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"jay gyles" Discussed on Pantheon

"So i'd have to have a drive me over there until i finally got a driver's license and then little by little i learned how to set up systems Learned how to fix the stuff i broke. And it just kind of snowballed from there. And i got better and better and i start to mix local bands in the more. I did sound the last. i actually played. so it. kind of transitioned out of being a musician into being. Pa tech and repair guy at that point. It's your that your career can make that weird change like that because growing up. I always thought that. I wanted to be a sound engineer in a recording studio because in my head i had this image in the mid to late eighties. Right of being the one that knew. What all the knobs dead mcadam idiots. And i wanted to be. The one of the recording studio in like motley crue was recording a record and like be in the middle of that party and the whole thing. And then i realized a i don't have any musical ability the i don't know what any of the knobs do and see when it came time for me to go to college. I couldn't even find a place to go to school to kinda learn how to do it and so i ended up thinking all right. Well if i'm gonna you know if we get into audio steph or whatever. I'll go to school for radio and audio communications kind of stuff and then i started working at the college radio station and started interning. Well i i. I intern at a recording studio in wister called licks recording studio and it was around the corner from af and one of the girls that i'm still friends with today that i went to high that i went to college with. She was interning at af. I was interning it licks and we used to meet for lunch and just to tell people that are listening that don't remember the world without the internet leagues used to produce commercials that would air on a f- for their advertisers and i used to have to run the tapes around the corner and one day. I was over there in the middle of us. Recording twenty-seven piece marietta chee band which was not motley crue. And they're like oh you work over it looks how do you like it and i was like now very much and it was mitch. Todd who is the imaging guy at a f- who now works at sirius. Xm and he was like well. You can in turn for me for the rest of the summer. i'll okay and that's how. I got my foot in the door at af as an intern was because i hated. Basically doing what you do now. It's amazing how things happen right. You go into it thinking you're going to do one thing like you were going to be. Eddie van halen. I was praying. You know and then that did not happen. I was more of a rainy roads. Fan action i get. I get the the idea. Yeah to be this guitar player man. Yeah that was all. I could think of and then i was well. There's a lot of guys should lot better than me. Remember to the eighties was thumper. I mean everybody everybody in boston. This whole area of the country had unbelievable musicians body coming out of berkeley. We had in the pink. We add extreme. We had the rick. Berlin band with the cars Jay gyles everybody right. Some of them still aerosmith army. Forget yeah there was all these musicians who were much better. It was like being You know you could be an amateur boxer. Be okay you get in the ring with the triple g or somebody you're going to get knocked out badly and get this was..

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