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"jason zhenan" Discussed on Couples Therapy

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"jason zhenan" Discussed on Couples Therapy

"This podcast is Indy in the yummies where they can both laugh and hang with all they hear me talk at excellent vacationing with brunches and cuddling to messy situations and conscious and coupling from Netflix hook ups to single them with some Hulu tech sex regrets so feeling on your new jubu. They gonna talk about it yeah you are invited. I need a therapy I guarantee baby weekend. But I appreciate it. Ho Ho Ho. Welcome to couples therapy. My name is Andy. And I am NATO. You're a real-life couple. Real life couple of comedians. And on couples therapy we answer a couple different questions from a couple different listeners. Naomi. Andy. Naomi. It is the Christian mass. Coming up in a couple days, correct. Yes. Truly Christmas is around the corner. Now is anything like Liv moss, which is another Taco Bell. You wanna live moss? This Christmas. Okay, Taco Bell. You're gonna pay us for that one, 'cause that's pretty great. Pretty great. Speaking of pretty great, can I plug myself? Oh, speaking of pretty, not just pretty great. I was gonna say get rid of that pretty modifier, just absolutely great. Wonderful. Shining. Brilliant. New York Times approved. What are you going to plug Naomi? My episode of season three of the stand ups on Netflix, which debuts December 29th, each comic is their own half hour to razzle dazzle and we're having a good time. You heard Brian Simpson last week, so I hope you watch him. We got Janelle James, also the sand dunes coming up next week, so get into her. The point is, mark your cows, set up a reminder on Netflix for the stand up season three. Already, already getting accolades. It was named in The New York Times. Jason zhenan is the comedy beat journalist for The New York Times. And he did a roundup of comedy in 2021. What did you get Naomi? Best Netflix debut. Love it. It isn't even out yet, and he said it was the best. Love it. Bless you. That was very exciting. I truly do feel validated to be in the capitalist paper of rent. The grey lady herself. The great lady herself. So call the great lady because her heart is gray. What is she called the gray lady? I think newsprint is gray. It's black. What's black and white and red all over? We all know we all know the riddle. A zebra. In a farming factory. Okay, babe, what a bummer. My goodness. Ho. How about this? A zebra and a Santa suit. That we love. Yeah. That is sweet. So next Wednesday. Naomi special. Probably midnight the night before. Yep. If you can't wait. Yep. Call that clones a celebration baby. But yes, Brian Simpson also a stand up season three alum last week, Janelle James. Next week. This week because of the holidays, we thought we would take a little break. And back in the spring, I think. Yep, yep, yep, yep, spring of 2021. We did a live show live in quotes. I mean, it was live. But it was online at dynasty typewriter. Yes. With three of our most delightful pals, we got Brian safi from ask Rana and attitudes. We've got Lacey Moseley from scam goddess. We've got Iowa debris from everything, including big mail. And what we did was we had a little panel, and then we answered some listeners, advice questions. They sent in videos. That was gorgeous. A number of them paid for cameos. Including one that was insane. I don't know. I'll probably post this because it's so insane, but there's a anonymous British person in a rabbit costume. Yes. Yes, and that's like their character. Yes. Pay to have the British rabbit say things. So a number of people asked advice questions through cameo or send in videos of themselves, asking the questions and we did our darndest as usual to answer. And this was a fun group, a fun show and we thought what better gift to give? Yeah, than this good time. Yeah, let's take a break for the holidays. And have a little fun. I think do we have anything else to plug your special again? Next Wednesday. That's it. We've done it. We've done it. Tell everyone you know how to watch, set up individual Netflix accounts, all right? You gotta just watch the first four minutes, quite honestly. That's what the algorithm reads, okay? The first 28 days, the first four minutes. That's the stuff. Now I'm gonna stop plugging myself, but I'm gonna say.

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