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"jay clampitt" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"But he shooting twenty nine percent from three. So this is a front running walkover for LeBron James. This is the equivalent of throwing another Cleveland parade. He will run a parade right through what's left of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he can name the score. He can name his point total his assistant rebound total or the final score the game. He can just name it. He could tell you right now. I think I want to do that. And he can go do give could've prevented this. He could've been at this. He had the LeBron even at the trading LeBron so bad LeBron took him back with open arms, and what did he do skip? Lebron took him back with open arms after he accused LeBron of quitting. How can you go back to that had an affair with his emotions on LeBron? Lebron token back with open on. I do. I couldn't have done that. I don't think Shannon Sharpe could've done. Couldn't have. No matter of fact, I was only I was on your show. Remember that the news? No, I don't at the time. Lebron James is more man than I could ever be. But LeBron James, I don't know about that. I disagree with that. But go ahead, but LeBron says, I refuse to allow any man to hold my feelings hostage because I'm upset at Dan Gilbert, Dan, Gilbert, living his life. I can never get out of this bondage is longer than my feelings are being held hostage by man. So he came back to it. What did he do you hear the report Dan give one a show he can build a team without LeBron? He wants to show cable cut remember in that let us give he's saying he was going to win the title before the self anointed king. He did that work. Okay. Now, he said, oh, he do all these great things. They trying to get the number more. They're trying to get Zion Williams trying to do sure they are maybe the next to whoever the next big. Lebron James a lottery pick the union play the lottery give a lot of to one point five billion dollars. But when you got LeBron James, you say it anywhere thing because he worked more than that one point five. So remember those fans how they reacted back on December second of twenty ten turn the first time, and they were wearing t shirts that said quickness and sit a witness. Yeah witness. Yes. Wow. That was ugly. Those in one day and jerseys had been burned Afghans the night of the decision. Right. And now, I feel like the motions tonight in my humble estimation will be more wistful than vengeful because that was just pure vengeful dry. Israel is wistfulness now because I'm sure a lot of these fans deep down hoped that LeBron James would do the right thing and finish it out in his home area. The right. Lebron was doing the wrong. Home load up the truck and moved to Beverly list of Ron James and jed clampett do not belong in the same. Jay Clampitt struck it. Rich be shoot never James could've bought nine. Jed clampett and sold them. No J J shooting at a Kuna shot the bullet, remember him. He loaded up him in a grandma. I can I can. Ellie me. I can sing the whole thing. But I'm not going. You have to pay for it. The thing is is that LeBron what he's doing and sixteen and I know you said he'd go slow down. And eventually you're going to be right. If you say something long eventually you'll be right? But just not in the next two to three years, maybe the next year or so I'll give you that. But like you say Brady's gonna be gone in a year. And I said LeBron will slow down in another year two to year two years. Scale. It when you say most loyal slowdown. He's still with the Thursday fastest man in the world about that. So somebody gain on him. I mean when you run nine five eight I mean, and you're slow down to nine six nine slow down to nine seven. Oh, you gotta go all the way down the nine eight overfull somebody can beat you..

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