what's the word I'm looking for it being weeding vertical into it it's everybody's God given, right? To kneel and that's what people fought to this country for. Okay yeah. I disagree with you. That's fine Okay. That's not where I was not where I thought you were going but that's cool and then just since that was so quick John and Florida go. Guys. Hey. Show you how smart the raise organization is instead of flying the usual seventy seventy one first class seats to raise US seven, fifty, seven with one hundred and ninety five seats. Each player has his own row and the players are required to take the buses and they got instead of usually two buses they got four or five buses and they have no rights from friends or relatives and they stay in their motel only. Anywhere John That's awesome. Explain this to me boomer if you've got how much is a charter for a seven, Fifty, seven a lot. More they not notoriously one of the cheapest franchises when it comes to keep in their own players. That's true. I. Would also think that be that's amazing. I would also think that because the airline industry is going through its own set of circumstances right now to the tunes, billions and billions and billions of dollars lost that there are planes like these bigger planes are available probably for a little less money fair play your cards, right a supply and demand issue the demand. I. Mean. The supply is probably enormous right now it's amazing. The other day I was playing golf in normal. You see a lot of planes. Flying over I. It's quiet. I haven't seen but one or two planes may be flying over wasn't there that over at not overhead but wasn't there that one picture from space about a month ago where they just the atmosphere just look so much clearer what it's been in the past because there's no first of all the car traffic has been down all that's picked up for sure. But the travel is a fraction of what it usually is. So you're right about that but that's the point. So I would think that there's a pretty hefty supply of airplanes out there that these teams all these teams could use. To. Keep the players is spread out as possible when they're trying unlike with David. Price. Says I have no concerns with what Major League Baseball is trying to do or how the teams are trying to keep their players safe. It really does in every which way it comes down to the personal responsibility of the player. It really does if they're doing what they're supposed to be doing, you know except for someone in their house bring in and then getting passed on that way, there's really no reason that these guys shouldn't be safe and you shouldn't be able to play. All shouldn't have positive tests. What did I tell you when all those you know superstar NFL players were tweeting about safety protocols. What did I say I said it's not it's not when they get to the facilities the facilities going to be fine when they leave, they leave the facilities. It's them that they have to worry about they want to say that it's the NFL's falter David price wants to say it's Major League Baseball's fault or anybody wants to say it's their company's fault you are in the studio today. Yeah, right yeah. And you followed the guidelines that they gave you my anytime I, leave the studio right but they gave you. Because I got a list of guidelines that I have to follow when I go there next week. So I look I understand that the company is trying to say look be careful. There has to be some personal responsibility which brings me to the next thing in New York. They had this this this whole scooter company and I saw this right. We we've lost two people that have died on the scooters the CBS reporter last week. Yes. So and it's really it's it's terrible. And then of course, the mayor comes out and says, well, the school company's to do something to make this safer. You know how about the operators of the scooters doing something boomer they show they showed video footage of people on these scooters riding on the sidewalks no helmets on in the middle of traffic i. Get in San Diego, they got them all over the place and everything is fine. There's no problem. But here when you come to New, York, people are dare-devils and to be clear and they're like blaming the scooter company for the problem and be clear. These aren't the scooters that you stand on like we had in. ATLANTA. If people don't understand what we're talking about, these are real like mopeds, scooters, small motors, right? Exactly. Like a VESPA. That's exactly what they are. So you're getting on. Those those things do up to fifty miles an hour you can be in traffic you need a license to be able to drive them. You need a helmet and they have footage of people doing stupid things all over the all over the city with the fact that they're available. It's a fact that the people that are driving them are making bad decisions or they're in traffic not used to being traffic on going that fast and then having to swerve and unfortunately having people die terrible. Tell You I. mean it's your population that is the problem. It's not the scooter. And a lot of cases you are correct the morning show with boomer, Esiason and Greg. Boomerang. If I can just applaud the company for a second because we were talking about earlier today boomer about you know Google maybe not coming back until summer or something like that, and we're talking about personal responsibility and doing what you have to do when Eddie's been here the whole time and guys like Billy Gillick. What's his last name Jack? Jack, my bed, he's been here the whole time. So there have been guys that have been coming into work I. Tell you there's a cleaning guy. There's a gentleman walking around cleaning every surface I've run into him three times. This morning he continually is cleaning the door handles. He was there when we were they're. Doing before we left, he was they're doing a great job like literally gone from door to door to door to door and even clean tables and stuff. So you're coming in it's your turn next week boomer to come in. You'll. You'll feel very comfortable I can tell you that I felt comfortable. was there anyway, you know and I and I think just smart. Also, there has to be personal responsibility to take care of yourself as well too. So hopefully, I'm doing a good job at that the interesting thing about this whole hockey. Playoffs scenario and playing scenario and on Robin Tournament and all that a team. and. So eventually, there's going to be. Two teams that could play as many the rangers and the islanders could play as few as three games or as many as thirty three games. Depending how far they go some rain? Yes not amazing. So. You go five games in the plane series, and then you can go four straight seven-game series and seven straight and go seven games though serious thirty three right there. So what that tells me and I said this earlier and when we finally got the whole schedule straightened out it real for us, hockey fans makes this thing whoever wins the Stanley Cup extremely legitimate, I agree and you know when when Gary Bettman walks on that ice in Edmonton. To award the Stanley Cup. The only thing that I can hope not that I that I do him myself but I just hope that they play the boot track that they have supposedly goes like every other commissioner except for Adam silver gets booed. Right they're gonNA play the track there. Now. They've got a boo track did for real yes they did. They do have a boo track and it was they were talking about in this article yesterday about how they're shooting games and and how they have the track, and they probably wouldn't be playing it during the Games but they may play when Gary Bettman awards the Stanley Cup because that's basically what happens. Baranov Roger, Goodell at the at the outset of the NFL draft, they had a boot trek would have been better wasn't great I know but they did have it. So it it would. It would be legit in that way too because it would make feel authentic fair enough and always welcomes that he likes smiles and waves it on. So He Would do the same thing to yes. But to Jerry's point not that I thought Goodell came across like he didn't like it just looked very awkward and force because he is awkward and forced. That's my point. Yes. Well, you know who's not awkward enforced Al Dukes. Okay. Than Anyway I was GONNA say Chris Lopresti than I took a Utah. Jd Davis. Soaking up the Fenway Park experience appear to homer over the Green Monster Monday night visited inside the monster before Tuesday's game, and then sent the ball down the right field line last night. Jd flies one tour of the right field corner slicing. The poll for a two run homer her J D. Davis off the Pesky Pole. His first home run of the year. And the mets now five to one lead Gary Cohn and y more than enough offense for twenty four year old rookie David Peterson who picked up the win and his Major League debut five and two thirds innings to run ball. As of yesterday morning, we still didn't know for sure that he was going to get the start Lewis row haas compliments Peterson on being flexible earlier today to get the call and say you know it's it's happening as ready to go and to stay. Engaged doors at in and do what he did out there I mean it's It's definitely really, and despite all the logistical stuff the kid says he treated it like any other outing I knew it'd be different than a regular game with fans and all that but. I mean, it wasn't really part of our focus I wanted to go in there and. Prepare the way I prepare for every start and it worked out nicely for the twenty seven first round picks the mets to fenway. They come back to city field for two more with Boston. Tonight, you've got Jacob degrom opposed by nate evolved with First Pitch at seven ten. The Yankees wrapped up in all this mess with the MARLINS and they're corona virus outbreak Miami had their games cancelled by Major League baseball through. Sunday. So they are next scheduled at the moment to play on Tuesday at home against the Phillies we'll see how the. Situation Develops but the Yankees are on to Baltimore they will play to the orioles beginning tonight after they had a couple of games postponed. The phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Brian Cashman has no idea if the season will end up getting completed what he says, the Yanks will do whatever they can to make that happen I can't tell you confidence. I can't tell you don't have confidence I I tell you we're gonna do everything in our power to do everything the right way and play baseball, and his team is on board with that plan. I think the fact that our players said what they said today when they voted, we'll go to balk more their their attitude is tell us where and we'll be there and that's I think a very powerful statement by them. Yes and plenty of incentive for them with the roster they've put together and looking to contend for the world series title, of course. Forget the vote and pivoting to Baltimore Aaron Boone says, they would have been fine playing the Philly's last night at citizens bank at a set going today based on what I know. You know our training staff and are better team would have been able to do. I would felt okay. Even the thought that they would play that game at Yankee Stadium last night to right we heard they were coming back to new. York. That was the initial feeling. But then we heard about the phillies we're still waiting on some results they wanted another round the testing. So you know the Yanks, we're kind of in that holding pattern and they were ready to come back to the Bronx and then all of a sudden, the the Baltimore. Idea presented itself and they jumped at the opportunity so good for them. Zach. Britton. Serves as the player Rep. for the Yanks, lead that unanimous vote to head down to camden yards and they understand the two thousand twenty s messy. They've just got to adapt I think for the players we understand that it might not be perfect in the competitive balance of things this year, and that's just the nature of the environment that we're in they will. Send Garrett. Cole to the Mound Tonight Jay Happel Start Tomorrow and then this weekend they've got the three-game set with the red sox coming up you will have Masahiro Tanaka making his season debut in one of those games Jordan Montgomery will start one as well. We've got pregame on the fan this evening six, fifty five, and it'll be a seven thirty five start again down in Baltimore now as Jerry mentioned earlier this hour governor Cuomo Cuomo extending. An offer to rob Manfred and the rest of Major League Baseball yesterday I offer to Major League Baseball. If you're having problems playing in other states, come play here and he says come one come all we can handle everything New York state could host any Major League baseball game that any teams want to play like the Blue Jays church there your your citizens can't go to restaurants and can't do things on the bench right? boomer doesn't like Democrats. Double Standard Hypocritical the whole thing is ridiculous. I'M DONALD TRUMP and I approve this message. Debut of that one. I haven't heard that one before. I got I gotta take have to be honest about, but I can't argue with what you're saying. I like them though like I watch those press conferences every day not in the beginning but I would say in almost every day in May I like the guy I just I can't argue. Family member that I just said, I can't argue with what you're saying I. Don't give a crap I'm. I got Asian making nurses, toys, grace, and that's too I. Hear You. I will. Need to own up to it. Up to it and they understand just kind of sweeping it under the rug loud and clear. All right. Let's put boomer back in a good mood. So I was just mentioned in the Blue Jays, we know Toronto's forbidding. They'll just do why ranger highlights from Nineteen ninety-four. Well this is hockey related. So they've got the one of the bubbles in Toronto and just read how they only had one new corona virus case reported yesterday in a city of three million people. So that bubble up there in Toronto should be in pretty good shape no matter how you slice it they they're in they're in a good job. You say, they only had one new case on new case reported yesterday and a city of three million people. So as somebody wrote, the Marlins have more within their team than believable Toronto. So they're doing a good job whatever they're doing they're doing. A. Good job a little bit more on last night's dust up between the astros and the dodgers L. A. Winning Game Houston to to Joe Kelley got the ball rolling in the sixth seemingly throwing Alex Bregman on a three Oh count ninety, six mile per hour fastball behind his head and he later got into it with Carlos Correa had some words exchanged after Kelly eventually struck out courageous and that inning benches cleared before order was restored. Plenty of chirping from the Astros dugout dusty Baker included but he did say never really thought about retaliating and didn't like Kelly did you guys head? That's that's That's Thirty baseball and then he offered some past history to prove his point amid dickey Thorne the other day and and I remember that's what ruined. Vicki Thomas Career. You know he got hit in the I news never the same and he didn't want to see anything like that happen in setting by the way kind of thrown brushed under the rug because of what happened in that game I guess yesterday at some point, the Astros already had to make a call on the option on dusty Baker's contract which they've picked up already couple of games into. Yes. I remember that when they when they hired him, there was an awkward option there as far as the date was concerned. I. Guess. So if you think about it where at the end, of July, if the season was a normal season right now, I don't know if the stipulation was the month and day or if it was the amount of games I, assume it was the month and day. So you're right. It would have been more like halfway through the year but they did pick it up. So. He will be back with them. Next season heard from Adam, gates, quite a bit. This morning. Here's Sam Darnold. Now, also taking the high road on Jamal Adams after he was, of course, shipped out of town to Seattle. First of all I, really love playing with your mall. I can't speak for Jamal experiences are the comments that he made, but you know what I can say is that. I'm really excited to be part of this organization and he did disagree with Adams public criticism of race throughout the weeks leading up to games. He does everything that he possibly can put us in the best position to win on Sundays, and that's from my experience with coach gays and I've had nothing but positive experiences women so far. Now, we mentioned earlier how jets are talking about possibly quarantining one of quarterbacks and boomer Joe. Bishop. Do that for darnold because of his immune system and all that on alert listener. Of pointed to one of the comments from Journal yesterday where he said he's GonNa Stain is apartment travel to and from practice, and that's it and said. That his personal responsibility right there said, it's boring, but he wants to stay healthy and safe. So it's not a full quarantine, but he's going to do his part to make sure he stays healthy and on the field the season couple of more from that Aaron Rodgers interview with Kyle Brand on NFL network we heard him earlier detail his draft night experience as the packers of course, traded up to select Jordan love in the first round admitted he didn't love the picky was hoping Green Bay would add a playmaker to his arsenal but he gets it especially having been selected while Brett Farr was still the guy for the packers. Based on age for sure. And I think it was important for me to go through that experience to understand really what he's going through. understands. The situation becomes the jet. quarterback. Okay. Hopefully, he handles himself a little bit better off the field. If that's the case understand the situation and knows it's going to come to a head at some point but not going to worry about that right now and understand the business understand nature of the business and A. Here advocating my spot by any means that's not going to happen but understand the business works. For the cowboys Jerry. A no the we got back. We don't know not going anywhere they gotTA. He's not going anywhere I do not believe he'll I believe Mike Be. Aaron Rodgers reuniting together in Dallas. Don't see it happening I. Don't see it happening. No, I know where you're going. No. Is it bad that I didn't know Lebron makes a habit of turning off his phone during this story every at least the last couple of years. It's story so bad job by me. I never realized that. But because of the whole situation and then being in the bubble him away from his family, he did say he's going to have to keep the phone be able to check in with his his family's keeping the phone on. Social Media, right. This is more about social media, which he said he's not gonNA power a down. He wants to know what's going on outside of the bubble in addition to being able to check in on his family I. Guess It's a two pronged situation for him. Whatever that means far as his NBA Fun by the way. Mitt, all the activities they have there in. Florida. They can play golf fish. Absolutely. He's not like CEELO traveling with his entire family and mom and dad. Himself with his other. Teammates. This is not going to end. I didn't realize it was such a bad thing to spend time with your family boomer. There you go that road is that not the is that what you're. All right. Don't worry about Mr Sponge. You'll at least you know gone to the supermarket and bought. Yourself, where can Chevy? He said he picked up dinner one night. This is not the parents being foot the bill for the entire week in addition to renting the house and the having to do all the cooking and the grocery now. People in the House area fifteen adults three kids got my kids and my social distancing. Not, it's got their own room. People are using masks we've got hand. A mask and a house I don't buy that for a second, not all the time in the house. But everybody has masks. We're trying to keep our distance when you know when we're out and about we were on the boardwalk last night. All right. I had the condom and you didn't. Have the Mass Lopresti clan at a chain smokers concert. What you come up with that. Actually, it would be who's who do you like Carrie Underwood, right? That's. Under within right now, you didn't see what happened out in the hamptons where the chain smokers had a concert out there now, all of a sudden. Offices all over them, because of some of the photos and videos that have come from that. I missed that now we're supposed to. Drive in kind of kind of deals happenings. Could. Drive. Anywhere be wander. Driving, concerts suppose and they are having driving concerts all over Long Island and Jersey. monmouth race track parking lot with their al anyone's outside Johnny Oh of course, sold down of course. Are Let's do moment of the day. It's brought to you buy Resorts World Casino nyc resorts world catskills updates log onto play our W. dot com mom. Jerry debuted our new morning show game. WHO said, what early era thought it went quite well in the takeaway is there's a lot of weird things that are set on the show and our caller contested Monte didn't didn't quite know what to do what this particular one. The women's started to pull her pants down. Oh, we didn't have to pay for this. All right hold on let me get befriends. With boomer sized. No alhough said and. I'm going to say Geo again. You're both wrong. Wow. The woman started to pull her pants down go we didn't even have to pay for this. Has. To do stuff like you say. Has. To. Do. With. The negativity, right With taxes you. Chris. Good job. You go out to dinner with the Group of eighteen. I think we're doing Chinese food takeout tonight if I'm. Not. Mistaken. Good to me take out. Nice. Last night, we had TACO Tuesday on my my sister and my brother-in-law did a tremendous we had we had shrimp Tacos we had beef. Tacos, we had Newark. tacos had the mango Margaritas going. We had the music going Little Cinco de Mayo mix the bed. I told you my my four year old. Had US on the boardwalk till after ten. So I think when I actually went to bed was about eleven forty five you know what I'd take all this when I listen to this develop rusty's loaded From It. Anyway. That's for sure he's not loaded. He's retired and he's t you know you wind your eating into his retirement ready eight bedroom house for eighteen people for the week. He's doing. All right. He's doing fine. But I mean let's let's let's not act like. They need some assistance that you're GONNA be there of course, boomer. The curb like when they can't rent the beach house. Then in New Jersey my parents are retired and they wanNA spend their retirement hanging out with their family and given back further to their kids and of course, they will be taken care of if and when the time comes and you're just gonNa keep taking and taking and take it as long as they're offering listen Chris not if. Roy At ain't if bud. We're all GONNA die. Have a great day.

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